Custom Designer Pillow Giveaway

By Kate Riley February 20, 2014

Is any room complete without a set of decorative pillows? Arguably not! A new throw pillow or two is a seasonal indulgence for me, which is why I’m delighted to introduce you to Decordeaux. This small business specializes in custom throw pillows, sewn specially for customers in the designer fabric of choice from modern to traditional.

You choose the fabric, size, shape, trim, and insert, and you can even personalize with a monogram. The skilled sewers at Decordeaux stitch your unique throw pillow design to your specifications and ship it to your door in 2-3 weeks.

decordeaux custom designer pillows

Today two winners will receive a $150 shop credit to Decordeaux, to be eligible:

1) Hop over to Decordeaux and pick your favorite pattern for a custom designer pillow – name it in a comment on this blog post.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment naming where you shared (FB or Twitter)

For updates on the latest designs and fabrics available, like Decordeaux on Facebook – giveaway ends Sunday February 23, 2014 at midnight PST, two winners chosen at random. By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: #88 Desaree M; #404 Dawn Renee




  1. I liked the arches pillows. I have a grey couch and I’m not sure if I would go with the blue or the orange. the couch definitely needs some pizzazz

  2. Definitely something from the french country collection! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this company.

  3. I love the Bleeker pillow in brown. I think it could go in so many different places in my home. Thank you for this giveaway!

  4. I would choose Jasmine in natural! I think it would look so good with my black & beige chevron rug in my living room.

  5. LOVE the Santorini Pillow in Blue! We are heading to Greece for our honeymoon this September and it would be the perfect reminder of our trip! :)

  6. I really really love the CHIANG MAI DRAGON PILLOW – AQUA pillow. Lots of others too!

  7. So many great ones to choose from. I love the Belle Large Floral Pillow – Gray. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. The Nanjing Pillow in Black is spectacular and my absolute favourite. I need it in my life!

  9. Love all of them and would be excited to have any of them. If I have to pick one,it would be the Jasmine pillow.

  10. Ooooh, I love them all but I think I would go with the Jasmine Pillow in Natural. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway.

  11. I have been in love with the CHIANG MAI DRAGON PILLOW – AQUA for a loooooong time. I would love to add it to my pillow obsession.

  12. I’m currently looking for throw pillows for my outside patio. My boyfriend just found an abandoned sofa framing on the side of the road yesterday and plans to refinish. We’ll need to find a large pad or two pads to fit the framing. Any suggestions of where I could find custom padding?
    I’m thinking we’ll do dark furniture with white, yellow and grey accents in the patio. So, I like the arches pillow in yellow or the zigzag pillow in yellow.

  13. Absolutely love the Hollywood Pillow in Blue. Plus the chiang-mai-dragon-pillow in blue. And the squares pillow in blue. There’s just too many.

  14. I love the Trellis in Blue and the Zari! I’m in the process of redoing my living room and both would fit great!

  15. I love the yellows..Lombox Pillow- Sundance and Sarah Dots Pillow in yellow! Look so bright and springy!

  16. I haven’t seen Decordeaux before but the site is great. I love the CHIANG MAI DRAGON PILLOW in blue – and I would definitely put a monogram on it (everything is better with a monogram!). Thanks :)

  17. I LOVE the Trellis pillow in Dark Blue (actually, all THREE colors match my new living room!). It was very hard to pick a favorite! Wonderful designs!

  18. There’s a reason it’s such a classic – love the Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow in Aqua!

    Gorgeous pillows – its tough to choose just one favorite! :)

  19. CHIANG MAI DRAGON PILLOW – BLUE. So gorgeous! There are so many beautiful choices though that it’s hard to choose!

  20. I love the HAVOCK PILLOW – AQUA. Lots of great options, so it’s hard to narrow down to one. I love the pattern and color on this one, though. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  21. Love the Chiang Mai Dragon pillow — I’m reupholstering two chairs right now and it would be the perfect accent with my oriental rug!

