TEKTON Tool Giveaway

By Kate Riley February 13, 2014

Every DIYer knows the value of great tools, especially ones that help you get the job done right. Having the right tools at your disposal saves time and avoids unnecessary trips to the hardware store.

In ancient Greece, a “tekton” was an artisan, a crafter, a doer – does that sound like you? Today the family owned company known as TEKTON Tools is helping two of you fill up your tool chest with a giveaway that will make any DIYer’s heart skip a beat.

Take a look at these goodies!

tekton tool kit giveaway


The giveaway includes everything seen above: a 10-in-1 tool, set of clamps, putty knife, mallet, screwdriver set, detail brush set, bolt cutter, pliers set, wire stripper, pry bar, ratchet screwdriver and bit set, carpenter’s tool, offset screwdrivers, tape measure, caulking gun, magnetic pickup tool, mini level set – so great right?

Not one but TWO winners will receive all of the above !!

Eligibility to win one of the two tool sets displayed:

1) Answer this question: What is the top DIY project in your home right now? Name it in a comment to be eligible to win.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Thanks so much to TEKTON Tools for sponsoring this giveaway! Follow TEKTON on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates on the latest tools. Two winners chosen at random. Giveaway ends Sunday February 16, 2014 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: # 395 Paula; # 117 Steve Sanders – notified via email



  1. These tools would come in VERY handy for my mud room/laundry room project I have on the horizon. Adding planks to the walls, hooks, and a nook complete with cabinets, shelves and cubbies! Wish me luck!

  2. My top DIY project right now is our nursery! I need to make a crib skirt, a pillow and a mobile.

  3. Priority number one is currently tiling my fireplace hearth–old tile has been demoed out for two weeks and I’m sick of looking at the old thinset underneath…time to get on that!

  4. So, here’s the funny part, my top DIY project at the moment, is an organization system for my…..DIY crafts! I teach a homeschool class for middle school girls, and during the semester, I will have lots of crafty items pulled out for the class. I have some great ideas for how to store them better, and this tool set would help greatly! Thanks to you both for a fantastic giveaway!

  5. We just had experts re-tile our shower but are thinking of doing the rest of the bathroom ourselves. Newbies to DIY!

  6. Getting my hardwood floors installed is priority number 1 right now! Some of those tools would come in very handy for pulling up the old carpet and getting the new wood in!

  7. Our top DIY project that we are working on is Alder hardwood floors in our kitchen and powder room. My husband buys the wood, routes the tung and groove, sands and stains…….a very loooong project! But so worth the effort! Thanks so much for the chance!

  8. We have 2 bathrooms that we are gutting and putting back together on a teeny tiny budget, new tools would be fantastic!

  9. We are working on enclosing our game room. Drywall, electrical, door installation, yipes. So much fun though!

  10. I would love to refinish our dining room table. It’s a nice hand-me-down that has some scratches and dents.

  11. We are about to move into a new home so we have tons of them – installing window coverings, wainscoting in the dining room, new kitchen backsplash, replace faucets in the kitchen and powder room. Those are the ones on the top of our list at this point!

  12. My DIY project is new shelving in my craft room/office closet. You can never have too many tools!

  13. We are putting off our kitchen reno! Our plans are final but we just can’t seem to take that first step! Great giveaway!

  14. We have lots of furniture related projects for our new home and these Tekton tools would be life savers on those projects!

  15. I am working on installing lazy Susan’s in my panty. Four of them! Boy oh boy would these tools come in handy!

  16. Painting, lots and lots of painting is on my list- walls and furniture. I also need to hanging some floating shelves.

  17. We just moved in to a condo with no storage, so we’ll be diving head first into DIY built in galore soon!

  18. We want to redo the shelving system in our master closet. It’s very small and inefficient the way it’s currently designed.

  19. What a great give away! I could use these to help with our outdoor patio conversion. Thanks for a small chance to win.

  20. The hubs is making plantation shutters for our bedroom. These tools I would hide and keep for myself!

  21. We are remodeling our basement currently and our biggest DIY projects include demo, installing a barn door and laying down flooring in the workout room. Can’t wait for it to be done! Thanks for the chance to win these tools!

  22. we are tackling a bathroom with tile walls and floor. It started out as needing to replace a bit of wet sheetrock behind the toilet….and one year later gutted and almost done.

    what a project!

  23. Just installed wood floors in my living room, so top DIY project is to get the new baseboards installed.

  24. We just bought our first house this year so we have a long list of projects! First up is updating our kitchen and getting a nursery together!

  25. My next big project is painting the kitchen cabinets. Been staring at them and reading about how to do it for 3 years. Time to go!

  26. We’re working on our entryway. New light fixture, refinished front door, hooks, paint, etc. So excited to see it finished. And ready for a new functional space in our home!

  27. My top DIY project is doing a kitchen face lift. New counter tops, painting cabinets, installing a backsplash. Anything to make it looking less blah!

  28. Our top DIY project at this time is moving a wall and opening up a hallway and building a space above the two story foyer. We are installing new hardwood floor as well. our upstairs is a major construction zone.

  29. I’m redoing my hall bath right now. The next thing on the list is some built in shelving. It’s pretty permanent so there’s lots of measuring and remeasuring going on in preparation to get it right!

  30. The Top Project in my home is the bathroom. My husband began redoing it last winter and well –let’s just say we are in the middle of it still.

  31. Right now the project I need to do the most is more cabinets in the kitchen. There is currently only one and an open shelf, but the space where the shelf is can hold two large cabinets, which I need for my ever-growing kitchen tool/machine/gadget collection.

  32. Where do I start?! I’ve got a million DIY going on. My top one would be replacing our bathroom floors with tile!

  33. I need to apply a skim coat to the walls at the entryway. It had wallpaper and I couldn’t get it all off without butchering the drywall a bit.

  34. Biggest DIY project: Our whole house. We just moved in last August to a house that was still set in the early 90’s. Duck wallpaper, teal carpet, wood panelling. You name it, we had it. Specifically right now, we are working on a LOT of painting.

  35. Just about to tackle removing old traverse drapery rods and replacing them with simpler and more current rods. Since I’m changing the height at which the rods are hung, I could really use some of those tools. Thanks for doing such a great, heart-skippy giveaway!

  36. We’re considering adding a bathroom to our basement. There’s a rough-in for it, we just have to decide if it’s worth putting in before we move.

  37. With no money for renovations, I am DIY redoing my kitchen, pantry and half bath. Painting walls and cabinets, stripping wallpaper, installing beadboard and new butcherblock countertops, fixing plumbing issues…I’m learning A LOT!!

  38. We are going to start phase one in our master bathroom in the next month. I know we have a mold issue by our shower door. I hope it’s only in the spot I can see. :-( These tools would be a great to help.

  39. Everything! We just bought a house and we will be slowly changing everything in the entire place! Would love to win. Thanks!

  40. I’m going to install baseboards in my craft room. After lots of video research and an in store consultation.

  41. Our 13 yr old builder-grade master bath is failing big time. It needs to be gutted. After that comes new flooring throughout the whole house!

  42. We are ready to work on our master bedroom before we find out the sex of our baby. Because we know then we’ll be onto the nursery! Thanks for the chance! :)

  43. We are assembling two media centers with glass doors from Target. Will use them as low credenzas / bookcasess on either side of the living room fireplace.

