Entertaining with Keurig + Giveaway

By Kate Riley December 29, 2014

Hello friends! This past week has been so very relaxing, reconnecting with family and finally finishing a few wonderful books that have sat on my nightstand for months. I’ve stayed up until midnight savoring each text while tucked under the covers with no deadlines to fret about and then I sleep in past 8 a.m, it’s such a luxury! Taking time off makes me feel so refreshed and excited for the new year.

I’ve always been old school in my approach to my morning cup of coffee. I drink 1-2 cups each morning and sometimes I indulge in the occasional afternoon cappuccino with a friend. For me it’s always been either brew a big pot at home or swing by the coffee shop in the afternoon.

I started noticing the Keurig popping up everywhere, my sister has one, I spied one in a friend’s craft studio, I see them in retail shops or small offices and I wondered what the big deal was. How convenient that Keurig contacted me and offered to send me one to try it out for all the holiday entertaining we were doing, so I was grateful to accept.

After two weeks of making coffee and other beverages with the new Keurig 2.0, I’m loving it. I rearranged my baker’s rack and set up a little breakfast/beverage station for guests to grab whenever they wish – it really is such a fabulous appliance for single beverage hospitality.

keurig breakfast station

We’ve been living without a kitchen during our stay here since we’re renovating so we’ve been making all sorts of hot concoctions with it. Coffee obvs but so much more!

keurig coffee station


The Keurig 2.0 has a 80 oz. water reservoir and hot water function so we can heat instant oatmeal, yes!

hot oatmeal keurig

My children love the hot cocoa function: set the dial, press the button, boom, it’s ready. The little Swiss Miss pods make fab hot chocolate, incomplete without whipped cream.

hot chocolate with keurig

I’m not embarrassed to say – I was a big Star Trek The Next Generation fan when I was in college, I watched it daily with fellow Trekkies and always loved when Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard ordered “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” from the replicator and it appeared in 5 seconds. With the Keurig it takes 45 seconds but it reminds me of those scenes. And yes you can make any hot tea with it too!

Criticism? Keurigs are addictive! They’re convenient but can be more expensive compared to brewing your pot of 6-8 cups of coffee with grinded beans in a basic coffee maker at home. So while I’ll continue to brew my standard carafe back in Cali, I’ll still treasure this Keurig here in Las Vegas since a single brew is cheaper than a trip to a coffee shop and provides both our family and guests with multiple options and instant gratification. And it’s the closest thing to Captain Picard’s Enterprise replicator. :)

We’re entertaining this week so I whipped up afternoon mochas with the Keurig 2.0 carafe function, pretty smart since the carafe competes with a standard coffee maker.

keurig carafe

Simply program it for up to 4-5 cups in the carafe (for mochas I opt for the 3-4 brew) add a healthy squeeze of chocolate sauce, then 1-2 cups of milk, and blend it with your immersion blender inside the carafe. Pour into mugs and dollop with whipped cream and a drizzle of more chocolate sauce. Serve with an afternoon treat, delish!

mochas made with keurig

My favorite thing about this appliance is it offers a quick hot beverage with minimal work. You can use over 400 varieties including brands from Starbucks to Swiss Miss.

2015 keurig

Ring in the New Year with a new Keurig 2.0 beverage maker of your own. This week Keurig is giving away one to a lucky winner – Eligibility To Enter:

1) Leave a comment on this blog post answering this question: Where would you use your new Keurig 2.0?  In your kitchen, office, studio?

One winner only, giveaway ends Saturday January 3, 2015 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry. Good luck !

*This post in partnership with Keurig, all reviews, recipes, and opinions are my own!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winner #792 Diane G. notified via email.


  1. I think I would put it in my master suite so that I could enjoy a cup of coffee when I wake up and head to the shower since I like a strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning and the rest of my family prefers tea or flavored coffees so it is always a race to the coffee maker to determine what kind of coffee is made in the morning.

  2. I would have it in the kitchen since I have to have milk in my coffee and need to be close to the fridge! My kids would love the hot chocolate options too!

  3. I have been pondering buying a Keurig forever. I would definitely use it at home. I like all hot beverages and would love the ability to switch it up whenever I want!

  4. Is the bedside table a reasonable answer? If not, I’ll have to go with the kitchen counter. I have tea or coffee every morning and am the only one in the house who drinks hot beverages. Sometimes it seems like a lot of work to get the tiny coffee pot set up when I have to small kids demanding my attention!

  5. I’ve enjoyed using a Keurig only when I’ve visited my sister. It’s a special treat. Like you, I love the way we make our coffee at home (French press … Yum!), so I would want to bring this to my school office to enjoy while I’m at work and to share with my colleagues. Thanks for sharing your mocha recipe too!

  6. All of the above!

    I work from home so from the hours of 6am to 4pm, my dining room table is my office space. Until such time as work is done and the computer gets put away in time for dinner to hit the table. Once that is done, all the crafty stuff comes out or the lego projects or the homework.

    My dining room table is probably the hardest working piece of furniture in the house and we come together several times a day with a hot cuppa to get us through whatever the day has thrown at us. It would be nice if it had a companion to help burden that load. ;)

  7. In my kitchen! I love my keurig, but I use the filter so that I can buy regular coffee grounds instead of those expensive k cups.

  8. I’ve never owned a Keurig, so I’d love to win this! I’d start with it in the kitchen, but once my studio is re-organized, I’d move it out there… I need my coffee and tea throughout the day. ;)

  9. I’d love to have one! It would be in my kitchen and would be super helpful for when my baby comes (any day now!!)!

  10. I have a Keurig now, so I would take this to my grandmother’s house. She does not drink coffee but, as the quintessential southern hostess, she regularly has overnight guests and family members often visit for a week or two at a time. She always makes a full pot of coffee in the morning when there are guests because she tries to anticipate their desires. This would allow them to choose from a variety of beverages and be less wasteful at the same time! I’m surprised my grandmother hasn’t thought of this already!

  11. I would love to have a Keurig 2.0 to use in my family’s kitchen!! Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t own one yet, haha!

  12. I would use it in my recently remodeled kitchen! I like coffee, but not enough to make full pots daily. I may only want just a cup or want a cup of hot cocoa. I like decaf (I’m pregnant) and my husband prefers caffeine so a Keurig offers the best for both of us!

  13. What a great giveaway! Seems like everyone I know got a Keurig for Christmas! If I won I would put it in my kitchen and use it entirely too many times a day!

  14. My work has a similar coffee machine in the staffroom and it is awesome for a quick drink on a break!! Since I am at home this year on maternity leave I would make great use of a Keurig at home when I want to treat myself with an afternoon coffee or tea…with one hand since the baby is in the other!

  15. Ooh! I’d probably donate it to my (church) office – I think we’d all love to keep K-cups of our favorites around to brew that perfect cup! I’d be so popular… ;)

  16. I’d use this in my kitchen. And since Jim drinks coffee and I drink tea, this would be fabulous.

  17. I would love to have a new Keurig on the counter in my kitchen! We are all hot coffee, tea, and cocoa drinkers at my house- thank you ever so very much Kate!

  18. This would be perfect for this new mama to put in my office when I return to work from maternity leave next week! Goodness knows I’m going to need a ton of caffeine to make it through the day. I would even share with the rest of the management team :)

  19. My husband and I do not drink coffee however we are the only ones in our entire extended family that don’t… When my parents come and visit us they always get up and head to the coffee shop down the street before doing anything else. I’m sure this gets old quickly… I would use it for guests and those occasional days that I need a little caffeine in the mornings.

  20. Would use it in the kitchen when people are visiting….we’re currently french press users but the keurig would be so convenjent.

