Beautiful Linens Giveaway

By Kate Riley August 21, 2013

Midweek greetings! Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Attiser, a textile company offering a collection of bedding and linen accessories created by local artists in India in the traditional block printing style. Many beautiful and exotic motifs are available in their online store including table linens, curtain panels, quilts, duvets, shower curtains, pillow covers, and journals in shades of midori, crimson, amethyst and more. attiser 1attiser 2

Three lucky winners will receive a $75 shop credit toward the textile(s) of your choice!

Eligibility to be one of three winners:

1) Visit Attiser and choose a favorite among their textile collection, then leave a comment naming your pick.

2) For a second chance to win, share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

Three winners, US and Canada only. Winners chosen at random. Giveaway expires on Saturday August 24, 2013 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.  You can follow Attiser on FB here. Use the discount code cgirl10 for 10% off your shopping cart.

Good luck!




  1. I’m also loving the Southern Nights collection – that blue is beautiful. I really like the throw pillows.

  2. Thats easy, my daughter would love the sweet nothing’s quilt for her new big girl room! Beautiful products!

  3. I’m in love with the Southern Nights Shower Curtain! I could use a little pattern in my bathroom, and I do love blue.

  4. all so pretty! I really liked the softest sanquine quilt. thank you for a chance!

  5. we just moved into a new house with FOUR bathrooms and I am working on decorating the last one – the southern nights or the seaside savvy shower curtain would be a perfect addition to it! :)

  6. The Southern Nights collection is definitely my favorite! I adore the table cloth.

  7. i am head over heels for the Softest Sanguine Throw Pillow Covers! so gorgeous.

  8. I am in love with the Classic Crimson Throw Pillow Cover. It so simple but yet would make a statement on any couch, chair or bench. It would look fabulous paired with the Southern Nights French Country Pillow cover for a classic shabby chic french country look!

    – Hailey

  9. I would love to get Southern Nights Shower Curtain. So pretty. I am planing to do renovation on our bathroom soon, so it would be perfect.

  10. I loved the Softest Sanguine Sheets and the Sage Midori Shower Curtain. Wish I would have known about this website before my bathroom make over!

  11. What is not to love about everything they have…but, I do like to set a beautiful table for all to see, soooo, I would choose they Sage Midori tabel cover.

  12. I am absolutely loving the Softest Sanguine Duvet cover as well as the Sage Midori Sheer curtains. But honestly all of it absolutely beautiful!

  13. I am LOVING the Sage Midori Handmand Quilt!!! I don’t tend to use green when decorating but with this as a jumping off point how could I not?!

  14. I love the Sage Midori shower curtain. It would work in my green-and-gold bathroom.

  15. A beautiful collection–I like the Southern Nights group and would get the tablecloth. Nice giveaway, thank you.

  16. I love the Softest Sanguine Sheets. For some reason, I LOVE pink bedding even though I don’t like pink anywhere else!

  17. I absolutely love the Amethyst Amore, my daughter has been traveling since June of 2012 and coming home Labor Day and she would love the “Boho” look of this collection in her room! And I’m hoping to keep her for a while lol! :o)

  18. It’s so difficulty to pick…they’re all so beautiful, but I adore the sage midori print!!

  19. Oh wow! So many beautiful choices that would brighten up my apartment so well. I think the Sage Midori Celtic design on the throw pillow cover is my favorite.

  20. I “shared” scoops on this giveaway on Twitter (I’m @Seattle_Jenn).

  21. The entire Southern Nights collection is beautiful, and I’m loving the Seaside Savvy Stylized throw pillow, too.

  22. So pretty–I do love the Classic Crimson bedding selections–so great for our Guest Room…

  23. My favorite is the Sage Midori Celtic pillow cover. But I love love loved the sweet nothings quilt too!
    Great giveaway!

  24. I love placemats and napkins and would go with Sage Midori. Beautiful colors and patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  25. Would love to have the Sage Midori Celtic Throw Pillow Cover! Maybe more than one? Thanks for the Giveaway too!

  26. The Southern Nights sheer curtains are awesome. They would be perfect in my dining room.

  27. I love the softest sanguine collection! I’d probably go with the sheer curtains.

  28. I love the Sage Midori Celtic Throw Pillow Cover. It’d go perfect in my library/loft that I just redid in blues and greens!

  29. I love the Softest Sanguine Duvet Cover–that coral color would look great in my bedroom! :)

  30. I have been looking at new sheets for our bed and love the amethyst amore sheets. They are beautiful.

  31. Southern Nights French Country Pillow cover is classy and has a lot of personality!

  32. My favorite is the Softest Sanguine collection. It would look great in a all white guest bedroom…

  33. I ADORE the sweet nothings quilt! So pretty! And it would look great with my vintage white headboard :)

  34. I love the classic crimson tablecloth- it reminds me of my favorite shirt I used to wear in college! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. softest sanguine for the guest bedroom or nursery, if its a girl :). Beautiful!

