Growing and Caring for Lavender

By Kate Riley August 7, 2013

Three years ago Matt and I visited Matanzas Creek Winery and Lavender Gardens in early summer and wandered among the beautiful purple fields. Ever since we’ve returned every year, and even attended their annual Days of Wine and Lavender in late June which takes place under the oaks and among the lavender fields. It’s a beautiful event with gourmet food vendors pairing their lavender infused appetizers with the local wines, definitely worth a day trip in June if you’re in the area!

Lavender has been cultivated and grown for centuries and its a flowering plant that has long been a favorite through the ages for its beauty, scent, culinary and therapeutic uses. I’m a huge fan of this botanical, I have two dozen Provence lavender plants in my yard that I harvest every summer – I keep the buds for making sachets and dry several bundles upside-down for future use.

I asked if the specialist at Matanzas Creek would answer some questions about the growth and care of lavender, and today Pat Ross is the expert answering some common questions about the care and growth of lavender.

matanzas creek lavender

Hi Pat! Tell us your role in lavender production at Matanzas Creek Winery and Lavender Gardens?

I oversee the production of all of our lavender products and packaging, developing the unique packaging and marketing the products to spas and retail stores. We sell our lavender products online, you can find all of them in our retail store.

Lavender sunlight

What are the most popular varieties of lavender and how can you tell them apart?

Our large garden is both varieties of Grosso and Provence lavender. ‘Provence’ is a lighter shade of lavender used for culinary purposes. The ‘Grosso’ is a deeper shade used because the fragrance is important in sachets, bouquets, soap products, etc.

difference between provence and grosso lavender


In what regions does lavender grow successfully?  What are some general care guidelines you can share?

Lavender plants will grow in a wide range of conditions, but do best in full sun and well-drained soil. For best results, we recommend amending your soil with a small amount of compost and a couple of shovels full of sand and rock. The sand and rock help provide drainage, and good drainage is a critical factor in growing lavender.

Established plants are extremely drought resistant, but you will need to supply water to newly planted ones; however, be sure not to overwater. One of the most common mistakes we see people make is overwatering new plants in the spring. Let the soil dry between watering times, or the plant will perish quickly. On a 90 degree day, we water for 15 minutes.

Lavender does not like “wet feet”. It is dampness, more than cold, that kills lavender plants. Humidity can also be a problem – make sure you don’t crowd the plants, so air can freely flow between them. Here at Matanzas Creek, our rows are 5’ wide and the plants are 3’ apart. In colder areas, where the ground often freezes, it is beneficial to add a layer of mulch to help protect the roots.

When and how should lavender be harvested?

Your lavender plants will look much better if long stems are cut back to the center mound of the plant within 45 days of the full bloom. The striking half dome shape of Matanzas Lavender plants is achieved by this early harvest and a late fall pruning deep into the mound of the plant. This also helps prevent the formation of woody stocks.

Lavender in Bundles

What are the various culinary and therapeutic uses for lavender?

There are hundreds of recipes that can be found online from desserts to rubs to stuffings. It is a powerful herb compared to others so less is more when cooking with it.

Fragrant lavender buds have a relaxing effect and are a wonderful sleep aid.

Lavender has long been known for healing factors as well. Pure essential lavender oil is a natural antiseptic that can clean a wound or lessen the discomfort of mosquito bites or bee stings. Its healing of burns is nothing short of amazing. When applied to the burn area, the pain will significantly dissipate and resist blistering.

lavender essential oil


Thank you Pat for taking the time to share such valuable tips on growing and caring for lavender.

And today there’s a surprise giveaway!

The kind people of Matanzas Creek Winery and Lavender Farm are offering three winners a culinary gift basket of lavender products shipped to your door.

It includes . . .culinary lavender giveaway


To be eligible to win one of the three culinary gift sets, simply leave a comment on this blog post!