  21. I’m working on reorganizing my craft room/home office so the Keurig would be perfect in there! I’d never leave the room! ;)

  22. What a wonderful addition a Keurig would be to the stable, especially at this time of year!! Warm coffee or cocoa for riders after riding, grooming or cleaning stalls; and a welcome cup of warmth for our hard working farrier and veterinarian. I guarantee Shadow, the gray pony, would try to sneak a sip of everyone’s hot chocolate!

  23. What an excellent giveaway! I would happily set it on my kitchen counter, but I might move it to the guest room for extra special visitors!

  24. In my dining room since my kitchen is tiny! I have my own little coffee bar set up now (its from Christmas morning, but I kinda like having it set up like this!)

  25. As a fellow coffee addict I would place the Keurig gem in my home office so that all of those long conference calls might be a tad more enjoying! Cheers!!

  26. My husband is the coffee drinker in our house and he travels for his work. He is currently in Grand Forks, ND long term through July 2015 and this coffee maker would be great for him to use in his hotel room. BTW – Grand Forks, ND is one of the ten coldest cities in the USA. Convenient, hot beverages would help to keep him warm!

  27. I would give it to my husband for his office. He has been working all weekend on the old Capresso model with no success! He hates the standard coffee at work so this would be great for him to share with his co-workers. Fingers crossed!!!

  28. Oh how I would love to win this! We just got one in my office and I am in love. I would probably put mine in the kitchen, but the bedroom is a fun idea too!

  29. I would use it in my kitchen. I’d love to set up a coffee bar, like shown here, for my family. It would be great to make hot tea in the evening after dinner. It’s gorgeous!! Who knew there were so many options with the Keurig machine. I can’t wait to try them all. :-)

  30. I would use it in our kitchen/homeschool classroom/command central. It would be so nice this winter when we are schooling to have a cup of something warm! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

  31. I have a Keurig at our vacation home. We share a cabin with many family members, and having a Keurig there is good for everyone. The tea drinkers get hot water fast. No haggling over light or dark roast, caff or decaf: each coffee drinker can have what she wants when she wants. Everyone is happy. :)

    If I won this Keurig, I would give it to the teachers’ lounge at my childrens’ school.

  32. Oh, my! I’d love a Keurig for my kitchen. When my young adult children come home to visit, which is fairly often, they would be so impressed. But, of course, my husband and I would enjoy it daily!

  33. I would be over the moon if I won! I would put it in my kitchen and use it daily. I drink 4-5 cups a day of coffee, and love that I could have variety with a keurig! Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

  34. I wouldn’t keep it. I would trade the Keurig my son got last Christmas and give this one to him. He’s taking the bar exam in February, on his way to a career in Immigration Law. HE NEEDS COFFEE!! Lot’s and lot’s of coffee;);) Could not think of a better gift!

  35. We would love this in our kitchen! I would drink the tea, my husband the coffee, and my kids will take the hot cocoa.

  36. Hi Kate! I love how your baker’s rack is adorned! So inviting and colorful! I would love to use that beautiful machine in our kitchen, especially on blustery, cold days here in Indiana! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy New Year!

  37. I would use it at home but I would take coffee with me. I have had coffee from a Keurig before and it was awesome and with so many to choose from!

  38. I would use it in the kitchen so that my teenagers could make their own tea or hot chocolate (with minimal mess — ha!), and so I could have a cappuccino or cafe au lait in the afternoons.

  39. I love the idea of a coffee station!! I would use it in my kitchen and would probably set it up just like you what an awesome idea !!

  40. I would love to use the Keurig in my kitchen for my morning must-have coffee and my afternoon tea. My hubby would be so happy too, he could have his favorite hot chocolate in seconds! Thanks Kate!

  41. I would love to have one of these! It is worth noting that this machine is only compatible with official keurig cups. A lot of other brands that worked in the 1.0 no longer work in the 2.0 version. My in-laws found out the hard way and were disappointed to miss out on some of their favorite brands. Worth considering if you are purchasing a 2.0.

  42. I definitely would put this in my kitchen so when the early alarm goes off when I go back to work Jan. 5. I have somehting to get up for…a walk to the kitchen to make a fab cup of coffee.

  43. I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee, so this would be perfect in my kitchen! I like the cocoa idea and the carafe too; I had no idea Keurig is so versatile.

  44. In my kitchen would be the perfect place for the Keurig. This way everyone would be a ble to take advantage of this great item and have the beverage of their choice.

  45. In my kitchen! I’ve been wanting one, though my husband is resistant since we have a working coffee maker now and a cup from the Keurig is more expensive.

  46. I’m planning a breakfast bar for guests just outside the guest bedroom. I’d love a Keurig!!

  47. I would use the Keurig in my office, although my husband has been wanting one, so it may just move in to the kitchen after all. I like the idea for setting up a beautiful and easy-access coffee station in the kitchen! :)

  48. Just back from my sister’s home and she had a Keurig. The convenience! It would be great in our kitchen. Thanks! (great photos!)

  49. With a new baby and a three year old, I’d like to keep it constantly by my side… but in reality I would have it in my kitchen. It would look great on my teal buffet in my breakfast nook.

  50. I would put Keurig in the Teacher’s Lounge at the elementary school where I work. Nothing is better than teachers who love to teach, children…..and COFFEE!

  51. I would love to take it to my office and share with my co-workers. However I have always wanted one for home too….

  52. I would take it to my parent’s house. My dad loves his coffee, but doesn’t have a coffee shop close by where they live.

  53. oh … definitely the office. this will save us from stepping out and getting expensive coffees and teas!

  54. In the kitchen. We work out of our home so this would be a fabulous addition! I drink decaf and hubby is a full strength guy so now we could each have our own fresh brew! Thanks for offering the giveaway and good luck to all!

  55. I would love to have the new Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen. It would be a fabulous replacement for my tired coffee maker!

  56. I would use it in my kitchen. My dream for the last two years is to create a hot beverage station in my kitchen. This would be the start of it. LOL!! Thanks for the incredible giveaway and Happy New Year :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  57. I would use in my kitchen, but would need all decaf items> Need to research that! Thanks for the giveaway and love love your blog! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015! Annette

  58. Definitely in my kitchen, starting to work from home more, so it would be nice to not have to jet out for a coffee, keep the work flow going!

  59. I’d use mine in my sewing room which is in a room above my garage. It would be such a luxury to have a fresh cup without ever having to leave my favorite space. I’d take my meals in there, too if someone would please slide them under the door.

  60. Wow! Best “after Christmas” present. This would go in my craft room next to the microwave!

  61. I would use it in my kitchen! My daugther recently brought her’s over to try and we fell in love! It would most certainly be used on a daily basis.

  62. I’d put it in my kitchen….. Sounds like it would be so handy when everyone wants something different in the morning! The kids would love the hot cocoa!! Thanks!

  63. In my kitchen and be able to move the old coffee pot to rv and my old Keurig to the office! We have both on the counter for mornings and when family and friends are here for the holidays!

  64. Yum, those hot chocolates… I would take it to the office to share the deliciousness with my lovely coworkers.

  65. I would set up a coffee station in my kitchen… The beauty of the K-cups is there are choices for young and old… hot chocolate, apple cider and, my favorites, the coffee drinks!

  66. I’d love to put one in my office on my desk so I could drink hot tea all throughout the day!

  67. I would LOVE a new Keurig in my kitchen! Love the hot water function on the one at my office!

  68. Home, definitely! My hubby loves his coffee every morning, but only one cup so it would be ideal. I’m sure I’d take advantage and use it for tea and hot chocolate as well! :)

  69. I would love to have one in my classroom. I teach high school ESL and my students love to hang out in my room after school. Coffee for me in the morning, tea for them in the afternoon. Win-win!