  44. Just beginning the process of re-doing the bathroom. Nice to have a good set of tools to start with.

  45. We’re changing out all of the brass fixtures, door knobs and hinges in our home. The oil rubbed bronze makes my heart sing. :)

  46. We’re working on decorating my son’s bedroom … going to start with a tongue and groove plank wall :)

  47. Oh my word, the number one DIY project in our home that needs finished is the trim! It has been 95% complete for a few months and we just cannot muster up the motivation to finish!

  48. I just moved so everything in my apartment is DIY right now. Probably installing shelves in a closet is top of the heap right now

  49. We’ll be tackling our kitchen very soon. It’s been a long time coming and needs a complete makeover of ceiling, walls, cabinets, and flooring…but I’m hoping for the ceiling, lighting, and drywall at least :)

  50. My most urgent need is constructing some sort of pantry arrangement. The large, ugly shelving unit in the kitchen needs to go!

  51. I am getting ready to build a storage piece for my bathroom. A big one. From scratch! (Yikes)

  52. We have a complete gut renovation planned on a three unit building. We are currently living in a tiny apartment and own a hammer and a screwdriver, these tools would be heavily used!

  53. My top project right now is repairing mold stained walls and ceiling in our bathroom before painting it. Putting in a new bathroom floor and some light fixtures. Thank You for the chance to win!

  54. We are remodeling our upstairs bathroom all by ourselves. It’s taken us a lot longer than we thought. But it’s been fun!

  55. Awesome giveaway. We have lots of DIY projects but the major one at the moment is kitchen remodeling.

  56. we’ve been working on a re-upholstery project (loveseat) for months! I bet some new tools would help motivate us to finish it up faster and show it off! Thanks for the chance!

  57. My whole house needs remodeled. We just lost our dream home and had to move into a fix it upper.

  58. Our entire house is one big DIY project :) The main one right now is trimming out our dining room window, patio door, and big walk-thru between our dining room and kitchen. As attractive as the drywall edges and insulation are…it’s time for them to disappear! :)

  59. Our Phase 1 kitchen remodel! We need to paint cabinets & trim, install new cabinets and a new sink and faucet.

  60. My top DIY project is getting the master bedroom finished. Definitely the last room to be done, but one I’m most excited for!

  61. Converting my unused living room into a dining room and the current dining room into an office. Hardwood flooring in both rooms, foyer and mud room.

  62. My DIY is a restoration. I have a China cabinet done but still working on the matching buffet. I have to take it all apart, reglue, sand, and put on a finish.

  63. I am painting my kitchen cupboards right now. The outside looks good but painting the inside has made a huge difference.

  64. Fixing the shower door for the third time. I just may need to call a professional if it doesn’t work this time.

  65. My main project is fixing up our detached garage, which is in poor shape. However, I also have other projects at the same time, such as installing new sinks and toilets and fixing drywall and trim.

  66. I just prepped the half bathroom to paint last night and planning to paint and add new accessories tonight!

  67. I am working on the final finishes after refinishing my great room built in cabinets and shelves.

  68. Your bannister makeover has inspired me to redo our oak railing which will be my next project.

  69. I want to re-do our nightstands and headboard with paint and hardware! I would love to win this.

  70. With a house that is 87 years old I have plenty of projects to do. The next major project will be to remodel the den. Should get started this spring.

  71. I’m about to install built-in shelves in a random nook in our guest bath. After that, this 10 month long revamp will FINALLY be completed!

  72. We’re working on our laundry room: fixing a leak, tiling the floor, and installing a new sink and shelves! It’s our first house DIY project so we have a lot to learn!

  73. These would come in very handy as we start to tackle our office redo. Trying to squeeze 2 desks and storage into one space is going to be tricky!

  74. just finished nightstands for our master bedroom, will be starting on building a console table in the next few weeks!

  75. My living room/kitchen! It’s all one big room so it’s feeling a bit overwhelming since I want to make sure everything flows well together. A new set of tools would certainly bring down the stress :)

  76. This would be so great to win! I have a list of projects: building a desk, refinishing a HW side table, and building headboards for the Tot room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  77. We’re working on making curtains for the living room and dining rooms and hanging them on new wooden rods.

  78. I’ve been working on updating my 60’s wood paneled living room for a few months, bits at a time. Ripped out all the carpet (why oh why do people cover up gorgeous hardwood floors??), painted all the paneling and trim, got a new sofa, and all new decor. The last bits are re-hanging “floating” shelves from Ikea that are not “floating” quite right, and finishing painting the hallway to match. I’m also looking for one of those ladder-style bookcases on the cheapy-cheap to replace a smaller piece of furniture. Oh and I need a big, round mirror for the entry area – why are decorative mirrors so expensive?!

  79. I’m currently working on the last two closets in my house to contain Billy bookcases and double hung rods. Can’t wait to finish!

  80. We are going to turn a closet into a pantry . It is now a coat closet with very deep sides which we will cover in floor to ceiling shelves.

  81. I am currently painting the interior of my house and my next DIY project is to hang shelves in our garage once the weather is nice!

  82. We just bought a late 1960’s home. My DIY project is the house! I must replace all carpet, (1975 era), paint everything and update the bathrooms and kitchen. It will be a few years but it should be nice when done. We hope!
    Will link to facebook

  83. Currently doing a DIY bathroom makeover! Stripping wallpaper, new paint on the walls, baseboards and doors, and new flooring.

  84. what aren’t we working on in our home right now? We just closed and there is a lot to do – but top this week is the bathroom – needs a major facelift.

  85. Finally finishing 2 bathrooms–one gutted and rebuilt and the other entirely new. Both are functional, but plenty of details remain. (Then there’s the half-started room at the back of the garage, and the garden tool cupboard to be built on a wall of the carport, and…. so goes the life of people who buy fixer-uppers.)

  86. working on painting and remodeling a room that will become my grandson’s bedroom when he is born in April :)

  87. in the process of redoing our front porch (two pillars) and the railings, etc. Good times. :)

  88. Right now we are ALMOST done remodeling the bathroom, but that’s still our main DIY right now.

  89. The Main Project is the interior and my siding. My house was built in 1927 in the Sana Cruz Mountains. Its an old a frame! Needless to say it needs Work. Did the foundation . My Fiance moved in now remodeling the kitchen bath and everything else! Thanks!

  90. Will be moving in June to a fixer upper!! Lots of painting, tearing down, and rebuilding in my future :) As well as updating some old furniture pieces for our new home

  91. right now we are redoing the bath room.with new tulstoilet,shower,and sink.my nephew wants a rain forest shower head .i dont know maybe.

  92. Recently bought a 1949 house and it requires LOTS of help. Just redid the bath & kitchen but there are still so many projects and finishing pieces. Next big one, redoing the mudroom – floors, panelling, paint, everything!

  93. My DIY project is building a reading bench for my 9-year old, complete with storage cubbies and an upholstered cushion seat.

  94. Well our entire house is a fixer-uper, but next project is the kiddo/guest bathroom. It’s disgusting.

  95. The biggest DIY in our house right now is our backyard 2 story shed! We’ve been working on rebuilding the stairs, refinishing the floors on the upper level, replacing windows and rebuilding the front entry way for a long time now!

  96. Need to insulate and repair old windows and sashes. Winter is taking its toll on everything else as well!

  97. We want to install a fireplace and build a hearth in our master bedroom right now! Next is the bathrooms (:

  98. Turning our drab laundry/mudroom into fab. Getting rid of a closet that is under utilized into a space that is functional. Going to add a bench, coat hooks, maybe some bead board…hoping to make it a weekend project :)

  99. Build a reading nook for my sons room. I’m thinking low hung shelves, a cozy rug with plush pillows.

  100. I’m currently finishing up refinishing my dining table and china cabinet. Next will be making a headboard and reupholstering my sofa.

