Wall Stencil Giveaway

By Kate Riley March 11, 2014

If you’ve always loved the idea of wallpaper but are looking for a more affordable way to get the look, no doubt you’ve considered a stencil for your walls. Thankfully there are contemporary patterns available so you can replicate the chic look of wallpaper but for much less and in any color you envision. I’m a big fan of Cutting Edge Stencils and I’m especially fond of their newest sari paisley and peacock feather motifs.

cutting edge stencils

Today three of you can get your hands on a shop credit of $50 to grab your stencil of choice and get creative, simply do the following to be eligible:

Hop on over to Cutting Edge Stencils and pick a favorite pattern, then name it in a comment on this post, that’s it!

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Saturday March 15, 2014 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

Good luck!



  1. I love the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil. I am looking at doing something subtle in my round foyer entry since I don’t know how to decorate it otherwise ;)

  2. I love the Vintage Paisley Stencil….it would look fantastic in my teen daughter’s bedroom! :)

  3. the rabat allover stencil. i have a little hallway wall i want to stencil!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. I’ve used the sari allover stencil for some curtains that I love! But I’d love to try the cascade, zamira, or coco trellis! So many pretty choices!

  5. OOoooo I’ve been dying to try a stencil out in my hallway and love the Belgian lace stencil, so pretty!

  6. I love the Sophia Trellis Allover stencil! Love your blog, so many inspirational ideas!

  7. I love chevron! So that would be a definite choice although there were a few more I liked- the zamira and damask. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I have been wanting to try this for a while now and I love the vintage paisley. I’m a sucker for anything paisley!

  9. So many to choose from. I think I like the Nagoya allover stencil. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I am completely torn between the Moroccan and Nagoya wall stencils. Glad both of them are in the beginner skill level! Would love to add these to an accent wall in my office.

  11. Wow! So many gorgeous ones to choose from. It was a hard decision, but I think I’d go with the Moroccan tiles.

  12. Jeez, it’s super hard to pick only one. I’d have to go with the Beads Allover Stencil.

  13. So many gorgeous options to choose from. My favorite today is the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  14. I’m in love with the Fish School pattern…so very different. I like that it reads as a modern type of pattern, but when you look close, they are fish!

  15. Peacock Feather with the dark background in the dining room would be so lovely.

  16. The Rabat Allover Stencil. It would look great in my bathroom and in the back of my china hutch!!!

  17. I think the sari paisley all over design would look great in my family room niches.

  18. Loving the Chain Link stencil. My hallway is the perfect spot to create a little drama.

  19. Not easy to pick only one. But I made my mind: African Kuba Craft stencil by Kim Myles will be great as a temporary kitchen backsplash !

  20. I love the Zamira for my foyer and the Leopard would be cute in my daughter’s room. Thank you!

  21. I love the Beads All over stencil, I’ve been wanting to stencil our breakfast bar and haven’t committed to a stencil yet!

  22. I love the Zamira Allover Stencil. Stencils have come such a long way from the flowers and kid motifs I used in the 90s.

  23. I agree, it’s hard to pick one. But I love the Anna Damask – it would look great in my bedroom!

  24. Just one? Ok the Trellis Allover. No the Casablanca. No the Trellis! Either would look fabulous in our powder bath!

  25. I love the Rabat Allover. I have been keeping my eye out for a decently price stencil, and I think I finally found one here!

  26. The Sari Paisley, for sure! It is PERFECT for the project I have in mind (both pattern AND scale, that’s hard to find!).

  27. Its tough to choose just one…
    I like Zamira and Lattice and African Kuba Allover to name a few :)

  28. I love the peonies, but think I would choose the Rabat one to actually use in my house of boys.

  29. I have been waiting to finish painting to try the Anna Damask stencil in my bedroom. Hope I win!

  30. I love the birch forest allover stencil, but the athena is also pretty darn cool.

  31. I love these stencils! You can do so much with them. I would love to try the Nagoya and Fluer Craft Stencils. Thxs!

  32. Oh, I absolutely adore the Chinese Ginko. I’ve not done stencil in before but am moving to a new retirement home and it would meek me so excited to give this a try. Joan R

  33. I love all of their stencils…they are so beautiful! But I have always been a fan of their Zamira allover stencil.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!