  70. Thank you for the review on the Keurig 2.0. I’ve been considering getting one and using it in my kitchen for that occasional afternoon coffee and for the kids to make drinks.

  71. I’ve got the perfect space for this in my newly remodeled master bedroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I would use my Keurig in my kitchen. I plan to create a coffee bar with different types of granola bars so that we can eat breakfast on the go with our coffee.


  73. I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee… so this would be perfect more me! I have the perfect spot on my kitchen counter for it. LOL

  74. Such a boring answer, but I would keep it, and everything that goes with it, on the counter in my pantry. Thanks for the giveaway, Kate.

  75. We gave this to my parents for Christmas, and they already love it! I’d put mine in the kitchen so the kids and I can both use it!

  76. I would use this in my master bedroom upstairs. Coffee first thing in the morning – yay!

  77. Love your setup for your guests. For me I would use it in my winter getaway home in Surprise , yes there is a place called Surprise in Arizona. The sun streams in in the morning and I visualize myself in my cute galley kitchen brewing a cup and taking it out to the terrace to relax and catch up with family back home on my IPad.

  78. It would be sent to college with my youngest. Those girls drink all kinds of hot drinks, and it would save us parents all that flex money spent at the coffee shop!

  79. I would definitely use this in my basement where we are setting up a bit of a crafting studio and home theatre and home gym – I can’t imagine anything more perfect. In cold Canada it would be a welcome appliance to have!

  80. I would love to ditch the messy grinder, beans and old espresso machine and try out a Keurig!

  81. I would put this sucker in my master bedroom so I could enjoy a nice cup before having to face my children each morning!

  82. It would be perfect in my tiny kitchen. I love my sister’s Keurig but my hubby and I definitely need something with a carafe! This new Keurig would rock my world.

  83. I would use it in my kitchen. My husband and I have coffee together every morning. We would love a Keurig.

  84. In the kitchen, but could be for our bedroom also since we have a tea area there now. My husband been wanting one!

  85. In my Studio which is above my garage and it would be some much easier to have a coffee station than running up and down the stairs to the kitchen.

  86. I would use it at my office! My company provides us with coffee (but it is HORRIBLE coffee!) but people have their own coffee pots at their desks. I think I would become quite popular with this!

  87. My new kitchen would love to have a new Keurig 2.0 beverage maker in it! It would be perfect then!

  88. I would definitely use this in my kitchen. Would work perfect in my coffee/tea station area. Your set-up looks ideal!

  89. I would use it at home! I moved out on my own recently and I miss the keurig I used to have

  90. In our kitchen…which we are debating renovating! We have such limited countertop space so no Keurig right now for us!

  91. I need a new coffee maker in the kitchen!! I have an old Mr. Coffee from like 10 years ago, made a big batch of coffee for guests and it was not good! Would love to have something like this.

  92. In my kitchen. I had no idea it had so many uses.certainly hope it comes with instructions as to do all the different features.

  93. i’d use this in my office! i usually make a coffee to bring with me into work- hot or iced- but sometimes i want another cup and hate paying $2-3 at the cafe for it!

  94. I would love one of these! I would use it in my office during the week and probably sneak it home for extra treat on the weekends!

  95. I love the size of it and the fact that you can use a carafe with it. most of them are giant and I don’t have that much room. I would take it to my office and love it every day!

  96. I would use it in the wee hours of the morning while nursing my brand new baby girl

  97. Definitely in the kitchen. I may be one of the remaining few on the planet who has never had a Keurig!

  98. In our kitchen, for sure! With seven siblings on my side and five on my husband’s, family gatherings are HUUUGE and the carafe feature would be a life saver!

  99. A Keurig would be a wonderful addition to my office/studio. Yes, a double-duty room, who doesn’t have one of those?

  100. Absolutely the kitchen, as you walk into my apartment the kitchen is the first thing you see so I can picture my Keurig on the blank small counterspace right as you enter. Might be showing it off a bit but how welcoming when its design and function friendly for welcoming guests!

  101. I would use the Keurig 2.0 at home, with my fiancé. We’re moving from roommate situations to just the two of us and our 2 pets.

  102. I would use it in my kitchen. I have the 1st gen mini plus keurig right now, & have been dreaming about an upgrade. I’d love a new keurig because the mini plus is so small, I can’t brew coffee in my travel mugs! So tragic!

  103. We have a guest studio that we use for friends and family when it isn’t being rented out as a bnb. It would be awesome to have something so convenient for everyone to use, not to mention easy to clean up.

  104. I would put it in the kitchen where I drink my coffee checking out all the design blogs I love!!

  105. I would love to use it in my kitchen. It’s such a great way to treat your guests and yourself with a single serve cup of coffee and no mess to clean up. Keurig is a genius invention. Kate, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Happy New Year!

  106. I would use it in my kitchen. I love the idea using a Keurig because my husband and I have different taste in kinds of coffee.

  107. I would give this to my son for his birthday. He is in his infancy of his coffee exploration. He will be 20 and a college student. I think this would be the perfect item for him to try new tastes. Thank you for sharing your new ideas! Happy New Year!

  108. I would love to have one of these in my kitchen because then all four family members could choose and make their own beverages.

  109. I would use it on the counter between the main living area and kitchen. Easy access both ways! I love lots of different hot drinks, tea chocolate, coffee so this would work great.

  110. I would put it in our little coffee station in the kitchen. We usually use the french press, but would love to have something that is much quicker when we have guests over.

  111. My kitchen! I have a single serve coffee maker that you have to dispose of the grounds after every cup…not so much fun first thing in the morning! I would love to not have to clean so I can get some coffee!!!

  112. I would put it in our kitchen. It would be perfect for that one cup I love in the afternoon.

  113. I’d use it in my kitchen. I’m a big tea drinker and hubby is a big coffee drinker. It would be nice to only have one appliance, instead of a kettle and a coffee maker.

  114. While it most likely would go in the kitchen, I would secretly love to put it next to my bed. Talk about a great wake-up call!

  115. I would use the Keurig in my kitchen. I have a little coffee station set up, but I hate to make a pot when I just want one cup in the evening.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  116. I would keep my Keurig 2.0 in the kitchen for the entire family to use! It would conveniently serve us various flavors of coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, iced tea & coffee, hot water for our oatmeal as well as a bottle warmer! – oh the many uses. You just can’t beat 45 seconds for a hot beverage or water!

  117. I’d love one in my master bedroom. I want my bedroom to feel like a hotel so a beverage station would be an extra luxury!

  118. I’d give it to my husband to use in his university office. Grading papers always means he needs a little extra coffee!

  119. I would put this in our kitchen so my mom and I could make coffee or chai whenever we want ’cause we wake up hours apart! :)

  120. Office – I’m the only coffee drinker in a two person office. Less mess that trying to have a coffee maker and lots more options.

  121. I would love a Keurig 2.0 and I would use it in my newly remodeled kitchen. It would be the perfect compliment to my beautiful new space.

  122. I love a keurig! I’d also like to mention that they have great customer service on an older model we have. I’d use it every day in our kitchen!

  123. We’re putting in a new kitchen in our house and j can think of the perfect spot for this!

  124. I would love to have this in my kitchen so family members can quickly brew up their favorite hot beverage.

  125. I Would Definitely Us This In My Kitchen! Thank You! I Love Your Blog And Have Been A Regular Reader For About 4
    Years Now.