  101. My husband would be so psyched if I won this giveaway! Our big project this month is getting our nursery ready for our new baby (due in April). My husband has been so helpful turning our fixer-upper apartment into a cute cozy home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. My DIY projects include replace the floors in both bathrooms and the washing machine and dryer room 2 of my bedrooms have holes in the floor also from the roof leaking so I will be repairing them too we have a metal roof on our double wide trailer but whoever installed it did not do it correctly thank you guys for the chance to win these great tools.

  103. Our big DIY project right now is getting the nursery ready. Painting, molding, curtains and more!

  104. Right now, we are in the middle of redoing my craft room. When we bought the house last year, it had almost wall-to-wall bookshelves, and since it was out of the way it became a dumping ground for everything we didnt know what to do with. I finally snapped a few weeks ago and emptied everything into the living room, and my hubby built in the shelves. I’m so excited to get my room done!

  105. Right now I need to fix/ rehang the tool hanger / organizer in my entry/ broom closet. As soon as the weather warms up ( I’m hoping this will be before May) I want to paint the man door to the garage to match the overhead door.

  106. Actually contemplating which DIY home project we want to tackle this Spring. Leaning towards the master bedroom.

  107. I’d like to make 2 upholstered headboards. Never tackled it before, but seems easy enough!

  108. I’ve been slowly working on refinishing our kitchen chairs. Then yesterday I noticed the door trim in the bathroom peeling — a little sanding later and I realized that the paint before our paint had not been primed correctly (I can see the layers of different colors, so cool). A few hours of sanding later, and my dear husband came home to a patchy door frame! Guess I need to get that finished up soon.

  109. Great giveaway! It’s hard to say which DIY project we’re working on… We’ve started many and finished few! I guess our back yard is our focus right now.

  110. My husband is retiring at the end of March and I have a whole list of stuff to do! Starting with apply beadboard to our hallway!!! I would love the tools.

  111. The garage right now needs the most work. We need to figure out a feasible storage solution.

  112. We are working on our bathroom. Mostly cosmetic stuff but we want a bigger sink cabinet and something better than the standard builder ones!

  113. My old office, now storeroom. It needs to be cleared out so we can rip out the carpet and put in the hardwood flooring we picked up on clearance over five years ago. That’s not even including all the shelving we’ll need to put in afterwards.

  114. We have a hole in our drywall on the way down our basement steps! I have four boys…so not our first or our last needed repair!

  115. Need to paint kitchen cabinets. Right now they’re the ugly 80’s oak color. I can’t STAND them!

  116. We have two major projects. One we are re doing a little table and building 2 chairs to give my daughter a cute little table set for tea partys and coloring in her room, and then we are building a cute little bookshelf/storage for the living room. And once those are done, a nail polish shelf for my fav nail polishes to finally be displayed and accessed so much easier! thanks for the giveaway!!

  117. We are doing a bathroom makeover right now: adding board and batten (using your tutorials as a guide!), then new paint, new shower curtain, and building one of Ana White’s bookshelves for storage. These tools would help so much! Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. I need to finish a downstairs bathroom. Love these tools, just what is needed for a DIYer. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  119. I’m currently working on adding paneling to all of my interior doors. It has turned into quite the project.

  120. How to pick just one? I guess I’ll say tiling a bathroom. I’ll need tools for that one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  121. The next project is to assemble a new desk for my daughter for her birthday then install a new kitchen faucet.
    Finally tackle fishing our basement.

  122. My favorite project would have to be an Antique Steamer trunk I turned into a coffee table by adding a gorgeous piece of pine on top that I stained. Love it!

  123. I finally made my way through all the scrap wood I had stacked up in my kitchen (it’s a small apartment), and created some awesome wall art. So next, I’ve got a box of parts from a 1920s airplane that I need to turn into some crazy creation. Also, pops needs help putting down the floor in the addition to his cabin.

  124. I’d say completing the refinishing of a dresser is a top priority; that is, right after I fold the laundry and do the dishes!

  125. My top DIY project is to paint the kitchen cabinets white and replace the over-the-range microwave and cabinet with a wall-mounted hood :-)

  126. Top diy project these days is easy…planning 3 awesome outdoor spaces for home, as well as an ergonomic organic garden. Busy spring! I think my husband would love me to have my own tools already! Great giveaway

  127. It’s not a huge project but I want to paint my fireplace mantel. It’s currently finished wood but it has a country sort of feel. I’m planning on painting it white.

  128. We just bought our first home with an unfinished bath, so when we shower we FREEZE! I suppose the most important project at the moment would be putting together our first tool kit so we can finish it!

  129. We are working on trying to figure out the best way to reduce the echo in our living room. Very tall ceilings and hardwood floors make for a noisy room, even with rugs and furniture! It’s a conundrum, for sure.

  130. I’m working on Christmas gifts because I have been sick and lazy for awhile now… Worst DIY’er ever!

  131. Top DIY house project would definitely have to be the only bathroom we have in the house – cabinets, hardware, shelving, paint, etc…

  132. Top project would be the kitchen….it’s super old so we kind of have to start from scratch. These would come in very handy :-)

  133. We are getting underway on finishing our basement! We’re hiring out the electric, and DIYing all the rest!

  134. The top DIY project right now? We are in the middle of laying down new pavers for our entryway. But after that? Popcorn ceiling removal!!

  135. Right now it is my living room. It just got turned back into a living room so the sky’s the limit!! I think the first thing is redoing the upholstery on some chairs that I have that are an ugly dusty pink. But the chairs are fab.

  136. It’s hard to pick just one, but I’d love to rip off the cheap, thin, heartbreaking woodwork my developer put up and install something more substantial. We’re ripping up the carpets (after 8 years of abuse by kids and dogs), so this would be the time to do it. Fun fun fun!

  137. About to TOTALLY revamp my bedroom, including but not limited to knocking out a closet, building a nail polish rack, and somehow DIYing a mirror desk. No rest for the weary ;) Matter of fact this endeavor is how I found this blog to begin with!

  138. Painting Kitchen cabinets it the latest plan… I have a mish mash of hand me down tools. This set would be awesome.

  139. My husband and I just bought our first new home together so there are lots of projects! Our #1 priority is the kitchen though. We’ve been saving up to get started.

  140. I’m moving into a new apartment this weekend and have long lists of projects to be completed, including multiple IKEA hacks.

  141. Right now I have wallpaper stripped in my bathroom and I want to do a tiled wall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  142. My current project is trying to convince my husband to install hardwood floors in our kitchen.

  143. Our biggest project is our WHOLE HOUSE!! We bought our 1902 house out of foreclosure in May and have been completely restoring it since then. And tomorrow we spend our first night there!! There have been countless changes and updates, but the most recent is our new guest bathroom. You can see it on my blog today. :)

  144. Oh man, I have quite the list. I suppose our guest bathroom would be our first project (you know, to practice before we DIY our master bath).

  145. We have so many projects going right now since we just moved in about 6 months ago. Probably the top would be adding some storage solutions and getting rid of the ugly 80’s wallpaper.

  146. We’re starting to plan a master bath update, some hardwood floors, and maybe some new landscaping. For those, and for all the other little repairs around the house, those tools would be awesome!