  34. I would use the birch forest allover stencil in my son’s Narnia-themed bedroom!

  35. I spent a much longer time looking at stencils than I expected! They’re so awesome. I think I’d choose Otomi.

  36. So many great stencils to choose from, I’m really loving the flock of cranes and the beads all over

  37. Wow, so hard to choose! I think the Zamira stencil!!!! These are so reasonably priced, love it.

  38. OMG!! There are too many stencils that I love…..Zamira, Japanese Peonies, Otomi, and Paisley Allover

  39. I like the Chevron and Leopard stencils. I have two Zinnia stencils that I used in my bathroom. Love them, so easy to work with.

  40. I have always wanted to do a faux bone inlay on my dining table–the Kim Myles Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil would be perfect! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these beautiful stencils!

  41. I have actually been thinking about stenciling one little short wall at the very end of the long, “bowling alley” hallway to the bedrooms. It’s a frustrating wall–too small to do much with and no room to put a piece of furniture due to doorways and traffic pattern but it needs some kind of pizazz because you can see it from the family room. I’ve looked at the Cutting Edge site several times trying to decide which stencil I liked best. HARD choice because there are so many great designs to chose from. However…. I think I lean toward Lily Scroll……..I think!

  42. Love the Heritage Grill all over stencil! I love the peacock too but not so sure the hubby would approve :)

  43. I really like the Rio Allover stencil! I’d like to add it to our hallway bath.

  44. Love the Moroccan Dream Stencil!!! Such an interesting look – especially in a bright color.

  45. Otomi tone-on-tone for the wall (ironic I know since otomi is usually all about COLOR). Then re-do chest of drawers in front in Kim Myles’ Indian Inlay, probably in a color rather than black and white though I love the bone inlay look of black/white. See CG’s last post!

  46. Impossible to choose a favorite! One that caught my eye that I maybe wouldn’t have considered before is the beads allover.

  47. I love the Peacock feather stencil!!! It would look amazing in my foyer. Thanks!

  48. I’ve purchased stencils from this company before and they are wonderful! I love the Japanese peonies stencil so much! Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. They are pretty much all beautiful!!! I will say that the Japanese Peonies Allorer Stencil is what I think I finally have decided on. I love the pattern and the second picture they have posted with the matte wall and the high gloss stencil steals my heart!!!!

  50. I love the Japanese Peonies Allover stencil. I have a small nook off my living room that I think it would be perfect for!

  51. Nagoya! It’s gorgeous–I’m happy to see how affordable most of these are as well–thanks for the post!

  52. Oh I immediately loved the Japanese Peonies Allover Stencil!! Love anything floral :)

  53. I really love the Moroc-n-roll Allover stencil. It’s that great classic Moroccan look with a new twist.

  54. These stencils are sooooo coooool !!! I can’t decide between Belgian Lace Allover by Kim Myles or the Simple Rhyme Allover Stencil . I love love them both !! :)

  55. Pick me! Pick me! I need the Paisley Allover Stencil for both a wall and a table. :)

  56. I would have to pick the Chevron Allover stencil! It’s absolutely perfect for my home studio/office! I want to be surrounded with visual interest while I’m being creative.

  57. I am in the process of turning a closet into an office and really think the stencil idea is perfect for this space. It’s a toss up between the fish school, Zamira, and peacock. Hmm

  58. I have loved the Charlotte Allover Stencil for ages.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I’m a long way off from being able to implement it, but I want to use the Mermaid allover stencil for my back stairwell. I think it’ll look awesome with metallic gold paint!

  60. The Otomi pattern is hands-down my favorite. I totally want to use it for my entryway.

  61. Love these stencils-they are amazing. Not sure I can pick a favorite, but I do really like the Rabat Allover Stencil. Would love to win.

