Wall Gallery Giveaway

By Kate Riley February 28, 2013

Displaying photographs of favorite people and places is the one thing that transforms a house into a home. I love the growing popularity of gallery walls that showcase beautiful images, but imagine the possibilities beyond just photographs – artwork (whether children’s or professional), fabric, papers, maps, whatever you treasure in paper form can be framed in a gallery wall to decorate your many spaces.

Recently, I was introduced to Change of Art, a company which carries several collections of gallery frames and makes the process of hanging a gallery wall so easy. The approach is really smart, they’ve taken the hassles out of matting & framing, just slide your print in and out of the unique backer, you don’t have to move or touch the glass.

frames front and back

Switch out art prints & update photos whenever you want. Arrange your gallery wall with their set of paper templates and button hangers before you even pick up a hammer and nails. If you want to get creative you can fill in with other artwork or wall decor you already own.

change of art gallery walls

Change of Art’s frames come in several colors (not just black!) and they are all Made in the USA. They are sponsoring this week’s giveaway and one winner gets their choice of any set of gallery frames (up to $230 value).

Eligibility to win the wall gallery of your choice from Change of Art:

1) Hop over to Change of Art and pick your favorite gallery then name it in a comment.

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment on this post telling where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

Giveaway ends Sunday March 3rd at midnight PST, one winner, US and Canada only. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policies and Official Rules of Entry.

Looking for gallery wall inspiration?  Check out their Pinterest board devoted to the topic for hundreds of ideas!


Winner: #586 Kristin at Little Corbin Hill, notified via email.




  1. I love the sampler, and I have the perfect wall for it. I have been dreaming about a gallery wall forever, hopefully this will be the push to get it done!

  2. I’d choose the sampler, if I won. Usually choose/like squared arrangements, but love this one! Thanks!

  3. I’d choose Portraits, 6 piece. It would work so nicely with the gallery wall I’ve started!

  4. i love the portraits gallery that you pictured in the post. so classy! this is an awesome giveaway.

  5. I have been thinking of putting a gallery wall in our rec room, and I think “Eight is Enough” is just the one for me!

  6. I would love Portrait and Eight is enough… I really want to do a gallery and I might need 2 or even 3 sets for the size of the wall I want to do.

  7. I think the possibilities are endless with the Eight is Enough option. Especially for a large wall.

  8. I love the symmetry of the portraits 6 collection! I would definitely choose that one!

  9. I like the Portraits and the Eight Is Enough. Which totally surprises me, as I usually prefer odd numbers!

  10. Awesome giveaway! I love the Eight is Enough, but their are all awesome! Takes the stress out of doing the walls!

  11. I love the symmetry of the 6 piece “Portraits.” That would be great in an entry.

  12. The Sampler 7 would be perfect for our kitchen! I love the idea of putting the gallery in an unexpected place :)

  13. Not to pile on, but the Sampler is the best, imho. Would allow you to display a variety of sizes of pictures, which I think is really great.

  14. eight is enough is my choice. it would be perfect for the long entry hallway in the new house we are building. :)

  15. Love the sampler! And love the whole concept. Great idea!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I would have to say 8 is enough would look good with where I am wanting to add a gallery wall.

  17. Eight is Enough!! We just moved and have not hung one thing yet – this will be perfect!!

  18. I love The Sampler – this would jumpstart that gallery I’ve been wanting to do for way too long!

  19. My favorite is Eight is Enough – unfortunately it might not be enough for what i have planned :)

  20. I’m loving the ‘Eight is Enough’! I have a blank wall just waiting for these gallery frames.

  21. Love the Eight is Enough set! Absolutely fabulous…love that they are all set and ready to go! :)

  22. That is really hard to choose. I’d have to go with the 8 is enough because. Love the 7 piece, too.

  23. The Eight is Enough set would be PERFECT for this one wall in my living room.

    Thanks! xo

  24. I love the Sampler 7 piece! Im getting my first apartment in a couple of weeks and these would be perfect!

  25. Sampler 7pc. Would be perfect! What a fun giveaway! I have been wanting to do something like this forever but have always wondered how to go about it with out it looking tacky. Their kits looks so pulled together and professional. Love it.