  147. The bathroom. My husband has promised for years to remodel. I’ve even taken the towel racks down and it has left holes in the wall. Still no luck.

  148. My first priority is finishing my mudroom. Then I have to install the vintage Chambers stove I’ve been restoring which will require moving a few kitchen cabinets. These tools would come in very handy at that time. (And really All the time with an old house.) CTD

  149. We just moved here last Fall, so we have lots of projects! Staining the faded yellow oak banisters and fireplace mantle is at the top of my list. We finally have a place to store tools in our garage though, so adding to our meager collection would be awesome!

  150. We are planning to build a cooling system for our roof utilizing water in swimming pool. These tools will be great to have. Thanks.

  151. A curtain for our front door is in the making. The kitchen really should be next. I’m just not sure I’m ready for a big project!

  152. My top diy project is my master bedroom…new headboard, painting walls, and painting some furniture.

  153. Master bath! But that will be a biggie so we’re working on other smaller updates for the time being!

  154. I am currently working on master bedroom. Next up is painting the walls and then refinishing the furniture and possibly building a platform bed.

  155. I am currently refinishing a dresser. However, I need some warmer weather before I can do much more since I can’t do any sanding in the kitchen!

  156. Definitely painting my cabinets. We’ve been in our house for a year now and I’ve been plugging away fixing up all the rooms. Now that I’m close to being dome the kitchen is next on the list and those ugly dated oak cabinets need to go!

  157. Crown moulding in the master bedroom. There’s just something about crown that adds polish to a room.

  158. I’ll be building a trellis and planter boxes to make my apartment balcony more plant friendly!

  159. thanks for the wonderful giveaway! The top project is doing something (probably painting) my kitchen cupboards. I love your blog!

  160. We’re actually in the process of buying our first house so everything will be on the list!!! This would be amazing to win! Fingers crossed!

  161. I’m working on my kitchen. Very big undertaking, and I could always use more tools for that.

  162. Redoing an old wood dining table set! I’m going to sand it down, paint it,& reupholster the dining chairs. Wheeew!

  163. My top priority is to finish the installation of my studio cabinets. The second is to do the same in my kitchen!

  164. Almost a DIY project–some of it we may have someone help with. Installing hardwood flooring. Major undertaking!

  165. Our son bought his own home and we are trying to get his old bedroom fixed up – stripping wallpaper border, painting, replacing baseboards, buying new blinds and curtains.

  166. I just purchased a new home, so I have a lot of projects right now. I’m currently working on crown moulding and trimming out columns in the Media Room.

  167. We just bought a 100 yr old house which everything needs to be worked on. Currently it is the bathroom, which is in dire need. Thanks!

  168. We could have used most all of these on our bathroom gut and remodel. Maybe the kitchen update.

  169. We have one huge DIY project…fixing up our 1954 vintage home! Every room needs work & these tools would certainly help us. The biggest eyesore & room most in need of fixing up is the bathroom…the only bathroom in this house. We’re tackling that first.

  170. We are fixing up a 1910 Foursquare, so lots and lots of projects left. We’re hoping to finish the walk up attic & make it a play room for the kids.

  171. We are hoping to hang a lot of artwork in our house. We moved 1.5 years ago but still have tons of bare walls. Time to add some personality to the walls!

  172. The top DIY right now is my bedroom! I need a headboard, DIY window seat with shelves, and double doors for my closet!

  173. We currently have a bathroom totally gutted. We are trying to re-model the bathroom and a bedroom so my sister can move in.

  174. Since my husband retired from teaching this year, he has been doing some renovating in the house! New tools would be perfect for my new handyman!!

  175. I’m working on my creative space, aka one of the spare bedrooms. I just put in vinyl plank floors and a Closetmaid system. Next I’m removing the ugly baseboard trim and closet surround molding that came with the house. Luckily it was installed badly and comes right off the wall. Then I have to figure out how to hang bi-fold doors on the closet. Not sure why that’s such a scary proposition but eeeeeckkkk!

  176. Our next project is to create a mudroom/storage area in the unfinished portion of our basement. Would love some more tools!

  177. Just moved into a new house. Painting, changing light fixtures and ceiling fans and organizing closets !

  178. We’re redoing our first floor bathroom. We’re using your bathroom as our model and it is coming out very nicely.

  179. We are painting the laundry room now and plan to add some new lights and shelving.

  180. I am working on long little shelves that will hold my painting while they dry and making my own canvas frames and frames. I love doing it all myself!

  181. We are redoing a 25 plus yr old tub surround (tile is Pepto Bismol pink!!), plus the shower diverter and supply lines. Also have a window in the middle of it to work around/with.

  182. Currently m DIY project is new hardwood floors in the family room and cutting a large tv stand down.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  183. Our top project is redoing the electrical wiring. The breakers keep flipping from being overloaded.

  184. Right now I’m gearing up to redo the mudroom. There are so many functions to fit in the space! I’m getting lots of ideas and pining all sorts of DIY projects for it.

  185. The whole apartment! I spent the last couple of years “homeless”, backpacking around the world with all of my belongings in six bins in brother’s basement. Now that I have a new job in a brand new city, I have ambitious plans. If I had to pick one, first up is painting. The entire apartment, including doors, baseboards, baseboard heaters, and even door hinges, is covered in awful eggshell white.

  186. We just found out the hot water under the kitchen sink has been leaking, so we’ll be pulling up the whole floor and re-doing that and putting in some new cabinets

  187. Lots of “Finish” work to do! Finish the bathroom, finish the bedroom, finish the drywall…see where this is heading??

  188. I’m refinishing an antique bedside table and making plans to build a headboard so I no longer lean against the window at night reading! No more guillotine trap!

  189. Time to start working on the guest room. It’s currently storage for all the extra junk and I’m itching to give it a make over.

  190. My master closet is my next project! It’s currently completely empty, no shelves, rods or anything…it’s long overdue!

  191. I just converted a coffee table into an ottoman and love the end result – tackling the end tables next!

  192. We are trying built in shelving in our powder room. There is zero storage space in there, I’m hoping it will be very functional and pretty.

  193. need to finish the kitchen so badly!! Don’t have any of these tools, it would make it SO much easier :) Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  194. We are finishing up gutting and redoing our basement! We are almost done building the custom cabinet to hide the gas meter (old house) with a built-in wine rack. It’ taken a couple of years to do the whole project, but that’s what happens when you do everything yourself!

  195. Installing some built in cabinets and windows seats are next on the agenda at our house. And then painting all the walls a new color….. time for the white to go!!! Would love to have all these tools!!!

  196. I’m in the last stages of finishing up my laundry room. Need to put up one more cabinet door, add hardware, spray paint and install the chandelier, touch up paint and add some artwork then call it done!

  197. #1 – Installing kitchen cabinets – living with open metal shelves right now. Not working well with a 2 year old.
    #2 – Replacing water damaged linoleum floor in the bathroom with tile.
    #3 – Replacing the dry-rotted deck in the back yard.
    #4…. So many projects!

  198. The top project is making a bench for the entry-way; I have the legs, now I just need the right top (I want a live-edge slab).

  199. Wow, this is amazing! I would have tools to finish all that has been started! The kitchen, painting, the garage….Thank you!

  200. We are redoing our kitchen, linked to facebook !! Hope I can win cause I really need these tools.. I’ll not buy what I need to complete my DIY and I’ll wait for the winner announcement cause I’m gonna win :-D :-D

  201. Oh, there are so many projects–re-doing drywall, installing outdoor lighting, renovating 2 bathrooms…the list goes on!

