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By Kate Riley March 12, 2016

Weekend hellos! Yesterday we hosted a birthday party for my son, it’s hard to believe he’s already ten, time is a flyin’ by. After weeks of rain it looks like we will have sunny skies next week which I welcome, especially with news that local reservoirs are finally full again. This week’s favorite links below!

 dreamy whites farmhouse kitchen

Maria’s styling is so lovely, don’t miss the new farmhouse collection in her shop.

Someday I shall have a sunroom – these stylish spaces inspire.

I love Kate’s black + white kitchen with touches of wood.

Carmel and I are on the same page this week with kitchen lighting.

Why you should forget fitness trends and stick with basic moves.

Successful creative people just say “no”.

Downton is done! *sniffles* I just loved this recap.

Here are 11 costume dramas to fill the Downton hole in your heart.

Enjoy your Sunday, don’t forget to “spring forward” with the time change!

~ Kate



  1. Sunday felt so empty without an episode of Downton to look forward to. Can’t wait to see the other recommendations.

  2. I plan to redo my kitchen in the next year or two (depending on $$)
    I have been wanting to have a wooden counter on the peninsula ..but stone in the rest of the kitchen. I have not been able to figure out a beautiful way to do it…but hallelujah; Kate’s kitchen is the way to do it ..and if I add the little wall at the end of the counter I can also solve my problem of having to use the same wall color in the kitchen /dining room because the wall has no stopping point now!
    I am SO thrilled to see this solution!!
    PS I love your blog even when it doesn’t solve world problems for me!!

  3. Kohler has both enamel and stainless undermounts that can be installed in existing cabinets. Just choose the 7″ apron option.

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