  26. I love the symmetry of the portrait gallery. Thanks for the doing the giveaway!

  27. I love 8 is enough and portraits. Several frames grouped together makes such a cool statement and is so much more interesting than one frame.

  28. I love the sampler layout, and I am currently redecorating/renovating. This would be great above my couch!

  29. Eight is Enough would be perfect for all of the b+w family photos I’ve been stockpiling to fill a long hallway. Thanks so much!

  30. My favorite is Eight is Enough! It would be a great way to do the gallery wall in our blank slate hallway! It’s a great concept to offer it this way because grouping and hanging that many pictures can be a daunting task! Thanks for the chance to win and I enjoy reading your blog and great ideas! :)

  31. Eight is Enough is not only a clever name but also a good looking grouping. What a clever idea the company has come up with. I’m fond of anyone who strives to idiot proof the world!

  32. Eight is enough would be perfect for my bedroom we are remodeling this spring. Would love to have a gallery wall in there!
    Thank you!

  33. Love the sampler – 7 peice would like to try it on the staircase thanks

  34. I’ve been trying to do something like the “Sampler” on my own and failing. I love symmetry but hate everything looking too matchy matchy. The Sampler gives a cohesive look without the exact same size of each pair. Love love love the giveaway. Also love all the items on their Pinterest.

  35. Eight is Enough is really great. I love the way the smaller frames are situated around the two larger frames in the center.

  36. I like the 6pc portrait set. I have another huge gallery wall with mismatched frames (all painted the same color) and like the more formal, symmetrical look of this set. It would be great in my living room.

  37. That sampler would look wonderful in my office! I have the pictures picked and ready to go!

  38. Eight is enough!! Awesome giveaway, this would be so helpful with filling up my empty staircase

  39. I love the Sampler 7pc. Looks professional and would be perfect my dining room. Thanks.

  40. All of the designs are great, but I would love to start with the seven-piece gallery. Thanks so much for the Wall Gallery Giveaway!

  41. I think my favorite gallery is the ‘Hi, Five’…I have a blank wall in my living room that has been driving me crazy!

  42. I love the sampler. I have been collecting different items for my gallery wall and these frames would help immensely.

  43. I like the Portraits – 6 pc gallery frame set. I can see maybe adding children’s special artwork to the larger frame – love that idea!

  44. I love the sampler. We have a large wall in our family room where I want to do a gallery like this, but I haven’t had the nerve to start hanging things yet.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I love the 7 pc. Sampler. It would be perfect for the huge blank wall in our kitchen. And a great way to display some of our daughter’s cute preschool art!

  46. The Sampler is perfect for my kitchen. I love that it’s all made in the USA, and that you can swap artwork out easily. I’d use it to swap in kid’s artwork.

  47. Oh, how I’d love the Hi, Five gallery! Would be perfect for a big wall in my living room that is currently blank. Plenty of art laying around, but not enough frames! Fingers crossed :)

  48. love the 7 pc sampler gallery – the oversized mats with the smaller openings are really great!

  49. I really like the Trio. It’s simply stated and beautiful for a small area, say an entry.
    I love their displays and their system makes sense!!
    Thanks for sharing

  50. Love the asymetry of the Hi, Five gallery. Would look fab above my couch. Or in my dining room :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Thanks for offering this fun giveaway! My favorite is Portraits-6 piece. :)

  52. Portraits is my fave. I love symmetry when hanging art or pictures. This kit makes it easy!

  53. Such a neat idea. I am a traditionalist at heart and Portrait 6 pc is my favourite, seems to have an oldy worldy feel.

  54. I like portraits and eight is enough! Hope I win, I have the perfect spot!

  55. Eight is Enough is made for our large extended family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. The six frames will make for a perfect display of pictures from our Alaskan vacation last summer!