  202. Our home is at a standstill. We have so many projects started, but everything came to a screeching halt once I was diagnosed with RA. Many tears have been shed as I have gone through surgery after surgery.

  203. I am renovating my master bath and updating my kitchen sink. Then it is on to redoing our kitchen cabinets.

  204. Right now I am re doing my laundry room. Painting the walls & cabinets! I am so excited, every wall in my house is either gold or gray, I have discovered bright AWAKE colors, yea, turquoise is the color for the walls & cream cabinets with glaze ( we will see if I can do the glaze) let’s face it after painting the cabinets I may be to tred to glaze. Lol

  205. Our biggest project right now is refinishing or dinning room table and 10 chairs that was my parents. It’s pickled and white washed so it will need to be completely stripped and refinished!

  206. Just finished picking out kitchen cabinets and counter top. We have our work cut out for us in 6 weeks when all this stuff arrives………. (:
    We will probably need more than tools………………….ha

  207. We are working on our master bedroom right now, although there are many little projects that need to be taken care of!

  208. I am undergoing a major life transition and have moved into a home of my own that needs some work. It’s an exciting time, but I have no tools with which to assemble some new items. I also have some interior renovations that need to be made. Winning these Tekton tools would make a big difference in my ability to set up my new home. Thank you for your consideration!

  209. Right now, I have two projects going on. I’m painting the bedframe and dresser in my guest room, and I’m getting ready to install an in the cabinet trashcan in my kitchen. Fun, fun!

  210. I stained a huge tv console with 6 coats of stain colors-
    White, Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown with a white coat base of paint primer to
    the raw wood. Everyone thinks it’s from Pottery Barn!!!

  211. I am taking down an interior wall to expose the brick. I have been removing the plaster and drywall, and plan to re-drywall around the brick. It will be gorgeous. I am also removing the outdated wallpaper in my kitchen so I can paint.

  212. My entire 3rd floor is begging to be turned into a master suite but I don’t have any money for it right now so we’re trying to figure out what we can do to make it workable without spending a lot of money on contractors. I also need to fix a wallpaper border in my dining room that has been messed up since we moved a doorway almost 2 years ago. I’m sure it will take me 10 minutes.

  213. Our biggest DIY project is my husband building a set of built-in cabinets and shelves in our playroom/homeschool room. He is starting on them tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited!

  214. We tore off the back porches on our house and added an enclosed porch on the second story which is sitting unfished right now.

  215. I have a million projects but the most pressing is my nursery considering the baby arrives in 3 months.

  216. Next project is extending kitchen cabinets up to ceiling and adding crown molding throughout kitchen and family room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  217. Just finished painting kids’ room this week. Gearing up for refinishing a table and turning it into their nightstand.

  218. Remodeling the master bathroom and the second bathroom, finish installing moulding in the master bedroom , removing the carpet downstairs and installing hardwood floors.

    At least that is the plan. :0)

  219. Just finished laundry room and now working on replacing those awful wire shelves with wood. So excited to get started

  220. So many things to do. I guess the biggest project I got going on right now is a workbench in the basement. We recently had our oil tank replaced and the newer one was wider and further out from the wall than the original so my current workbench that I had in front of it is now way too big. I either have to cut it down or build a new one… I’ve just been lazy for the past couple weeks.

  221. Have not started yet but my living room is in desperate need of a complete makeover. Currently in the planning phase!

  222. Our bedroom! Sewing curtains, building a headboard, installing a chandelier… The list never ends! :-)

  223. Currently working on updating my laundry/mudroom/dog room by replacing the flooring but found that a section of the subfloor needs to be repaired as well. We put a fresh coat of paint, putting up Billy bookshelves for cubbies and Algot shelving for laundry organization. I’d like to make the door into a Dutch door rather than use the baby gate that we currently use for ol’ Fido. :)
    Other projects include: installing picture frame wainscoting on my stairs and finish painting the baseboards and door trim white throughout the second floor. Eventually, I’ll repainting the kitchen cabinets white and put a fresh coat of paint there too. Oh yeah, I also plan to gel stain my bathroom cabinets in the master bath and hall bath too! Whew! There’s always something! ;)

  224. I’m anxiously awaiting spring break (teacher) so I can tackle a backsplash and staining the kitchen cabinets. The golden oak is driving me nuts!!

  225. I have been wanting to put up a gallery wall in my living room and put shelves on my kitchen wall for extra storage.

  226. Hacking some old Ikea furniture to create a more functional laundry room/closet in our little apartment! These tools would be such a huge help!

  227. My top project is a bathroom redo very soon. Tired of living with the 70’s. Project long overdo!

  228. Living room top to bottom! New hardwood floors, paint, curtains, lighting. Then off to the family room for a fresh coat of paint!!

  229. Just built out front hall closet into a open ” built-in closet” with bead board and trim. Just what the architecturally boring townhouse needed! Thank you for all your inspiration to get these projects done!

  230. Finally making our teeny tiny laundry room more functional with storage and space for a mudroom!

  231. We just moved into a new house, and we’re in the midst of totally redoing the kitchen–the first of many projects!!

  232. the TOP project is organizing my new crafting room (including shelves/storage) before moving on to another room…..a close second is FINALLY hanging our photos and stuff around the house.

  233. We are re-doing the fireplace and hearth and it is starting to look awesome! Thanks for the give away!!!

  234. So I know you said one, but we are currently deciding on which project to start!! I think we are going to raise our kitchen cabinets and add a shelf, a la domesticimperfection.com, I also want to add a pull out garbage and recycle can as well as remove the stile from the lower cabinets and add inside drawers for the pots and appliances! (And after that we just might be doing a billy bookcase built in, but I cant decide which wall!! Email me if you can help!)
    Oh, and I want to tile the backsplash :D
    I swear I’m not nesting, is there a name for this crazy drive to personalize my home??

  235. Right now we are setting up a plan to build out own living room table and also pulling up our yucky vinyl kitchen floor to lay down some new flooring!

  236. I’ve got 2 DIY projects going right now. The first is remodeling the bathroom – replacing the medicine cabinet facade with tile and a new mirror that I’m making into a door. The second is upgrading all the discount store book shelves my husband accumulated over time. They’ve all got warped shelves and torn backing from the heavy books.

  237. I have a headboard that is half painted in the garage, waiting for the temps to rise for me to finish and a coffee table and side table that need a paint/stain job and new hardware. Can’t wait for Spring!

  238. Crown molding in all the bedrooms! Would also love to screen in our porch but I’m not sure we can DIY that one :)

  239. I’m going to be redoing a bathroom as soon as it warms up here in Minnesota. The polar vortex doesn’t want to leave! Thanks for the chance to win.

  240. We need to build some custom storage for toys in our living room. We’d put these tools to good use!

  241. We want to (and need to) redo the closet in our spare bedroom with cubbies and shelves to store office supplies and craft supplies. Hoping to also frame it out to match the door. We’ve gotten as far as taken off the bi-fold doors. Ha!

  242. We need to remodel our laundry room. It hasn’t been touched in 20 years and needs updating. Thanks for the chance to win.

