Design Your Own Handbag

By Kate Riley May 7, 2014

Ladies, I know I speak for all of us when I say haven’t we all wanted to add our own personal touch to a handbag of our own design? Sure there are a lot of choices for clutches and duffle bags out there but here’s a really fun gift to give yourself or a special gal in your life, it’s the opportunity to design a small crossbody or large tote (among several other styles) right down to the colors and hardware.

I was approached by Wink & Winn a few months ago with this concept, how fun! Wink & Winn allows anyone to design their own handbag; to get me started, they sent me a key ring of colorful premium leathers to examine and a little instruction booklet too. You can find all of these details on how it works on their website.

wink and winn leathers

It was a fun process, I contemplated a two tone blue duffle at first, choosing the leather and trim, the website is user friendly and allows you to drag color options and save different designs before you buy.

wink and winn design


I decided to do something fun and bright, I chose an orange and white palette on the East West tote to cart to the beach or pool and for traveling this summer.

wink and wynn tote

wink winn tote on beach


There are ten styles of bag and many leather and hardware combinations, which one would you choose? Or give one as a gift!   wink and winn bags

For one week only, Wink & Winn is offering a $50 gift code to CG readers, simply email frontdesk [at] with subject line “$50 Gift Code”.

And today Wink & Winn is offering one lucky winner a chance to design any handbag of your choice (up to $390 value). To be eligible…

– Hop on over to Wink & Winn and pick the shape of bag you’d choose for your design (clutch, duffle, etc.) then name it in a comment here on this blog post.

You can connect with Wink & Winn on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest. This giveaway ends Sunday May 11, 2014 at midnight PST. One winner chosen at random. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winner #112 Megan S., notified via email.



  1. I love the large duffle bag. So perfect for a weekend trip. I designed mine in purple and green- the color choices are awesome.

  2. Oh wow, what a great idea! I love the Small Duffle. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. ooh! I think the North South Tote…to double as a very chic diaper bag?! :)

  4. I would pick the East West Tote. It would be perfect for toting all my stuff on my commute to work! And would double as a great sized carry on for travel.

  5. Really hard to choose–I love the one you chose! Or the duffle or even the north south tote. I think for everyday use the north south would be perfect for me!

  6. That “V Clutch” is sooo adorable. I would totally use that day and night!

  7. I think I’d take the satchel – but there are so many great choices!

  8. Ahh I can’t decide! The Satchel is cute… so is the East West Tote and both Duffels. I don’t have a clutch (although I guess I also don’t have much use for one. Sad times!).

  9. The V Clutch or the East West Tote….I can’t decide! or the Satchel. So many choices!

  10. Love the Satchel though I wouldn’t mind carrying the North South or the East West. GAH!, so many great options, it’s hard to decide. Thanks so much for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  11. Love the Satchel though I wouldn’t mind carrying the North South or the East West. GAH!, so many great options, it’s hard to decide. Thanks so much for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  12. The East West tote! Love it! I have two young kiddos and we’re definitely past the diaper bag phase (woo hoo!) but I still need to haul around a few things for them. That, coupled with the fact that I like to be prepared for anything and carry a ton of stuff of my own, a large tote is definitely needed on a day-to-day basis!

  13. I love this idea! I love all of them but would probably go with the satchel – I have a couple totes already!

  14. The Satchel looks amazing! I love design-your-own sites; they’re like dress-up dolls for adults!

  15. I like the satchel shape…I’m a fan of a structured, not-too-big bag.

  16. I can’t choose!!!! Funny thing as I’ve been looking at bags for two weeks now for a new one for the summer. I think the East West or large duffel would be in my future.

  17. I’m definitely a Small Duffle lover, that’s been my preferred style / size for-eva! So classic. But love the possibility of selecting all the colors and trims to achieve a modern update on a classic style.

  18. The satchel! This is such an awesome idea. Handbags are totally my weakness, I love them. Thanks for this giveaway!

  19. I love the bucket bag, but I think I would pick the large duffle since it would work better with the stage of life I am in (mom of 3 small boys, so I end up with everything in my bag)

  20. Small duffel or satchel – so hard to decide! What a fun concept.

  21. Oohhhh I love these!! I would pick the crossbody because I have been searching for one of months but haven’t found one exactly like I want! This would be perfect!!

  22. Oh my – the choices! I think the large duffle is my favorite though!

  23. It’s really hard to decide what bag I would like the most, since are all so fabulous. But I would go with a small duffel. Thank you for the opportunity!