  57. I think the Eight is Enough set is awesome. I’m trying to get away from making everything symmetrical, but I have a hard time making things look a little random. I think this one is a good balance!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  58. Eight is Enough is my favorite! I am getting married in May and would love to have it to display all our wedding photos! Thanks for the giveaway

  59. I absolutely love the Portraits gallery. It would look fantastic above our entry side table.

  60. I like the sampler. Random, but organized. I have a wall in my hallway just waiting for something like this!

  61. I like the ‘High Five’. Just enough of a collection without taking over a wall. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. Eight is Enough! That’d be a wonderful addition to the bare walls in my new home.

  63. Really dig the Eight is Enough… I have a dining room wall just itching for that gallery!

  64. My favorite is the Portraits (6 piece). Love the symmetry! It would look amazing in my upstairs hall between the kids’ bedrooms.

  65. I love the Sampler. Thank you for providing the chance to win such a beautiful product! :)

  66. I haven’t had the courage yet to hang images on my wall-papered walls but it has to be done soon! I love the eight is enough collection – it would be perfect for my long entry way!

  67. I love the starter 6 piece! I can already imagine this set above my bed with a mixture of art & photos in the frames. :)

  68. Give me a Hi, Five!! I just moved into a small mid-century house, this collection in black would suit me just fine :)

  69. I love the Sampler 7! That layout would work great for a wall in my kitchen nook area!

  70. Sampler 7 would be my choice, but then I’d give it to my daughter who moved into an apt. recently and is trying to figure out how to hang her artwork.

  71. Thanks for the chance at this cool giveaway! I like the Seven Piece Sampler – and 7 is my lucky number! :)

  72. I really like the Hi, Five. I think it would fit perfectly on the wall in my entryway.
    Great Giveaway and great idea!

  73. I love the starter gallery in black. I really like that they are Made in the USA and asa sustainably sourced as possible. I can’t believe shipping is only $7, wow. Thanks fro a great giveaway!

  74. Love the portraits 6 piece and the Sevens! Couldn’t decide on just one!

  75. My favorite is the Eight is Enough Gallery, can’t decide between Matte Black and Satin White though. Love the button hanging system…what a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. I like 8 is enough. Recently I’ve been thinking about framing my travel pictures and making a gallery in my living room. This post feel like the universe is giving me a push to get cracking on it :)

  77. I know you should work in odd numbers but I love the frame sizes in the “Eight is Enough” collection. I think I’d use all of the 5×7″ sizes and a couple of the 8×10″ ones to create a portrait gallery in my entry hallway. There are some really cute things you can do with styling over hallway benches ala Farmhouse Style.

    Love the easy-to-use setup Change of Art provides.

  78. Love the eight is enough. I would love to put it behind the couch in my family room to display my children’s artwork. Great giveaway!

  79. I like the 6 pc Portraits and 7 pc Sampler. What a great giveaway. This makes it easy to do a gallery wall. Thanks!

  80. Eight is Enough is my favorite. And I have a wall above my living room couch that I have been waiting to decorate with exactly this. Wonderful giveaway!!

  81. I shared the giveaway on my Facebook timeline to my friends. I think they’ll love it! :) Have a great day.

  82. Oooh I love eight is enough!! It would be great for an idea I have (and Im sure you’ve seen on Pinterest) to do a “family tree” wall!!
    I’m just gonna pop over and like this on FB!
    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  83. I like EIGHT IS ENOUGH! :) You can never have too many pictures on a wall!

  84. I love the Eight is Enough in matte black. It would fit beautifully over my sofa.

  85. I like the Eight Is Enough grouping! I have a big space to fill so this would be perfect!

  86. I LOVE this website! Thank you for sharing! I also love the 6 piece Portraits gallery!

  87. I like the PORTRAITS – 6 pc. Such a nice look!!! I linked it on Facebook!

  88. Sampler 7 piece is my favorite! Thanks a lot for all of your wonderful ideas and giveaways. Your blog is by far my favorite!