  62. The peacock stencil, for sure! I’ve been on the fence about taking on a stenciling project….a $50 gift card would be just the kick to make it happen :)

  63. I had a hard time choosing between the Marrakesh Stencil and the Tamara Trellis Stencil. I’m thinking of painting my dresser and either stencil would be perfect for it. Maybe using the inlay painting technique you showed the other day. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  64. I love the Peacock and the Otomi, but the Tamara Trellis is really beautiful too!

  65. My daughter and I have been gathering ideas to re-do her room now that she’s a little older. We were looking to stencil her walls and this would be perfect! I love bothe the Bracade No. 1 and the Budding Clematis!

  66. So many great patterns! :) I love the idea of using the Moroccan Wall Tiles stencil for a kitchen backsplash, and i think it would look great in my hall way.

  67. I love the Charlotte Allover stencil pattern, but the hedgehogs are a close second.
    Thanks for the give-away!

  68. Otomi, no question — about to move into a very southwestern-y house and that would look great! (Barring that, Beads, which is also gorgeous.) What a great site!

  69. My favorite is the Navajo Stencil. A modern twist on the houndstooth pattern!

  70. I love the Casablanca All Over stencil! Would love super amazing as a feature wall in my laundry room!

  71. Lovely. Difficult to choose one, maybe Sophia. Love the idea to use on furniture. Thanks for the giveaway, Kate.

  72. Too difficult to choose just one. But I love the TEA HOUSE TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL.

  73. I am torn between the trellis, zamira, and secretly the peacock stencil (but I know I would not be allowed to use that one on the walls)

  74. I am loving the Belgian Lace Allover by Kim Myles. I could use this in my dining room.

    Thank You for this giveaway!

  75. Ooo! I’ve been dying to stencil a herringbone pattern along the back of my built in bookcases in my craft room, but have been choking at the price. This would be awesome!!

  76. I love the Rabat and want to stencil my entry closet that I have been making over! :)

  77. Love the Sari Paisley Allover Stencil. In fact I even have it in my pinterest board :)

  78. I would have to pick the Zagora Allover Stencil – would work in so many rooms! Love them all!

  79. I love the Rabat allover stencil! It fits perfectly with the look I’m going for in my living room.

  80. Ooh…love the Beads Allover Stencil. Would love to use this on a wall in our office!

  81. I love the peacock feather and the beads allover!! How could I choose just one, love them!

  82. I love the coco trellis all over stencil. It would look fabulous in a bold color in a little powder room!

  83. They are all beautiful stencils, but the entwined all over stencil wins my vote.

  84. The Agora Allover Stencil! SO pretty for the new navy and silver bedroom…!

  85. I like the Sophia trellis Moroccan stencil. One wall of my bedroom could use this.

  86. I love the “flock of cranes” stencil…would be awesome in my bedroom!

  87. I’d love to do a feature wall in my bedroom with the Nagoya Allover Stencil!

  88. Ooooooooh. That blue Sari Paisley design you’ve featured above might be just what my bedroom needs – I wanted a wallpaper that looked very similar, until I got my sample and just didn’t like the colors. With paint, I could get the perfect color! I ended up getting wallpaper in a different pattern, and now my stupid bed frame has damaged it, and I’ve been debating ripping it all off and hanging wallpaper again from scratch, which I was NOT looking forward to. But maybe my solution is right here!

    Much as I like that one, though (and the Verde Damask would be a good option, too – looks quite a bit like the wallpaper I ended up getting), I’m MOST tempted by the Otomi and the Charlotte – because I never did find a wallpaper in a color I liked for the third bedroom. So maybe I need more than one stencil :). Good to know where to get them!

  89. I love the Peacock Feather! Stunning! I would try it in my laundry/mudroom.

  90. Oh my gosh how do I just pick one stencil – they are all so neat! If I had to pick one I’d pick the casblanca allover stencil.

  91. Marrakech trellis all over or the Sari Paisley all over are my favorites besides the one you used. I’ve been wanting to do this a long time. What a great opportunity to push me to do it. I need to re paint my sons bathroom, he’s in his first year of college, and I’ve been unable to do it. This could be it. Thanks. You still totally rock!

