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By Kate Riley January 8, 2016

Weekend hellos. It’s been a wet week here in California, the El Niño storms have arrived! All the damp weather has kept me indoors but we really need this rain so I’m hunkering down and waiting out this winter.

I’m not a January person. Other than that universal urge to purge and declutter which I do find refreshing, the month of January gets me down. I was talking with a friend yesterday who loves winter: cold weather, cozy blankets, warm beverages, trips to the snow. Okay, yes those little things are lovely but the rest of the time the dreary weather makes me listless. I just want to crawl under the covers and nap until spring arrives.

I cheer myself up with images of rooms decorated in the colors of spring. I’m very “meh” about the new Pantone colors, my first impression of the announcement was that the hues are “hospital newborn”, but used judiciously I truly am a fan of pastels.

I’m counting down the days until it’s time for spring decorating, meanwhile keeping my head down working on a few new vibrant fabric prints to feature in March. One of the home improvement projects I’m hoping to tackle is the addition of a garden shed in my backyard. Speaking of ….

 converted shed homepolish

Isn’t this the loveliest converted shed you ever did see?

Classic style: loving this beautiful home makeover.

Extra special bathroom floor tiles (and where to find them).

Oh how I love a great spiral staircase.

This beautiful barn wedding.

24 cozy winter lodges to visit.

Some helpful tips on how to start working out.

A great trick for temporarily sharpening kitchen knives.

Be sure to bookmark The Peptalk Generator !


Have a cozy weekend friends.


  1. I am in Northern California too and I despise January. Christmas is over and it is bleak!! I know we need the rain, so I am bearing with it. We have a cruise in February to Mexico, so looking forward to that is getting me through. Love the converted shed and the boho vibes!

  2. Living in South FL we tire of the excessive summer heat but cold days, especially cloudy or rainy cold days make me unable to move too! I just want to read all day in my jammies and eat snacks. Everyone greets one another with how energized they feel in cold but it just the opposite for me. I really really don’t like it. Nice to know I’m not the only weirdo?

  3. January and winter in general is supposed to be “why we live here” in Arizona (Phoenix/Sun City West area) but not this year. We had a weeks worth of freezing nights in December and way too many days in December and now in January have been rainy and gloomy. From Houston, TX originally, I wouldn’t move with my husband to Portland, OR where his family lived because I couldn’t tolerate all the constant rain and this is the gal who kicked the AC/heating tech out when he held up a sample of solar screen for my windows and when I commented about the darkness, he said “Oh, yeh, it’s like looking out the window on a cloudy day” For this, I did not come to Arizona. El Nino is here too and it needs to go back home. I’m worse than Pamela wanting to read all day and eat snacks in my jammies. I get downright depressed and all the lamps and lights in my house don’t do the trick. I am forcing myself to go to Saturday dance/exercise class and then will enjoy your weekend reads with a good cup of coffee later this morning along with a bit of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure in the kitchen. Thanks for the inspiuration. .

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