  89. I like the starter 6 piece, I guess it would be a good place to start on a budget…

  90. he 6 piece portrait is perfection for over my sofa. Thank you for the contest

  91. “Eight is Enough” – what a wonderful way to display wedding pictures! Thank you!

  92. Not to be greedy, but I really like the Eight is Enough. (And suddenly I’m thinking about that handsome fellow who played the oldest son on that show…)

  93. I love the Portraits selection. My fiancee and I just bought our first house and we’re trying to decorate with BOTH our families on the walls. :)

  94. I love the Eight is Enough!! I would love to give this to my sister, who keeps asking for my help with starting a gallery wall!

  95. I would choose Eight is Enough to hang on staircase wall. Great system. Looks nice and easy:) Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. I love the 7 piece sampler! It’s great because there are multiple sizes and openings. This would be really great to have!

  97. I love symmetrical arrangements, so I would pick the portrait collection of six.

  98. This is amazing! I would love to win the 7 pc sampler. I love how they secure both ways to prevent tilting!

  99. I like the 7 piece sampler. It has the perfect balance of symmetry and asymmetry.

  100. The gallery “Eight Is Enough” would be perfect over my long sofa. I love Change of Art. And what a clever name!

  101. Eight is enough! It can be tough to make a decision on how to hang a gallery. Love how this takes out the guesswork!!

  102. I like the “Eight is Enough.” I would LOVE these for behind my living room couch. I recently hung three frames and hate the set up!

  103. I don’t want to sound greedy, but the “Eight is Enough” arrangement would be the perfect choice for our staircase wall. It is currently bare and is in dire need of some prettification!

  104. Eight is Enough…although I love pictures so I say you can never have enough!

  105. fingers crossed on this giveaway! my husband and i have been revamping our house and are just finally printing off our wedding photos to put up around the house. this would just lovely to win!

    the portraits set is amazing!


  106. I love the ‘asymmetrical symmetry’ of the “Eight is Enough” group. So many possibilities!

  107. I am most drawn to to the PORTRAITS set. Off to Pinterest for more ideas!

  108. wow! this is an awesome website. i love all of them especially the Sampler 7 piece

  109. So hard to choose. I love the symmetry and arrangements shown for the 6-piece sampler, but I also like that the 6-piece portrait and the Hi-5 have more frames that accommodate 8x10s. I’d still go with the 6-pc sampler, though.

  110. I have a gallery wall with 8 ribba frames surrounding a large starburst mirror, and recently I was thinking that I’d really like to add more frames on the bottom half of the wall to add some drama. So I’m really liking the Eight is Enough set, because it would double what I have and would fill the all perfectly. Very tempting just to order it and avoid the ikea trip… :)

  111. I love the 7 piece sampler! Would be perfect for my hallway. Thanks for the chance!

  112. The starter would be sheer perfection over the sideboard in our dining area. :) Thanks for the giveaway, Kate and Change of Art!

  113. I love the eight is enough set – it would work perfect in my dining room

  114. I love the “Eight is Enough” because it is balanced while still quirky! Would love to win one of your giveaways!

  115. The bigger the better when it comes to wall galleries. So for me…. Eight is Enough.

    Thanks for hosting!

  116. Love the Portrait Collection. I have a completely blank high ceiling living room wall and really want a Gallery here. Thanks for the chance

  117. SAMPLER – 7 pc. is a great set! Would love to win one for our new apartment :)

  118. Love “The Sampler” – the variety of matte sizes and frame placement is super interesting!

  119. Honestly, every idea and post you have are GREAT! LOVE this idea for the little darlings’ fabulous projects. Something that looks nice as well as displays the important things. ;) I like the 7 piece sampler set. Thank you for the chance to win this cool stuff!!!

  120. Eight Is Enough is my absolute favorite, I just have too many portraits and Prints I want to display!

  121. Love this giveaway! I have the perfect spot for the “Eight is Enough!”

  122. The six piece Starter set in black are just what I need right now. This must be karma, because I am really in need of a set of frames and matts like this. Many thanks for the chance to win!!