  92. I absolutely adore the Sari Paisley Allover Stencil – it reminds me of Katie Ridder wallpaper that’s everywhere. So pretty!

  93. I love : 1) tribe craft stencil 2)Herringbone craft stencil and 3)African kuba craft stencil.

  94. There are so many beautiful ones! I love the Charlotte, and the Belgian Lace! And the Birch trees! Gorgeous!

  95. These stencils are great! I really like the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil. I’m looking for something to jazz up the walls in my formal dinning room and I think this would work well.

  96. I loooovee Casablanca and Rabat, either would be fantastic in our new dining room.

  97. I’ve been wanting to use the herringbone in my entry. There are so many others I could also think to use for other projects!

  98. I love, love, love Damask of any kind. But, one that I felt drawn to was the Birds Of Paradise Damask Stencil because my daughter loves Birds of Paradise and I could see stenciling her bedroom in this.

  99. Ooh, the peacock is amazing. I am picturing it with metallic paint in a bathroom.

  100. I’ve been in love with anything damask for the past couple of years. I love their Verde Damask stencil and I have just the wall I’d love to use it on as an accent!!

  101. Love ZAMIRA ALLOVER STENCIL. I would use it one one of the walls in my master bathroom.

  102. The MOROCCAN TILES WALL PATTERN would be perfect! I have an old beige rug that has a few spots on it. I would love to paint it with the help of a stencil to give it new life. Also, if anyone has ideas for a good paint to use for said project, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  103. I love the diamond damask–the black and silver wall in the picture is beautiful!

  104. Love the ‘Spring Songbirds.’ I’m redoing a bedroom into an office and it would look great in there! I needed a theme and I believe this will suit just fine! Thanks for the inspiration…now, if I can only win! :)

  105. I love the Anna Damask and would like to do a wall in my walk-in closet with this pattern. But the Dandelion looks like so much fun!

  106. I really love the Charlotte stenciled pattern. I think it would look great in my entryway!

  107. Zamira allover stencil is gorgeous. I would love to use this to spruce up my powder room

  108. Ahh! Today is so beautiful in my backyard! Makes me know that Spring is on her way! I am in the process of remodeling Master Bath and Bedroom—–and found the perfect stencil in the “Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil” to go over my bed. Not stopping there though! I love “Large Tree and Birds Stencil” which I want to use in my Guest Room. Thanks for introducing me to Cutting Edge Stencils.

  109. I like the African Kuba Allover Stencil by Kim Myles. Not only beautiful, but it looks like the design makes it hard to mess up. It would great in my living room! M

  110. I love the diamond damask or the charlotte lace pattern. This looks like a fun, but overwhelming, project!

  111. I love the Kagami All-over stencil. Been eyeing a wall stencil for awhile- thank you for the inspiration!

  112. Super easy, I want Sari Paisley Allover Stencil. I just recently used there Beads stencil, LOVE it. Great service too. I’d like to do our large family room with the Paisley.

  113. I loveeeee the Peacock Feather stencil. What a great and easy way to add the decorative touches I’ve wanted to bland rooms.

  114. Thank you for this post! I’ve been searching for something to put on an old boring buffet i purchased for my office. I love the entwined craft stencil.

  115. I love the Geometric/All Over stencils. Would love to use it for a feature wall in our home!

  116. Large, medium and small trilobite and ammonite fossil stencils. Bring back the Paleozoic!

  117. I love so many of theirs, but I would have to pick Anna Damask. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. Love the stencils. I love the Just Breathe Wall Quote Stencil! Thanks for such a generous giveaway.

  119. Ooh, I’m surprising myself here, with this choice: either the fish school or the Belgian lace! Lovely site!

  120. I absolutely love the “SPRING SONGBIRDS WALL STENCIL” It’s so pretty c:

  121. I couldn’t choose just one! I love the Charlotte Allover Stencil, the Otomi Stencil, and the Japanese Peonies Allover Stencil.

  122. So many pretty choices but my vintage dresser cries out for Nagoya stenciled drawer fronts!

  123. I love the peacock feather one! So beautiful. Imagine if it were done in jewel tones, like teal or purple? Wow!

  124. Wow so hard to decide on just one but I’ve been craving the “Acacia Allover Stencil” for along time. Thanks for the give away!

