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By Kate Riley July 17, 2015

Weekend hellos friends. Realizing there are only four weeks of summer left I’ve kept ours free of events and planned for a lot of lounging. We’re having one of the best summers ever spending most of it close to home and plenty of good memories are being made, I’m soaking it all in for as long as possible!

I’m also working on a site revamp forced by Google to become “mobile friendly” which requires a new design and some major changes. I’ve been using the same WordPress theme I started with back in 2009 and there are a lot of upgrades to be made, it’s such a headache. I’ll be tweaking and editing behind the scenes and hope to reveal a new and improved site soon.

To follow are the favorite spaces and projects spied around the web in the continuing Best of the Blogosphere series, thanks to Amanda for helping round these up, enjoy!  

Build a rustic 2×4 truss table with plans from Ana White. 

2 x 4 truss table


You know I love grasscloth covered furniture! Check out this trunk makeover at The Homes I Have Made (thanks for sharing Megan!) 

grasscloth covered trunk


Add greenery to your interior with a trellis planter wall, via Vintage Revivals.

trellis planter wall


Here’s a clever idea to jazz up a nursery crib, use vinyl decals cut in a geometric pattern, find the idea at The DIY Showoff.

crib with vinyl decals


Make a dough bowl with joint compound! Tutorial at Anderson + Grant.

joint compound dough bowl


Craft a kilim pattern pitcher with Erin of Earnest Home Co.

kilim pattern pitcher


Create easy and inexpensive framed canvas art with 8 x 10 printables and paint stir sticks, idea from Upcycled Treasures.

framed canvas art


A specialty pen helped make this iron transfer tote, looks like a fun tool to play with! Find the step by step at The Crafted Life.

iron transfer tote


Create statement faux turquoise rings for your next summer soirée with Alisa Burke.

faux diy turquoise rings


So many great crafts! It’s inspired me to make a trip to Michael’s, I have a new project I’m going to try for myself, see you all back here on Monday, have a great weekend !


  1. Hi Kate,

    Right now my blog is not “mobile friendly” and I would love it if you would share what you will do to make your blog comply!

    Enjoy the summer.

  2. Hi Laura, it’s a looong answer worthy of a follow up post after the rollover but basically I have to set up a “dummy” site to test out every stinking little thing with a new theme from fonts to page layouts, footers, headers, plus test plugin compatibility and set up all my sidebar ads, monitor internal links, the list goes on, it’s so time consuming.

  3. Hi Kate, As you so graciously suggested, I have emailed you (twice) so that you may share your Vegas subcontractors with me. I put “SUBCONTRACTORS” in the subject line. Our friends sold their home here in Vermont (woohoo) so they are very excited to get started.

    Thank you for being so kind and willing to share so much with your readers, as we know you are a very busy and popular lady!!

  4. I’ll look for it Lisa, thanks! We worked with some really great ones!

  5. Yes, a lot of us will be interested in your website update. Thanks for always being an inspiration.

  6. Bummer, you have to make it “mobile friendly” as I’m reading on my cell phone and it looks great to me! I don’t like the mobile friendly sites as the ads are right in the middle of the words. It makes it too choppy in my opinion.

    • I agree Andrea, a lot of the mobile friendly sites have invasive ads, I’m trying to avoid that, and like you I’m fine reading websites in their classic format but can’t fight big bad Google and it’s SEO power :( They are penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly since so many people now use their phones for online viewing, I fall into that category too so I get why it’s happening.

  7. I am not a blogger, but I so enjoy what I read here. Thanks for going through all the trouble of being mobile friendly. And…. Thanks for your terrific content.

  8. I check your site everyday, and I’m really looking forward to the Vegas kitchen reveal. Did I miss it? Have a great rest of the summer with your family!

    • Nope you didn’t miss it Julie, it’s finally complete I just have to photograph it, I return in August to do just that so look for it in a few weeks :)

  9. Yep, I hear ya. I had to completely rebuild my entire website (5000+ products) that I had originally created in 2005. It took me a year to rebuild it. I choose to use a completely different platform and am now glad that I did, but yes, it is a ton of work!

    I love the trellis planter wall! What a great idea. I also like the fact that all of the pots are the same in the image, as that makes it look uncluttered.

  10. What a fantastic roundup and thank you so much for including my printable canvas art! I am loving each and every project and am so excited to be included amongst them!

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