US and Canada only, three winners chosen at random. Giveaway expires midnight PST on August 10, 2013. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


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  101. Thank you so much for posting. I have been trying to grow lavender for a while now and it has been an epic failure. After reading your post I think I will try again, hopefully mixing in sand and rocks will help! Thank you so much!

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  107. I love Matanzas Creek! I take people there every time I have a visitor who wants to go wine tasting- the drive there is part of the experience.

  108. I love Matanzas Creek and have been lucky enough to visit them several times when we were in the area. Your pictures are lovely and I know you’ll agree it is even more beautiful in person.

    I had some lavender planted on a hillside that did well for quite a few years but then died away. I think it was a combination of too much shade from the shrubs getting taller nearby and the soil gradually losing the organic matter I had mixed in at planting. I didn’t prune them correctly, either – I’m very happy to know now how to prevent the woody stems.

    Kate, you are always a wealth of information – thanks!

  109. I love lavender! I just had to tear out two very overgrown and ugly lavendar bushes that were crowding a walkway (I think they were 30+ years old!), I’m hoping to plant more next summer!

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    Lavender reminds me of my grandmother & mother….hapy times!

    Great opportunity – thanks!!

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    Matanza Creek seems such a great place to visit.

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  155. I love lavender. When my children were younger, I used to use a lavender aromatherapy spray on their pillows at night and I swear it helped them to sleep better!

  156. Thank you for the great tips on growing lavender! Living in the Midwest, I have not attempted growing this beautiful flowering plant. However, with the helpful planting and care advice from Matanzas Creek Winery and Lavender Gardens, I think I will plant lavender next year. In the meantime, I would love to try their wonderful lavender products!

  157. I have just started growing lavender on a hill side in my yard for it’s scent and color…my favorite…no where near as majestic as these photos yet…wish me luck!

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  162. Now I understand what happened to my lavender. I watered it too much in the Spring. Now, I know. Thank you.

  163. Thanks for the tips. I am in zone 5 and have never had much luck with lavender. Always thought it was the cold. Now I see maybe it was the drainage.

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  165. I have two lavender plants in pots which will go into my front yard when it cools a bit. I love the fragrance and beauty of the plants. It would be wonderful to win any of the products in your giveaway, and I thank you and Matanzas Creek Winery for the opportunity.

  166. Thanks for the tips. I am in zone 5 and always thought it was the weather that killed my lavender. Now I see it could be the drainage.

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    Thanks, Lizzette

  169. Looking forward to seeing some lovely lavender in the fields one day. I can only imagine the wonderful scent of the air. How delightful!

  170. I absolutely love lavender! I love the fragrance of it and have used it in cupcakes before (delicious)! Although, I haven’t had much luck growing it myself so thank you for the post!

  171. My husband and I visited Matanzas Creek this past June. One week before the festival. Their property is beautiful. By far, my favorite garden at any winery. I love the scent of lavender as your walk through the path.

  172. I am part Native American, and when I was researching some info for a short story, my mother gave me a book on Native American usage of a variety of different plants. As soon as I saw “lavender oil” mentioned (one of my favorite scents), I was fascinated. The book talked about its use for wounds and mosquito bites. My kids were always getting bit in the summer, so I brought out the lavender oil I used for scenting lotion and started rubbing it on their “itchies.” Miracle. I use it all the time now, but still like it best for scenting my lotion.

  173. I use lavender essential oils and it works wonders for a variety of different things. I love lavender in that form!

  174. I just lined my fence with a row of Lavender! Can’t wait for the harvest :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  175. I fell in love with Matanzas Creek a few years ago myself when we visited that gorgeous place! One of my favorites thanks to the lavender. Your pictures are stunning!!

  176. Beautiful pictures! I wonder if I can grow lavender in Missouri? May have to try. Great to know about its healing properties. Thank you for sharing!

  177. One of the best omelets I’ve ever had was at a B&B in Mendocino, CA that used lavender in the omelet. My cousin makes a wonderful goat cheese pudding with lavender, as well. What a wonderful, medicinal herb!