  125. Wow, their stencils are all so gorgeous! Their designers have amazing talent. So hard to choose, but they have an Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil Kit that is TO DIE FOR! I seriously have my eye on that now …!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway, Kate!

  126. All of the stencils are gorgeous- OTOMI is my favorite- looks like wallpaper.

  127. Wow…the Ikat Bukhara is fabulous. Had to search a bit to find it after seeing it on your blog post, but it is fab!

  128. I love the HARLEQUIN TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL. It would be perfect in my bathroom.

  129. Love the Sakura and Bird stencil, but I also love all the Kim Myles and the one Kate picked, I have a small chest that would be fab with the Nagoya.

  130. LOVE the Tamara trellis! If I had that stencil for free, I may actually find the motivation to finish my entryway!!


  132. Birch forest or the ikat buchara. Guess if I’m lucky it would force my hand to choose between them…

  133. I love them all but if I had to choose I would have to go with the large tree with birds. My daughter is preparing a nursery for her first child and wants to have a mural of a tree with birds and this would be perfect!

  134. I can’t decide between the African Kuba stencil and the Beads Allover stencil!

  135. So many great stencils it’s hard to choose! One of my favorites is the Anna damask stencil.

  136. I love the otomi stripe stencil!!! never tried stenciling before, winning this would surely make me try soon! Thanks Kate!

  137. I like the Peony Allover stencil, with the Ann Damask a close second. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. I would love the Nagoya stencil that you used for your tray project recently! I have a tray that I’ve been wanting to paint, and your post about that made me want to paint it even more!

  139. I love the Chinese Gingko stencil, although it’s hard to choose…Too many fantastic patterns!

  140. I’ve been eyeing that Birch Forest Allover Stencil….Would look great in a bright yellow .

  141. They are all so amazing! I LOVE the Anna Damask stencil. Thanks for the chance!

  142. So many to choose from. I want one for every room in my house. But I think the peacock feather is my favorite…for now. !:)

  143. So many beauties! Anna Damask might be my current fave! TY so much–I hadn’t known of this great site.

  144. The Rabat all over stencil would be a lovely addition to master bedroom wall.

  145. I love so many of them but one of my favorites is the Nagoya allover stencil!

  146. I love them all! Do I have to choose just one? Well, I do think the peacock feathers would look great on one wall in my bedroom.

  147. I would love to use the Hacienda to do a tone on tone in my Powder Room. Beautiful stencils!

  148. I love three of them! Peacock Feather or Japanese Peonies I could do in my new dining room.

    And Birch Forest in the boys bathroom (or even a bedroom!). Just got back from a long weekend at a friend’s ski house i Vermont, and I am inspired to create a Rustic / Forest bathroom for my boys. Did I tell you we decided against the house addition and instead are moving? Yup… just wish CG could help me decorate along the way because hubbie says “we are buying the house, and that is it”

  149. Love the Sophia Trellis, I think this would be great for our big old house to add some life to the walls!.Thanks for the chance to win!

  150. ARRGGH!!!! So many, I’m getting dizzy with ideas! I love the Flock of Cranes-thinkin for the Master Bathroom. I like the idea of stencils versus wall decals.

  151. I like the Beads All Over for myself but the Cats, Cats, and More Cats would be fun to stencil at my local animal shelter! :o)

  152. I love the Agora Allover. Thinking about a good combination for plantation themed master bedroom.
    However, Harmony damask is beautiful and would add that simple, classic touch.
    I could use ALL of the beautiful stencils! Love your style!

  153. Beautiful! It’s a complete tie between the Peacock Feather all over and the Beads all over. Love them both!

  154. I have always loved their Rabat stencil. Would look great behind my bed in the bedroom! Thanks.

  155. It’s a toss up between the zinnia and marrakech because I love both! I’ll goo with Marrakech!

  156. I love the Beads all Over and Pebbles All over a close second! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get it! I already have a wall in mind where I’ll try! Thanks!

