Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley October 3, 2015

Weekend hellos! It’s shaping up to be a fun one, last night I went out for dinner and wine with some girlfriends, how nice it was to relax and talk, no one picked up their phone, the wine flowed, the food was delish, the dessert was divine, simply the best kind of evening! This afternoon I’m off to the Sonoma Music Festival to listen to music under the stars then Sunday I’m babysitting my little nephew, it will be nice to have the pitter patter of toddler feet in the house even if it’s only for a day. :)

gray and white laundry room

Here’s the list of favorite links . . .

Well isn’t this just the prettiest multi-tasking laundry room space.

This carefully edited elegant home.

The ultimate dream home, according to Pinterest.

This is the best looking television ever.

Iconic film roles that almost went to another actor.

Oh wow, these pumpkin spice carmelita bars look sooooo good.

I enjoyed this interview with Nancy Meyers on story writing and set design.

For the moms: they will not remember.

You should define what success looks like for you.

Fear is boring and other tips for creative living.

Five things you may regret from a nurse who works with the dying.


Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Love your blog–FYI the links in this post take you to ads for Lazy Boy and Better Business Bureau, not sure what is up with that.

    • That’s strange Mary, perhaps your browser needs cleared? Try CTL + F5 – or refresh the page, shouldn’t be linking to those sources at all :)

  2. What a lovely selection of reading for Sunday morning. Thank you for these varied, interesting and informative reads.

  3. I really enjoy the article about the actors who almost played in the movies. And thank God that John Travolta didn`t play in Forest Gump. I really love this movie and I like John but this role is not for him.

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