  178. We just ordered a dozen lavender plants for our new home so this article is great timing – thanks!

  179. I love lavender but have always been too nervous to cook with it! Maybe now is the time …

  180. I’m imagining how wonderful it must be to stand in the middle of that lavender! Thanks so much for the interesting information, I loved it!

  181. When we sold our previous home, I was so sad to leave my garden and lavender plants. I loved cooking with lavender, my favorite being Apple Lavender Pie (awesome), and having lavender throughout the home. The first thing I did was plant some in pots for our patio in the new home. I totally believe it’s a must for any home! Thanks for sharing!

  182. Lavender is one of my favorite scents! Your pictures of lavender fields are beautiful! Makes me want to go there.

  183. Thanks for the info on growing lavender. Mine is one large woody stem mess. I will cut it back this fall-that should help ! Love your blog.

  184. Here I am thinking where I can plant some lavender, then I get to the part about low water and humidity. I don’t think it would have survived this summer.

  185. A friend of mine gave me a spray bottle of lavender cologne for my birthday -its light and refreshing and smells so good!!!!

  186. I love the smell of lavender and would love to try it in some recipes! Thanks for the giveaway.

  187. I had my first lavendar harvest this year with my plants! Thank you for the tips!!

  188. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and great information! I love to spray our pillows with lavender scent.

  189. love lavender. I have tried for years to get plants to grow in Atlanta. I think I finally have 3 good plants. want to learn to harvest. thanks for the info

  190. I have been wanting to plant Lavender so this post was very helpful! Thank you!

  191. My mother introduced me to lavender and shes the reason why I got my own plant. wish I had read this before I killed my plant :/ great information!

  192. Thanks or the lavender education. I have a beautiful bush, finally. I tried for years to grow lavender with no success. Unfortunately, I did not realize the harvesting time is very short and I only got a few stems to use. I was too busy just admiring its beauty, fragrance, and color. I would love some of those lavender gifts:)

  193. It is such a beautiful plant! I didn’t realize it had all of those uses! Thanks for the chance to win!

  194. I have a lavender plant in my garden and it always looks so pretty, I don’t want to cut it!

  195. Love lavender – with all the great tips just might have to try to grow some of my own.

  196. I would love to grow lavender but I don’t think we can as far north as Michigan. I love lavender.

  197. Thanks for the great info about harvesting lavender, I will put this information to use!

  198. While on vacation in Europe, my 8-year-old caught his first sight of lavender plants in bloom. We have long-loved the scent in soaps and creams, sachets, and even a lavender-honey cake, and would love to grow some. Unfortunately, the humid south Florida climate we live in doesn’t make it seem possible, but after reading Pat’s tips, we are going to try to cultivate a potted plant or two when we get home. It never hurts to try! Thanks for this great post and the chance to win lavender goodies.

  199. Great info! When we moved to our current house we were surprised in the summer to find a large patch of lavender growing! I have been cutting some to bring inside, so this post is helpful!

  200. Lavender oil has really helped me to get through sleepless nights,due to menopause.

  201. Nothing better than lavender in the garden! Just brushing by the plant releases that wonderful aroma. I have three plants, but am thinking of adding more.

  202. Oh, thank you so much for these lavendar tips! I have one, yes, one lavendar plant and am yearning to do much more. After reading this post its clear I need to move my plant as it does not get full sun, although has good drainage. The scent is so theraputic and I had no idea you could use it too alleviate burns. Thank you for the great tips! I would LOVE to win this gift set :-)
    Rory Reding

  203. Thanks for the tips! I have some lavender in my rock garden where it seems to thrive most years, but it was looking pretty sad this year. Now I know that it is the excessive rain and humidity we’ve had this summer!