  123. I love the 7 piece sampler! This would be perfect timing for the gallery wall I’d like to put up in my dining room!

  124. I’m planning to do a gallery wall very soon. I love the “Sampler” 7 piece collection.

  125. I linked to Facebook and would love to win the Eight is Enough Gallery.

  126. So fun. And easy. Love how the guesswork has been taken out of it. I like the sampler 7 piece.

  127. Eight is enough is perfect, with out be ing too perfect! Love it.
    Thanks for a give away!

  128. Thanks for this awesome giveaway. I just love the “Eight is Enough” set. I have the perfect spot in mind for these!

  129. I’m starting a living room makeover this month, and I’ve got the perfect spot for the Sampler 7! Great giveaway!!

  130. I would hang these right by our front door. We have a skinny table there that is just dying for something to be hung above it. Thanks again!

  131. Usually i am more of a “portrait” girl but i love the asymetry of the ‘ eight is enough’! thanks.

  132. I love the sampler 7 but think that Hi-5 would work better in my house

  133. I love the sampler 7 piece set. I have been planning a gallery to fill the large wall behind our sofa for awhile and these in white would be amazing! LOVE!

  134. I am a fan of the portraits 6 pc, I like the look and how clean the lines are…nice and symetrical. I also shared on fb!

  135. I like the Sampler set best, I think. I like that it is balanced but not square.

  136. We live in an apartment and will be moving plenty before we settle down, so I feel like the eight is enough would give us the most options for our future!

  137. I love the 7 piece sampler because of all the different frame sizes. Perfect for a hallway!

  138. Oh my gosh, I love the Sampler and Eight is Enough sets! I really like the idea of simplifying a gallery wall – I love the idea of a gallery wall but it is pretty intimidating to try and pull one together. I’m going to bookmark this site for sure!

  139. These are beautiful!! My husband and I have been married 6 years and just bought our first home, which we hope to finally hang a wedding picture in with some eclectic things in our lives. I think “8 is enough” would look wonderful in our kitchen over the (one day) island!

  140. I love the Sampler – I am planning a wall of art using children’s books for my nursery, and I love the different sizes and mats all grouped together!

  141. Portraits six piece is my favorite. Simple, elegant and easy for a first timer.

  142. I like the seven piece sampler. I’m a klutz when it comes to hanging pictures. I have boxes and boxes of photos that need to be sorted. This would jump start me!

  143. Linked to my Facebook. This is my FAVORITE blog! Thank you Censational Girl! I’m always sharing your blog and articles!

  144. I like the Sampler-7 piece one!! Not sure if I would get white or black though. :)

  145. Well, this is so apropos. Got a new big TV and am inspired by Centsational Girls’ posting in January “Stylish Ways to Display B&W Photos.” There was one photo that showed how B&W photos can minimize the big, black hole created by the television.

    I would go for either Hi, Five or Sampler 7. Found some incredible B&W photos of horses on Etsy. Just the ticket!


  146. I posted a link on FB! ‘Eight is Enough’ is my fave. Thanks!!

  147. I think two trio collections would look great – one on each side of the window that our sofa is under.

  148. I’m usually a odd number kind of person – but I really like the looks of the 6 and 8 piece. Black or cherry???

  149. I really like the Sampler – so many possibilities and I have the perfect spot for it already picked!

  150. What a great idea! I can’t decide between ‘hi, five’ and ‘eight is enough’, both look great.

  151. The Sampler looks like it could put together quite a display of family pictures!!!

  152. I like the Sampler gallery you have pictured in this post–I like how all the frame edges align in the middle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. Great idea! Eight is Enough is my choice – need more to make it looks like a gallery wall and not just a couple pictures grouped together!

  154. Portrait 6 would be awesome in my front hall.

    on a side note- OHMYGOD where have these been? I love!

  155. I like the 8 is engough gallery. We are planning to do a gallery wall in our hall. Just need to sand and paint the room first.