  22. Hi Centsational girl! The patterns on these Decordeaux pillows are to die for! I would love the Jasmine pillow in Sundance, as I’m redecorating my living room right now and those are the exact colors I’m using! <3

  23. Ooh, so many pretty options! I love the Arches pillow in blue (as well as a ton of others!).

  24. Squares pillow. Beautiful fabrics.

    (A $100 pillow should come with a down insert, not polyfill. Just sayin’.)

  25. Bella Large Floral Pillow- Gray..It would go perfectly in my yellow, black and gray living room!

  26. Too many great pillows to choose from! I love the pink zigzag pillow for my daughter’s room and the white flower embroidery pillow for me! Thanks!

  27. Chiang Mai (Aqua) pillow, totally. I’m always drawn to that fabric but it’s just out of my price range without a giveaway like this to make it possible.

  28. I’d love the Donatello Rose with our initials monogrammed. It would look Sooo good on our bed!

  29. Love the blue embroidered flower pillow. And the interlocking squares one. They are all so beautiful!

  30. I have a things for birds…and aqua…so…Chenonceau Aqua…literally took my breath away!

  31. hothouse pillow in orange. i’ve been looking for something that had a little bit of blue green and orange in it and this fits the bill perfectly!
    thanks, kate

  32. Looking to add some color to our foyer and the Hothouse Pillow in Orange would be perfect

  33. Santorini or trellis blue I love! Really, if it’s blue, I’m probably going to like it.

  34. Love the Zigzag Pillow in Pink. I know of a couch that could use a little pop of pink.

  35. I’ve lusted after the Chiang Mai Dragon Print for years… YEARS… but could never justify such extravagance! Such a fabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed :-)

  36. I can’t decide between the Chenonceau Pillow – Aqua or the Belle Large Floral pillow – Gray. And I NEED them! So pick me!

  37. I can’t get their website to come up! I still want to be entered, so I can tell you that I love that ikat-like print pillow shown above in pink and gray-blue

  38. So many pretty pillows to choose from but if I must choose just one it would be the swirling knots pillow

  39. I love pillows and these all are amazing!! I would probabl start with the swirling knots. thanks

  40. Her website isn’t working, but of the ones pictured, I love a little Chaing Mai Dragon.

  41. I haven’t been able to load the site (must have a lot of blog readers visiting at the moment?) but I really like the blue and white pillow you featured in the top left!

  42. So hard to choose, but love the Summer Palace Pillow (charcoal) and the Arches design in yellow,

  43. I see several beautiful choices on their website, but my favorite is the Chiang Mai Dragon pillow in blue.

  44. There are myriad scrumptious choices on Decordeaux, but I absolutely love the Soleil Pillow – Aqua.

  45. Choosing only one is a challenge but I’m drawn back to Trellis dark blue every time I look at them so I guess that’s the one for me.

  46. Love the Santorini pillow! I can picture on my tan sectional in my light green family room!!!

  47. I love the Flower Embroidery in Aqua, the Rosegate in Aquamarine, and the French Country pillow. I sense a theme here – they have a lot in my favorite color!

  48. I am obsessed with the Chang Mai Dragon fabric, so my pick is the Chang Mai Dragon Pillow in Aqua!

  49. It makes sense that I would pick the Bleecker Street pillow (in brown). I love the west village!

  50. I absolutely ADORE the arches pillow – yellow! It would be perfect in my living room! Just love the colour and the simplicity!

  51. Wow, gorgeous pillows! I love both the enchanted peacock pillow and ikat pillow in coco.
    Thank you for hosting.

  52. I love the Santorini blue pillow. It would look perfect on the new slip cover I made for my kitchen couch!

  53. These are beautiful pillows. Love all the designs. My favorite is the new Trellis pillow in melon and the Enchanted Peacock pillow. Thanks for posting this wonderful give-a-way.

  54. The Hothouse Orange is definitely a fabric I would love. I am in the process of trying to redecorate my living room by myself. I have followed many blogs trying to figure out how one puts patterns and decorative items together for a cohesive look. I bought a beautiful fabric for draperies I am going to make and these pillows would look wonderful with those draperies on my white chairs. The patterns, scale and colors go together beautifully.

