Art for Your Walls: A Giveaway

By Kate Riley April 16, 2014

Midweek hellos! Who out there is looking for a few more unique art prints to decorate your walls? I’m always on the hunt myself! A gallery wall has the appeal of combining favorite prints you find in stores or online with your existing collection in a curated grouping that showcases your personality and taste.

Today I’m delighted to introduce you to Artfully Walls, an online source of art prints hand picked by a professional team with a great eye for creative pieces that appeal to everyone’s tastes. The modern collections include photography, illustrations, landscapes, abstracts, watercolors, and eclectic prints, plus framing options.

artfully walls 3

arftully walls 5

For those who crave the look of framed prints along a wall but are frustrated by the process of hanging them in an interesting display, Artfully Walls has a helpful gallery wall tool to help! Plan your layout and envision the final look even before you buy.  artfully walls tools for hanging

I’ve picked out some new favorites myself for some upcoming art displays. . .

new favorites

mistletoe plate / watercolor ikat chevron / porcelain / something wonderful

Today Artfully Walls is offering two winners a $250 shop credit to get started on your personal gallery wall made up of your favorite prints.

Eligibility to be one of two winners of a $250 online shop credit to Artfully Walls:

1) Visit Artfully Walls and pick a print from a favorite artist, then name it in a comment on this post.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment naming where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Two winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Sunday April 27th at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winners #22 Tara B; #303 Brianna, notified via email.



  1. I like Paisley by Ruti Shaashua, Thank you for giving me a chance to win this print.

  2. Baby’s Breath Indigo by Garima Dhawan. Thanks! Sending the gallery wall tool along to my sister who is planning one right now.

  3. So many great choices! Today, I’m drawn to the prints by Tali Yalonetzki (the 2 girls, the beach ones). Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Worth the Wait
    by Jacquie Gouveia


    by Tali Yalonetzki

    are two of my favorites! This is such a great website and concept. Fingers crossed that I win one of the gift cards!

  5. I am loving many of the abstracts by Emily Rickard, especially “Orchid”

  6. I love the New England pieces by Jacquie Gouveia, esp. Worth the Wait or New England Pond.

  7. I saw many things that I liked but I’ll go with Ebb and Flow 2 by Meredith Aitken.
    I have shared the giveaway on Facebook. :)

  8. Any of the landscapes by Harry Stooshinoff or the water prints by Jacquie Gouveia. I also love the Moth by Tali Yalonetzki. So many beautiful choices!

  9. i love ‘bowls’ by miri frenkel eshet, they remind me of my anthro bowls i love so much!

  10. I am absolutely loving the mix of nature + geometry in Northern Flicker by Christine Lindstrom. It would look great in my bedroom.

  11. Ebb and Flow 2. It’s a motto in my life, ebb and flow between work and home. Sometimes home needs more of me and sometimes work does…

  12. I would love the botanical print by Johann von Spix and Carl von Martius for my kitchen!! I have another similar one already!

  13. The Bird on a Black Background by Tali Yalonetzki is so dramatic – and perfect for our bedroom! Thanks!

  14. I love “Woods II” by Ayelet Iontef. The colors and textures really grab me.

  15. I love the Chaos Collection by Emily Rickard and Orchid by Emily Rickard! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  16. St. Cloud by Eva Magill-Oliver is beautiful, and would be great in our mountain vacation home. Thanks for the chance at this prize!

  17. I love A Child by Daniela Orlev because the child looks just like my son :)

  18. I think the Coney Island Wonder Wheel would look great in my daughter’s carnival-themed nursery!

  19. I love the sweet and spice gallery wall photos! Would be the perfect addition for above my sofa!

  20. I love abstract art! My favorite is:
    Untitled by Sara Knoll

    It wuold look fantastic in our dining room!

  21. I love Baby’s Breath Indigo and Flowers on Blue and the Conudray Nectarine

  22. wow…so difficult to choose! Garden by Christine Lindstrom caught my eye! Would be pretty in my powder room!

  23. Worth the Wait is my favorite on the site. I feel that it is quite a conversation piece. Looks to me like someone waiting of their entree to be served and a server about to present the dish.

