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By Kate Riley July 26, 2013

Hello hello, we’re still on the road enjoying our family vacay this week but I wanted to share a few fun links for your weekend enjoyment. I’m going to need smelling salts, I’m feeling faint because how absolutely perfect is this breezy guest house by Tillman Long Interiors?


via House of Turquoise

And a few other favorites from the week…

White kitchen appliances are white hot this year.

Martha’s prop library.

Fascinating: vibrant tales of obsolete paint pigments (also Part One here)

A cleverly designed apartment that is 380 square feet.

53 great backyard DIY projects.

An artist who designs with Microsoft Paint!

Jazz hands and lyric blunders (great comments)

Every sofa needs a beast pillow, don’t you think?

My latest article over at My Colortopia: simple summer decor.


See y’all back here on Monday!



  1. I loved the tips you gave in your Colortopia blog. I do “shop my house” for seasons as well although I mostly do that for our bedrooms. It’s always fun seeing the things I’ve collected over the years.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacay.

    Simone @simonedesignblog.com

  2. Thanks for the links. I’ve been wanting to read more about white kitchen appliances. Interesting. I do love white cabinets but white appliances also might be too much white? I wonder how big of a splash this trend will make.

  3. I cant believe tht white is in style again. UGH! i bought my brand new, just built house 15 yrs ago. All i could afford was white appliances. My fridge just finally conked out & i replaced it w/ STAINLESS STEEL. while shopping for my fridge, I found a great deal on a 5 burner, slightly dented, STAINLESS STEEL range. (was $1300, now $481). I thought finally! i got stainless steel & Im upgrading my kitchen. oh well! im enjoying how much easier they are to clean though. now to replace my dishwasher & microwave to stainless.

  4. OH. EM. GEE!!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that guest house!!!!!!!! Thanks for finding and sharing!!!

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