  204. We love our local annual lavender festivals! It would be a joy to win this package….

  205. I have tried so many times to grow lavender in our Zone 3 climate. I will not give up! Thanks for the tips. Now I am off to do more research on what varieties will grow here! Cheers.

  206. Lavender, one of my favorite plants. Saw fields of them in Provence and fell in love with the color and scent. Thanks for offering this to Canadians.

  207. This posting makes me want to take a trip to Sonoma. Growing lavender is definitely on my to do list.

  208. I have a very well established lavender plant. It is about 4×4! I am not sure the variety – but I love walking by an sticking my hands in – the bees love it too!

  209. I love lavender. I’ve always wanted to grow it so thanks for the tips! It’s so pretty and relaxing. Hope I win! Thanks for opportunity.

  210. Thanks for the tips about growing lavender – especially about not overwatering!

  211. Just planted two lavender plants…one is thriving, the other isn’t. I think I know now what I did wrong, and maybe it’s not too late to save it! Thanks for the great info.

  212. Oh my, how beautiful!!! We are in the process of looking for a home (our home sold, yay) but are in temporary housing. We are finding nothing and it gets so discouraging. I dream of the day when we will have a tiny backyard and I will plant lavender all around my patio. It will be lovely and so peaceful. I did not know that about burns, though. Very good info. Thank you.

  213. I planted lavender plants last year, so that I could use the buds in bath bombs. It was such a great feeling harvesting it this year! I have some drying at this moment! Thank you for the wonderful information on it!

  214. Lavender is one of my favorite scents. I just recently bought some alpaca balls scented with lavender for the dryer to replace dryer sheets. These things are amazing and give off a wonderful scent. They are made with wool from the alpaca and are felted. They are hypoallergenic. They work like dryer sheets and take away static. My towels have never been softer and fluffier. They last for 5 years.

  215. Thank You. I grew Lavender in WA state for ten years. Never knew why I did so well. Pure luck after picking discounted plants at lowes one day.

    Here in SC I have not been able to find Lavender-now I know why. The humidity and soil would kill it. I think I will build a small area and attempt a couple of plants anyway. I miss my rows of purple. Used to dry it and give it away in Christmas gifts. Hope to again soon.

  216. your photos are lovely, and so is the lavender. I had a plant for years that grew to 3 feet wide and was just beautiful. Thanks for the tips on care.

  217. Amazing photography, Kate! Thank you for the lavy education and the great giveaway!

  218. I LOVE lavender. I’m hoping to start some in my garden in the next year or so. I use the essential oil to make linen spray.

  219. Love lavender, living in a zone 3 I can only grow this as an annual, unless someone has an idea of how I can keep this plant from year to year.

  220. Thank you for the wonderful post on growing and caring for lavender. I’ve been trying to figure out what to plant on my rocky hillside and lavender has now moved to the top of the list after reading this. I wonder if I can plant it in the fall in the Texas hill country or have to wait for spring?

  221. I tried to grow lavender with no success – this article gave me some good tips. Love spraying lavender on my sheets at night!

  222. Thanks for the info and the giveaway. Love the look of lavender bundles hanging throughout the house.

  223. Lavender is one if my most favorite scents! Thank you for the great give away!!!

  224. It’s posts like this one that make me wish for a smell-o-vision screen!

  225. I adore lavender and have wanted to plant some in my garden for awhile, now. Thank you for this post. It has provided the information & inspiration I needed to move forward with my plans. Matanzas Creek is a heavenly place…..I’d love to make a visit there, someday!

  226. Lavender essential oil on a legendary bud filled eye pillow and in a personally blended linen spray for my sheets has improved my sleep considerably.

  227. Wonderful article! Lavender is is soothing to smell and look at. Thanks for posting this!

  228. Centsational Girl, your blog is simply sensational! I love the places you take me and the DIYs you teach me. This blog on the lavender fields makes me want to book a trip there immediately. With your pictures, I can already smell the lavender and feel myself standing in the fields.

