Weekend Reading + Gift Wrap Giveaway

By Kate Riley December 6, 2013

We’re in full holiday mode here at the casa and so we’re off to get our tree today and decorate it this weekend. I’ve picked a white flocked tree three years in a row so we’ll be taking a break and going with a fresh green one this time, plus the scent of a fresh tree is the best! I loved designing the collection of gift wraps this year and I’m giving a few rolls away to some of you, see details below.

kate riley holiday gift wrap


Here are a few links worthy of a click and read. . .

29 beautiful Christmas trees

The best red exterior paint colors.

Tales of a Bergdorf Goodman window dresser.

Many of you guessed it, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Orchid.

Total strangers who look like twins.

Helpful tips on social party etiquette.

Beautiful sand paintings.

Nelson Mandela quotes.


My articles at BH&G this week:

childrens art

winter wonderland gift guide

Creative Ways to Display Children’s Art

Winter Whites Gift Guide

Today I’m giving away two rolls of my holiday gift wrap to two separate winners (2 rolls each), simply leave a comment picking two patterns from the collection and I’ll choose winners on Sunday for shipping in time for Christmas!  Giveaway ends Saturday December 7th at midnight PST.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Winners: #97 Allison; #226 Cheryl, winners notified via email.




  1. Wow – love your holiday collection! I’m crushing on aqua lately. If I had to pick two – they would be the sprig & christmas ribbons patterns, both in aqua & berry! :^)

  2. The paper collection is beautiful!!! I really love the multi color confetti and the berry & mist sprig. But they are all gorgeous!!

  3. They are all so beautiful! I love the confetti, green medley and sprig, berry, and mist.

  4. I love the holiday pattern collection! If I had to pick two I would go with the berry & mist sprig and the aqua winter’s day.

  5. Great reads! I love your wrapping paper line too! I think my top two would have to be sprig evergreen and the christmas ribbons in berry and evergreen.

  6. All the papers are beautiful! If I had to choose, I’d go with sprig, berry and mist and confetti, green medley. The combination would be stunning under my tree.

  7. They are all beautiful, but my two favorite are the aqua and berry sprig and the multi confetti. I love how they all coordinate, but have such different patterns.

  8. All are gorgeous, but I like the sprig (aqua and berry) and Christmas ribbons (berry and moss) patterns the best!

  9. Polka dots are so fun!!! So I have to choose–confetti in multi! I also love the sprig, berry & mist– muted with a splash of a reddish color! Thank you for this! Very Sweet!

  10. All the patterns are so beautiful! My favorites have to be Christmas ribbons, berry + moss and sprig, berry + mist. Thanks for this giveaway!

  11. I’m a traditional red, green, gold and silver kinda girl for the holidays…so spring berry mist, and the evergreen sprig. So pretty!

  12. My favorites are the sprig in berry and mist and the sprig in evergreen. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. So hard to choose — a lovely collection, Kate! But I would be thrilled to win the Sprig paper in evergreen and berry & mist!!!

  14. I have the perfect ribbon color to go with the berry + aqua Sprig & Christmas ribbon!

  15. Sprig Berry & Mist and Mingle Aqua & Moss! Love the nontraditional color combinations.

  16. I think the link to the Orchid is wrong. Another page comes up, for the Chapter website.

  17. Loving the sprig berry and mist, and the confetti in aqua and icicle. Love the colors!

  18. Lovely wrapping paper… the designs are so modern and fresh!! I live in Canada, so I’m not sure if I can enter… sure hoping!!

  19. Great paper Kate! Christmas Ribbons Berry & Moss and Winter’s and Winter’s Day Aqua

  20. They are all gorgeous, but I would love to have the mingle, berry and evergreen, and Christmas ribbons, moss and olive. Thanks!

  21. All are so cheery but def love winter’s day in aqua and icicle because some of the snowflakes are shaped like Jewish stars so perfect for Chanukah gift wrap! Thank you!

