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By Kate Riley January 2, 2015

I said farewell to my family today, they’re driving home to California while I stay here in Las Vegas for another week awaiting our kitchen cabinet delivery and finishing up other projects in the master bathroom and laundry room. In my spare time I’ll be shopping for tile for the kitchen backsplash, much to do in the week I’m still here but I’m looking forward to returning home. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments from my last post, I treasure every one. 

Here’s the short list of favorite links from the week, enjoy!

black painted vanity


15 beautiful paint colors from 2014

Great decorating advice from real spaces.

15 minute decluttering tips.

Helpful advice for home resale.

18 best libraries in the world.

Illustrated: film stars living in iconic residences.

Creative Samsung ads: famous artists taking self portraits.

Coming to NYC – a floating park on the Hudson River.

"Real" moments in parenting.


P.S. – I’m having LASIK surgery on my eyes tomorrow (eeeeek!) and feeling slightly anxious about it but so happy to be rid of glasses and contacts, wish me luck !


  1. I know so many people who had Lasik done and every one of them was an incredible success. Good Luck tomorrow! Great way to start off the New Year!

  2. Good luck with Lasik. I had it done several years ago and my only regret is not doing it sooner. I hope its a productive week for you with the projects.

  3. I hope your lasik surgery goes well :-) my husband got it done last year And he loves it. His clases were si thick And not sexy at all, it was so nice to get rid of those. I feel happy that he can see without the need of an aid. So im hoping yours goes just as well! Xo

  4. I had Lasik done a year and a half ago and I wonder why I waited so long. You will be amazed.

  5. Good luck on the surgery. Mine was a breeze. Just be sure to take care of yourself for 24hrs after.

  6. I have actually been to the Boston library! Thank god, I feel so unsophisticated as is. One library out of how many? Gah!

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