  126. I’d love to update the Keurig in our kitchen! Fun fact: My husband and I are actually in a Keurig anniversary video from a few years ago, both as voice over and seen actors. We got paid in Keurig gift certificates and it was AWESOME. haha

  127. In the kitchen definitely! I’m not a morning person…maybe the quick access to caffeine will help :)

  128. I would definitely use the Keurig in the kitchen! With five kids under 6, I definitely need my caffeine!

  129. I would love on in my studio to help keep me energized for sewing projects and gifts. The silver one is a beauty.

  130. The kitchen would be the ideal location for a Keurig … it’s the central hub of the house and a beverage station with a Keurig there would be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  131. I would use this daily in my kitchen! there really is no better way to start the workday :)

  132. In my kitchen! We have some coffee drinkers in this house and I use a smaller, fancy cup. When I go back for a refill, the pot is usually empty from the guys and their big mugs.

  133. I would use it in my kitchen, which is conveniently located just a few feet from my home office! Double use!

  134. As a full time high school teacher and mom of twin toddlers, coffee is like an extension of my arm, not just a beverage. I would hook this baby up in my kitchen for those days when one cup is not enough, but I don’t have the time (or the energy) to clean out the pod and brew an extra cup!

    Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. As much as I would love to keep it to myself at home, I know it would be a very welcome addition to the office where everyone could enjoy it!

  136. I would definitely set this up in my kitchen. Need that shit of caffeine to start my day!

  137. I enjoy these so much at friends’ houses and I would love to have one in my own kitchen. Our kitchen is centrally located to the rest of the house, so that’s the perfect spot. Lucky you getting one for free!!

  138. For sure in the kitchen. My old coffee maker is on its last leg. Would be awesome to win this.

  139. in my kitchen, and thanks so much those hot chocolates looks so good i am craving one now!!!

  140. Kitchen for sure! Central hang out zone and it would be perfect for everyones varied tastes!

  141. Definitely in our kitchen My friend just got this for Christmas and has been bragging about how great it is at work.

  142. My in-laws’ kitchen — they don’t have a coffeemaker! (And that’s tough for me when we visit! haha)

  143. I would keep it in my kitchen. My living/dining room area functions as my studio and I consume a lot of hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) as I create all kinds of things from sewing projects to my new found joy in book binding. My brother got a Keurig for Christmas and I’m so jealous! :)

  144. I would want to use it in my kitchen, but I have a feeling it might end up in my son’s dorm room!

  145. Front and center in my kitchen so I wouldn’t even have to open my eyes before I have my first cup of that goodness!

  146. Oh my word! I would definitely use this in my kitchen. Even though it takes up room, everything else would come second to this beauty!

  147. I’d definitely use this at home – just found out I’m pregnant and that means cutting back on caffeine! It would be nice to easily be able to make a cup of decaf for me and high-test for the hubby!

  148. I would love a Keurig 2.0 for my home! I always make too much in my pot and end up wasting coffee everyday. The keurig would make things so convenient. And now I want to try out your mochas…

  149. I would set it up on a pretty bar cart in my dining room to give me more counter space in the kitchen

  150. I would use it in the kitchen and would love all the options for coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

  151. I would set it up on a pretty bar cart in my dining room to give me more counter space in the kitchen!

  152. I definitely would have my Keurig in the kitchen for a quick cup of Joe. I love the idea of using it for my oatmeal too. No more waiting for that water to boil.

  153. LOVE to use it in the kitchen/counter were the coffee fights start. My hubby loves coffee like tar and the rest of the family drinks normal coffee, tea, etc. Would be a HUGE help to the issue.

  154. I would love to have it in our kitchen. We went through two Keurig years ago and had to return them both as the pump stopped working after a month or two. Hopefully, this Keurig 2.0 won’t have the same issues.

  155. I would use my new Keurig 2.0 at home, which is my kitchen, office, and studio all rolled into one! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  156. We would use this in our kitchen!! We could all make exactly what we wanted within a few minutes–awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  157. i would use this in my kitchen, I’m always running around in the morning before work, it would definitely help me get a few e tea minutes!! Love your blog!

  158. I would definitely use this in my office! It would keep me nice and warm when my team member freezes me out with control of the air conditioner!!

  159. I would put this in our kitchen in a heartbeat!! A few years ago my husband bought me a Keurig for Christmas and it still gets a work out ever single morning. But I wish ours had the function to make a small pot of coffee for entertaining and hot water for afternoon tea. Would love to win one and pass mine along to my sister.

  160. I think the idea of using a Keurig at our lake home in Wisconsin would be great. It would allow everyone to have a fresh cup of whatever they want whenever they wake up.

  161. I would use my new Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen at home. I’ve always wanted one so every cup would be fresh.

  162. I would use it in the Kitchen. My grown kids from Alaska were down for Christmas, 3 out of 4 of them have a Keurig coffee maker and were saying I should get one. I’ll cross my fingers. I’m a new reader, enjoy your blog!

  163. I’d use this in my kitchen – when we have people over we end up dumping a lot of coffee because we want to be prepared — this would fix that problem!

  164. The Keurig would make a new home in our kitchen, most def! My hubby and eldest daughter do not drink caffeinated drinks, so the Keurig would be MOST appreciated by them. Of course, I could enjoy a cuppa once home from work at noon. A perfect time to savor a good brew and not feel rushed.

  165. I am the only one in my house who drinks coffee, so I rarely make it to not waste any. This would be the perfect solution!

  166. We’d get a lot of use out this in our kitchen. I can’t function before I’ve had my morning coffee.

  167. I would use it in my kitchen. I make coffee using a manual press, very old fashioned. It would be nice to be able to make a quick cup of coffee, especially before meetings ( I work from home). It would also be nice to be able to make a quick cup of cocoa for my grandson!

  168. I would use this in my kitchen replacing the Tassimo-Keurig has a lot more options and I want one so bad!

  169. I would use in my attic home office. Maybe would make me more productive, no need for the trip two floors down to the kitchen.

  170. This would go in our kitchen in our small condo, which would include our offices, dining area, projects/studio, and well, everything!

  171. I am opening up a new business in 2015 so this would be an awesome addition to my office!

  172. I have an older model Keurig in my kitchen, but would love to replace it with this beauty!

  173. I would use it at home for sure! Sometimes we don’t need to make a whole pot of coffee. This would be perfect!

  174. I would take it to work. I would love to be able to use that at my job and stop buying cups of expensive coffee.

  175. I would use this at home. I am not a frequent coffee drinker do this would be great for the one cup that I occasionally want and perfect for when we had guests over.

  176. I would definitely use the Keurig in my kitchen. I’ve been wanting one for hot chocolate and tea!

  177. I’d use it in my kitchen! I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, so this would be perfect!

  178. I’ve been spoiled having a Keurig at this job and my last one. I keep wanting to get one for the house but never quite seem to pull the trigger. :)

  179. I would use it in the area between my kitchen, dining room, and living room. I have always wanted to setup a drink station for friends, family, and guests. The Keurig seems like a perfect solution to make everyone their drink of choice with minimal space sacrificed, it would definitely be used multiple times per day at our house.

  180. We need a new Keurig in our kitchen as ours is at least 8 years old (but still hanging in there!).

  181. We’re updating our downstairs so it will accommodate longer stays from my parents & my in-laws, so it I would definitely put a Keurig 2.0 in that kitchen. Happy New Year!

  182. Now that it is just my husband and myself, the Keurig would be ideal. Than you for a wonderful, idea-filled blog.

  183. How fantastic! I would use this in my art studio! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  184. i would love a Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen for my hot chocolate addiction. Happy New Year!

  185. I, unfortunately, am the only coffee lover in my home but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my daily cup of caffeine! I would put it to good use in my kitchen whether it’s just for me or for a group of friends.