  24. I would choose the crossbody – something I don’t have but could seriously use!

  25. Probably the North/South tote. So many options it’s hard to choose.

  26. This is so cool!
    I guess if I HAVE to choose just one, I’d go with the North South Tote – baby #2 is on the way, and that would make a fabulous diaper bag!

  27. Wow what a great idea! I would definitely choose the “Crossbody” I travel a lot so it would be so comfortable… not to say get me a lot of attention!!

  28. I would get the large duffle, it’s absolutely gorgeous & I’m in desperate need of a new purse!

  29. This couldn’t be more timely – I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect tote! I love the north-south one.

  30. East west all the way! Love this brand, thanks for the introduction!

  31. I love the satchel and the duffles. Ack, I just can’t decide. :)

  32. As a “collector” of handbags, I often wish I could design one to fit my exact need – this is awesome! I normally would gravitate toward the East West tote, but I think I would choose the satchel. It feels more chic but I’m totally digging on your orange tote! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. What a gorgeous website, Wink & Winn! I would jump at the SATCHEL!

  34. Bucket bag please! That is so my style and I love the color choices!!!

  35. Such a great idea! I love all the shapes but think I would do the Crossbody or the North South tote!

  36. Love the North/South tote. Perfect size for lugging all the stuff around for me and my 3 kids. Thank you!

  37. I love the satchel, but am kind of in love with your East West tote.

  38. Small duffle, for sure! Love this concept! A woman’s dream come true!

  39. The east west tote or the crossbody_- can’t decide. What a fun idea!

  40. What a fun idea! The triangle tip tote looks perfect for everyday use.

  41. Large Duffel! I am currently using a hand-me-down cloth bag to cart my music scores and work items everyday. I could use something a touch more professional.

  42. Small duffel would be so sweet! Thanks for the chance to win it. Great product and love the color choices.

  43. Wow – I love the North South Tote. I am going back to school and this would be perfect for my small laptop. What a fun company!

  44. Eek, they’re all really cute! I guess I’d have to go with the large duffle :)

  45. The satchel! In Red! What a great idea! I love the idea of making a handbag that is exactly what you want!

  46. I would love a good crossbody bag. It would nice to carry something other than a diaper bag for once!

  47. I love the bucket bag! What can I say…my purse doubles as my closet on most days! the bigger the better. :)

  48. I would choose the North South tote although at the last minute I might change my mind to the V Clutch. Love all the fabric and color choices. This is a great idea!

  49. Oh, I LOVE the satchel, and the large duffel. What an awesome site…

  50. Love this!! I’d choose one of the totes for my perfect summer purse.

  51. I love the small duffle bag! What a great idea to allow ladies to customize their own bags. I always default to the black due to the limited choices

  52. I love the small duffle! Would definitely have some fun with that…

  53. East West tote is my fave! I once worked with a guy who had a handbag made for his then-girlfriend/now-wife – he choose ostrich leather in several different colors and desiged the shape himself. It was awesome and we girls in the office were so proud of him for thinking of this gift.

  54. I love the large duffle! it would be perfect for lugging around all the kids things in style!

  55. What a tough choice! I’d have to go with the Large Duffle or the East West tote. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  56. The small triangle tip tote is the perfect size for everyday! And I love that it can be so individualized – it can really be your own, even to choosing your preferred color for hardware :)
    Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  57. Oh, the East West Tote is tempting, but I’d have to go with the Bucket Bag. Love this idea, Kate.

  58. I would pick the east west bag. Perfect for purse but can hold diapers too!

  59. What a fun product and giveaway! This would be just the thing to cheer up my friend — a purse fiend — and I bet she’d love that North-South Tote.

  60. The North South Tote – would fit a laptop and papers etc. for work. Just what I need!

  61. I can’t decid between the east west tote and the duffle!! I could definitely use a great weekender bag!

  62. There are so many great options! But I will pick the North South Tote for an upcoming trip!

  63. I love love love the large duffle…deciding on colors would be so fun too.

  64. These are lovely. What a cool service.

    I think the East-West tote would be the best for hauling my dog, kid and photography stuff around town!

  65. Love the site! I would love that North South tote. They’re all pretty wonderful!

  66. What an awesome idea! I love the Bucket Bag and the dark green suede is gorgeous!

  67. Thanks for the introduction to such a cute site! Definitely East West Tote. Yours looks fantastic!

  68. I would choose the North South Tote- it looks great for work or traveling!

  69. Ooh! The east west tote for sure…I’d call it my modem day Mary Poppins bag :)

  70. Love the east west bag. I need a big bag to carry all of my stuff around in. This is a great m others day or birthday present idea.

