Weaver’s Winter Wonderland

By Kate Riley December 16, 2014

Only 8 days left until Christmas friends, are you ready? Amidst the busyness, we took a drive last night to one of our favorite stops for Christmas light displays, and none is so great as Weaver’s Winter Wonderland which is located in the town just north of us.

For 20 years Scott Weaver has been adding to his collection of Christmas decor and each year he transforms his modest home in Rohnert Park into a grand castle featuring Disney characters and Christmas decorations that fill his property from the sidewalk to the rooftop, it’s such an amazing sight to see, people travel for hours all around Northern California to visit each year.

weavers winter wonderland sign

Weaver’s Winter Wonderland is so great, it won the Great Christmas Light Fight of 2014, featured on ABC. We arrived just before sunset, before Scott comes out to greet visitors and turn the lights on.

weaver home no lights

Once the sun sets, on come the lights and here come the people (hundreds each night).

weavers winter wonderland with lights

I asked Scott how many hours it takes to set up this Christmas display each year and he told me between him and his son they clock about 340 hours and it’s all to delight the neighbors and visitors each year.

For two decades, Scott has spent his free hours cutting characters out of plywood and hand painting them himself, and he captures the look and personality of each one. Scott invites visitors into his driveway and up his walkway and even offers them a look in his garage.

He disguises his roof with tiered pieces of plywood painted like a castle, and decorated with lights and characters. Feast your eyes on this home’s amazing display, it truly is a winter wonderland.

weaver roof

It’s the same with the front yard, everything beyond the picket fence is a stage of favorite characters we all love.

weaver winter wonderland castle


frozen castle weavers winter wonderland


The layers and layers of holiday decor make everyone smile, and Scott stores all of this artwork and decor on his property each year, imagine that! The children love it so much especially when they spy their favorites hidden among the decor.

weaver driveway

 weaver castle 2


weaver driveway 2


Scott sets up a Christmas village in the garage for visitors to admire, and the walkway to his front door is pretty incredible too. 

weaver christmas village


weaver walkway


It doesn’t stop with just the Weaver home, Scott has created so much artwork over the years even the neighbors are part of the annual display. These are all the art displays in homes around his court!



snow white


sleeping beauty


aboniamable snowman display


weaver nativity


Find more info on the Weaver Winter Wonderland Facebook page. Click on the image below to enjoy this 90 second video from ABC’s Great Christmas Light Fight that shows how Scott does what he does every year and captured the win !


christmas light fight winner


Dedication, talent, and the Christmas spirit, that’s what you find on display at Weaver’s Winter Wonderland. Well done Weaver family!  

Locals can visit Weaver’s Winter Wonderland from now until December 31st.


  1. It looks amazing! We are planning to drive up from Marin this weekend to see it. It will be a fun and festive outing. I love your gift tags Kate! Thanks for sharing those with us.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. We went and saw it again after you reminded me. Your neighbor in Santa Rosa. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. I saw this on the show and was in awe of what he accomplished! He is an amazing artist, not to mention visionary! Just the time it took him to build and set up truly amazes me!

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