Etsy Art I Heart: Watercolors

By Kate Riley April 1, 2014

I’m on an original art kick lately and I got into some trouble on Etsy this morning shopping for watercolors for a future art display. “Trouble” meaning several purchases, I can’t help it, there are so many talented artists out there! Watercolors are so popular right now with the Waterlogue app everyone’s been using lately turning photographs into watercolor prints. I thought I’d feature a few favorite painters I stumbled across today who specialize in the medium.

Kerri Shipp paints everything from botanicals to abstracts to chinoiserie at Driftwood Interiors (I bought a series of the 11 x 14” indigo tropical leaves, gorgeous!)

driftwood interiors watercolors


I adore the zoo of sweetly painted animals you can find at Mary’s Flower Garden. I had to have that blue crab! 

marys flower garden watercolors


Color Zen has a great kitchen food collection, also feathers and some beautiful sea life too.

color zen watercolors


Amber Alexander shares charming Beatrix Potter inspired stories on the back of her animal prints like Tilly in the Teacup, “From the second she started out that fateful day, Tilly had a feeling that she had bitten off more than she could chew…”  The details are delightful, and that squirrel has serious style. 

amberalexander watercolors


Discover unique nature inspired patterned feathers and animals at River Luna.

river luna watercolors


  I love the colors inside these silhouette prints at Elf Shoppe, very fun!

silhouette watercolors


I had such difficulty narrowing down my choices at Yao Cheng Design, her abstracts and botanicals are simply lovely and so inspiring – such beautiful use of color.  

yao cheng watercolors


Read past features of other Etsy artists here. What about you? Have you discovered any great artists on Etsy lately? I always love reading about your favorites!



  1. Just ordered a Yao Cheng from seeing it here. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout, and so happy to be sending some artwork your way! What a wonderful start to my day :) Best, Kerri

  3. Oh Kerri, it was so hard to decide what to buy, but I did! Three of your indigo palm prints will be divine in a series over a console, feature coming soon!

  4. Oh geez I was doing this the other day too! Just spending copious amounts of time trawling etsy, drooling over the watercolours.. Absolutely stunning to many to choose from! I particularly love the animal silhouettes. Good to know I’m not alone! Lucy x

  5. Thank you for info on others I had not yet seen. Kerri Shipp I already knew about, she does gorgeous work and is in my hometown, Brisbane Australia.

  6. My favorite medium Ever , great that you promote original art work
    I really love the artists you picked they are in my Etsy faves too

  7. I am smiling, because I’ve made a purchase from Yao Cheng but these are new beautiful!! Also, I have been eyeing Driftwood and have those butterfly prints saved to buy in the very near future. You know what they say about great minds :)

  8. I am an “original” art fanatic- and etsy is such a great place to find affordable original art! I’m loving the artists that you profiled today!

  9. Color Zen’s stuff is my cup of tea. The style has a kind of relaxing effect.

  10. Yao Chen’s work is fantastic. I am going to order two for my bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I love the blue octopus. I think that’s my favorite!

  12. Browsing these artists’ work on Etsy was a delight, and I’ve added two Amber Alexander prints to my small but growing collection of original art. Thanks as always, Kate, for sharing your resources.

  13. It’s so common to get caught up in designing your room to look just like a magazine, Etsy makes it possible for each room to have it’s own custom look, especially with water colors like these. Thanks for the post!

  14. I love Driftwood Interiors and have used her prints for a few clients. And I just purchased 2 prints from River Luna for a nursery – they are soooo cute and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to just 2!!!!!!!

  15. I love this post… All of these artists are so super inspiring! My absolute FAV is River Luna! I have been on etsy forever and her shops at the top of my list! I love your blog too of course!

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