  243. Remodeling the entire basement – including new windows, closets, drywall and flooring!

  244. I have a beautiful old chippy led glass and wood door I want to turn into a console table for my porch.

  245. It’s got to be our original 1954 “Pink Pinkle” bathroom with pink tub, pink sink, pink commode, 6 ” pink floor and wall tile! It’s our main bath and has seen a lot of use over the years. The 6″ tile was not intended for floor application so the color has worn off and chipped badly around the perimeter of each tile. We are the third owners of this home and we have been in reno mode since we purchased it about 8 years ago. Thanks for the chance to win and encouragement for women taking on this work!

  246. We are putting our house on the market this spring so the list is endless. We have so much to do!

  247. Our top DIY project is building shevles for the upstairs loft. I am LOVING the industrial look with pipes!

  248. Our next project will be pulling up the carpet on our stairs and staining and/or painting what we find underneath. I was just telling my husband that we need new tools last night. So funny!

  249. Our upcoming DIY projects include – laying new flooring in our office & master bedroom. We also need to tear out our shower and replace it! Yikes, wish us luck! Thank you for all of the inspiration you share on your blog, I just love your projects xx

  250. My DIY project waiting to happen is the master bath. Looking forward to getting rid of the contractor grade BLAH-ness!

  251. One of the many DIY projects I would love to start and complete is finishing our garage. Winter is our longest season and insulating and drywalling our garage would help keep our vehicle warm.

  252. My husband’s custom built work bench. Hoping it leads to more projects around the house like a bookshelf.

  253. Finishing up various painting projects throughout the house and then moving on to kitchen (painting original 1920’s cabinets and installing new counter tops).

  254. First, thanks for the opportunity to win this great set of tools! Second, love your blog!

    I am getting geared up to paint some side tables that have been in my basement forever

    I did manage to do a DIY Valentine’s Tree!

  255. top project? finally finishing de-brassing the house! plus touching up paint on inside trims and mouldings as part of spring cleaning!

  256. That must be the master bath — not sure it can actually be handled entirely DIY though! It needs all new everything down to the studs!!

  257. The top DIY project in my house in new garage cabinets and shelving!! SO time consuming without the right tools, but I need organization! :)

  258. Painting and trying to convince my husband that a tiled backsplash would be wonderful in the kitchen. Does that count as a DIY project? Convincing your husband to DO a DIY project! :)

  259. Our new DIY project is our master bedroom and bathroom. We just finished flooring in the bedroom. Now all we have left is paint, closet doors and organizer, bathroom flooring, paint bathroom cabinets, new counter top, sinks, faucets, shower, bath tub and tile. Help, we need those tools!:)

  260. Our Bedroom — our house was built in the early 1900’s. The walls are plaster/lath…old and cracked. We are patching, painting. sealing the windows, rewiring — all those things to bring the room into the 22nd century!

  261. Repairing our deck off of our living room and dining room, then it’s on to our master bedroom that needs paint desperately, and new floors. It never ends!

  262. Diy duvet cover. I created my own stencil and am painting in on sheets before sewing them into a duvet.

  263. I’m in the midst of painting my son’s closet door to look like the TARDIS (time machine/phone booth-looking thing) from the TV show Dr. Who… I forgot that in addition to painting it I would also need to install a new doorknob, which added a bit more work to the process. Almost done now! Thank you, Kate!

  264. Thank you so much for the chance to win. We are moving into a house that has been rented. Every room needs a complete redo but I am most excited about the living /dining room. There is only one window so I want light clean and lovely on a very very small budget. Thanks again.

  265. I’m really hoping to get started working on a built-in shelf/cubby to be installed in our entry way….for baskets of gloves/hats and hooks for coats and the top shelf to display some family photos…it would really help organize our very tiny entryway!

  266. We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel. It looks like it will take a few more years to finish. The set would be a big help.

  267. Thanks for the chance…would love to install a closet organizing system into my master closet….could be amazing, but currently it’s just a dumping ground!! Thanks!

  268. Painting and un-door-ing some kitchen cabinets and tearing out cumbersome one in the laundry room are my next order of business. After my husband passed away, his son-in-law, helping me prepare the house for sale, took it upon himself with his son’s help to tackle the garage. Unbeknownst to me, he decided to put together the perfect toolbox for a gal. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that I came into the marriage with the absolutely perfect toolbox which I had previously put together with the help of my father and my brother. That was over two years ago and I haven’t yet recovered from the shock and disappointment and downright irritation!

  269. What a great giveaway. I could use all those tools to add wainscoting to my entry and hallway. Love your website

  270. Fixing up our downstairs bathroom, installing mirrors and lights in the hallway. every part of our house needs to be worked on!

  271. Ugggh, my son’s “nursery”. I finished just enough to finally move him in last week – he’s 15 months old!! I think it will continue to be a work in progress until it’s time for a big boy room, but then maybe it will be complete someday for a baby sibling, haha. I’d like to semi-build-in the closet next, right now it’s just a pretty turquoise empty box. Baby steps for this amateur solo DIYer.

  272. Repainting our wrought iron railing on our indoor staircase. Huge pain because I have to paint it in place, inside. Stinky and will take forever, but will look so much better!

  273. Finishing the guest room which means finally painting a mural on the focal wall and getting a desk that will juuussst fit. The mural will encompass the entire wall as if one is looking at a scene through a HUGE picture window. Should make the half-underground room look nice and bright.

  274. Where do I start? Since we’ve had ridiculously warm weather here in the Bay Area, I’m planning to transplant a weeping cherry tree next to the patio, and prep the area to lay DG. Lots of digging and hauling on my weekend agenda. Happy Valentines Day!

  275. We’ve got a ton of projects that need attention. I’d love to tackle the guest room headboard that I’m trying to recreate from your upholstered headboard instructions. I’ve got to finalize what fabric I’m going to use, but the tool set would definitely help make that job much easier!

  276. We’re currently renovating our kitchen! Cabinet doors are off and the boxes are painted. We need to construct new doors. Shelves inside are up though. :)

  277. Front porch steps. Getting downright dangerous. And maybe new backsplashes, as i painted my cabinets!! Wahoo….

  278. I would love some quality tools from Teton. Our current diy project is reorganizing the garage so we can get the car back in. Lots of shelving to be built and purging involved. Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway.

  279. My top DIY project is an old door that I’m turning into a bench for my entry way into my apartment. This set of tools would make this and any other project a snap.

  280. My next project is replacing carpets with hardwood floors! Can’t wait! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  281. We are refinishing our dining room table, sanding, staining, adding length, new legs. Total table makeover.

  282. My current DIY project is finishing the finished unfinished basement I made a lot of progress on before the holidays, but am just getting started up again. New tools would give me the motivation I need to get this finished!

  283. Well right now I am on to the hallway to my bedroom. Today I’m going to scrape off the cottage cheese ceiling and re-mud and paint . Then tomorrow I am going to paint wall and trim to get ready to rehang my gallery wall. Busy weekend.Thanks for the chance to win those great tools, they would certainly be used here!

  284. We are in the process of revamping our entry hall and hanging a floating shelf this weekend, followed by hanging a DIY chandelier I am in the process of making.

  285. None! We’re getting ready to do a home remodel, so my focus now is sifting through all of the junk that has accumulated over 4 years and tossing most of it out.

  286. Our top project right now is to finish changing out all of the outlets, light switches and fans! We’ve only been working on it for 6 years now…

  287. My favorite is always the one I am working on! Currently I am covering up the brick fireplace with granite tiles. I have worked in a mantel and decorative tile trim which I have cut with my wet saw. The fireplace goes from the floor to the ceiling (9 ft ceiling, thank goodness). Working on what to do with the firebox – it will get tile!