  71. I think I would go with the east west tote! I need something bigger to take to work!!

  72. East-West Tote please! I’m starting a new position with my company and that tote would be a fantastic way for me to keep organized in my new role in outside sales.

  73. North South Tote!
    With 3 kiddos, I need all the room I get for all their stuff I lug around every day!

  74. The North South tote would be perfect for my work things and also my wallet, phone, keys, etc. Love it!

  75. I’d choose the satchel! What a fun idea to design your own bag!

  76. These are beautiful! I love the East West tote and the small triangle tip tote. Both so beautiful it’d be hard to chose which I want more!!

  77. These bags are great! I love the duffle and the east/west tote. Thanks for the chance to win. xo

  78. the crossbody – especially when I figured out they could all be worn separately!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. The East West tote is calling my name! Your orange and white one is beautiful and sturdy-looking.

  80. I would love a tote to cary to work that would also double as a beach bag! Such a cool site and great giveaway! thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Love the North South tote!! what a cool concept, designing your own bag!

  82. Definitely the Satchel. And this give away ends on my birthday … hint hint! :)

  83. I like the North South tote. Thanks for the contest, & happy Mother’s Day!

  84. I think the V clutch or the crossbody could make a nice addition to my purse collection!

  85. I would choose the east west tote! I could really use a big bag for work!

  86. I would chose the large duffle! I always need a larger bag for everything I carry with me! Thanks for sharing – looks like so much fun to design your own purse!

  87. I love the Satchel. What a great giveaway. Thanks so much for doing it.

  88. I like the small triangle tip tote! Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. That bucket bag it TOO cute! I don’t have a bag in that style, so I think its about time :)

  90. I like the East West Tote, the Small Duffel, AND the Bucket Bag! I don’t have to choose just one, do I?

  91. I would absolutely choose the East West Tote. This is such a cool idea!

  92. It would be a toss-up between the East West Tote and the North South Tote.

  93. The east west tote? No, the cosmetic bags….no, the bucket bag. I love the shapes of these bags! Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I love the East West Tote too. It would be the perfect tote to use daily to cart around all of my work files and a laptop.

  95. I am in need of great work bag so I would definitely of with the North South Tote!

  96. I love the East West Tote so much it is probably unnatural.

  97. I love the East West tote too! It would be perfect to use daily to stylishly cart around work files and my laptop.

  98. I love the satchel, but it was really tough to choose. I wish more bags came in such amazing shapes.

  99. I would go for either the small duffel or the small triangle tip tote. Great choices!

  100. I’d love the East West Tote!

    But, I’ll take the Crossbody if you want to throw that in instead!

  101. This is such a fun website!! I would definitely love the large duffle!

  102. Hands dow, the East West tote!!! I love the sunny colours you chose and i might go for the same, although I’m usually a blue girl.

  103. East West for sure! I love that it has a zipper closure- a must while travelling, but hard to find!

  104. I thought designing my own dream shoes was fun – I am going to need me one of those satchels!

  105. I think the East West tote would be great for traveling with my three munchkins!

  106. Easy West Tote! Very interesting concept. Thanks for the givaway!

  107. I’d choose the small duffle! I like having the handles and cross-body option.

  108. I like the east west tote. And the satchels. It would be a tough choice for sure! Given the five kids, I’d probably be practical and get the biggest one, ha!

  109. I would choose the Large Duffle. It would make the perfect fashionable diaper bag:)

  110. East West Tote! Looks tremendously versitile and I love the choice of colour designs!

  111. I would choose the East West Tote or Bucket Bag – tough choice!

  112. I can’t decide between the small duffel or the satchel!! Both are so cute!

  113. I would totally love the large duffel or maybe the satchel! It’s so hard to decide!! :)

  114. I would do either the satchel or the small duffel! Difficult decision!

  115. I can’t decide between the east west tote, satchel, and large duffle!

  116. North West Tote is the perfect size for carrying my laptop and lunch to my new job. It would be awesome in the red leopard print.

  117. I like either the crossbody or the bucket bag. I’m a one-handle purse lover. And THANKS for this wonderful opportunity!!

  118. I’ve been wanting a bag in the small duffle shape for ages but never found the right colors. This is perfect! Because I get to choose!

