Wood Pedestal Dining Tables

By Kate Riley February 3, 2015

I’m a huge fan of mixing wood dining tables and white chairs in different styles so I’m seeking that same look in this dining nook in progress. I just love these chairs that I found at a thrift store, they were a great score, I paid $60 for the four, the back detail is so pretty but I don’t love the honey hue so I’m going to prime and spray paint them gloss white and recover the seats in a fun fabric.

table and chairs

This table is another $40 thrift store find but it’s a veneer top not solid wood top so I’m hesitant to sand and restain, and if I paint it that is too much white in here, so I decided to move this one to the sunroom/office. More importantly, I prefer a pedestal in a breakfast nook because of the constant chairs scooting in and out so I’m on the hunt for a reasonably priced wood version.

Something extendable would be wonderful, it does need to be large enough to sit six people with two more chairs or stools. It also needs to be guest and family friendly since it will take a beating from kids, summer sun, and potential future tenants.

The top three are the most budget friendly (under $600), they go up in price from there, here are some favorite wood pedestal dining tables for your (and my) consideration:

wood pedestal dining tables


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

There’s always the DIY option as well, I love Jaime’s pedestal project and we have built a X base wood table before, I’ll decide to buy or DIY soon. If you’re looking for inspiration for your dining room or nook, check out my Pinterest board on the topic.

Any other tables you can suggest as a great pedestal for this dining space ?


  1. Given the detail of the backs of the chairs and the turned legs, I’d go with either the Karlin or the Whitewash tables. The bases mimic the turned chair legs and echo the round backs of the chairs. I think anything with “legs” or a lot of detail would look too busy with the chairs.

    Really enjoying your posts on this remodel!

  2. We recently moved to Vegas from MA and finally have an eat-in kitchen. We ordered this table and chair set from wayfair in the almond and wheat combo and LOVE it. Solid wood, big enough for 4 of us for dinner and has a leaf so we can add 2 more chairs for guests. The chairs arrived quickly but wayfair lost the table along the way so we ended up at RCwilley where they had the same table and delivered it in 2 days… Would definitely recommend and it comes in a few colors…

  3. I’m so happy you posted this. I have been considering what to do in our eating nook. I, like you, found 4 great caned back dining chairs for $35 at a thrift store. I have kept them in their wood tone (for now). I have a painted pedestal table that is super functional (two leaves). But, I keep questioning the wood and painted combo. I think I would like the wood table/painted chair option better. This has me thinking about replacing the table and painting the chairs. Hmmmm. You can see the chairs on my instagram. I haven’t posted about them because I am up in the air about what to do with them. I think your combo is going to look fantastic. I may want to be a copycat! :-)

  4. Hi! I enjoy your posts and watching this beautiful renovation in progress. I have rooms full of honey oak solid wood furniture that I want to take an ax to. I love the idea of painting but I feel uncomfortable regarding it’s wearability. What is a process you’re confident with?

  5. Can’t wait to see the final product. I’m curious whether you plan to use a special sprayer to spray paint the chairs. I find my index finger gets too tired from all that pushing after a while!

  6. Such a timely post! I’ve bought these modern acrylic chairs and have been looking for a similar table. I was actually eyeing the oval extension from world market which I see is out of stock online. The wood veneer has me a little worried so after research I came up with the building plans for the round x base table too! I think that’s what we decided on. Although I did find some good options all for under $600 in an antique store, most would have to be sanded and stained. So for $110ish I might as well build my own table! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  7. your answer may very well be #2, which is on sale for half price right now at world market. can’t beat $300!!

  8. Kate thank you for including my diy x base circular table! I must say we absolutely love our table and you could easily fit 6 adults. Good luck with your decision, can’t wait to see the final makeover.

  9. Wow Sonja and Emily, thank you! I’ll check both out when I’m there next week!

  10. Kate, I love #3 in Laura’s list. What a deal. I hope it is still available next week. I’m so enjoying your Vegas fixer-upper posts. Love everything you have done. Lots of great ideas. Vikki in VA.

  11. I LOVE those chairs – a terrific find at only $60 for all four. They would look great painted white and recovered in a fun, bright pattern. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  12. I was actually about to search your site again or find a way to ask you if you had any tutorials or recommendations for a non-solid wood table. I guess it’s laminate – I’m not good at recognizing that yet! There are no windows/sunlight in my dining area but I’m not sure what kind of paint/seal treatment to do to make it durable. My goal is to NOT have to have a tablecloth over it all the time!

  13. Those chairs!!! I am beyond jealous at your find! I am searching for round back chairs like that to use in my dining room. I wish that I could go thrift store shopping with you :)

  14. Love the chairs! My favorite table is the one you already have if the table apron and legs were painted the same color as the chairs, leaving the top as is. I think this would have the best scale for the area of all the choices. I know you would choose the perfect fabric for the chair seats!

  15. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I have had the Aldridge table for over a year and it is everything I hoped it would be. It is durable and very solid. I will say that the finish had a shiny, ” plastic” appearance when it originally arrived. I lightly samded it and put two coats of poly on it and it has been perfect ever since, and I have two messy boys!

  16. while I admire the round bases they get in the way of the chair legs. I like to scoot mine in and this would prevent that. Tha Aldridge seems like the best of both world. I have the exact same chairs from thrifty and they were 5 for $60…must be the going price! I recently switched out my antique farm table for a pedestal one to give me more space as I don have a nook. It was just one of those newish awful honey oak deals someone gave me, but heavy and solid. I painted the base and apron to match my greeninsh/gray tile and limed the top. It looks like a million bucks! You could save a lot if you found one similar.

  17. I had been hunting for a pedestal table for my own breakfast nook, and just found a great one on Craigslist today. Even still having my cheapo college kitchen chairs, it already changes the space so much! Now to upgrade the chairs, lol. I love the look of pedestal tables!

  18. We have the Aldrich table and love it. We keep four chairs at it from day to day but have two side chairs we pull up and it’s still roomy for a party of 6. I love the shape of those chairs you found and in white they will look so fresh and new!

  19. We also have the Aldridge and are really happy with our purchase. It seems as though it will stand the test of time… the finish on our last table began to peel with the abuse our kids gave it but I doubt this will ever have the same problem. It could comfortably seat 6. Happy shopping!

  20. I kid you not i just bought a table and 4 chairs off craigslist and my chairs are identical. Except they aren’t padded. (And my table is a rectangle.) And i mean identical. Same shape, same pattern. That’s so weird. I’ve painted my chairs white and will be cutting down the table and re-staining it a more appropriate colour in the spring. Love the idea of a pedestal table though! :)

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