  156. Great giveaway – Thank you! I would choose either the Portraits 6 or Eight is Enough. Fingers crossed :)

  157. They are all great but portrait would suit me best! Thanks for the opportunity.

  158. Hi,
    I like “Eight is Enough”; the size variety is perfect for what I would hang in any gallery I will be making.
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  159. Love the Starter-6pc and love the placement even more. The wall above my headboard is currently void of any decor so this would be perfect above it!

  160. I love Eight is Enough! It gives you so many different options for great configurations.

  161. Eight is enough would be perfect for my family–and the empty wall above my couch!

  162. The sampler is great. This looks like an easy way to get a decorator’s look. Thanks.

  163. Eight is Enough! I’ve GOT to get some wedding pictures on my walls! It’s only been 2.5 years!!! ;)

  164. Definitely the “eight is enough” package. It would be perfect for my hallway!

  165. I love the symmetry of “Portraits 6pc.” for a special spot in my living room!

  166. It’s a tough choice but with 2-story walls that have stayed blank for 5 years, Eight is Enough would be perfect in my space! Tweeted @edhmom

  167. Love the eight is enough. I would use it for family pics in the upstairs hallway

  168. This is perfect! I have been shopping for picture frames for my entry hall wall – the Portraits Gallery would work beautifully in the spot!

  169. “Portraits – 6 pc.” is the one for me! Or perhaps what draws me in are those blue walls and the zebra print chairs. Not something I think I could rock in my apartment, but I love it.

  170. I *love* the Sampler-7pc. It would fit perfectly above a new table I just found!

  171. Portraits – 6 pc is the one I love. I love how everything lines up. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  172. 7 pc Sampler set is my favorite. Have just the spot picked out for it.

  173. I love Eight is Enough! It would be the perfect gallery for my empty dining room wall screaming for something exciting!

  174. Love the portraits gallery. Kate, what stitch did you use on the lavender? Thanks!

  175. What a great idea! I like them all but the 7 piece Sampler is my fav. Thanks for giveaway.

  176. Without a doubt, I love the HI FIVE gallery. I find it interesting, fun on the eyes and the perfect balance for the area I’d like to use it. I’ve never been been one for anything too perfect or predictable, this is ME!

  177. I would love the Change of Art Sampler for my newly painted bedroom walls in white frames. PICK ME—- PICK ME!!!

  178. Moving into our newly built home next week. Winning the portrait gallery would be a lovely house warming gift.

  179. I’m digging the 8 is enough. I’ve got a lot of bare wall in my master bedroom and lots of photos in my hard drive waiting to be printed! Thanks for the chance!

  180. WOW — their ideas and service couldn’t come at a better time as I just removed years old photo display and random taped-up kid art on the wall right next to my computer. I pick “sampler!”

  181. The Sampler and 8 is Enough are my favorites! I REALLY need the help!

  182. Wow! Really fun!!! I am torn between the Hi Five and Starter Six. For a girl who can’t hang pictures straight to save her life, this is perfect!

  183. Eight is Enough! Perfect for displaying pictures of my family of 6 over our long sofa! Thank you!

  184. I love the Portraits gallery! That’s exactly what I was thinking of for our hallway wall!

  185. I think I would try the Sampler – 7pc. in white, because it has such a wide variety of styles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  186. Eight is enough is the one for me. Love the singular frames, not one for doubles. Very nice.

  187. I would pick “Eight is Enough” I have just the spot in my hallway that would be perfect for a gallery.

  188. Funny… I just was staring up at a wall that could use a little… Something. Since Huz has vetoed Board & Batten, maybe a gallery wall will work!
    The default set of Eight Is Enough would be nice… Or maybe the Sample 7.

  189. The Sampler probably. I have some photos of wild horses I took in NM and have been wanting to frame and display them. thanks

  190. I really like the portraits 6 pc- great options for an interesting gallery wall!

  191. Eight is Enough! So excited about this website…I have had a photo wall on my to do list for too long….this gives me the motivation to finally get started!!

  192. <