    Thank you for all your efforts in sharing your passion with so many of us.
    Linda Rae

  229. Love lavender but it is tough to grow in Orlando. Too hot, too rainy, no rain we get it all. I am babying a small plant and it has lasted several years but no regular blooms. Still smells nice!

  230. I love Lavender. My family always said to plant lavender for good luck and to keep the bad bugs away.

  231. Some of my friends handed out lavender to toss at their wedding instead of rice or birdseed. I’m planning to pilfer that idea!

  232. I love lavender! I just planted about 10 plants this year. I hope in a couple of years they turn out as beautiful as your pictures!

  233. My favourite plant! I’ve got a small row of hardy lavender growing in my zone 3 garden and love how tough and beautiful this plant is. Wonderful pictures!

  234. Wow thank you for the info! I love Lavender and didn’t know to use it on bee stings! Have to have that on hand for the family! Love your pictures!

  235. Love lavender! I had a large plant and it would be filled with hundreds of bees. I used the stems to make lavender wands. Unfortunately, I lost it years ago. I currently have one in a pot that has survived for two years. Hopeful I can move it to a permanent location soon.

  236. I just bought my first house and have been wondering what I need to plant. Lavender is officially at the top of my list for next years plants!!!

  237. Thank you for this post, I love lavender and all it’s uses. I live in Texas part-time and have been trying to grow lavender, this information really helps. I also had some out of town guests recently, I marinated my chicken in herbs de provence, what a hit, they could not stop raving how delicious it was. Can’t wait to get back to the valley in CA.

  238. I’ve always wanted to grow lavender, but it made me so nervous! I was afraid it wouldn’t survive my really-not-green-thumbs, but they actually sound so resilient. Thank you for the information!

  239. I love lavender. I had a plant but it didn’t make it. Now I know why – it wasn’t in well draining soil. Thanks for the tips!

  240. Lavender is my absolute favourite……. I have struggled for the past 4 years to successfully grow this magnificent plant and I have failed each and every time.
    Because I’m living in a condo, I’ve been using pots and I’m wondering if this could be the problem.
    The plant I have right now is alive but there doesn’t seem to be any buds or flowers.
    I’d welcome any advise you may have and I’d be thrilled to death to win such an awesome giveaway.
    Many thanks for your blog. I love it.

  241. I’m so envious to have land to grow tons of lavender! Living in an apartment without a garden I’m nurturing my potted lavender and geraniums creating my small bit of Provence!

    Thanks for the post!

  242. Thank you for this! I have a small lavender plant… Thankful for the tips! Hope to try some of these great products soon!

  243. Never tried culinary lavender so would be great to test it out. Thanks for the post!

  244. thanks for the tips on growing lavender! i have been thinking about reading up on it to know if i can grow it; lavender is such a beautiful plant!

  245. Thanks for the great tips. Lavender has always been one of my favorite plants. Also, thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  246. Please enter my name in the Lavender Give Away. Lots of great information… I am inspired to plant some lavender next spring. Would love this get this blog in printable format to file in my gardening binder.. Thank you!

  247. We also have a Lavender Farm in Bandon by the sea ~ Oregon. I love the fragrance and have a bouquet of fresh lavender in my bathroom. Last year I made lavender rice bags as gifts for friends.

  248. I LOVE lavendar, and the Lavendar Spice Rub sounds interesting! I grow it every year in my garden to attract bees and simply for the beauty of it!

  249. Lavender is essential in my home! Thanks for the info allowing me to learn even more on this wonderful plant!

  250. Wow there’s so many uses for lavender I didn’t know about! Thanks for sharing this post and your pictures are beautiful =)

  251. I can’t wait to try planting lavender in my backyard. I love the look, smell, and flavor of this amazing plant!

  252. Lavender holds a special place in my heart. We honeymooned in Provence and although the lavender had already been harvested that year, the fragrance was still in the air when we drove by the fields.

    Such sweet memories!