  288. We hope to sell our house soon, so new flooring & paint all around…hopefully no other repairs will be needed, but you never know

  289. My husband and I are in the final stages of remodeling our kitchen and our current task is tiling the backsplash with 4″ x 12″ white subway tile.

  290. I am struggling to make my radiator covers fit properly over the radiators. I need to re-make the top piece!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  291. We’re gearing up to add trim to all of the windows in our house (builder grade, right now they only have a bottom sill)

  292. I am a photographer and along with thousands of photos i also collect picture frames. I live in a small apartment with limited space in my computer/craft room. My DIY project is trying to find a way to store the picture frames (all sizes) in their own organized space. As i really have limited amount of tools this wold be awesome to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Oh and what does this mean and how do i do it….? leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter). I don’t understand the link thing and how do i find it, i’m on fb? Please.

  293. I am currently doing my first ever makeover on a $7.00 desk from a thriftstore. (using all your great advise)

  294. Both of my bathrooms are under renovation. Hopefully one day soon we will finally be able to shower in one and be able install the toilet and sink in the other. :/

  295. We just finished 2 of our bathrooms and the kitchen. So, I think the LR needs to be painted and the 3rd (guest) bathroom needs new tile.

  296. I have already gotten shelves, drying rack, and some other organizing things for my laundry room redo. I’m still waiting on my hubby to put them up (going on my second week of waiting)

  297. Closet Systems – We are completing a whole-house renovation of our former vacation home that will now be our year-round home. This project has taken more than 3 years to accomplish and as we near the end of the job, we are finally moving into the house (it’s an interstate move that we’ve taken.) Right now, our top priority is installation of closet systems in two bedrooms and a complete redo of two other closets and the pantry. We really can’t put much more away until we get this done.

  298. Our top project right now is finishing a storage shed and installing a storm door on our back door.

  299. We are putting our house on the market and just bought a new one so there exist projects galore! Where to begin is the big question. I think painting a bedroom and dreaming up a budget-friendly new decor will come first. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  300. My husband and I are remodeling our 1960s kitchen and laid new hardwood floors a couple weeks ago. We also just finished installing green/gray mosaic tile as our backsplash and are finishing up a custom refrigerator cabinet. Would love to add some Tekton tools to our toolbox!

  301. My biggest DIY project is my entire fixer upper 1950’s house. I’m newly divorced mother of 2 and I have the bare essentials of tools. We’re talking hammer and a few screwdrivers. These tools would be amazing in helping me start my new journey as a single mom and make my fixer upper a home all my own. No longer needing my ex-husband’s approval for projects, very liberating. Thanks! I hope I win!!!!! Love your blog :)

  302. For the pass four years that I’ve lived in my house, the pass-through bedroom on the upper floor has been used as storage. My goal is to sort through the storage, parse out what’s no longer needed, and install a wall of bookcases to convert it into a library/reading area. Then getting a sofa bed for guests/

  303. I am hoping to put up Ikea shelves in the bedroom and finish them off like you and your husband did in your guest quarters. Actually, every room needs a touch-up. Thanks for the great give-away.

  304. DIY? that is constant around here ..LOL We bought a house built in the 70’s and it needs repair !
    WE are painting, patching,removing etc.. The only two things we won’t touch is electric and plumbing (whole house on both) need to be replaced. Minor electric and plumbing is no biggie for either of us, but replacing wiring, plumbing pipes etc are a no no .. LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win !

  305. Next on our list is upholstered head boards…one for our room and one for our son’s…using your awesome tutorial.

  306. Our top project this year is building new Craftsman style doors to replace all the upstairs interior single slab hollow doors (8!) to go better with the rest of our house. I think we’re going with 2 panel style, but haven’t decided.

  307. Ripping off vanity top and replacing counter with wood plank flooring and a vessel sink! This weekend!

  308. We are preparing to redo our kitchen, adjoining bath and office. One of those projects where one room leads to another – literally! Wish us luck.

  309. It has to be a tie between attempting to install hardwood floors on our own, or building built ins in our master bedroom. I’m equally terrified of both.

  310. We have lived in our home for 10 years, and our deck and fencing are in dire
    need of being re-stained!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  311. Our biggest home project right now would be the kitchen- it’s a rental but I want to install temporary backsplash and replace the ugly cabinet handles.

  312. We just bought a new house so we are decorating and fixing up every room! My biggest DIY project right now is the game room! I am adding a bar, shelving, game tables, etc!

  313. We are focusing in our office space – sadly neglected yet lots of great ideas! I love your blog and thank you for all the inspirations!

  314. Our immediate next project is building raised garden boxes for vegetables. We are already working on the guest beadroom and my older daughter’s room. We are fixing the closets, putting up shelves etc.

  315. Stuck inside with weeks of snow and ice inspired me to rip the carpeting up on the steps, sand the treads, paint the risers white and paint the chipped balusters white as well. It entertained me during a very snowy Pennsylvania winter! I’m waiting for my hubby to cut the new trim and I will paint it and then CELEBRATE! I’m thrilled with the fresh look in my 100 year old bungalow! And I did it MYSELF! :)

  316. Well, we’d like to cover our coffee table with a layer of concrete to make it look like it was actually made of it. People successfully treat countertops this way, so I wanna give it a try :)

  317. My top DIY project is to spray paint some mirrors for my dining room that I just painted Benjamin Moore’s color, “Metro Gray”. It’s a gray with purple undertones and I love it. The mirrors I have now are brass colored and I want to spray paint them a brushed nickel color. Considering the fact that the temp here is 32 degrees on a good day, I’m having to wait until better weather to do this in my garage. BTW-more snow expected here south of Boston! BRRRRRRR!

  318. Renovating an old beach house has been a loooooooong DIY project and we have lived too long with sub-flooring in the master bedroom. Thank you so much for the recent post on options that are less expensive than real wood. We won’t have to delay any longer. It spurred us to make a flooring selection and we will tackle the project soon.

  319. We just bought a 1930’s era cottage, and a lot of the work will not be DIY…electrical, plumbing, etc. But I will be painting the original kitchen cabinets and making curtains from vintage linens. Also, I am an artist, so there will me many little touches that I will do once I have moved in!

  320. The top DIY project in my home right now is retrofitting my small master bedroom closet with shelving and drawers!

  321. Currently I am busy creating an office for myself in my basement that will combine my writing life with my art life. So tons of storage, lighting, work tables and places to hang finished projects…not to mention a nook that can hold a computer and all my books.

    Tools would really kind of help the process.

  322. We live in a tiny apartment and I need to make bunkbeds for my two boys. My projects all consist of making better use of the small space I live in.

  323. my top project is completing a wine cabinet so I can get some storage back in my small kitchen!

  324. I have started on a bathroom project that has finally come to the top of the house project to-do list. YEA! It’s a small bath so I want to DIY it but my husband thinks I should just be the GC and let the pros do it all. We’ll see. These tools will come in handy in either case! Thanks for the opportunity to participate.
    Maria B.

  325. Right now, we are working on a nursery for our first baby! Lots of DIY projects including making curtains, painted furniture, a mobile, and bookshelves! Whew!

  326. We are remodeling our basement living room and bathroom. Oh boy did my teenager son (who is now in the Army) do a number on it. It was his room at the time! Complete renovation needed!

  327. I’m happily working away on a whimsical birdhouse which is as much for me and my sense of garden fun as for the birds. A girl can never have too many clamps or other tools when you are a do-it-yourself-er.