  24. Too many to include….but I guess I have to pick one. Currents 3 of 4 would be at the top of my list.

  25. I LOVE Peacock Feather by Christine Lindstrom! I love the concept of this site. I will be back!
    Also, I posted this giveaway on twitter :)

  26. Full Bloom by Tracy Zhang would look great in the bedroom that I am redecorating.

  27. The bright colors of “Sky” by Sybil Wigdor would brighten up a space in my home beautifully!!

  28. I like sea-and-a-sail-boat by Daniela Orlev. That gallery wall tool looks cool, too

  29. I love just about everything by both Anna See and Britt Turner. I would have such a hard time choosing!

  30. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shoe Store in Paris by Sivan Askayo. What an incredible piece!

  31. I’m such a sucker for watercolors. I love Garden by Christine Lindstrom. beautiful!

  32. I think “Tea cups” would look adorable next to my daughter’s tiny table and chairs – inspiration to have a tea party with her dolls!

  33. So many to love… The Peonies at Giverney Gardens, Central Park in Snow, Coney Island Beach & Ikat Chevron are my favs!

  34. I love everything by Emily Rickard — especially History Lesson. But so many great artists, it’s hard to choose!

  35. I love the print “September End” by Harry Stooshinoff. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  36. I love anything by Britt Turner, but especially her ‘Move II’. Also love all of Harry Stooshinoff’s work! Would love a giftcard to get prints from both!

  37. I love “Woman” by Tali Yalonetzki and “Northern Flicker” by Christine Lindstrom!

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    Thank you a lot and I’m having a look forward to touch
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  39. Ooh love “Hora” by Itzu Rimmer a lovely splash of colour reminiscent of holidays in Spain

  40. I fell in love with Rain Trees [warm] 1/3 by Andrea Pramuk. Reminds me of many, MANY fun times in the lab :)

  41. I love Ebb and Flow 2. The colors are beautiful and remind me so much of living at the beach :)

  42. Baby’s Breath Indigo is beautiful! I could stare at all those prints all day!

  43. Foxhill by Harry Stooshinoff caught me at the very beginning! So many lovely pieces though!

  44. Three months of Joy by Emily M. Wenda is a fav of mine. Hard to pick however they are all beautiful. Lovely giveaway.

  45. Used the share button and linked to facebook. Thanks for the second chance.

  46. There are so many lovely and fun pieces! I have to pick Grace by Christine Lindstrom.

  47. I was looking a beautiful gallery wall in another post just before I flipped to yours that literally prompted me to make a note to look for a service like this – brilliant! :) and thank you for sharing! :) I love Soft Morning Song by Jacquie Gouveia and so many others.

  48. I would love Queen by Mira Amir for my newly decorated guest room! It is for our mothers to stay in since we moved 400 miles away and it perfectly describes both of them!! Awesome giveaway!!

  49. I’m loving the colors of Worth the Wait and really all of Gouveia’s things!

  50. love Garden by Christine Lindstrom. My entrance room is done in black, white and coral pinks, it would look perfect there.

  51. Michella
    by Khristian A. Howell

    So pretty, I wish I could have it in a wallpaper size!

  52. Really difficult to choose. Many of the landscapes were beautiful….July Line was a favorite. Also, Pears between Flowers and Girl and Pony.

  53. What a great site! Had such fun browsing. Boy Looking Down
    by Tali Yalonetzki caught my eye.

  54. Love the Teacups for my newly painted kitchen. What a great resource! Enjoyed browsing.

  55. I love Verdant Meadow by Tricia Strickfaden. The moody clouds hanging over the stark green landscape kind of gives me chills. I know exactly where I would hang it if I should happen to win this contest.

  56. I just love the art by Eva Magill-Oliver! Especially drawn to “Between”.

  57. Wow! Thanks for the intro to this site. There were so many pieces I would buy, but I think at this point I would choose Bird on a Black Background by Tali Yolonetzki.

  58. Love Boy Looking Down by Tali Yalonetzki! Reminds me of my boys when they were little and at the beach.

  59. I had a hard time deciding because I love everything to do with Paris and the beach! Some of the animals and abstracts were also so beautiful! However, I am doing a gallery wall in shells, beach, and all things textural and what makes me happy. The Coney Island Beach Art by Sivan Askayo. Thanks for sharing!