  22. Beautiful patterns in your papers! I love the Winter’s Day Icicle and Aqua and well, just all of them…

  23. Beautiful patterns in your papers! I love the Winter’s Day Icicle and Aqua and well, just all of them…

  24. Beautiful paper, I like the Christmas Ribbons in Moss and Olive and the Mingle in Berry and Evergreen

  25. I love your collection, especially sprig berry and winter icicle. Happy Holidays to you and yours

  26. Love all of them! I’d pick aqua winter’s day and the confetti in aqua/icicle if I really had to :)

  27. I love the whole collection but two of my favorites are the confetti in the multi colors and sprig in evergreen. Please keep up the great work; you are a true inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  28. You’re so talented! I love the sprig in berry and mist as well as the sprig in evergreen! Though really they are all beautiful!

  29. They are all beautiful! I love gift wrap. My favorites are Sprig aqua & berry and Mingle aqua & berry.
    Have a great weekend,
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  30. I love the Sprig Berry and Mist and the Sprig Evergreen papers the best. Both are classy yet modern to me.

  31. Lovin’ Lovin’ Lovin’ the sprig, evergreen and the sprig, berry!!! But all of it is wonderful!

  32. Christmas ribbon in red and aqua and Sprig in aqua and berry.However I also can see many of your prints as placemats and napkins

  33. I love them all, but the sprig evergreen and Christmas ribbons berry and moss are my favorite!

  34. These are adorable! Tough choice, but I would go with confetti (green medley) and mingle, berry + evergreen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I love the Winters Day in aqua and the Christmas ribbons in Evergreen and aqua. They are all so beautiful and fresh, I would love all the packages under my tree decorated in an assortment of several of them.

  36. What pretty paper! I especially love the sprig, aqua, + berry and the confetti, aqua, +icicle.

  37. Love them all but if I had to choose two, I would pick Winter Sprig Aqua and Winter’s Day Aqua. Thanks!

  38. I like the Christmas Ribbon –berry & moss and I also like the Winter’s Day icicle.

  39. They are all fantastic! I think myfaves are Sprig in aqua and berry and Mingle in berry and evergreen

  40. Even empty boxes wrapped in sprig evergreen and confetti green would be a wonderful gift!

  41. Thanks for such a generous giveaway. I love mingle in aqua and berry and sprig in evergreen. Have a great weekend.

  42. I love the sprig evergreen and the mingle in aqua and green. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. mingle berry + evergreen. and spring berry + mist. this was hard to decide, love them all!

  44. I love your paper patterns! Sprig, Evergreen and Winter’s Day, Icicle are just gorgeous!

  45. Oooh, love how clean and modern they are! Digging the aqua + icicle Confetti and the aqua + berry Mingle print :)

  46. I love these selections! But the Winter’s Day Icicle and Winter’s Day Aqua would have to be my favorites!

  47. Every one of your designs is just beautiful. I would choose Winter’s Day Icicle and Sprig Berry and Mist. Happy tree trimming Kate! That’s what we’re up to as well.

  48. Love all of the gift wrapping paper. My favorite is the sprig, aqua and berry. Thanks!

  49. sprig, evergreen and sprig, berry+mist are both absolutely lovely! Although confetti, green medley is a strong third choice, especially for pretty coordinates under the tree. What a great collection of designs! I would love using them and I have a friend who really enjoys pretty paper so it would be fun to give her something nice too.

    ps: I’m having a bit of trouble with the “total strangers who look like twins” link taking me to the anthropologie homepage. I love me some anthro but I didn’t really see any twins ;)

  50. ps 2: nevermind, I’m crazy or my computer is because the twins link is working just fine now. Sorry for crying wolf :)

  51. My two favorites are Christmas ribbons, berry + moss and the confetti green medley. Super cute!

  52. ~How to choose? If I really had to, I would pick sprig and most likely mingle- aqua and moss.~

  53. Love them lots. And love Spoonflower. My favorites would be: mingle, aqua + berry AND confetti, aqua + icicle. They can be used for anytime gifts are wrapped throughout the year.