  186. I bought a Keurig for my work crew several years ago and it just recently died and went to kitchen appliance heaven… We all loved it, but I’ve not had the money to replace it. So I’d say this would most definitely go to the office.

  187. A friend brought her spare Keurig into our school- it’s great to be able to have fresh coffee or tea between classes when I’m rushed for time. FYI- if you go to Keurig.com and join the coffee club you get a great discount on ordering boxes of 24 pods- and if you order more than $40 or 50 you get free shipping- about 13.50 per box versus $16+ in the store, plus great selection of all brands and flavors, a periodic sales. I gave a small version of Keurig to my 92-yr old mom and she loves it! she can have coffee anytime in her room where she lives and nice for me when I visit. And I don’t have to worry about her burning herself with a coffee pot. I have a supply of pods automatically sent to her every 6 weeks so she doesn’t have to worry about restocking pods.

  188. Once my kids go back to college, it would be great for making a cup just for myself! Echoing some other commentators,it would be wonderful in my bedroom when I wake up!!

  189. Hi Kate, love your blog. I have an old one-cup coffee maker i use in my own drink station I set up, however I can no longer find pods for it. Would love a new keurig. Thanks for the opportunity.

  190. I would use this in my kitchen, I drink my coffee VERY weak and this would be so awesome, just one cup at a time, different flavors!

  191. I would love it for the kitchen to make my hot cocoa in the morning because yes I am a kid at heart!

  192. Hi, I would give this to my oldest daughter and she would keep it in her kitchen. She loves her cup of coffee in the morning as does her husband but they get up and leave the house at least 2 hours apart and so the individual cup function would be perfect. I so hope I win for her!

    It is her birthday soon too.


  193. I would love to have one of these in my office. Would make the afternoon pick me ups so easy.

  194. I’m buying my first home & would love to win the Keurig & put it in the kitchen. It would be great for entertaining since everyone likes different flavors

  195. I would use it in my bedroom! It would be perfect for the first cup of the morning and I wouldn’t have to walk all they way to my kitchen!!

  196. I love the idea of having this in my home office!!! You made it look so glamourous in that baker’s rack. Great idea!

  197. We just closed on a new house and I’d use it for the guest room. How perfect for entertaining!

  198. I would use one in my guest bedroom. In our house of 3 little boys, our guests many times have to fend for themselves in the morning for coffee. This would be such a fun treat everyone time someone is staying with us!

  199. I would use this in my kitchen. I’ve been putting off buying a coffee maker forever, and it’s long overdue. This would be amazing!

  200. Since we are currently living with my in-laws and I am NOT a morning person… I LOATHE going to the kitchen for my morning cuppa and seeing people. I need a nice hot cup of tea or coffee straight away before I really wake up. So I’d love to have one in our bedroom! That way, I can be awake and caffeinated before I even open my bedroom door! :)

  201. The Keurig would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen!! A delicious hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate without leaving the house would be awesome!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  202. I would love to have it in the kitchen. My husband would like to have a nice coffee before going to work.

  203. Awesome giveaway! I would definitely use this in my kitchen! It would be great for mornings, afternoons, evenings and entertaining! Thanks!

  204. I would use it in my kitchen and give my smaller Keurig to my DIL for her office (I’m retired). She would love to get my smaller one, I’m sure.

  205. I would love a keurig for my home. I’ve had it at work and it’s awesome. I never have cold or burned coffee from the bottom of the pot anymore.

  206. Definitely in the kitchen. I secretly want to put it behind a locked closet door to hoard all the deliciousness for myself!

  207. We would totally use this in our kitchen! My husband and I are both coffee drinkers and come from coffee drinking families. This would be so nice when we are entertaining!

  208. I’ve been looking at the Keurig for years now..im a fan, especially since the assortments of what you can make is huge and ever growing. This baby would live in my home office. No muss or fuss. I love this idea.

  209. I would definitely use it at home. My coffee maker is on it’s last legs, so I’m going to have to buy a new one soon. It would be great to win this instead!

  210. I would use this in my office/homeschool room. Great way for momma to start her day with her favorite tea and for sweet child to get thru her math with a cup of hot chocolate. We like to make school fun and The Keurig would def help!

  211. I would give to my daughter and don in law they lost theirs snd need with two cute girls!!!

  212. It would go in the kitchen. I’m always making too much or too little coffee. We would all love the Keurig!

  213. Definitely in the kitchen. What an amazing device!! Mmmmm I can smell the coffee already!

  214. My first thought was to keep it in the kitchen, but having it in my home office sounds amazing!

  215. I would love to put this on my buffet in the dining room!! Easy for the kids to reach and handy for my reading chair. Thanks!!

  216. In the kitchen, where our Keurig 1.0 just bit the dust! We’re suffering with an ancient Mr. Coffee over here. It’s like a scene out of Mad Max.

  217. In the kitchen! I love coffee, but my husband loves tea. A Keutig would be perfect for me since we never brew a full pot.

  218. I would use mine in my master bathroom, that way when I’m getting ready in the morning I’ll have hot coffee at my fingertips!!! Genius!

  219. In the kitchen, love the idea of being able to make just one cup or several. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  220. I’d use it in the kitchen, love to be able to brew a cup when I start to lag in the early afternoon! And my grand daughter would love the hot chocolate function :)

  221. I just got a new job and there is no coffee! So it would definitely be put in my office! Thanks!

  222. I would put it in my office. How fun to start the day with my special cup of choice.

  223. probably in my friend’s kitchen since I’d surprise someone with a gift … I’m thinking that would be fun. :-)

  224. The kitchen. But I wouldn’t make coffee; I don’t drink the stuff. Hot chocolate all the way.

  225. I will put in my parents kitchen as a gift! They have been so curious about trying a keurig!

  226. Would love to have one for my Studio/cottage. Your little breakfast/beverage bar is so inviting I might have to make one of my own.

  227. I’d use it in my kitchen for personal use, and for when I have friends or my large extended family over. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  228. I would use the Keurig 2.0 in our kitchen. I love for our family and friends who visit to feel like they are at home. We continuously have them coming to visit since we are near a large city with lots to do and see. The Keurig will offer a variety of options for us and our guests! A beverage station will be a perfect fit for kitchen. Thank you for sharing great ideas!!!

  229. In my kitchen!! I am working on setting up a little coffee station of my own and would love a Keurig upgrade! :)

  230. This would definitely get a place of pride in the kitchen, would really like something like this.

  231. I would use it in my classroom! I work at a low income school with no coffee maker. It would be so nice to make my own in the afternoon and share with the teachers across the hall!

  232. Wow. What a great giveaway. I’ve been eyeing them and considering purchasing one very soon. It’s a tough call as to where I would put it. I think my office. I love to get up in the morning and jump on the computer. It would be pure luxury not to have to go downstairs. Did I say luxury? I meant I would be lazy….

  233. Oh my, it would go in my tiny little , but well used and well loved kitchen. Coffee gooood. :) What a lovely give away!!

  234. It would occupy a place of honor in my office! I would save so much money not buying lattes every day! And it would be so much fun to share with my staff.

  235. Love your breakfast station!
    Yipes. I’d use it in my office. I have a big Cuisinart in the kitchen which is a life saver since my husband and I do not agree on coffee types. He can have his strong as ink coffee a cup at a time all day, and I can load a pod with Oolong tea or that Christmas Spice tea I got for Christmas! And how amazing would it be if I had that tea right by my desk!

  236. Would love to use the new 2.0 in my kitchen! Perfect compromise for my husband that wants to brew a full pot and myself the one cup at a time girl.

  237. I really like the option of a single cup or brewing a pot……some days you need more than one cup! I would have this unit in our kitchen.

