Gift Ideas from Etsy

By Kate Riley November 25, 2014

This week there are competing ideas swirling around in our heads: gift giving and turkey dinner making! I love the handmade quality of gifts from Etsy, they’re more unique than big brand items which add that extra special touch.

It’s a few days until “small business Saturday” but don’t let it stop you from shopping small business now! Here’s a look at some of my favorite gift ideas from Etsy.

drop wedding veil

mr & mrs glasses / personalized cutting board / wedding veil for her / etched ice bucket / ice cream spoons

  etsy gifts for him

monogrammed leather shaving kit / natural beard balm / iphone speaker made from reclaimed skateboard / man cave personalized bottle cap catcher / spatula bottle opener combo / personalized multi tool pocket knife

  Bridesmaid Dresses,Wedding Dresses,Flower Girl Dresses|LuckyBridesmaids

geode necklace / 2015 spotted day planner / monogram necklace /cheap bridesmaid dresses / cuff bracelet / scarf hanger

   Find more lovely gift ideas in my 75+ Favorite Shops, many I’ve featured before!

P.S. Is anyone else shocked at how big box stores have completely taken over Thanksgiving? I saw Kmart is opening is doors at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving and so many others on Thanksgiving afternoon. Ugh! Makes me crazy…


  1. Thank you so much for this! An etched ice bucket is exactly what I was looking to get my sister and brother in law! Now I don’t have to search for it!!! Might have to get that scarf hanger for someone else I know too!

  2. Cool gift ideas! I too am appalled at all the “sales” on Thanksgiving day. Can we at least have the holiday first? I refuse to shop anywhere that day!

  3. Love these ideas!
    Completely agree with the taking over Thanksgiving PROBLEMO. It seriously disgusts me also. It used to be fun to look forward to “black Friday sales” and now I am getting all these fliers that say “black Friday on Thursday”. Their employees dont even get a holiday for pete’s sake and they have completely destroyed all of the hype IMO. I wont be supporting a single one of them.

  4. Please do not support business that are open on Thanksgiving day. My mom works in retail and is working 10 am-midnight. No thanksgiving day for her! It’s horrible that these business are destroying a wonderful family holiday.

  5. Kate… Support “Black Thursday Boycott” and refuse to shop on Thanksgiving. The boycott is becoming a nationwide movement, and will hopefully gain enough support that stores won’t open on Thanksgiving! Wish they were all like Costco and paid their employees a decent wage AND always closed on holidays.

  6. I agree with you concerning the big box stores, however, it’s also supply and demand. If everybody felt like us, they wouldn’t be doing it. I love that the boycott move is out there and continuing to grow. I for one have supported it from the beginning but then I usually don’t go out even on black Friday because the commercialism is ridiculous. I’ve taken advantage of the sales only twice, and it was on the computer from the comfort/safety from my home. Actually it wasn’t even for Christmas gifts. It’s not about the gifts people. So sorry to hear that Angela n, that is ridiculous. I don’t even like to go to the movies on Christmas. I’ve done it twice because the people I was spending Christmas with….well that’s what they did. I felt so guilty for the employees and couldn’t even enjoy it. No more. Have a blessed, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I don’t know much about stores opening on TDay and if it is right or not. I do know there has been low unemployment in this country and some people need the money around this time of year. If I didn’t have a full time job I would take the work. However, I am tempted to go to a store in the evening and directly ask a sampling of employees how they personally feel. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I am disgusted with the stores opening so early on Thanksgiving! My BFF and I have always made a really fun tradition shopping together on Black Friday and I feel like it is being ruined. I am not giving up Thanksgiving dinner with my family to get a deal on a tv or something else as insignificant, and I am disgusted that stores are asking their employees to do that. I am glad to hear others aren’t liking it either!


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