  253. Love this post. Lots of great tips on growing and the essential oil tips. Thanks so much.

  254. What a wonderful package! I have always loved the scent of lavender. My mom grows it & she makes me small bundles each year. It’s so fresh & sweet smelling. My youngest niece loved it so much & when she was little (she’s almost 17 now!), she used to use it to help her fall asleep.
    You always have the most amazing pictures and great information in your blog! Thanks so much!

  255. Thank you for the write up on Matanzas Creek! I have Always wanted to visit and did not realize that other than wine they actually sell lavender products!

  256. What a great piece. I love lavender and have quite a few plants but not the 2 mentioned. Will have to visit the Winery and Gardens on our next trip down the coast.

  257. Thank you for a beautiful post on lavender. I have 3 different lavender plants and your growing info is helpful as I now know I need to water less. My next trip to the nursery is to locate the Grasso variety. Mantanzas’ package is a lovely and useful gift. Thank you for the offer!

  258. Thank you so much for this article. Lavender is my all-time favorite fragrance and I have tried several times to grow it. Now I know I was overwatering it! I will give it another try!!! Thanks!

  259. I use lavender oil to soothe my scalp, insect bites, burns, scent my DIY deodorant and relief headaches. This would be great to win.

  260. thank you for an amazing tutorial. i love everything about lavender and i appreciate the know-how and the kindness of the matanzas creek folks to share this information and their generosity in offering such an amazing assortment of goodies. thank you.

  261. I was thinking about planting lavender at my home. So glad I read this article. Thanks for the giveaway

  262. Oh, I adore lavender and can’t wait to have a yard so I could start growing some!

  263. It would be lovely to win this and try some of the lovely dishes I’ve heard of using lavender.

  264. It would be terrific to win and give this to my wife. She has wanted to experiment with these products.

  265. I’ve been interested in Lavender since I discovered it on a trip to France. Love the look and fragrance of it!!! Tried growing a couple of plants , with limited success ’til now. But I picked up some great tips today with your blog ! Thanks for the information. Will definitely give it a try again.

  266. Oh how I love lavendar! I just wish I could grow it here in hot humid south Texas :(

  267. Hi Kate,
    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and really enjoy it. We live in NorCal {San Jose}, too, and look forward to getting up to Matanzas Creek Winery this fall. I love lavender and have some dried on hand. Maybe I will make our family some whole wheat, zucchini and lavender bread today. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for some Thursday inspiration!

  268. Add me to the “love lavender” list. I’m hoping to be able to grow it as a replacement for bermuda grass in my front yard here in Norman, Oklahoma.

  269. Beautiful pictures! I knew it was a sleep aid but didn’t realize it had other uses as well. Thanks for the info!

  270. I find lavender soothing for its smell and the color. Purple was my favorite color as a child and I still enjoy it as an accent color.

  271. How lovely! I am inspired! I am a massage therapist and I use lavender in various forms in my practice. Thank you sharing!

  272. We have beautiful lavender farms on our Olympic Peninsula (Washington state). Great place to visit. Lavender ice cream, anyone?

  273. Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances. This place looks amazing! Thanks for offering a give-away..

  274. Lavender…oh swoon! Replacing a large chunk of lawn with lots of lavender has made a huge difference in my garden space. Thanks for posting; I did learn a few tips which I’ll start implementing to improve the garden for years to come. Thank you for a chance to win.

  275. Thanks for the tips! Now I can really ensure my lavender plant continues to thrive!

  276. This was a very helpful post, since I hope to cultivate a few lavender plants in our yard.

  277. Thank you for the wonderful information about growing lavender – have often thought of trying to but now definitely will try. Thank you also for the chance at the giveaway!

  278. Oh, I love lavender. I want to grow some in my garden, but it’s borderline hardy here in Zone 6, especially with our clay soil and wet springs. I’m going to try it, though.