  238. We would keep it on the kitchen counter ready to use at anytime.. As a pastors family having people over is part of our lifestyle…would be nice to have hot beverages ready at anytime

  239. Just used a Keurig for the first time yesterday, pup had an emergency visit at the vets. So convenient. I would use in my kitchen but would also love one for my son’s art studio.

  240. It would be in a place of honor in our kitchen, how nice to have the convenience of this beauty over the drip coffee maker we have now.

  241. My son recently lost his wife. One of the few joys he has now, other than their precious 7 year old little girl, is a good cup of coffee. A Keurig in his kitchen would simplify his morning routine and offer him a minute of quiet consolation. He does love his coffee.

  242. I’ve always wanted one as I am a coffee addict!.. Especially when I am sifting through home blogs!.. I would have mine in the kitchen..,

  243. My immediate response is that it would go in my office. I love coffee and have to make multiple trips downstairs in the morning to grab a cup of Java. In saying that, with all of the extras this little guy has, it may end up in the kitchen. Either way, I know several people that have this and they all love it. I am excited for the opportunity to win one of my own.

  244. Definitely would go in our kitchen or maybe my hubby’s office or maybe my craft room? Decisions, decisions, decisions

  245. I would use the Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen. I love my Keurig Vue but with my usual 2-3 cups per morning, It’s becoming uneconomical.

  246. Definitely the kitchen. Love that Keurig has made it possible to brew more than one cup at a time. If you want a consistent tasting cup of coffee with each brew, Keurig is the way to go!

  247. It would go in my bedroom/dressing area, bathroom, which is upstairs from the kitchen. This way, as I prepare to go to work in the mornings, or to go to bed at night, I can enjoy a quiet, relaxing cup of something special!

  248. I would give it as a gift. My best friend just discovered her like of coffee! Or i would keep the new one and give her mine.

  249. i would use it in my kitchen. I already have a Keurig, but it is now going on 5 plus years and starting to show its age. Sometimes it just does not have its get and up and go in the morning anymore and we have to lovingly talk it into working. We love our and use it for everything, we even use it for just regular tea bags and hot chocolate mix, no need for the pods!

  250. I would definitely use it in the kitchen…..would benefit by not having to use TWO coffee makers every morning. My husband drinks regular and I drink 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf…..wouldn’t a Keurig make it much simpler??!!

  251. At the office! I work in a school and I would share this gem with the other teachers on my hall. Think how many students would benefit from happy teachers who have hot delicious coffee, mocha, tea and more at their fingertips! Our new Keurig would be often used and well loved.

  252. It would go in the new beverage station I would set up in my kitchen. Would love to win the Keurig.

  253. I would so love to see the Keurig 2.0 waiting for me in my kitchen each morning and then being my assistant for the rest of the day! mmmmmmm!!

  254. Well, I definitely would use this in my kitchen….we live in Florida about 20 minutes from the beach…golf courses nearby…you guessed it…lots of company…the Keurig would be a great “guest convenience appliance”…. Would love to win one of these.

  255. I’d set up a station in my bedroom so I could get a cup of coffee or tea without having to go downstairs and make a whole pot or wait for the tea kettle.

  256. Oooh, nice! I’d love to have this in my home office. And I admit – I’d use it mostly for the oatmeal, hot chocolate and tea :-)

  257. I wouldn’t let that pretty little thing out of the kitchen! Quick hot chocolate would be so welcome on these cold Hoosier nights.

  258. We would definitely love having a Keurig at our office. It would be nice to have good coffee in the morning!

  259. I would most definitely use it in my office. If I let it home, it would collect dust. Warm cup of Joe in the morning in the office, or Hot cocoa or Oatmeal….NOMS!

  260. It would definitely go in my kitchen! Hubs and I both love our morning coffee, but have had to cut Starbucks out of our budget. “Regular” coffee just isn’t the same after you’ve lived off the other stuff for a couple years! Yes…Keurig would definitely go in my kitchen!

  261. When my father in-law visited over the holidays he used our Keurig and commented how he was thinking of getting one, but on his limited budget, couldn’t. I wish I had known that because we would have gifted him one. This would be a nice gift for him. Happy NY.

  262. My husband wants a verismo… I have been voting for a Keurig for our kitchen and would love this!! Thanks for the post.

  263. Oh most definitely in the kitchen as it would be half way between my office and my sewing room !
    Thanks for the chance to win !

  264. I didn’t realize that it could brew hot chocolate – which I love! So since I’m the only non-coffee drinker at work, I would have it in my office! Thanks very much for this post. Glad you’re having a wonderful holiday!

  265. I would use it in my kitchen…everyday! I have one of the original Keurig models and would love to upgrade to this beauty! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  266. In my kitchen! That way the Hubs and I can have our own variety of coffee fresh and hot every morning.

  267. Def in the kitchen! I have an older model and would love to upgrade. Then I could give the older one to my son for college! Thanks for the chance to win. xo

  268. Would definitely use in the kitchen! Love the new carafe and hot water feature! Thanks for the opportunity!

  269. Have been yearning for a Keurig in my kitchen! While I am not a coffee drinker, I love it for the tea, cider, and hot chocolate!

  270. In my kitchen for sure! The kitchen in the heart of our home and the kids and guest always gravitate to our kitchen. A Keurig would be perfect!

  271. We are remodeling our kitchen and are actually using the one I had in a guest apartment above our garage. So convenient. I would love a second Keurig to use in our new kitchen when I have to return the other to our guest quarters. Great giveaway.

  272. I have a special place in mind for the Keurig when we finally remodel our 1970’s kitchen!

  273. I would place it in my newly converted stables studio, so my students could warm up with some gourmet coffee.

  274. Definitely in the kitchen. There is only my husband and me, and he doesn’t drink coffee. I usually end up reheating the coffee each day until its gone (not the best in flavor) because I hate to waste it. The Keurig would be perfect for me! Fresh coffee each time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  275. We have a Keurig Vue in our city condo, but would love to have a Keurig in our mountain home. It is a great mix of convenience and luxury.

  276. At the cabin! It would be perfect for an early morning cuppa joe or a late night cup of tea or hot chocolate!

  277. Studio! I was just talking about this last night…how my space would be complete if I had one of these!

  278. My kitchen seems like the obvious answer, but what a luxury it would be to have in my office space!

  279. I’d use the new one in my kitchen and send the old one with my husband to his office. He’s always complaining about not having coffee at the office!

  280. It would go in our kitchen and dining area. We all love different things and making a pot for 1 is not really convenient. This would be a real delight! Thanks for giving us the chance.

  281. I would use the Keurig 2.0 in my kitchen. Everyone in my family likes different drinks so this would be perfect to make coffee, hot chocolate, and tea within minutes.

  282. Would love a Keurig in my kitchen. We like to entertain a lot, o it would be wonderful for our guests to enjoy as well!

  283. Is it weird that I would keep it in the car to use everywhere? My daughter is in elementary, and also plays lots of sports. I can already feel the excitement from the other parents when this baby comes out with a basket of flavors to choose from! Freezing football practice might not be my least favorite thing anymore!

  284. My aunt has one and while remodeling her entire kitchen it ended up in her bedroom. She raves about this location! Roll over and press start!

  285. I would simply love a new Keurig in our kitchen ! And we have the perfect place. My husband enjoys coffee first thing in the morning and I enjoy hot tea or hot chocolate on these cold winter days. Thanks and Happy New Year to your and your family!

  286. I would definitely use the Keurig at home… my husband received one last Christmas & took it to work. He’s about to leave that job & decided he’d gift it to his co-workers since they use it so much… great guy, but that means he needs a replacement!