  36. I adore the softest sanguine quilt! It looks so cozy. It’s the kind of quilt I would like to have when enjoying a cup of tea and a good book by the fireplace.

  37. I am a bit boring (as my 15 year old daughter tells me), but I really like the Classic Crimson tablecloth as well as the Classic Crimson shams. She on the other hand would pick anything in the Sage Midori or Amethyst Amore patterns!

  38. I love the sweet nothings shower curtain for my daughters bathroom. Just beautiful!

  39. OMG can I pick all of them?? lol very beautiful collection!

    If I really have to pick: Amethyst Amore Shower Curtain

  40. How I adore the southern nights quilt! Breathtaking colors….bright and beautiful. I shared this contest on my facebook page. Beautiful products!

  41. Love them all!! How to decide?? Southern Nights, Sage Midori, Amethyst Amore, Seaside Savvy…love them all!!

  42. Everything is so beautiful but my favorite is definitely the sweet nothings quilt.

  43. I am in love with the Sweet Nothings quilt. We are about to redo our guest bedroom and it would make the room with the colors I’ve picked out.

  44. The Seaside Savvy Quilt reminds me (as do all of the patterns) of all the lovely fabrics and colors we saw in Italy. Such a beautiful line of products.

  45. Just did a renovation adding a new bathroom. For an absolute perfect finishing touch, I’ve love to add the Seaside Savvy Shower Curtain to my beachy bathroom.

  46. Would love to add the Seaside Savvy shower curtain to my new beachy themed bathroom.

  47. I really love the sage midori pattern… it is a lovely shade of green! I especially love it for a shower curtain and will be a beautiful pop of color in my all-white bathroom!

  48. At frst I went through all the tabs (minus Throw Pillow Covers) and I LOVE the Seaside Savvy Table Cover. It would be PERFECT in the kitchen/dining room (open floor plan) I have planned out (I too am working slowly on the house remodel). THEN I clicked on Throw Pillow covers and died (not literally)! OH MY WORD! Grogeousness in PILLOWS….I can’t decide between any of the prints, the colors and designs are amazing and bright yet classy and versatile. I love them all and can’t choose a favorite out of all of them! Thanks for sharing ATTISER with us and thanks for the giveaway. While I hope I win, best of luck to everyone else.

  49. Love the rich beautiful colors in the Amethyst Amore pillows! They would work beautifully in my daughters room <3

  50. How to pick just one? These are gorgeous!

    I think the Sage Midori Handmade Quilt is my favorite!

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  51. I love the Sanguine Duvet Cover (and not just because it was on the home page!). I love the soft simplicity of it and oddly enough, it would go great in my bedroom.

  52. Wow, gorgeous! Hard to choose just one item. Given I’m in need of a shower curtain for my first floor bathroom, I love the southern nights shower curtain.

  53. The sanguine quilt! I can think if about 5 places in my home it would look extra pretty!

  54. I love the Seaside Savvy Table Cover – this would look amazing in my kitchen!!

  55. Oh, goodness! Seaside Savvy throw pillow covers are just beautiful, and perfect for the room the Grandgirlies use when they visit us. I also love the Seaside Savvy Moleskins, and am going to order one. Wonderful site, and thank you so much for sharing it.

  56. My favorite are the Softest Sanguine Sheets. I think they would bring a sweet cosy sleep.

  57. My favorite are the Softest Sanguine Sheets. I imagine they would bring a sweet cozy sleep.

  58. Adore Southern Nights Handmade Quilt!!! The colours, the look, especially that it’s all HANDmade!!! I cherish native handmade textiles! Thanks for sharing this site! It’s gorgeous!

  59. So hard to pick one favorite but I think it would have to be the Seaside Savvy Quilt, beautiful!!

  60. I love all of the quilts, especially the Softest Sanguine Quilt. Beautiful patterns on everything they have!

  61. I adore the Softest Sanguine Duvet Cover. So fresh looking. Thanks for the link and Thank you for opening this up to your northern neighbors!

  62. Seaside savvy please! Thanks for sharing this lovely company and their products.

  63. I love them all but if I could choose to take home anything it would definitely be in Seaside Savy or Amethyst Amore. I can imagine getting a couple sets of napkins for my kitchen and the wonderful way I could girly up sleep overs with my little girls and nieces, then switch them out for normal day….so many possibilities. Everything from attiser is beautiful though and gives so much inspiration, I have about 10 different ideas in my head right now just from the few minutes I spent on the website! Fantastic.

  64. sage midori pillow covers would look great in my room, but they are all so pretty! hard to decide!!

  65. Omg, love the Southern nights shower curtain. I am redoing the bathroom and this curtain would totally be the inspiration….I just might have to buy it if I don’t win ;-)

  66. Southern Nights Handmade Quilt- so beautiful! I want the entire linen set now! If I got the card I would have an excuse to buy the entire patterned set!! Please pick me!