  119. I love them all but really need a good roomy satchel bag right now.

  120. So hard to choose just one! I love the small duffle and the small triangle tote!! Such a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for the chance to win one!

  121. I love the large satchel!!!! Beautiful shape. Thank you for the promo code and opportunity to win.

  122. I love the North South Tote – – – I always carry a tote in addition to my purse to work to cart around work files, my lunch, etc. Would love to win this!

  123. The East West Tote would be such a chic way to carry around my books & laptop for school! What a luxurious bookbag it’d make, as well as an awesome weekend bag for trips later!
    Really great site idea. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=^_^*=

  124. Wait! We have to pick just one? Ok, ok—the North South Tote. :>

  125. What a fantastic idea!! I love the North South Tote and the Bucket Bag! I will just have to use the coupon for one and hopefully win the other!!

  126. I love the design your own concept- it’s what I did with my wedding shoes, and they were perfect. I happen to be in the market for a new bag for work, and I think the North South Tote is just the ticket.

  127. The North South fits my style. I always use a cross body bag which seems to be always spilling over with added mom stuff (toys, wipes etc.) I LOVE the size and style of it!

  128. I LOVE the North South Tote! It’s perfect to haul around all my stuff.

  129. Wow, yet another great post! I just love the East West Tote, and am off to peruse the site again. Thanks for the chance at such a cool giveaway!

  130. I love the satchel! I also love the clutch, it’s a hard decision!

  131. Love being able to add my own details! The North South bag is my favorite & hopefully my new work bag.

  132. The satchel would be perfect for me. I love the idea of being able to design my own purse. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. The size and style of the North South would be perfect. Love it!

  134. I would love to design a Satchel bag for myself, what a fun prospect!

  135. This is such a brilliant idea! I would go with the east west tote, which is the shape I typically like, or the duffle, which is a shape I don’t own and would love to try.

  136. This was fun. I was going to get creative, but since I have been looking for a navy leather bag and can’t find one, I choose the Satchel in navy with the same trim and a gray lining. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and possibly win.

  137. I could be looking pretty stylish with either the East/West tote or the Large Duffle. My daughters would also enjoy sharing Mom’s bag!! These bags are awesome!!

  138. I love, love, love both the satchel and the large duffle… What a fun idea!

  139. I like the North South Tote and the Satchel! This is a great idea to design your own!

  140. They’re all gorgeous, but I would love to customize a large duffel! Thanks for the fab giveaway :)

  141. The strap on the bag I carry to work every day just broke. I’ve been looking all over for a replacement. The North South Tote would be a perfect match!!

  142. LOVE the satchel! And the East West, and the North South, and the Crossbody, and the small duffel, and the large duffel… ROFL! But the satchel will be my first design – such a great style – what a fun concept! Love it! Can’t wait to make a Coberly Original! <3

  143. I love the East West Tote! It would be a great catch-all bag for flying. Thanks for the chance to win!

  144. Wow! I love this company! What beautiful handbag choices! My favorite is the East West Tote! This would be perfect for summer activities! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  145. Absolutely LOVE this idea! The small duffle for me, but how to decide on colors?? So many beautiful ones from which to choose.

    Thank you for the chance to enter!

  146. I love the bucket bag and have been looking around for a LONG time for something out of the ordinary!

  147. i just started nursing school this week. i have been struggling carrying around all the books, binders, supplies and lab equipment that it requires. a west end tote bag would be a perfect helper. but since nursing school is by no means cheap, this give away is the only way I’d ever be able to get one! lol.

  148. I love the crossbody bag, great for travel. I love this idea!

  149. As usual with your contests, it’s hard to pick just one! I guess I’ll go with the large duffle!

  150. Small Duffle please. Love this idea ! Thanks for the chance to win !

  151. Love this site! Can’t decide between the large or small duffle. Thanks for sharing.

  152. East-West Tote is my shape of choice. Love this giveaway!

  153. I’ve been looking for a tote & like your choice the East West Tote. Beautiful – thanks

  154. I would choose the East West Tote. The shape and size of this great bag is perfect for wandering through thenneighborhood and heading to the outdoor markets …its spring time on the west coast!

  155. I love the East West Tote….perfect for taking along to the outdoor markets in the neighbourhood on a beautiful spring day.
    Thanks for this lovely opportunity!