  287. I like it for a perfect cup around 3 p.m. I also like to reduce waste by using a filter accessory and my own blend.

  288. Would love to have this in my office. Our old model is still making great cups at home.

  289. Hi Kate. Happy New Year! i would absolutely use a Keurig at home. So many yummy beverages from which to choose love your site

  290. I would definitely use it daily at home myself, when our son is home from college, and when friends are visiting!

  291. I would use it in my kitchen for sure. I have an older model I could then take to school and keep for my mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

  292. My husband works from home and I work from home frequently myself. This would be wonderful for a quick coffee break at any time.

  293. I would love a keurig in my kitchen as I do not already own one. There is one at work that I love just have not purchased one for myself.

  294. I just bought the Keurig 2.0 for my daughter and son-in-law for Christmas! If I had purchased one for myself, it would definitely go in my kitchen, front and center, where I relish time in the morning to savor a hot cup of heavenly coffee. That a way to start the day! Happy New Year!

  295. I would love it for my kitchen! We have an older Keurig but I would like one with a carafe! When we have company over I break out my old coffee pot because it brews more at once. This would be great for quick oatmeal!

  296. My husband has been trying to talk me into a Keurig for ages. He never could but you just did! I didn’t know it was so versatile and the carafe completes the picture for me.
    What was I thinking? It would be perfect for the two of us and occasional houseguests. Fingers crossed!

  297. I am turning our game room into my studio in the new year and that is where I will put it…So nice to be able to make coffee and tea in the studio to keep me going…

  298. I love my French press at home but I would definitely use the Keurig 2.0 at work. It would be perfect!

  299. It would go in my office! Now that I’ve just retrofitted a lovely old pine TV armoire to hold all my computer equipment plus both printers with neatly tucked cables and storage behind closed doors, my monitor and phones are lonely on one side of my long desk – the Keurig would be quite welcome and happy on the other side. Reading great blogs and surfing the internet and even rapping keys is so much more pleasurable with a hot cup of coffee.

  300. I would LOVE the carafe option! I would take my older Keurig to work because the coffee there is horrible!!!! And I’d leave this beauty at home in it’s place.

  301. I would use it in my kitchen. I entertain ALOT! and my beverage area is overwhelmed with options for folks, this would simplify!

  302. In my kitchen!! My husband leaves coffee grounds all over the counter and floor EVERY time he makes coffee!!

  303. My husband and I would use it every morning in our kitchen and take it with us while we are on the road for his job. We are coffee fanatics. After a neighbor chided us for still having a drip coffee machine a few months back she suggested a Keurig (she owns one) she then proceeded to go home and come back with 2 cups of coffee she had made. We loved it!

  304. I LOVE my Keurig and my daughter would love to have one but, she is on a tight budget right now so, if I win I will be sending it to my daughter. Thanks for giving me the chance to do so.

  305. The Keurig would go on my kitchen counter. Where I volunteer, they have one and the coffee sure is good! I can hardly wait to try all of the great choices of coffee and other beverages.

  306. Would love a Keurig… would make life so much simpler for my early mornings. I get up at 4:50 a.m. to be at work by 6:30 a.m. and would be so nice to have the Keurig to make my coffee and so much more on those days!

  307. I would use this in my kitchen. My family would love it! I like all things hot and love the carafe option. I did not know that was even available until I read your post.

  308. I loooooove my Keurig!! I received it as a Christmas gift from my in-laws and it was the best gift ever. I have used that thing every single day since! But because of that, mine has seen better days and just last night I was telling my husband it may be time to get a new one. So, if I received a new one that baby would definitely be in my kitchen!

  309. update the old one I have in the kitchen. Love mine, but doesn’t have the pot option. I use the refillable baskets with bagged coffee. Much cheaper and still so convenient and fresh each cup.

  310. I would use the Keurig in my craft room, it’s on the second floor and I could have coffee, tea, hot choc. or hot water and lemon anytime without coming downstairs. When into crafts or sewing it wouldn’t interrupt my creative juices.

  311. I have an older single serve Keurig and love it! A Keurig 2.0 would be great so I can also take advantage of the carafe feature. It would live on my kitchen counter.

  312. I would use my Keurig in my kitchen. Right now I use coffee maker, tea kettle and a pot for my drinks. Would be nice to have only one machine to do it all.

  313. OOO! I would use it in our basement bar area, so we’d have a hot drink station (and I guess the ice tea options that come with Keurig, too!) while we watch football games!

  314. My office just got one recently and I’m addicted! I would absolutely love to have one in my own home to use anytime I want!

  315. As I look out my window at snow and frigid temps, here in MN, I would love the Keurig for warming up on these days. I would use it in my kitchen to make coffee for me and hot cocoa for my kiddos after they get done sledding! Love your blog!!!

  316. I would use it on my bedroom dresser as a coffee/hot chocolate and tea station! Then maybe my husband and I would wake up at the same time. ( I’m not so great at being a morning person) I also am frequently cold at night and love a hot tea before bed. Happy New Years and thank you for this giveaway!

  317. I would use it in our kitchen. We are in the process of doing a small remodel job, and will be making an entertaining/beverage area (both spirits and coffee/tea), so it would be wonderful to have a new brewing system to use.

  318. I love the Keurig. I have one at home, I would use this one at our vacation home in Vermont. It would be perfect as we have lots of visitors and everyone likes to get up and going at different times!

  319. I would use it in my kitchen because I am the only one that drinks coffee. I have never had one so this would be great!

  320. I think the Keurig would be great in the nursery. As we await arrival of baby #2, I can imagine some necessary hot beverage moments as we hang out with our new baby in the nursery!

  321. This would go in my office. We have a Keurig in our kitchen and we use it all of the time. I like the idea of being able to serve a hot beverage to people when they come into my office, especially when it is cold outside.

  322. I would use it in my kitchen. I mostly drink tea, but like the occasional coffee and it would be wonderful to use the Keurig 2.0 for a single cup without having to brew a pot.

  323. Good Morning! Absolutely….in my ‘crafts room’….where I love to be enjoying my favorite beverage….coffee!! Many thanks, cheers and Happy New Year! Valerie :)

  324. Oh how I would love to have a Keurig! I would put it in my kitchen.
    Happy New Year and all the Best for 2015.

  325. In my kitchen! My husband and I own our own meat market, which requires early mornings! The Keurig would be our new “business partner” :)

  326. I would use it every day at home but I might very well pack it to work with me every day too!!!

  327. I have an older version of the Keurig and love it. Since buying it, we no longer stop for our morning coffee on our way back from our walk but instead come home, put in our fav k-cup and sit back and enjoy. The bonus is we are saving at least $6. a day. That adds up over a week, month, year. The new Keurig is great for company and I do host many groups. It would stand proud on my countertop in my kitchen.

    Happy New Year!

  328. I would move my current one to my upstairs master suite for myself and guests and the new one would be used in the kitchen!

  329. In the kitchen! Coffee, hot chocolate, oatmeal, so many possibilities!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  330. The Kitchen! I’ve wanted a Keurig for quite a while but just haven’t splurged on one yet. Winning one would be so exciting! Fingers crossed!

  331. Yippeee! This Keurig 2.0 would complete the oasis we have created in our basement! No more running from the basement to the kitchen for coffee, tea or hot cocoa!

  332. I would use a Keurig at my office. I would be the office hero if I brought in a coffee machine for everyone to use. Our cafeteria’s coffee is expensive but to make up for it the taste is both bitter and weak.

  333. I would use a Keurig in our kitchen at home! We have a regular coffee pot, so it would be awesome to be able to make single serve drinks, as well as a full pot of coffee!

