BOTB 3.28.14

By Kate Riley March 28, 2014

Ugh, you guys I’ve spent the past 48 hours fighting off another cyber attack to the site, this is never fun. So many of you wrote to me, thank you for your concern. Long story short, there are sophisticated evil hackers out there, and it takes A LOT of work to defend yourself. Thanks so much for your patience!

It’s time again for another round of ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ with many inspiring ideas to share! My thanks as always to Amanda who helps me scour the web for all the talented projects, enjoy the roundup: 

Tour a glam blue and white bedroom at Nathan Walker complete with mirrored nightstands and a stunning metal pendant over the bed!

blue and white glam bedroom nathanwalker


This deep blue vanity is divine as are the rest of the details in this bathroom reno at The House Diaries.

house diaries bathroom reno


We love this impressive budget cottage kitchen remodel by Jen at Tatertots & Jello with so many great details shared in the story of the transformation.

budget kitchen remodel tatertotsandjello


I’m ready to tackle a set of plain closet doors in my office after seeing this upholstered door project over at Design*Sponge.

upholstered door nailhead trim


Put your own colorful twist on a DIY beaded empire chandelier with a tutorial spied at The Creativity Exchange.

beaded empire chandy creativityexchange


Just in time for spring, make your own patterned typography pillow with Jackie’s tips (from Teal & Lime) in a contributor post at Makely Home.

typography pillow diy


Oh how we love thee agate! Get the same glam look with this jewelry box project, details at Making Lemonade.

agate jewelry box


Learn the easy technique for painting watercolor letters with Emily at Jones Design Company.

watercolor letters


Also a big shout out to Tracy from Right Up My Alley for her DIY knock off of the chic Society Social Melrose console in the first round of CWTS, we’re working on her project for Round 2 today!

melrose console knock off


As always, check out Best of DIY for even more features!

best of diy weekly features


Have a fabulous weekend friends!



  1. oh i am in love with that bathroom and the bedroom! gorgeous! oh and the chandelier… and pretty much all of it.

  2. That blue vanity is absolutely gorgeous! I’m really going to have to try to make something similar to those agate jewelry boxes from Making Lemonade. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the BOTB! I love your blog and you have inspired many things and have helped me in so many ways.

  4. So glad to your blog again. My virus blocker hasn’t let me visit your site in a while. So sorry you’ve had trouble with your site.

  5. So sorry you’re having to deal with evil hackers. I don’t get why these people choose to do that. I LOVE the kitchen. I’m pinning this to my “our dream house” pinboard. That yellow chandelier is lovely burst of sunshine in that room!

  6. I voted for Tracy’s Console–because I love it–now love to discover it was yours and Tracy’s collaboration.

  7. Kate, I would love for you to do a post about hackers. How did you know you were being hacked? What did you do to fend them off? Do you know how they found you and where they are from? My email was hacked yesterday. Could that have come from your email which I have in my address book. Not blaming here, just trying to understand especially since I don’t have a web site. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Hi Nancy! It can happen a number of ways, through the backdoor of a site or by getting in through the front with passwords or by attacking the server or host. I would LOVE to share everything I’ve learned, my fear is that those hackers might be reading and figure out my strategy for protection. My best advice is to work with IT people who understand coding and hacking and how it all works. Again, I’m a sharer by nature but on this topic I need to maintain my fortress of information!!!

  8. Hi.. I just discovered your site. I am really enjoying it. I am busy planning how to redo/rebuild my outside deck. (The original deck that came with the house when we bought it needs to be replaced.
    I am fascinated by gardens that feature native plants. I saw your incentive to mention Crane & Canopy. I am totally in love with the Montgomery Cobalt Blue Collection. P.S. We have a queen size bed and staying warm and snug in March in Minnesota requires a duvet to nestle into at night!
    I assume you will post the winners on our blog?

  9. Hi Kate, I’m your website follower and I love how you share a lot of ideas like blogging, taking good pictures, I’m so inspired of all the photos you post day by day. Hope these hackers get a life!

  10. Thank you Gladys! I’m sure they’ll move on to other victims – shame on all those awful coders who target good people….

  11. I miss blogland…I didnt blog for almost 2 years now…Im finally back since now my son is taking longer naps lol love your blog… you are the reason why I started blogging..miss your blog

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