  328. We are getting ready to rent out our home and we have a bunch of things to do first. We need a new dishwasher, our kitchen sink is loose and needs to be fixed, we need to paint and fix a couple small holes in the walls and we need to recaulk all the bathrooms!

  329. Honey is going to put in recessed lighting for my birthday present. He’s taking off all next week to get that done. He’s also building me two more raised gardens as a gift. I think I’ll keep him!

  330. I am planning to make some built-ins for my son’s room. I am in the process of re-decorating his room so that it much more functional! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  331. i’m diying a piece of artwork, the fishscale piece that i’ve seen a couple of bloggers do

  332. My husband and I joined together to build a shoe cubbie/ entryway bench for out front hall. He built it and made it look vintage with white wash and coffee stain. I sewed the cushion and fabric drawers for the cubbies!

  333. The biggest project I’m going to tackle is mudroom. It needs drywall, floor, and everything else.

  334. We are going to renovate our downstairs bath. That means a new tub, under mounted sink and cabinet. Also, remove the wallpaper and paint the walls. Then we are doing the master bath!!!

  335. This weekend I’m going to finish up my bookcase project (involves chalk paint & shims) and maybe rearrange the loft. Our next big project is putting hardwood upstairs… And building a CalKing bed. And maybe a baby?

  336. My current DIY dream is some sort of shoe storage for the garage. We don’t wear shoes in our house, and I’m sick of them piling up. In a perfect world, I’d love to build cubbies or renovate a curio cabinet for them!

  337. I am in a rather funny process of shortening my bed in my little alcove of a bedroom. It will be 4 inches short of the 6 feet it is now so I will fit and sleep comfortable. :>) Don’t worry I still have a pullout couch for guests. I can’t wait to make my own pillows around the three walls.
    That’s all. Happy Valentine’s Day. Bring on my new not so tall guy. hee hee.

  338. We are planning to replace the deck a new and more manageable material in the coming spring, which is very soon, I am so excited to see the whether is warmer after the new year, It will be a perfect tool set for us to do some job to maintain the house in its best shape.

  339. I’m so wanting to build storage cabinets for my craft /playroom. We moved in 6 months ago and boxes still haven’t been unpacked bc none of my vintage lockers we used previously would fit upstairs in new house. In desperate need of storage.

  340. We are making all kinds of repairs so that we can sell our home in order to build our dream home.

  341. I love tools! I’ve just built 2 medicine cabinets for my current bathroom project – almost done with that. I’m also raising the height of the cabinet and adding a new counter top, lighting, and wiindow covering. Of course the list goes on with re-staining, painting,etc. It’s part of my Challenge to decorate 3 rooms for 3000.00 in 9 months at http://busybzdesigns.blogspot.com/

  342. We are starting to renovate our entire house. Starting with kitchen – painting cabinets, having countertop installed, and I will be tiling back splash.

  343. I have a rough looking dining room table that needs to be refinished!!
    Shared on Facebook !!

  344. What is the top DIY project in your home right now? I’m at the 2/3 point of reprinting all of the cabinet in my kitchen. Started at winter break and the goal is to finish by spring break. Then the floors.

  345. I’ve recently purchased a 1927 bungalow with too many projects to count. Starting with paint, I’ll be tackling walls, kitchen cabinets & floors. At least freshen things up. Will then be moving on to new moulding throughout, new laundry room cabinets (before the existing one falls off the wall!) and this is really just scratching the surface. I need all the help I can get! :)

  346. we are in the planning stages of our master bathroom! :) 1990 tiles and shower are going to be replaced! these tools would be SO HELPFUL!!

  347. My next DIY project is to paint and stain a table for my kitchen. I plan to stain the top dark and then paint the legs and sides white. I can’t do it until the snow melts and my garage warms up. Love those tools!

  348. Remodeling my daughter’s room. Her closet is small and needs organization. My husband gutted it and is redoing the interior so I can add an organizer. Then onto new paint, curtains and bedding.

  349. Lots and lots on the to-do list. Next thing is to finish the hall bathroom upstairs, which has been at a standstill for a year!

  350. The top DIY is a tie between wallpapering my dining room and finishing the trim work in my upstairs hallway

  351. The tools look great! I am currently converting a small hall closet next to the kitchen into a small pantry.

  352. We are installing between the stud wall cabinets on our stairway going down to the basement to add additional storage.

  353. Garage -> music recording studio w/ sound-proofing, control room, and new garage doors. Next, bathroom, fireplace surround, deck…

  354. I’m currently turning an unused bedroom into a craft room for me. I’ve painted , sanded, painted some more, put furniture together, and have done it all by myself. The fabric for drapes has been purchased and I’m just about ready to start sewing. I am so proud of my accomplishments and can’t wait to use the finished room!

  355. Refinishing a really old coffee table that I found in Japan back in 1980. Kept it because it
    was such an unusual piece.. finely have a place for it.

  356. We are redoing a small chest of drawers built by my father in law. Strip, sand, now to choose a paint color!

  357. The kitchen. Removing old flooring and plan to paint/stain the wood floors under it, boarded ceiling, ikea hack banquette, plaster treatment on a wall, new counter tops and something with the cabinets – not sure yet on that.

  358. My daughters bathroom upstairs needs a few updates done. That is my next project.

  359. I’ll need to redo the bathroom- the vanities and countertops were replaced awhile back but it still doesn’t have that remodeled bathroom vibe cause its got the mirror that covers an entire wall, frosted shower doors, etc…

  360. I need to do a kitchen backsplash – and maybe change up the mirrors in all the bathrooms from its current builders grade state

  361. I’d like to get rid of these builder grade linoleum floors and install hardwood floors throughout my first floor.

  362. I’d say the biggest project to tackle would be finishing the basement….but I also cannot wait to replace all the carpet in the bedrooms with hardwood!

  363. Working on a basement bar area…adding to what’s already there and trying to give it some personality

  364. I’m no longer certain where you’re getting your info, however
    great topic. I must spend a while studying more or
    working out more. Thank you for wonderful info I was looking for
    this info for my mission.

  365. We need to finish sealing our basement rooms and fit them with shelves for home and food storage!

  366. my top DIY project right now is our bedroom! We moved into our five bedroom house in may and I haven’t been happy with our bedroom the whole time – everything from our previous apartments just seems out of place and wrong! here’s to spring projects :)

  367. We have completely ripped out our master bedroom shower and are waiting for the plumber to come and put it back together. We are enlarging it and the tile will be a porcelain subway tile that looks like marble. I can’t wait for my new shower to be finished!

  368. Right now just small living room updates. Making new couch pillow covers and curtains. I’m impatiently waiting for warmer weather so I can tackle my first furniture painting project, a face lift for our tv stand.

  369. The top DIY project in our home right is now is our basement. We have been finishing it ourselves for 2 years now. We installed our own stone fireplace wall, and built our own build-in cabinets around the fireplace. In fact, when you painted your family room built-in cabinets white, that confirmed that I did in fact want that look in our family room too! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  370. The project that needs my attention right now is making a giant poster frame for a world map to hang over my couch!

  371. I usually have a few DIY projects in the works….but for once I’m kinda on a break. Would love to tackle painting all of our trim or a minor kitchen update. I love tools though and couldn’t pass this up!

  372. Our top project right now is the construction of a media center/TV stand for our bonus room… Next up will be making a few cat walkways to allow our kitties to travel around our home w/out being harassed by our new puppy, lol.

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