Decorative Rattan Roundup

By Kate Riley August 27, 2014

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of decorative rattan chairs at an antique shop, I snagged the pair for $60 from the Charleston Antique Market in Las Vegas. I fell in love with them from across the room and consider them a total score since they’re in perfect condition and thankfully have no funny smell or cigarette smoke odor.  

I’m not sure where I’ll use them, right now they’re sitting in the corner but I will eventually stitch up cushions in a rad fabric and let them be awesome wherever they land in the house, either the sunroom or living room, who knows.  

vintage rattan chairs

Rattan is a natural material and a species of palm, its strands can be woven tightly into patterns and its thicker stems sculpted into shapes. Rattan accepts paints and stain making it ideal for furniture making. Rattan is having its own little moment in the design world right now with leisure pieces popping up at home furnishing retailers and with the comeback of the peacock chair.

rattan peacock chair

Decorative rattan furniture is also showing up in magazine spreads and on flash sale sites. Decorative rattan can look kitschy if used excessively in a space but it does possess a retro tropical vibe. When paired with modern furnishings, stained or natural decorative rattan acts as a chic textural accent.

rattan chair lonny


rattan chairs house beautiful

lonny / house beautiful

Woven rattan is readily available everywhere, we see it used frequently for baskets or mass produced outdoor furniture. Decorative rattan is the sassy bohemian sister of our beloved authentic or faux bamboo. I’m drawn to these openwork rattan pieces where the wider canes are shaped into Chippendale motifs or interesting geometric patterns.  

emerald nightstand

one kings lane

David Francis Furniture is a source for high end residential and hospitality pieces in this style, I am crushing hard on so many of the painted and dark stained pieces in the brand’s collection. I do see them pop up often on One Kings Lane and sometimes on Joss & Main. Many retail at Carolina Rustica and Home and Patio Decor. I’m completely smitten with this white headboard but it’s just not in my budget right now. *sigh*

david francis rattan furniture

emerald etagere / tiffany headboard / seaglass chair / chippendale bar stool / sunshine bookshelf / koi chair

Dining or accent chairs are wonderful way to introduce this natural material with an island vibe into your home.

white rattan chairs bhg


black ikea rattan chair


rattan chair serena and lily

better homes and gardens / ikea share space / serena & lily


More decorative rattan pieces from splurge worthy to budget friendly:

decorative rattan furniture

axteca chair / butler tray / koi chair / paxton blue chair / swinging chair / murphy side chair / regeant nugmeg chair / kiwi headboard / storsel chair / darlington chairs, pair / bar cart / bermuda chairs, pair 


What are your thoughts on decorative rattan furniture? Are you loving any of these pieces or is the style not your taste? .



  1. I have been in love with rattan and wicker since the early 1970’s. As a teenager my bedroom was painted a very pale yellow and I had orange wicker furniture.

  2. For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked rattan and wicker furniture. In the late 70’s, I had a really unusual rattan side chair. I wish I still had it; I don’t remember how, why or when I got rid of it! I have several pieces now, mostly chairs, but also small tables, that I’ve picked up at resale shops or eBay.

  3. I love Ratan and these pictures show it in its best light. I always get confused between the words rattan wicker and bamboo.

  4. Those rattan chairs are an amazing find AND only $60?!?! I’m so jealous!! I’ve been scouring my thrift and consignment stores for months now and have yet to find a good deal. Way to go!!

  5. I love rattan as accent pieces. The seaglass chair in your first set of photos is gorgeous! When I clicked on the link, I saw the price was $1, 075.88. Um no — just no. Consignment stores and Criagslist are the way to go.

  6. I love rattan and wicker and bamboo and always have, and I’ve had great pieces I’ve given away too. Think those of who did the give-away succumbed to the decorating police dictum that it was time to grow up and get serious about style. How unfortunate! It has its own style which is tropical but that can be beachy tropical or more British Colonial tropical or variations, all of which are great. I think a single great piece can work just about anywhere. In fact, I’m sitting in a very graceful rattan outdoor chair from Pier 1 that works better at my desk than my regular office chair. Love every one of the pics above and especially love the pieces paired with the mostly light floors, yours included, Kate. so light and fresh and very inviting. A great post for my inspiration folder!

  7. Very topical post for me. I have been bamboo, rattan and wicker obsessed recently, to the point of checking kijiji for anything under those headings daily! One of my clients is the same and as a gift for her continued business I found her a pair of vintage rattan shelves that we painted white and will use in her new office alongside a very clean lined linear desk. Rattan makes a lighthearted statement in a traditional space and softens a modern one. I’m a huge fan!

  8. I love these looks! Always been a fan of rattan/bamboo/wicker and love the tropical vibe it can bring. I’m especially dying for those white dining room chairs, they are perfect! Your chairs are lovely and what a bargain! Also, Pottery Barn has a really similar headboard to the one you linked to at a decent price. I’ve been eyeing it, but haven’t bit the bullet because we may be upgrading from a queen to a king still (if my husband has his way!). Check it out…

  9. I love that black rattan chair from Ikea but I just cannot get my husband on board. Sigh.

  10. I have a living room suite of couch, love seat, chair, and ottoman from the early ’80s. It’s still our primary seating but it looks AWFUL! My husband votes to get rid of it but I vote to freshen it up and keep it.

  11. Wow, Kate, you got a steal!!! Great job! :-) I love rattan chairs, to me they read elegant but relaxed which is the feel I’m always striving for when decorating my home. I think rattan chairs always look most at home positioned by a window for some reason. Congrats on your awesome find!:-)

  12. I love the bright colors on rattan, and the black is stunning.. I don’t usually go for the tropical theme, but seeing how versatile rattan can be, I think I could live with some of these pieces!

  13. I’m amazed that everything I’ve loved since the beginning of time is back in style again (rattan, brass, gray). Maybe I should hurry and do a photo shoot of my house before it’s outdated again! : )

  14. It’s something you posted this.. I, too, have developed a liking to rattan. I have bee coming across some extremely great deals..

  15. rattan furnitures are common in my place here in the Philippines and i wasn’t very keen on them until I got older and saw them as accent pieces in magazines. Thanks for posting this!

  16. I can not say I have ever been on team rattan, but I have to say these new lines and colors are lovely. The green side table and the red chair with fish scale motif I love!

  17. Just yesterday I found a rattan chair at a garage sale that was in excellent condition. Too bad the owner was sentimentally attached to it and couldn’t actually name a price :( I did get a wonderful vintage solid wood dresser with mirror for $50 from her though, so all was not lost! I love the look and because of this post, I can see that I can head to Ikea to get myself a rattan chair!

  18. Rattan isn’t my style and wouldn’t look good in my home, but I think the chairs you scored look perfect in the Vegas house! They have a great casual, warm-weather vibe and are definitely at home next to the palm.

  19. I have a 6 piece set of rattan furniture which we use outdoors. The sun has caused the finish to fade – would you recommend staining and re-varnishing or painting?

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