  279. What a lovely way to spend a day at a combination winery and lavender farm! I am a lavender freak.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  280. I got to see my first lavender field on a trip to Washington a few years ago, so beautiful!! Love the smell of lavender. Thanks for the give away!

  281. I love lavender. I spray my bed linens with it and make sachets for gifts. Thanks for giveaway!

  282. Ah poor me. I love the scent of lavender & roses but live in NYC with no grass or balcony. a window box isn’t going to cut it :(

  283. Ohhhh this post makes me want to bury my nose in a bunch of lavender and just INHALE…I just adore the scent! I don’t get enough sun in my tiny back garden, and living in a rainforest doesn’t help with the ‘wet feet’ so I don’t have any lavender growing amongst my plants. Can you see me pouting? lol Thanks for the giveaway – I love reading about all of your travels and the places you see, thanks for sharing!

  284. After reading your blog I cut my lavender into a bouquet. I planted 3 plants in a huge planter and it did well this summer. I love lavender and even make a delicious chocolate with lavender in it. Thank you for the opportunity to win the lavender gifts.

  285. My wife loves lavender. She’s been trying to get me to plant some for her. She’d love this.

  286. Lavender and Rosemary are my absolute favorites! I plan to employ the twice yearly pruning as recommended by Pat, and plant a few Grosso’s this fall. Thanks so much for the generous give away, and gorgeous pictures!

  287. I absolutely adore lavender and would soooo enjoy winning one of the gift items above. Thanks for the opportunity to be involved!

  288. I am planning a party for volunteers and it will be called
    “A Picnic in Provence”. Baskets, sunflowers, berets, fabulous food and lots of lavender!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  289. LOVE lavender. Have tried several times (unsuccessfully) to keep a plant growing. I always kill it off when I bring it in for the winter. I just can’t stand not to be able to smell it. Do use lavender essential oil. Used to put it on a cotton swab and slip it between the vents on my room air cleaner when I would put my daycare kids down for their naps. The sound of the air cleaner and the scent of lavender would allow for good naptimes. Plus, the lavender purified the air of germs, etc.

  290. Lavender is a favorite of mine and ALWAYS calming to my sensitive smelling nose.

  291. I have been wanting to grow and dry lavender for a while now. This will be incredibly helpful hopefully next year when I can plan my garden out.

  292. Just stumbled across this blog. First memory of smelling lavender was on a family trip to London. Hope to grow some of my own one day =)

  293. I love lavender! I am so glad for this post, now I know which plant to get for food or for sachets! I was getting the wrong one for the wrong purpose! I have a lavender plug-in in my room and even the cat relaxes when she smells it.

  294. I love lavender – the look, the smell, everything! I have a few plants growing but have yet to cook with it. Thank you for the tips and sharing this lovely farm.

  295. Lavender is such a versatile plant. I don’t know if I can grown it in Southwest Florida as it is very humid here. I’m going to try it.

  296. We just started 5 new lavender plants this spring and I am already loving the smell. Cannot wait for them to get as big as those on this beautiful farm.

  297. I love lavender and have the worst time finding it for culinary purposes! I’ll try my own plant again, but with my history, my chance of success is low!

  298. I absolutely love lavender, haven’t had too much luck growing it in my little Illinois backyard though! Next time I am out west, I hope to stop at Matanzas Creek Winery & Lavender Gardens, it’s so beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!

  299. I love lavender too. Can’t get enough of it. I have a few plants with plans for another lavender bed next year.

  300. Anyone know good tricks to growing lavender from seed? I’ve got some Grosso plants, and no outdoor space for a large amount.

  301. I visited Matanzas Creek some years ago. The lavender fields were lovely…as was the wine! I planted several varieties last year and have enjoyed their wonder scent and growth this year. Next year, I vow to be better at that early harvest. It’s hard to do when you want the plants to look lovely in the garden!

  302. I love, love, love Lavender! But here in Arizona we have to grow it in the shade! Way too much Sun here! Beautiful pics Thank you!