  157. Loving the zinnia wall stencil! This would be perfect for my powder room makeover.

  158. I think my choice is Spring Songbirds. I am a lover of the outdoors and I have been wanting to purchase some sort of branches for my home.

  159. The peacock feather stencil – I’d love to use in the powder room in muted shades (neutral as in the picture) and with gold accesorries it will look fabulous!

  160. It’s hard to pick, but I think my favorite may be the Tamara Trellis allover stencil. So cute!

  161. I would love the Japanee Peonies stencil for a dramatic look in my foyer.

  162. I love the verde damask stencil! I would love to use it on one wall in my bedroom.

  163. OMG I am in LOVE with the “Belgian Lace All Over ” by Kim Myles stencil!! It’s hard to choose, because they are all so beautiful!

  164. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. :) I LOVE the Seahorse stencil, and would use it to etch my bathroom windows. Now, back to the stencil site. Thanks for giving me a new online addiction!

  165. I was just on this site last night helping my sister pick out a stencil for her office. Then read today about your give away, what are the odds?!! My favorite is the Rabat Allover stencil. Thanks for the chance to win.

    For the back of some built ins, or the Kim Miles inlay for an old chest I have upstairs.

  167. YAY! We are building a new house! I love all the stencils – I’m sure I could put them to good use!
    Good luck everyone :)

  168. I love so many it’s impossible to choose. Birch forest us one of my favorites, i wanted it for my nursery!

  169. LOVE LOVE the Almira Allover Stencil!
    To use for furniture application — what a fun
    way to spiff up an old piece. I think I see it
    in my entry way :)

  170. So hard to pick just one! The next stencil I buy will be the “Chandelier”. LOVE IT!

  171. Love Kim’s Furniture stencil. Already hsve the perfect piece of furniture.

  172. I love the Coral Allover Stencil, it would look great on one of my dining room walls.

  173. Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil is lovely. I can see it on an old dresser to entertainment wall project.

  174. So many great ones but I think my fav is the “Beads Allover Stencil”. Would be perfect for my dining room.

  175. I have big ideas in mind of the TAJ MAHAL ALLOVER STENCIL in my master bedroom.

  176. I was thrilled to find the Fleur-de-Lis 3 piece stencil kit. It’s always been a favorite pattern of mine. It reminds me of visiting Versailles.

  177. Paisley all-over stencil! It would be fantastic in my hallway. Thank for the chance to win.

  178. Beads Allover for a particular piece of furniture. But I do love the Chinese ginkgo! (have always had a soft spot for leave patterns, especially ginkgo) Thanks for the opportunity, Kate.

  179. I love the Charlotte for my daughter’s room and the zamira for my entryway or powder room
    I’ve always wanted to stencil a whole wall but haven’t gotten up the nerve to try yet.

  180. BIRCH FOREST ALLOVER STENCIL would be fun for our little boy’s room!

  181. It’s a complete toss-up between the Peacock Feather allover and the Beads allover. I love them both!

  182. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE either the Peacock Feather, Zamira, or Casablanca Allover Stencils for my hall bathroom! :)

  183. The Harlequin Allover Stencil is perfect for a focus wall in my powder room. I wanted to do something with the wall, but wasn’t sure what would look good. Now, I do. Thanks for the inspiration.

  184. I love the Moroccan one! So beautiful – would be perfect in my dining room!

  185. It’s hard to just chose one favorite, they are all gorgeous, but I would have to go with the Nagoya Allover Stencil!

  186. I love the Beads Allover Stencil and the Designer Stencil “Aspen” Allover. Thank you!

  187. Rabat Allover LARGE

    I use three main in my large open living areas. I would use this on the main accent wall and as accent on my kitchen backsplash and as primary tone on tone in my hallways.

  188. I love the Zinnia 3 piece stencil bc I would love to recreate a look like Hygge and West’s Petal Pusher. It’s my all time fave! I have to say that the Indian inlay furniture stencil kit is pretty amazing too.

  189. Deciding on a favorite stencil was sooo hard. There are so many I like. I’m choosing Lady’s Slipper Allover Stencil today. I especially like the pic that shows a subtle shimmer of color rather than going bold.