  67. The seaside saavy shams are beautiful and would look great in my daughter’s room – so sweet!

  68. I am loving the Softest Sanguine line. It’s the oversized medallion and it not being centred on the cushions etc that I am drawn to. The Seaside colours make me happy though and I’d love to have that quilt! Very lovely products all around.

  69. I would choose either the seaside savvy or southern nights table cloth. I would need some time to really figure it out! Everything is beautiful. I love the shower curtains as well.

  70. Softest Sanguine Sheets – perfect for the guest bedroom I am redecorating!!

  71. Well, this is difficult–such beautiful collections–but think I will go with Sweet Nothings.

  72. Lovely! My faves are Sage Midori and Southern Nights. I could picture the shower curtain, duvet, and sheer curtains in my home.

  73. I would choose the Southern Nights table cover. Beautiful shades of blue. Lovely line of textiles!

  74. What a selection of vibrant, summery linens! I cannot decide whether I like the Summer Nights flat sheet and shams or the tablecloth the best —- might have to have both! Thanks for introducing me to this product!

  75. I can’t find my post, but I loved the southern nights shower curtain, I shared on Twitter and also shared my pick on pinterest.

  76. I love a traditional picnic right down to the red and white checkered printed tablecloth. So…drumroll, my pick is the White Crimson Red Moroccan Table Cover! It’s an elegant take on the more traditional picnic tablecloth. I can see using this for an outdoor gathering with my girlfriends and as a foodie, it inspires me to have a more eclectic menu as well.

  77. The seaside saavy collection is on my list. I’d get the tablecloth and matching napkins. Perfect for spring and summer.

  78. Lovely! I would choose the Southern Nights sheets for our guest room. I love the pattern!

  79. I am a sucker for great table linens and Sage Midori Table Cover is just beautiful!
    thanks for the chance.

  80. Wow what beautiful things! The Southern Nights table cover really caught my eye. It looks so refreshingly clean. The craftmanship is fabulous. Great site!

  81. The beautiful Seaside Savvy Table Cover reminds me of summer water fun. Thank you for introducing us to this company!

  82. I think the Sanguine are defintely my favorites! I would love to get some pillow covers! Thanks

  83. I love the Southern Nights Table Cover. It would make a beautiful table setting. Thanks for introducing us to this new store.

  84. Oh, Sage Midori Sheets please! We’re in the middle of an upgrade from little girl pastel pink to teenage turquoise-and-green in just that shade.

  85. So hard to choose, but I love both Sweet Nothings and softest Sanguine! Thanks for the introduction to that great shop! (and hopefully, a chance to win!)

  86. Everything is simply beautiful! If I were to win I would choose a couple of the throw pillow covers – such an easy way to perk-up a space. Thank you for the chance at winning this wonderful giveaway.

  87. Holy moly, I am in love with that Midori quilt!! What a great jumping-off point for a beautiful room. GORGEOUS stuff.

  88. Oh, so hard to chose! I’d either go for shams for the bedroom, or tablecloths. :)

  89. We just finished our bathroom remodel/repair and a seaside savvy shower curtain would be great!

  90. Good Morning….wow…..gorgeous pretties on this site: Ummm…..I really like the: Sweet Nothings Sheets….lovely! Thanks and Cheers! Valerie

  91. I really love all of them. But the first item would be Southern Nights Table Cover. Than on to the sheer curtains. Than the sheets…..yes, I am greedy!

  92. I tried to leave a message but they said to leave a valid name. Huh?

    I love the Classic Crimson Handmade Quilt. That is what I would choose. Thanks –

  93. They’re all so pretty, but I’m feeling the Seaside Savvy Shower Curtain. The color and pattern screams beach and summer cottage and named perfectly so.

  94. I’d go for the Softest Sanguine Quilt, but please don’t hold me to it…so many pretty items!

  95. Amethyst Amore is so beautiful. I really enjoyed learning about the textiles and this one just spoke to me with inspiriation.
    Thank you.

  96. I would love the French Country Style Blue Green White Table Cover, it’s gorgeous and it reminds me of summer.

  97. The sage midori shower curtain is calling my name

    happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

  98. I love the Amethyst Amore Throw Pillow Cover the most. I tend to want lots of color and this pillow cover delivers!

  99. It’s a toss up between the Southern Nights and Seaside Savvy table covers. If I won I would have a really hard time deciding between the two.

  100. OOOOOOOOHHH, exotic textiles! As usual I cannot choose. But I know I love the Softest Sanguine duvet cover (would be perfect for my third bedroom, for which I have been searching for the perfect duvet!), and the Southern Nights tablecloth is also lovely. Very, very pretty.

  101. Beautiful linens! When I checked out the throw pillows, I was torn between the Sweet Nothings Country, the Amethyst Amore, and the Seaside Savvy Stylized designs!

  102. I love the Seaside Savvy bedding! Thanks for the chance at such a lovely giveaway!

  103. I’d love to have a dinner party using the Seaside Savvy Tablecloth. Thanks for the opportunity on your lovely giveaway!

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