  303. Lavender is my favorite flower, just moved and mine is not doing so well! Now I know why, no sandy soil.

  304. Oh lavender, the memories I have with you. the scent brings back my dear Mother, for whom there was no other. At last in my yard you do grow, which renews these memories so!
    Thank you Censational girl for providing the information concerning this wonderful plant.

  305. Just treated myself and ordered a couple of products from Mantazas Creek. Thanks for bringing this website to our attention.

  306. I put lots of lavender lining the sidewalk to my door step, on a tiring day when I come home
    I like brushing my over the lavender, then smelling my hands. These tips are great
    For keeping the lavender, full and beautiful

  307. I love lavender and I would love to receive any of your wonderful giveaway items. And because of your article I hope to have success with my next attempt to grow lavender.

  308. I have one beautiful lavender bush in my yard and it’s not enough, I want more! Thanks for the info on how to care for it, I’m going to start doing it right now.

  309. Ahhh, the sweet smell of lavender, my favorite color and fragrance! Thank you for writing all about this beautiful flower. I have a couple of plants in my yard and unfortunately they don’t look so good. I appreciate all the info on the growing and care tips and will try once again to grow my favorite plant. Thanks also for the opportunity to win these fine lavender products!

    Pat F.
    Las Vegas

  310. I love lavender! Love running my fingers thru the fragrant leaves. Thanks!

  311. I’ve been thinking about what to plant in my yard, and lavender might actually live if dry soil is good for it :D I’d love to win some, but I may go buy a couple of plants regardless :D

  312. My mother has, for so many years, used the calming aroma of lavender for her laboring mothers. I had never thought to add it to our yard but I think it will be coming soon for us!!

  313. Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been struggling with trying to grow lavender & this really helped!

  314. My dream career would be operating a vineyard and winery. Pat’s job comes in a close second. What a gorgeous environment to work in, and so fun to bring beauty into people’s lives on a daily basis. Now, if I can just put some of these tips to work in my own garden.

  315. Thanks so much for this valuable information…it helped me figure out why a few of my plants are not doing so well.
    Mary k

  316. Love Lavender. All kinds of Lavender. I love pinching the leaves and smelling its clean, lovely scent. It calls me home.

  317. After many attempts, it’s obvious that I don’t have the proper conditions for growing lavender, so I am very thankful for companies that grow it and make it available to the rest of us. Who doesn’t love lavender?

  318. I love lavender! Mine does best on the sloping bank in front of my house. Probably because of the excellent drainage.

  319. I loooove lavender! My favorite way to cook with it is lavender hot chocolate :)

  320. Do you have a recommended source for new plants? I’ve gotten mine at Lowes… And they’re happy. I’d love to add rows on my back slope!

  321. The soothing scent of lavender and the refreshing taste of local wines at the Matanzas Winery and Lavender Gardens sounds heavenly.
    … Cathy Langdon

  322. Love love lovely lavender–wish I lived in a climate that loves it like we do!

  323. Love the smell of lavender! Most floral scents are too sweet for me, but not lavender.

  324. Now I know why 2 plant died and2 survived and are flourishing. Thanks great article.

  325. Lavender is my favorite fragrance! Thanks for the great tips that will make it easier to grow my own lavender without killing it!!!

  326. This could not be more timely. I’ve been killing my lavender plants and the tips will help ensure the new ones survive

  327. I had tried once before to grow lavender in a container unsuccessfully. With these great tips, I am going to try again!

  328. planted lavender along the side of our yard in a walled-in area. I believe I may have the lighter colored variety. It does not have quite the aroma that I had hoped for, but it is still very pretty. How often should this be trimmed back?

  329. Thanks so much for this post! I’m growing lavender on a much smaller scale, just in one small pot on my kitchen window sill, but the info about when and how to harvest it still applies, so thanks! And thanks for the great giveaway, I’d love to win!

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