  55. Have always loved Chiang Mai Dragon in blue, I’m crossing my fingers! Thanks for the opportunity :)


  56. Love the swirling knots and the trellis patterns but there are so many more really nice patterns!

  57. There are many designs that I liked, but I think the Hothouse flower in orange is my favorite and would look terrific with my furniture!

  58. No question: 1 ENCHANTED PEACOCK PILLOW in the lumbar size with the knife edge trim encasing the down insert. Total $139. In love with it!

  59. Too hard to choose! Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow – Blue would look amazing in my just-redecorated living room.

  60. Oh my word! How does one choose?! I love the Hollywood pillow, but have always adored the Chiang Mai fabric and it would look darling in my turquoise house ;)

  61. The Hothouse pillow in orange immediately caught my eye. I would love to see it in my living room.

  62. I love the Trellis pattern in Dark Blue! Those pillows would look beautiful in my sun room or on the adjacent patio. Luckily it is an indoor/outdoor fabric so I could use the pillows in either spot without hesitation.

  63. Love the Danotella – blue pillow. A any to choose from thanks for a chance to win

  64. I love the Sarah dots pillow in gray, the summer palace pillow in purple and the arches pilllow in blue. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. I love Chiang Mai Dragon in Blue. I would look great in my cozy loft library! Appreciate the chance to win

  66. I love the Chiang Mai pillow!!! So gorgeous! Those colors would go so well with my living room. Hard to find a print with that color combo. Love the black Zigzag as well.

  67. Opps, the Donatello pillow – Rose. Was trying to decide between the Donatello -Rose and the Hothouse pillow – blue too many choices!!

  68. The CHIANG MAI DRAGON PILLOW in AQUA! I have been drooling over this fabric for so long and would welcome the chance to have some of it in my home!

  69. I realy like the Santorini in blue as I have a wht and blue decor I am trying to develop…thanx for the giveaway opportunity!

  70. Crushing on the Donatello in Midnight; would be perfect for the Master Bedroom I am hoping to create :)

  71. Three pop out for starts….Santorini Gray, Swirling Knots and Causeway :) Thanks for the chance.

  72. Trellis in dark blue. Or santorini blue. And I might have to try to make myself a real version of the paint splatter one. ;)

  73. So fun! I adore the Donatello Rose…neutral with some shimmer. Gorgeous, and thank you!

  74. So many great patterns to choose from! I love the paint splatter pattern and the summer palace in purple!

  75. Arches, Trellis, Summer Palace, Zig Zag .. any of those geometric patterns; loving those right now.

  76. I’m in love with the DONATELLO PILLOW – MIDNIGHT!!! I would decorate an entire room around that pillow!

  77. I absolutely love teh Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow – Aqua! The colors and the pattern is so cool.

  78. Ooooo…love them all. But my favorite is a toss up between the arches yellow and the havock blue.

  79. Love the vibrancy of the colors in Peacock! Touches of peacock blue are what I’m trying to add to my very neutral palette of grays and beige. But… I’ve been eyeing Chiang Mai (in the aqua palette) for ages. That fabric is EXPENSIVE! Would be a hard choice.

  80. The Chiang Mai Pillow Dragon – Blue will be perfect for my guest room! Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  81. I promise, I am not a snarky person, but I honestly don’t think I could enjoy a pillow that costs over $100. These are “throw” and “toss” pillows, which at my house means just exactly that – we toss them, we stuff them under our heads for naps or put our feet on them. I love toss pillows and love changing them out seasonally and on a whim, and I guess maybe that’s another reason super-expensive ones do not appeal to me. Am I the only one?

  82. Beautiful pillows. I would have to choose the Chang Mai dragon pillow. It is so unusual, and the blue colors are gorgeous!

  83. Definitely…..The Chiang Mai Dragon Pillows in Aqua! I have been coveting these pillows for so long and they would “make” my family room!