  54. OMG! I love Winter’s Day, Icicle + Confetti, multi. But, they are all SO beautiful!! Thank you.

  55. I love the mingle in aqua and berry and the winters Day(icicle) They are all gorgeous

  56. They are all beautiful. I love how simple yet, elegant they are, but my favorites are the confetti green medley and Sprig, Evergreen. My go to colours this season!

  57. Just wanted to let you know I always look forward to your weekend reading list – I’m sure it takes a long time web surfing to find just the right posts. I particular enjoyed the sand painting – creativity and talent can come in so many forms. Have a wonderful weekend xoLaura

  58. I love the Sprig, evergreen and the Christmas Ribbons, berries and moss. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Carol L

  59. Apologies, to those who like purple, but am just not a purple gal in any shade. I do have 30 yards of purple which was called “Sassafras” and sure looked like a brown/orange until bought.. On the other hand, purple is my daughter’s favorite and will take to time to make her a duvet or upholster something for her. The color really is beautiful.

    Does anyone know when Pantone of the year became a go to for decor? In marketing we used it years ago and was considered a patent with the company’s logo. Or am I late to the game decor wise?

    I’m a bit disappointed, all I can envision is the 90′ when office decor was gray and shades of purple surrounding me in the office furniture.

    I love the couch and have been wanting to do mine in men’s cloth. Your’s woks so well, more ideas than time with this great blog.

  60. Cool giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. :) I love the retro look of “sprig, aqua + berry” and the confetti. They’d look wonderful under the tree, speaking of which – I also love the smell of a fresh tree. Happy Holidays!

  61. I love the Christmas ribbon, berry and moss, and the Sprig, evergreen. For anyone who loves to wrap gifts as much as I do, check out the Craftsy paper crafts class taught by Alton Delaney. Great techniques!

  62. I love Christmas Ribbons in Berry and Moss, and also Sprig in Evergreen. All of the patterns are such a good blend of traditional and contemporary. Thanks for the chance to win!

  63. Love the collection! Thanks for the giveaway.
    I’d choose the mingle, aqua + berry and winters day, aqua

  64. They are all beautiful. But if I had to choose it would be confetti, multi and christmas ribbons, berry + moss says:

    They are all beautiful. But if I had to choose it would be confetti, multi and christmas ribbons, berry + moss

  65. Am loving aqua this year, so-winters day, aqua and mingle, aqua & moss are my picks.

  66. I am in love with all of the designs, but especially all of the chevron designs! I have so many craft ideas for these gorgeous papers.

  67. I like them all but especially the sprig evergreen and mingle berry evergreen. Thank you for a great blog!!

  68. Love them all but for two…… spring aqua and berry and Winter’s day aqua. Was at art store the other day and saw paper I thought would love nice framed in various colours. For a winter lift these could also go into a white or black frame for a punch of colour! Thanks.

  69. Winter blues are most certainly my choice! Winters day aqua and Winters day icicle! Thanks for sharing.

  70. I love Christmas ribbons, berry + aqua and Sprig, berry + aqua together for Christmas, but I love all the patterns and color combinations.

  71. These are absolutely beautiful papers:

    sprig, aqua + berry
    christmas ribbons, berry + aqua

  72. I love all of them, my favorites are the red and green ribbons and the evergreen berry. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  73. They are all so darling. I would love to win Sprig in berry and mist and Christmas Ribbons in moss and olive. How fun! This makes me want to begin a career in textiles.

  74. All of them are great options! My faves are:

    1) Mingle, Berry + Evergreen
    2) Spring, Berry + Mist

  75. “Sprig, berry, & mist” and “sprig evergreen” are my 2 favorites wrapping papers. Thank you for the opportunity to win them. Merry Christmas & Happy Wrapping

  76. Love them all! So fresh and pretty! I’m a traditionalalist at Christmas and use lots of red, green, gold and silver so would love to see Sprig in evergreen and Ribbons in red and green under my tree. Love your picture with the holly on the package.

  77. I love these! Mingle, aqua and berry and confetti, multi would have to be a few of my favorite. Would be a fun addition under the tree. I am adopting a family for the holidays and I would use the wrap for them.

