Hammock Time

By Kate Riley June 11, 2014

Something about the approaching Father’s Day holiday made me think of hammocks. They are the symbol of ultimate relaxation, it’s no wonder destination resorts incorporate them in their outdoor spaces. We have no mature tall trees conveniently planted twelve feet apart to anchor one in our yard nor an arbor, but of course there are stands you can buy or alternative options for suspension.

swinging hammock alexandra angle

alexandra angle

Many years ago, we rented a house for the summer to live in temporarily while we were expanding/remodeling our home and my daughter was three at the time. Every day when I put her baby brother down for his nap, we’d go and lay down on that hammock, reading her favorite books, sometimes drifting off to sleep ourselves for an afternoon snooze. They’re designed for that, once you’re in, you’re in – you’re required to stay awhile and give in to the temptation to drift off to sleep. To this day my favorite picture of us together was a selfie taken with a tiny point and shoot camera in that hammock.

summer hammock

source unknown

I have the fondest memories of the hammock from that summer and got to thinking I’d love to recreate new ones by buying one for our own yard. Here are few favorites I spied around the web in case you’re on the hunt for one to suspend indoors or out!

summer stripe hammock

summer stripe

orange striped hammock

maria hammock on Etsy

        farmhouse ballard hammock


canyon fringe hammock

canyon fringe

island bay

island bay

mayan crochet

mayan crochet

stripe hammock

garden stripe

Who among you has a hammock in your yard? Do you use it often? Do you take it camping with you? Does it make a good gift? What’s your fondest hammock memory? And who just wants to take a nap right now? :)



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  2. We don’t have a hammock in our yard but my husband brought one back from Venezuela years ago and we pull out the chinchorro everytime we go camping. It’s hand woven and beautiful.

  3. We have a hammock in our backyard, although we don’t really use it that much.
    In NYC, hammock weather would be from late spring to early fall, however, during the summer there are just too many mosquitoes to just fall asleep outside.

    AND yes, I do want to take a nap RIGHT now, part of the reason i am not using the hammock as often is because I am at work all day!

    can’t way to see what you’ll do :)

  4. Oh my lord, I LOVE hammocks!! I’ve been meaning to buy one for the past few years, but either we’re cash-poor or by the time I finally decide on one they’re out of stock. Here’s hoping I can get on the bandwagon a bit sooner this year. ;)

  5. We had a hammock when I was a kid, and I loved curling up in it with a book. I have been thinking about putting one in my backyard. I love the farmhouse one you shared! So comfy!

  6. I will take the farmhouse one :)

    I dont have a Hammock as I am not rich enough yet and I dont think the ones the kids make thereself qualifies. :)

  7. Oh my gosh! I want the farmhouse hammock today. Hubby and I were just talking about the
    best place for a couple hammocks this past weekend.

  8. I made a hammock last summer from some striped tab top curtains that my daughter declared were too “little girl” for her. I just sewed the two panels together with right sides out and the tabs on opposite ends. I looped nylon rope through each tab and hooked all the loops onto a heavy duty caribiner at each end. Then I made proper hammock straps from nylon webbing to go around the trees. It’s a little short for tall adults, but every kid who comes over loves it. My daughters like to lay in the hammock and read and I like to take a break from gardening and pet the cat.

    • Fantastic Krista ! What a great DIY project ! I’d love to see pics if you’ve written about it or photographed, do share…

  9. Great piece! Hammocks scream summer to me and we are fellow hammock lovers! I always had one growing up and about 10 years ago I dragged my husband to a yard sale where we found one NIB. It is a double size and I love going in with the kids. They like to use it as a swing. :).

  10. I love my hammock. It has a stand and goes camping with us or hangs out in the yard. I don’t spend enough time in it as I always feel that I should be working on something. I enjoy a good book and nap in it, also I used to watch the hummingbirds at this one camp site we used. They were so beautiful.

  11. I love hammock time! We have always had one. We used to have woods behind our house – so plenty of mature trees to use, but now there’s a neighborhood there :( so we have it hooked between one tree and a post that we sunk in the ground. We also planted a tree nearby the post to use when it gets a little bigger! (It’s a priority around here!)My husband’s and my favorite thing to do on a nice day is – hammock time!

  12. We love our hammock and have had one for years (we don’t have trees, but bought a stand for ours). We are about to need a new one since our rope one has been repaired multiple times and probably can’t be repaired again. Or, we get creative and restring this one.

  13. OMG I was JUST on Esty last night looking at the gorgeous handcrafted Nicaraguan hammocks from MariasHammocks! How funny! I LOOOVE the hot pink one and am planning to purchase it soon after we close on our new house. We are finally going to have an expansive exterior space with large mature trees so a hammock is high priority! Thanks so much for sharing all these other sources:)

  14. We have a hammock that I bought my husband for Christmas and keep it on our screened porch attached via vertical posts. It is a big hit with our kids and their friends when they come over! As well my husband and I like to lay and talk together at the end of the day. The one thing I would change however is that it is a hammock with a spreader bar (great quality, from LL Bean). I researched hammocks after I bought it and the spreader bar makes it very tippy. Without the spreader bars you just climb in and don’t have to worry about spilling out.

  15. Eek! This reminds me I have 3 men in my life I have to get gifts for! I got my dad a hammock last year with a stand and he LOVES it. It would be ideal to not use a stand, but like you said- who has two mature trees just the perfect distance from one another :)

  16. We have a hammock and both of my girls have used it and so has my husband, but I have never even tried it! This post makes me want to get it out and start to use it. (we attach it between two trees)

  17. Last summer we sold the house that we raised our children in (didn’t need or want the space any more). It had a wonderful Pawley’s Island rope hammock between two trees in the yard. It was a great spot to take a break while I was working in the yard, or to relax and read a book. When we put the house on the market the buyers requested the hammock be included in the sale! I hope they are enjoying it :).

  18. My husband got me a double-wide hammock as an anniversary gift last year. It has a spreader bar, so I am wondering whether it will throw its occupants, but my first challenge is getting it hung. Like you, we have no trees the proper distance apart. We do have a clothes line installed by the previous owners that we have been talking about repurposing (4x4s set in concrete), and I am planning to turn it into a trellis this weekend – already got the sweet pea vine seeds (I know, it’s very late to plant them) and a climbing hydrangea. And I plan to buy one of those overhead mosquito net things to provide shade – I’m hoping it will even look nice :). But I still have to do more research on whether the posts will hold the trellis AND the vines AND the hammock or whether I need a separate hammock stand. Engineering is way too complicated – that’s why I went to law school ;). Can’t wait to see how you do yours – I need all the good ideas I can get!

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