  84. Ha! Perfect timing – I was on Etsy yesterday searching for “pink gray pillow” and came up with a few choices, but nothing I loved. Then you post this and I found the Pastel Zigzag Pillow, which would balance out the pink/gray/white tiny floral pattern in a guestroom. It’d be great to win it, but thanks for the tip anyway!

  85. I would pick the Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow – Aqua, I have loved this fabric since the first time I laid eyes on it!

  86. Really hard to pick. I like the Belle in Blue, and the Flower Embroidery in Aqua and White, but I think I would probably pick the French Country. It would look great against both my beige couch or my chocolate velvet modern wing chairs!

  87. My favorite is Flower Embroidery Pillow – White, but it was so hard to choose! They are all beautiful.

  88. With so many great patterns, who can choose?? I like the paint splatter pillow and I think I would pair it with the enchanted peacock pillow.

  89. redecorating my daughter’s old bedroom as a guest room…this would be perfect!

    Delphine Pillow – Wedgewood

  90. One of my favorites is the flower embroidery pillow in aqua. Difficult to choose; so many pretty ones. Thanks for the giveaway.

  91. OMG hard to choose only one. I like the Zari, Santorini, Swirling knots, Betwixt-Organge, Summer Palace Charcoal, Squares Clementine and Blue. Wow I know where to start when I redo me and my sons room

  92. I really like the Enchanted Peacock, the Interwoven Swirls, and the Causeway Stripes. Great giveaway! Thank you !

  93. The city squares pillow or the betwixt pillow in gray would look lovely on my sofa. TIA.

  94. What a lovely giveaway, Kate! I’ve shared on Facebook. I think you’re speaking the language of most women. Beautiful toss pillows are soooo enticing and such wonderful eye candy.

    Happy TGIF!


  95. My pick is Paint Splatter, has all my favorite colors, and I look just like that pattern when I’ve been painting! Thanks very much for the chance to win.

  96. Kate-

    I am really drawn to the new “Hothouse Pillow-Blue”- I’m in love with the frosted gray looking blue. I’m sure it’s the same shade you like. I also love the warm, golden tone of brown used in it too. I would love to juxtapose it against a small check, or stripe and maybe a solid pillow. Regardless, it could stand on it’s own-just gorgeous!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

    Barb Nauman

  97. LOVE the Hothouse Pillow – Orange…also the Rosegate Pillow – Green. Hard to narrow it down.

  98. I would love to have the flower embroidery pillow in aqua. It would look great in my soon to be redecorated family room.

  99. Absolutely beautiful pillows. Hard to chose just one, but love the Trellis pillow dark blue. Loving all the blues this year.

  100. LOVE so many of the pillows, but CHENONCEAU PILLOW – AQUA is my fave! :) Thank you for the great contest!

  101. Hi. Well it’s a toss up between like five. I love the Hollywood in blue, the peacock, chaing Mai in blue and Nanking in blue and black. Thanks

  102. Ack, one favorite?! Ok…. ::closes eyes and points:: Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow – Blue. Gorg.

  103. For my current project the Causeway Stripes and any of the Zig Zag pillows (yellow, pink, aqua) would look great!

  104. I have been looking for something big and bold for a chair in the dining room….I have found it in the Chiang Mail Dragon pillow (aqua) or the Peacock pillow (blue).

    Thanks so much, Kate!

  105. There are so many to choose from it’s hard to narrow down a favorite! If I had to choose it would have to be the Summer Palace in the pale blue color. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  106. I absolutely LOVE the Clarisse Pillow in Charcoal! It is gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!

  107. The Nanjing pillow in black is beautiful. A touch of Asian design in any room is always tasteful.

  108. The Trellis in melon or the Arches in yellow. I think…so difficult to decide as I loved many!

  109. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a unique collection of fabrics! I found quite a few that we’re irresistible… City square, Havoc, French Country, Rosegate and Summer Palace! Thank you for highlighting this amazing seller!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

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