Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley February 12, 2016

Weekend hellos! What’s up with all of you? I’m refinishing two dressers for my brother and his lady, taking them from plain ol’ pine to something more sophisticated, I’m thinking gray with brass or ORB pulls. And I’m so glad to have a few sunny weekend days before the rain returns next week.

layered blues

Favorite links:

Such lovely layered blues in this home.

White rugs – decorating do or don’t?

Wall mounted faucets – yes please.

More stunning encaustic tile floors.

9 ways to make your bedroom healthier.

Cutest tea infuser in the history of ever.

Aw, such a sweet smiling rescue kitten!

Desperate ways to get people off their phones during a meal (great comments).

Food for thought as campaign season is upon us: the other side is not dumb.

Is it the end of Twitter?

Saying goodbye to my (little) boy.

Turning negative into positive, love this.

Also my latest at Lamps Plus: designer finishes for a luxe look.

And at My Colortopia: tropical inspired paint colors.


Enjoy your weekend!

– Kate


  1. Two articles that really struck a personal cord for me were Saying Goodbye to My Little Boy and Turning Negative into Positive. I truly enjoyed this weekend’s selection of articles. Thank you.

  2. The Other Side Is Not Dumb. soooooogoood! Thank you for that! I needed to read it and others do too – so I posted it on Facebook!

  3. Oh, dear, Kate. The link to 24 Hour Fitness is so poorly written. I would be embarrassed to share it. And, no, I don’t think this is a case of turning negative into positive! We have come to expect a high standard from you, and your links.

    • I agree! Most of it didn’t even make sense. It sounded like it might have been a translation gone very wrong. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed.

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