    Happy Holidays!

  78. They are all gorgeous, but would have to choose Sprig-evergreen and Wintersday Icicle.

  79. I love the Sprig-Berry + Mist
    and Mingle-Berry + Evergreen!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity, they are all fun!

  80. I absolutely love wrapping paper in general and am in desperate need of some fresh prints! I love the sprig prints, in both berry mist and evergreen! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  81. Just LOVE your papers!! Sprig (evergreen) and Christmas ribbons (berry+moss) make my heart happy!!

  82. Christmas ribbons and mingle, both in berry and aqua. I love wrapping paper in non-traditional colors that still looks Christmassy! :)

  83. I love the Mingle (aqua + berry) and Sprig Evergreen….although it was difficult picking just two! I will confess, I don’t intend to wrap gifts. It’s too pretty to consume, never to be seen in my home again! I’m incorporating them into my decor and the ideas are zipping. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. Hi. I love Winter’s Day and Sprig. My walls are aqua or turquoise so they would be perfect. Thank you.

  85. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all! If I have to only pick two…MINGLE in AQUA & MOSS AND WINTER’S DAY in AQUA. Thanks! :)

  86. I love the evergreen sprig and the christmas ribbons – berry and green. Love them all though!

  87. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Confetti in Aqua and icicle and Winter’s Day in icicle!!!!!
    All are beautiful!

  88. I am finding it hard to choose. Thank you for the giveaway. I like the combo of mingle, aqua + berry and winters day, aqua

  89. My two favorites (since I have to choose :) are Mingle, berry & evergreen and sprig, evergreen! Happy Holidays!

  90. I love mingle, aqua & moss and Winter’s day, aqua. Guess I am drawn to aqua this year! All the designs are gorgeous, though. It was hard to choose.

  91. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the Winter’s day, icicle and the confetti, aqua + icicle. Thanks!

  92. Sprigs in aqua and berry, and christmas ribbons in aqua and berry. Such beautiful paper!!

  93. I love, love, love the sprig evergreen! I would use it all year around for lots of things. The Christmas Ribbons in moss and olive is great too. Many thanks for the chance to win!!!

  94. My absolute favorite is the Winter’s Day, icicle one! Do love them all, though!

  95. I like them all! But to choose 2, make it christmas ribbons and sprig evergreen. Thanks for sharing.

  96. Difficult decision-making on a Saturday morning :) I’ll go with Sprig, in both Berry Mist, and Evergreen. So pretty! Happy Tree-Trimming!

  97. Sprig! In any color. It is so lovely. I live in the northeast and love to forage in my garden and in the tiny wooded corner of our property for greens and berries to decorate with at this time of year. I love almost anything botanical when it comes to patterns and décor. So peaceful to look at. Thank you for a wonderful blog that is always fun and inspiring to read. I have learned a lot from you and in my retirement, I have been emboldened to try more DIY, thanks to your posts.

  98. I love your blog and all the colors in your collection are wonderful. They would fit right in at Container Store… maybe they can pick you up next year too! But I like Spoonflower and I’m so tempted to make my own patterns, I just need to get them right.

    My favorites are winter’s day, aqua, and mingle, aqua and berry!

  99. I’m in love with the aquas! Sprig – berry and aqua and Wnter’s Day – aqua – so peaceful and exquisite! Thanks for your blog, enjoy it! Beautiful gift wrap!

  100. All the designs look great! I love snowflakes! They each have such individual beauty…so Im going to have to go with the snowflake print as the first choice. Polka dots are FUN so the polka dot print is my second choice!

  101. Sprig in aqua and berry and Mingle in aqua and berry. I use those colors along with black and off white in my sunroom where I put up the tree. Lovely!

  102. Hi Kate, thanks for the best blog anywhere! I love your designs, especially the Berry & Moss Christmas Ribbons and the Berry & Mist Sprigs… but it was TOUGH to choose! You’re so talented in everything you do! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaways!

