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By Kate Riley April 19, 2013

Hey everyone. A bit of a difficult week, wasn’t it? Since the Boston incident, I’ve had less spring in my step, especially after reading and watching all the news accounts, and all the reports this morning are incredible. I’m still processing it all and praying for the people there.

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I left town yesterday and I’m in Salt Lake City today at the SNAP Conference. I’m presenting on this topic with Mandi and Melissa, it should be a great conversation for all who attend!

collaboratin with brands


Here are some lovely links I found this week to share with you.

The kindness of strangers.

And a world of helpers.

The Quiet City. Le sigh.

Leather suitcase furniture like you’ve never seen before.

Audrey’s Roman street style.

Exploded flowers” – beautiful

Vincent inspired Grumpy Cat

Pros and cons: living with open kitchen shelving

How architecturally savvy are you?


Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with my sister who lives here, we may go thrifting, but we’ll be making mischief I’m sure.

Have a great weekend everyone !

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  1. Oh, Kate. I would so love if you would post your favorite Salt Lake City thrifting locations. I’m not a big fan of the local Deseret Induatries and am having a tough time finding any other stores that are interesting. Enjoy your trip to Utah! We delightfully welcome you!

    • Hi Megan! I’ll be spending some time thrifting with my sister this summer in SLC, will definitely post about it then!

  2. Kate, I love that first picture of the flowering branches! Did you take it? Totally something you should frame, beautiful!

    • Yes Debbie, those are some beautiful flowering vines around the corner at a neighbor’s house, stunning in person!

  3. Thanks for your kind words about Boston, Kate! It’s certainly been a difficult and bizarre week here, and it helps to know that there’s support from the rest of the country while we remain in lockdown!

  4. Being a New Yorker for so many years and living through both World Trade Center bombings, my heartaches for the families of the victims & the City of Boston. Tragic in every sense of the word.

  5. Beautiful image. Oh, what a sad week we have all endured. It is hard to wrap my head around all the tragedies. Big wishes for a great SNAP conference

  6. I love your blog and follow on Pinterest. I also live outside Boston and my husband works in the area where the bombings occurred. The people of Boston are a gritty, stubborn and resilient bunch. We are Boston Strong. In the midst of the horror we experienced the best in humanity, courage,selflessness,and community. Bolstered by the inspirational words of our religious and government leaders and President Obama at the Interfaith Service and the amazing words of encouragement from across the country we can now focus our attention on supporting the families of the victims and the many injured as they recover.

  7. I know what you mean about not having a spring in your step. This week has been crazy. On top of the Boston bombing my apartment complex had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat. I wish the crazies would go away. I’m looking forward to crafting this weekend. Hopefully that will get my spirits up.

  8. I live in Boston and can tell you that it’s been surreal living through these events. Last night I finally slept. I hope no other cities ever have to go through this. Live everyday to its fullest.

  9. A small, humble ray of hope: Our family is of Irish heritage and we attend and participate in many Irish cultural events. Our daughter is a champion dancer. The lovely Richard Family have a daughter, Jane, who is just beginning her training at her dance school in Milton, MA and I’m told they were with us at World Championships on Boylston Street just two weeks before … it. Jane was very gravely injured, losing a leg. To our deep sadness, her brother, Martin did not survive the blast.

    All of us in the Irish community around the world are sending dance-school t-shirts to be made into a quilt for Jane. We will wrap her up in the love of thousands of Irish dancers and their families from Boston to Dublin, Belfast, London, Sydney, Auckland, Johannesburg, and even Moscow. We will surround the Richard Family with our love.

    God Bless America.

  10. Kate, thank you for the kind words about Boston. I live in New Hampshire, and Boston is of course “My” big city. We are all devastated, but heartened by the response of ordinary people who stepped up to help. Your flowering branch picture completely set the mood: there is hope.

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