  156. Being a mom means carrying around a lot that your ‘Littles’ may need, but still be fashionable and on budget.
    The daily tote I’ve carried over 6 years now has handles literally peeling and frayed apart.
    It’s so bad that even my DH has been telling me to get a new bag – but so many aren’t a color/style combo I would choose.
    So my choice – the East West Tote. And to think that you can get the color AND style you want! Fabulous!

  157. Small duffel looks great what a first Mother’s Day gift this would be!

  158. That’s a tough one. Love the Large Duffle and the Bucket Bag!

  159. I’ve been looking at bucket bags this season and theirs is gorgeous! So “on trend” and the colors are amazing!!

  160. I like the satchel! Thanks for sharing this with us. I will definitely get one of these soon. Ann

  161. I love the East West tote but I have to say that the large duffel is pretty cute too.

  162. I like the North West tote. Thanks for the chance at this cool giveaway! :)

  163. Large Duffel – what can I say? I carry a helluva lotta stuff with me!

  164. Wait! We have to pick just one? Ok ok… I’ll pick the satchel :>

  165. East West Tote, because that best describes being a Mom! I carry it all!

  166. Small Duffle – small duffle – small duffle – really lovely. Many Thanks.

  167. I love the North South tote. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  168. The cosmetic case set! I just returned from a week-long conference, and am in need of a better-functioning cosmetic case.

    Thank you! Ann

  169. So many beautiful options! I think the North South is my favorite! This is an amazing giveaway!

  170. I’d choose the Crossbody – or the Triangle Tip Tote – oooh – how do I choose? Ok the Triangle Tip Tote!

  171. I would love to have the large duffel. I travel a lot for work so this would be perfect.

  172. Oh my, what a great idea! I love several shapes, but think for summer I’d go with the North South Tote or the East West Tote.

  173. What a fun idea! :) I love the simplicity of the satchel. Never goes out of style! :)

  174. I definitely need the Small Triangle Tip Tote! I love that leopard print calf hair is an option for the exterior. Designing your own handbag is a genius idea!

  175. Definitely the cross-body bag! I’m looking for a high quality, durable-but-not-too-heavy handbag.

  176. Satchel or east-west tote. Both amazing! Hope to win and thanks!

  177. East west tote for sure! I’ve been on the lookout for a new toate.

  178. They’re all great, I would have to choose the North South or East West

  179. How much fun is this idea?! I love the East-West tote, perfect for my tablet, wallet…and a few little cars for the grandsons. Thanks.

  180. That satchel… Perfect for all the junk I lug around NYC every day!

  181. Thank you for this chance to win the North South Tote! Would love it!

  182. Thank you so much for this blog post. I love the idea of designing my own handbag soooooo much!!! After considering the Wink & Winn offerings (such a hard choice…..all the shapes are classic) I decided on the Cross Body Bag. It’s always been my favorite style and I’d carry it with me wherever I go. Fingers crossed…..

  183. I like the East West Tote the best, but it’s really hard to pick!

  184. Oh, it would be hard to pick just one style. But I love the East West Tote in a fabulous green leather. Swoon….

  185. The East West Tote! I’m starting a new job after being a SAHM for seven years! I just told my hubby I would love a new bag to carry my job related materials.

  186. Crossbody! Ideal for a single mom of two without a heavy load!

  187. the small triangle tip tote! I am thinking some hot pink and navy would be rock’n for a momma on the go

  188. I like the North South tote. Perfect for toting all of my school supplies to four schools a week.

  189. It’s like that company was MADE. FOR. Me!! I would choose the North South Tote

  190. Large duffle or the satchel… Classic styles. Love finally being able to custom order a handbag.

  191. The Large Duffle is gorgeous, but the East/West Tote would be perfect for everyday!

  192. Omgosh, these bags are all so beautiful! I think I would go with the satchel!

  193. Love, love, LOVE the North – South Tote. GORGEOUS is any color combo.

  194. I would absolutely love the large duffle, preferably in that stunning dark blue…
    Greetings from Europe (hope that does not disqualify me) :)

  195. Hard to choose, but the East-West tote would probably be the most versatile for me.

  196. I’d choose the East-West tote! Also LOVE the North-South tote as a close second.

  197. I love love love the sachel bag. I think this is an awesome concept and it looks like fun to design it yourself. It would save lots of time shopping when you knew the color of the purse you needed and you could just order it instead of running all over the place looking for “the bag”.
    Wished I would have thought of this idea!!

  198. I would choose the North South tote….perfect for everything I need to carry!

  199. I would love the East West tote, I’m in such need of a new work tote bag, mine is falling apart!

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