  334. Yes, I woiuld love the Keurig 2.0. My daughter-in-law has one and loves it. I would use it in the kitchen.

  335. Would love one for our house! We are in want of a new coffee maker, and have been dreaming of a keurig. Thanks for the chance to win.

  336. I would redo my coffee station in my kitchen! Is it possible for an appliance to kick- off a kitchen refresh?

  337. What a timely post for me! Our coffee maker just died and I have been researching single cup makers! I would love to win one for our kitchen! Thanks.

  338. I’d definitely keep it at home! My husband and I love to sip coffee on the back porch. He’s a plain cream and sugar kind of guy but I like to experiment with flavors. I love the variety you have with a Keurig! Thanks for sharing!!

  339. Since I’m the only one in my family that drinks coffee a single serve Kuerig would be great at home in the mornings! And we host a lot of dinners so the carafe is perfect too!

  340. I would use it in my kitchen. Our guest all seem to want something different. Some want dark roast, others want decaf. All of our Granchildren love hot chocolate. This would be a nice and easy way to give everyone their favorite drink.

  341. We would use it in our kitchen because our current coffee maker is on its last leg. This would be an awesome replacement!!

  342. I would definitely use it in our kitchen. Our washing machine and coffee machine broke the same day. We bought a washer and are still using the stove coffee pot trying to decide what kind of coffee machine to get.

  343. My husband just got one for his shop and I’m jealous! I would definitely use one in my (dream) art studio!

  344. This would be so much fun to have in the kitchen. My kids would love the hot chocolate and making oatmeal a much easier task. This would be awesome to win!

  345. I’ve never tried a Keurig, but have been wanting to have one for AGES. Living alone, I hate wasting an entire pot of coffee, this would be perfect for a coffee addict like myself!! crossing fingers!!

  346. I LOVE this- love that you can make 1 cup or a pot with the carafe– too cool! would definitely replace my old coffee pot in my kitchen with this one :)

  347. I love Keurig products and would love to have the 2.0 for my brand new kitchen! Moving into a new home that my husband and I are building at the end of January, and this would be a great addition to our new chef’s kitchen! Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  348. I would use it at home. We’ve always wanted one. it would be great for the tea, cocoa, and coffee drinkers to easily get what they want each day! Thank you!

  349. I’ve heard wonderful things about the taste of this coffee! I don’t have one, but I would put it in my vacation rental cottage for my guests; I can’t think of a fancier way to make their stay luxe. Thank you ever so much for this opportunity! Thank you.

  350. Happy New Year, Kate! I would use the Keurig in my office – and I have the perfect spot for it. Please share what books you read on holiday as I am always looking for a good book(s)!


  351. I would definitely use the Keurig in my home. I have lots of counter space just waiting for a Keurig.

  352. Everyone I know who has a Keurig, LOVES it. I would keep mine in the kitchen, so I could grab some milk out of the refrigerator as soon as the coffee’s ready! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  353. I loved Star Trek the Next Generation! A new Keurig would be awesome in our kitchen – our old coffee maker has seen better days and we’ve been trying to decide what to replace it with. My husband is a coffee drinker, but I’m more of a tea or cocoa girl. Thanks for such a great giveaway and also for sharing your creativity all year long! Happy New Year!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  354. I am inspired to use some of my counter space as a coffee bar! The Keurig would be a wonderful asset to this project. We have many drop-ins, with 5 children and 5 grandchildren…..so the variety would be helpful!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  355. You ought to look into the re-usable filter cups for your Keurig. You can fill these with your own coffee which can cut down on the cost of the K-cups. We love our Keurig. I would love to have a newer model so I could take my old one to my office and use the new one at the house. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  356. In the master bathroom!! LOL! I’m not a morning person and always in a hurry in the a.m. and it seems to be TOO MUCH to walk all the way downstairs to the Jura Capresso in the kitchen!

  357. I have been considering one of these Keuring brewers. I would use this in my kitchen and love that it will brew an individual cup or an entire pot. Happy 2015, Kate!

  358. I have a small slice of counter that doesn’t see much use. I’d turn it into a beverage station like you did….that is so cool!

  359. This would be a gift for my husband’s office. He just mixes the grounds in his cup now as he thinkgs making a pot is to much work to clean!

  360. I would use it on a pretty tray in my kitchen and then take it down to my in -home salon for all of my clients to enjoy during the day!

  361. I’m a tea drinker and always feel guilty serving instant for my coffee drinking guests – they would love this option and for the kids – hot choc – divine!

  362. You had me at Keurig!!! The Hot Cocoa option is pretty awesome. Would love to have it :)

  363. I would love to have a Keurig for my kitchen. My husband always makes me a cup of coffee in the morning, but leaves a little mess when doing so. (But how can I complain) A Kuerig would sure make things allot neater, and when we have friends over we would use the carafe.

  364. I would bring it to work and share it with my darling co-workers! (The ones who are not darling don’t drink coffee. Go figure!) ;)

  365. We have had a Keurig coffee for several years now but it isn’t working so well now. But it has served us well and I think it is time to replace it. The model we have just makes one cup at a time, so it would be nice to have one where I can make more cups if I want. It would be fantastic if I could win this one!!!!!

  366. I would put it in my kitchen! I love coffee but my husband drinks tea so we never brew a full pot. A Keurig would be perfect.

  367. In my kitchen. I am the only one drinking coffee in my house so this would be perfect!

  368. If I won the Keurig, it would definitely go in our kitchen. The kitchen is where all of the traffic is. I can see many smiles when the Keurig offers family and friends their drink of choice. Thank you for this opportunity!

  369. I would use it in my dining area, only feet away from the kitchen but closer to the couch and tv :)

  370. I would use it in my kitchen! We have an older version but it’s several years old and I’m afraid it’s on the way out.

  371. I will use it in my kitchen. I have the original single serve that I bought from QVC 6 years ago. It still works great, but wouldn’t mind an upgrade.

  372. Im a tea drinker all the way and have really wanted to try one of these! I would use it at home in lieu of microwaving my water for tea- which is soooo boring!

  373. I would definitely use it in the kitchen. We’ve had one for years but I like the new fetures.

  374. I would love to have a Keurig in my kitchen. This would save so much time in the morning!

  375. I would use this in the office. When I brew a pot of coffee I tend to drink it all. I like the idea of offering clients a fresh, hot drink as well.

  376. Have a recycled beverage cart in corner of my dining room that would be perfect for a coffee/ tea/ cocoa cart

  377. I would use it in our new house we are buying! Possibly enjoy it in the office until then! great post and giveaway!

  378. I would use it in the kitchen every day!! Do you remember where you got the glass mugs in the second to the last picture? Love those :-)

  379. Since the Keurig is so “Neat”, I would use it indoors AND outdoors!
    In the Winter – be it garage while swapping and storing the Christmas décor with friends, or the dining room while entertaining.
    In the Spring and early Autumn, while enjoying our first and last sunny days with breakfast or an evening dessert on the lanai.
    It goes without saying in the kitchen, yes, and even the laundry room.
    But I think we need one in the Master and Guest rooms for those early mornings when the kitchen is just too far without caffeine first.;)

  380. I would love to use it in my kitchen. This mama of Three has such a hard time getting up in the morning and moving. This would truly be a dream come true.

  381. I would put a new Keurig in my small kitchen. I’ve never owned one before. I love warm herbal teas and hot chocolate and it would be a welcome addition to my small space living.

  382. I love my Keurig!! We got a second Keurig, the Rivo, last week – my husband loves making lattes several times a day! We’re thinking about getting my gramma a Keurig, so if I won, I’d give it to her :)

  383. I would love to put one in my kitchen so both me and my kiddos could use it for coffee, hot chocolate or oatmeal!

    Happy Holidays.