Spring Break!

By Kate Riley March 17, 2014

I’ve been looking forward to this week all month! The kids are off school for Spring Break so Matt and I are taking a few days off too. We’re flying to Las Vegas to hang out at my parents house – we’ll be spending our hours lounging poolside under palm trees sipping cold beverages and enjoying a date night downtown!

palm tree pool

I’ve got so much to share when I get back next week, projects that have been in the works for a over a month and an update on that fixer home we’re buying. I’ll be back here on Friday with a link roundup. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. That is very exciting!! Enjoy the break :)
    We here in Canada are slowly starting to awaken. After a long winter hibernation. The sun is getting warmer and all the snow and ice are slowly starting to melt.
    So when I say enjoy, I mean it with all my sluggish being (and lots of envy ;-))

  2. Have so much fun! Nothing like some sun and relaxation to rejuvenate the soul. Feel free to send some of that warm weather over to the east coast :)

  3. Welcome to Las Vegas! The weather will be fantastic and you’ll see lots of blue skies, warm temps for poolside fun and little humidity. That’s why I live here. Have a wonderful time with your family. Did you ever visit Springs Preserve when you visited Vegas? It’s a beautiful place for inspiration, family fun, walking trails through the gardens and so much more. Give a try if you get a chance.

    • The Springs Preserve is fantastic Patty, we visited last year, really wonderful!

  4. Have fun in Vegas! We are going to Aulani again for an overnight like last year. Wish you could come again too! We are moving from Hawaii to Kansas City at the end of the year so have to make the most of it!

    • Oh I love the Aulani Jennifer, can’t wait to go back someday, enjoy!

  5. Agree with Maria ^ but totally jealous, haha. I could really use some warmer weather here in the midwest. Although it is starting to slowly heat up! Have a great time ;)

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