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By Kate Riley June 7, 2013

Hello all and happy weekend! We’re excited to head out and do some wine tasting in the Alexander Valley on Sunday, can’t wait! I realized I haven’t written many lifestyle or Wine Country posts in the past few months, mostly because we haven’t gone exploring in our own backyard lately, so I plan to step those up this summer. Matt and I found a great sitter to come over every other Sunday afternoon, so we’ll be out and about in the region more, and I’ll be sharing our adventures.

I’ve written a few more articles over at BH&G in the past two weeks, here are the links:

marble in bathrooms

perfect patio

nesting tables

cabanas and sheds

Some favorite design bloggers have curated their own shops at a new home decor sale site called Joy & Revelry and every item offered is a gem! Discover new ways to furnish your home and get inspired by the beautiful products the curators select each week by signing up for Joy & Revelry to receive exclusive access to decor deals. (I have the gold studded stacking trays, love them!)

joy and revelry

Their recent write up in the Wall Street Journal shows just how savvy these bloggers and tastemakers are. I was delighted to judge a Pinterest contest earlier this week of curated boards showcasing a medley of J&R products and inspiring spaces, the winner was announced on their Facebook page.


And few other articles I enjoyed this week:

The Summer Tour of Homes hosted by Shabby Creek Cottage.

Apparently, this photo is the most Pinteresting of them all.

A mini mag of beautiful kitchens.

Should you yard sale, Craigslist, Ebay or donate?  This will help you decide.

One amazing flip.

Advertising that is both clever and functional.

Bill and Bono discuss their philanthropic efforts in Africa.

The important thing about yelling.


Have a fantastic weekend friends, I’ll be back on Sunday with yet another round of ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ – plenty of inspiration you’ll love, see you then.




  1. Kate – thank you so much for the post on yelling. My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but this is a great reminder for everyone, whether they have children or not. I often feel like I am multitasking myself to death, and with two high stress jobs it’s easy to just snap at each other when we’re both exhausted and angry about something.

  2. It’s nice to know that you’ll be having a wine tasting tour. I’m sure you will really enjoy going to Alexander Valley. Anyway, you are really thoughtful leaving us great links while you are away. Have a nice weekend, Kate! :-D

  3. Thank you so much for posting the link to Hands Free Mama. A good friend had recently suggested this blog to me but I never got to it until today. What a superbly written post on yelling – my most unfortunate part of parenting and one that I work on regularly. I have shared The Important Part of Yelling with a bunch of friends and imagine they too will feel empowered with a plan to dial down the reactions to the daily happenings in life.
    CG you always have some sort of wisdom to send all the way across the country! You would be proud to know of the many CG inspired projects I did this weekend. :)

    • So kind Christine, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the link, I have read several great posts on the blog, love the ‘Hands Free’ Philosophy!

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