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By Kate Riley August 9, 2013

We’ve been shopping the local farmer’s market and eating outdoors as much as possible lately. This time of year the tomatoes are plentiful so I find myself snacking on the little yellow ones like candy and slicing up the larger heirlooms for salads and sandwiches.

This farm to table setting got me thinking just how nice this time of year really is. Though the days are getting a shorter, the evenings are warm and pleasant and worthy of the hours spent lingering al fresco. There’s nothing quite a blissful as a group of friends and family gathered together around an outdoor table with seasonal preparations and a great glass of wine as the sun sets in the distance.

farm to table


And a few other links I enjoyed this week…

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One of my favorite mothering moments too.

30 efficient ways to pack your travel stuff.

This silly video made me smile.

I am Countess Athena del Fuego! Find your royal moniker with this Royal Name Generator. And tell me yours too!

Contentment and a simple life (ditto this)


Have a lovely weekend friends!

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  1. According to the Royal Name Generator I’m Dame Morgan de la Noche. Who knew? Thanks, Kate.

  2. Hi Kate! I’m Countess Aquarius the Allusive. (I would have preferred “the Elusive,” but I’ll take it.)

  3. Love the glass houses!!

    According to the name generator I’m Grand Princess Aquarius The Mostly Victorious. :)

    Have a beautiful Weekend!

  4. Love all the good reading. The Royal name caster is so cute. Our names are almost alike I am Grand Empress Athena del Fuego. I did not know I was such an important person. Haha.

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