  60. I loved everything by Tali Yolenetzki, most especially Bird on a Black Background. Thanks!

  61. I love Country House by Sybil Wigdor. Love this idea. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I really had a difficult time picking out just one favorite. Currents [2/4] by Andrea Pramuk is a very calming, timeless piece (neutral, even) and would be a good starting point for my BARE living room walls. Good luck to all who enter.

  63. I love the Painted Pebbles 1 by Dhawan. Lots of really beautiful pieces here!

  64. Lots of beautiful choices, but I’m digging Moth by Tali Yalonetzki. I’m drawn to all Tali’s bird prints as well. Thanks for the new resource!

  65. There are so many beautiful choices! My favorite is probably Lowery I by Britt Turner!

  66. I really had a hard time choosing one artist in particular, but the Jenny Meilhove work is really fun. I also liked many of the landscapes I saw.

  67. Baby’s Breath Indigo by Garima Dhawan is beautiful, love the blues in it. There were really almost too many to choose from.

  68. I love everything by Sivan Askayo. I can’t get enough of those vibrant colors!

  69. There are so many that I like…Two of my favorites are Whimsical Elephant II by Pamela Gallegos. That would look awesome in my daughters room and also The Swimmer by Megan Cassidy Carty for the kitchen. Love them both!!!

  70. The print entitled “Russian Architecture, Cathedral, Red Square Buildings, Middle East, Arabian Palaces” made me smile. What a happy little piece of art!

  71. I love everything by Sivan Askayo! My favs are Berlin Mitte & Trays in Buenos Aires…the colors are fabulous!!

  72. I enjoyed browsing the Artful Walls site and especially like the Sulphur Mountain, Banff picture, as I like landscape pictures and the color blue!

  73. I have long loved Navy Geo by Britt Turner. Also, Hora by Itzu Rimmer is fantastic. I couldn’t stop scrolling through the images!

  74. The Blueline series looks a lot like the marbelized paper you’ve mentioned. But it’s hard to choose; I like so many!

  75. August by Christine Lindstrom is gorgeous. Would love any of those watercolor prints!

  76. The “Fragile” print is calming and abstract at the same time. The blues and greens are so peaceful together that I can imagine myself in the scene. Thanks Kate for another great decorating source!

  77. I love the colors of “Something Wonderful” by Emily Rickard- and the name is great too :)

  78. I love “Seven Pillars of Wisdom 1” by Rai Alexandra. Blue hues are just gorgeous.

  79. The Watercolor Ikat Chevron would look perfect in my master bedroom — which i am redecorating right now!

  80. I like Lowery I by Britt Bass Turner and also Blue Bird 1 and Blue Bird 2 by Yeol Gilinsky.

  81. I love Green Apples as well as Pears between Flowers. They would be lovely in my kitchen!

  82. So many beautiful ones. I really like Soft Morning Song by Jacquie Gouveia.

  83. I like “Bears” by Anna See. We are moving soon and this site is great to help decorate the walls of our new house. Thanks.

  84. I like ebb and flow 2 by meredith aitken quite a bit. But there are many I like!

  85. There’s something that drew my eye again and again to Carmela Weiss’s pieces as I scrolled down. “Nut” is really haunting — if I had this print in my home, I think I’d end up staring at it constantly, with it meaning something different to me each time.

  86. I love Noontime by Sybil Wigdor. Honestly, I love all of her work, but Noontime is my most favorite!

  87. “Garden” by Christine Lindstrom is gorgeous! I’m a sucker for a pretty watercolor!

  88. There are some many beautiful pieces! I love the Coney Island Wonder Wheel by Sivan Askayo – I used to live in Brooklyn so it brings back some good memories for me.

  89. I love the colors in the Miron print, and other simple landscapes, by Itzu Rimmer.

  90. I love some many things on this site…. Soft Morning Sun, Color Play & Dance variations, Waves, Roofs in Bahamas and Parisian chairs.

  91. Roots by Yaniv Alon is one I could stare at for hours and just daydream. It’s mesmerizing.

  92. It was hard to choose just one piece of art…..but if I had to choose, my favorite would be Chat Tree
    by Isabelle Stolar. Fun & whimsical. Love it :)

  93. I love Flowers on Blue by Ruti Shaashua. It reminds me of the beautiful hand block print items you see from vendors everywhere. Nice touch of middle eastern for your home!

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