Favorites Under $50: IKEA Storage

By Kate Riley February 1, 2016

Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, we had a blue sky Sunday so I sat outdoors for an hour, soaking up some rays, it’s amazing what a small amount of sunshine can do for the body and mind in the middle of winter.

You may have spied the badge in my sidebar announcing this year I’ve signed on as a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA this year. It’s a natural fit since I’ve been a fan for a decade and have used dozens of their products over the years. I’ll be featuring a few original DIY posts using IKEA products later this spring.

IKEA is one of the most affordable sources for storage products and since I’m reorganizing around the house, I ordered some baskets to help me corral some craft supplies. I also spied more organizational products that provide functionality and great style, all under $50, roundup below.

The Gunnern Pedestal makes a great mini side table, plant stand, or toiletry holder for the bathroom, available in 4 colors, $40.

 gunnern table

The Knodd Bin has a classic pail shape and comes in two sizes, it’s versatile for storage in all spaces, craft rooms, kitchens, even the garage, or perhaps to hold pet food or as a compost bin? $15 for the 4 gallon, $25 for the 11 gallon, also in gray and black.

 knodd bins

Oh hello classy black stripes on this $19 Maffens Basket. Use this to hold blankets in the family room, towels in the bathroom, or toys in a kid’s room, but wouldn’t it also make a stylish planter?

  maffens basket

The clever design of the bamboo Ragrund chair also includes a towel rack, perfect for small spaces, and it does double duty as a place to sit or prop so you paint your toenails while your towel dries, $50.

 ragrund bamboo

This powder coated grey Hindo Shelf has an industrial vibe, it can be used outdoors to store potting supplies, also indoors in a kid’s room or home office for book storage, bonus hooks on the side too, $50.

 hindo (2)

This little Kvissle cable management box is a lovely way to hide charging cords and provide a prop for cell phones, a chic little office accessory for $10.



This Bygel Utility Cart is quite versatile as a moveable storage station. Use it to store beauty products? School or art supplies? How about as a bar cart? Endless possibilities for $30.

 bygel cart

This $13 Risatorp Wire Basket is cute enough to be left out on the counter to store fruits or vegetables, or perhaps for your ribbons or balls of yarn? I bought four for my closet reorganization project to hold craft supplies.


All images courtesy of IKEA.



  1. Ikea can be so overwhelming. I love seeing a few of your personal picks and ideas – thank you!

  2. I desperately need a non-permanent storage solution for decor in my guest bedroom but I dont want to do anything permanent should I need to use it for clothes again. I really liked the $14.99 Hyllis but in-person it was a little flimsy and the shelves are not adjustable. Lord knows decor does not come in standard sizes!
    XO, Amanda @ life on linton

  3. I put the Ragrund chair in my own master bath last year and recently specified it for a client’s long and narrow bathroom in a mid-century home. We painted hers glossy black and it fills an awkward spot next to the vanity that is interesting, unexpected and best of all, functional! but love the Bygel series you show here too. I feel a trip to Ikea coming up! Thanks for the article and congrats on being chosen as a brand ambassador.

      • Yes, they are very sturdy to hold towels. And the little lower shelf is sized perfectly for those canvas storage boxes available at Target in the small size. And the seat is strong enough to hold my husband as he sits and puts on his socks. So all in all, very functional.

  4. I have put together a lot of IKEA furniture, but the $14.99 Hyllis that Amanda mentioned is a nightmare. Good job sparing yourself that, Amanda; I suffered through putting two of them together.
    The $30 Raskog utility cart on wheels is everywhere on the style blogs, but just in case, we use them in bathrooms with pedestal sinks and in the laundry room. The cheery teal makes it look less utilitarian.

  5. From all the clutter that Ikea brings, you make it easy to pick the right items. The wooden Ragrund chair is a nice touch for a small space.

  6. Hi Kate,
    Thanks so much for featuring the items. I need to start a list for my next mother/daughter (and maybe the grandbaby) excursion to IKEA.

  7. We love IKEA, but are seriously bummed that the closest store is a 2 hour drive to Atlanta. It’s great that some things are now available online–However, shipping charges can be relatively steep. (The $50 Ragrund chair is $14 to ship.) So wish IKEA would expand in the Southeast!

  8. This is a great post. I keep trips to IKEA to a minimum. I always feel like a mouse trapped in a maze and it is an anxiety producing experience. I like that many of these items are available for order online. There are at least three items from your list that I will purchase.

  9. I need to get my ikea “fix” every so often. I just wander around the store looking for inspiration. I never fail to see something that gets the creative juices flowing.

  10. Thanks for posting this! I’m looking for a small bathroom storage unit and the Gunnern will fit perfectly!

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