  190. I love the Beads All Over. You can go a light color variation to a strong contrast variation. The design is not thematic leaving you with a wall that can go with any change of decor. Not only that, but I think stenciling curtains or drapes with this design would bring in a very custom look in any color scheme needed. Overall, I believe this stencil is elegant but modern that has a look that can last for a long time. Thanks for the post. I would like to stencil a bedroom wall or walls or curtains with this stencil. I personally love the high contrast in color; great look.

  191. Vintage paisley for the bathroom and Casablanca all over for the living room. Yes please!

  192. Nagoya and the Peacock Feather as well as the Birch Trees…oh I can’t pick :) Thanks for the chance.

  193. I love the Charlotte Allover. It would certainly brighten my boring bedroom walls and you can use the circle pattern on it’s own for so many things!

  194. Love the vintage paisley stencil in all three sizes…and love the colors shown in the, sample….so lovely and cool. Thanks for telling us about these.

  195. ALL Cutting Edge Stencils are great so too many favs to name but one I’m eying now is Paisley All Over.

  196. Wow, so many beautiful choices! I pretty much love anything in the Moroccan category, but if I had to pick just one it would be the Herringbone Allover.

  197. One stencil? Really?? If I had to pick just one, It would probably have to be the Marrakech Trellis…

  198. After much deliberation, it has to be the Nagoya stencil, for my living room accent wall. Love it!!

  199. I love the Marrakech trellis, although, narrowing it down to one is kind of painful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. I love the Rabat Allover Stencil!! Would love to do it in gold over my existing chocolate brown paint for a fun accent wall in our living room!

  201. Also loving the peacock feather motif stencil in a fairly muted tone. Gorgeous!

  202. Just ordered the large camel bone weave this weekend but would love to do herringbone on a smaller wall in my home!

  203. OMG! There are so many lovely stencils to choose from! But 2 of my favourites is the Belgain Lace and Marrakech Allover!
    Really like your blog thanks for the opportunity!

  204. I’ve been lusting after their stencils for awhile, so many interesting and unique designs. I can’t say I can pick just one. I love the flock of cranes, dahlia all over stencil, lady’s slipper all over stencil, and the chandelier. I’ve also been talking to my boyfriend’s mother about repainting their second home in Puerto Rico to give it more character and I think the coral would look great there.

  205. I’m torn between two of their stencils – the damask and basic trellis – love them both.

  206. Love Love these stencils!
    I lam especially drawn towards the “Peacock Feather Allover” stencil, and the “Anna Damask”, but really lust after the” Ultimate Fresco Kit” to create an antique Chinese wallpaper effect on my bedroom wall!

  207. I also Love the birch trees,and the Hacienda all over is another Fav….so many to choose…Good Luck Everyone

  208. I am obsessed with these stencils! I would love the Agora Allover stencil for my headboard wall in my master!

  209. I love them all, but my interest is peaked by the Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil.

  210. They have added so many lovely stencils since the last time I viewed that site, but I think that Birch Forest still wins out.

  211. The Casablanca Allover is my favorite. It would look great in my bedroom!

  212. Nagoya all over stencil! Although I really like the peacock feather stencil as well. What an awesome site recommendation.

  213. Peacock feather or Marrakesh – so hard to choose! I’d love to do my daughter’s bathroom floor!

  214. All of these stencils are so gorgeous! I really like the Zamira Allover Stencil. Thank you!

  215. I’m so torn; I love the peacock feather, but I also love the navajo…I’m having a boy in the summer and am thinking either would work for his nursery! Thanks for the chance (and the inspiration)!

  216. Wow! So many great ones to choose from but my favorite is the Peacock Feathers. Thanks!

  217. Rabat Allover stencil would look good on our master bedroom wall.

    Thanks, Kate!

  218. I love the Marrakesh trellis stencil and the birds in a tree. I can’t decide on just one!

  219. Did you select winners for this? This is my first entry and I didn’t see an update to this entry or a new one announcing the winners : (

    Thanks for the chance!!

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