  103. Well, that was a hard choice! But – I’ve narrowed it down to Sprig, evergreen and Confetti, green medley – and I think they look terrific together.

  104. this is great, would love to win the Winter’s Day, Icicle and the Christmas Ribbons, Berry + Aqua!!!

  105. Thank you for your help in decorating
    Beautiful designs….favorite was sprig and then green medley
    Have fun getting your tree and decorating today.

  106. My grandaughter just had a study area made for her in tourquoise and red so Christmas Ribbons berry and sprig berry & aqua

  107. I would be very, very happy with any of those choices! I especially love the aqua and berry sprig, and the winter icicle.

  108. These are really modern, love it! I would choose sprig, evergreen and mingle, aqua+moss.

  109. I think I would choose the Evergreen Sprig and the Berry + Moss Christmas Ribbons! They are just gorgeous!

    Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  110. Wow, gorgeous papers, Kate! I am admiring Sprig and Christmas Ribbons in Berry and Moss. Thanks for the chance to win a beautiful and useful gift like this. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  111. I would be happy with any of those choices! I especially love the aqua and berry sprig, and the winter icicle.

  112. I love mingle, aqua and berry and aqua and moss. I love to wrap presents beautifully because gift bags are so impersonal I feel. I love reading your blog and getting a sneak peak at your beautiful home and how beautifully you decorate it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  113. I love the Christmas ribbons and mingle in berry and evergreen-so pretty!

  114. I really love them all but if I’m just picking two, I’d go with Mingle and Christmas ribbons, both in aqua and berry. :)

  115. Oh, all of them are so pretty, but the ones that match my house the best (and I never thought I would be matching wrapping paper to my house colors…) are Sprig in Evergreen and Christmas Ribbons in berry and moss. So gorgeous!

  116. The collection is elegant, yet simple. For the hectic holidays, all of these seem like a fresh breath of air. I especially like Sprig, Berry + Mist and Christmas Ribbons, Berry + Moss .

  117. Confetti, green medley, and Christmas ribbons, moss and olive. Love them all, though!

  118. I love the designs! I think the two confetti designs are my favorite because I have a subtle circle theme in my Christmas decor. I love the moss ribbons too though!

  119. I really like Mingle, aqua and moss and Winter’s Day, aqua. Can you tell I’m an aqua girl?

    Thanks, Kate, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  120. Love Mingle, aqua and berry. I love it’s name and I love to mingle. I also am enchanted with Winter’s Day Icicle. I love snow days. Merry Christmas!

  121. Christmas ribbon, berry and moss and confetti green would be my two picks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. This is really too hard to pick just two. I think Winter’s Day Aqua an d and Mingle Aqua and Berry.

  123. Oh my gosh! Beautiful!! I would choose Mingle in the aqua/berry and Winter’s Day in icicle.

  124. I think all of your patterns are wonderful. I think I like spring aqua and moss and mingle aqua and

  125. Christmas ribbon – aqua and berry and the confetti multi are my favorites but they are all so cute.

  126. Such need patterns. I love to wrap my gifts in unique paper, trimmings, etc. These patterns would definitely grant that wish for me. Thanks for having the giveaway and I sincerely hope you have a special holiday season.

  127. LOVE the: Confetti, multi and green medley – gorgeous, thanks and cheers, Valerie

  128. I love all of your designs! My favorites are Christmas Ribbons in moss and olive and the Mingle in berry and evergreen. They are all beautiful!

    Thanks for doing the give away.

  129. Love them all especially the Christmas Ribbons berry & aqua as well as the Mingle, berry & aqua. My decorations are mostly red, blue, silver and white so these would match perfectly.

  130. Ah! I just discovered Spoonflower – is this you? I love your patterns! If I have to pick 2 – I love the Confetti in aqua and icicle and Mingle in aqua and berry! They’re gorgeous!

  131. I love Christmas ribbons, berry and Confetti, multi combination. They are all so pretty and co-ordinate so well, I’d love to be able to purchase them all. They’d be beautiful under any tree.

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