Terrariums Around the House

By Kate Riley February 24, 2013

We had the most wonderfully quiet weekend that seemed to go by far too quickly, one of those weekends where I tune out the noise of the world and focus on simple tasks like pruning the hedges and sorting paperwork. The weekend flew by in what felt like a few short hours, but I managed to do a little planting of the indoor variety.

Last year I made a miniature terrarium in a glass vessel and it still survives on very little maintenance. I was encouraged by that small miracle to create a few more succulent gardens in glass vessels around the house since I prefer the real over the faux when it comes to indoor plants.

Courtney wrote up a great article on secrets of a successful terrarium and I was inspired by the tips by those experts to create miniature shows of greenery to display around the house.

terrarium in apothecary jar


I had one apothecary jar (above) that I planned on using for this purpose without the lid, but I grabbed a few succulents at the local nursery and two more glass vessels at Michaels – they had a great selection this weekend.

succulents in glass vessel


Succulents in soil can thrive indoors in containers that don’t drain as long as they receive some light during the day and as long as you’re careful not to overwater them – a few drops of water once a week is really all they need and some liquid fertilizer twice a year. A little moss helps keep the soil moist and is a decorative element too.

soil and moss


kitchen window terrarium


I experimented with some white sand poured around the succulents in soil in their containers to create a coastal version, adding a piece of driftwood and some shells.

white sand on succulents


white sand terrarium


It sits in the living room, inspired by the seascape painting I bought in a local antique store last year.

seascape painting and terrarium


I placed the bigger terrarium in the entryway where I pass it several times a day so I’ll have a better chance at remembering to water it. :)

foyer terrarium

succulents in apothecary jar


I wrote about my first little terrarium I made last year over at my BH&G blog, it’s still alive and sits on the mantel right now. Here are the other most recent articles too.


diy terrariums



How was your weekend, anyone do any indoor organizing or gardening? Did you watch the Oscars? This was the first year I didn’t watch the show but I saw the gowns online, so many pretty ones this year!




  1. I love flowers. I mean without them the house wouldn’t be complete for me. The only problem I have is that I don’t have enough light at the moment in mine:-( Together with my husband we will be extending the hose we are currently in so hopefully I will be able to create sucha beautiful terrariums. Simple but beautiful idea:-) Do you know which flowers I can buy that don’t need too much sunlight?


  2. Thank you for this great post! The creation of a succulent terrarium has been on my to-do list all winter. I love the use of the white sand; it’s a nice touch!

    Do you get the moss from the nursery as well? I am a newbie to this; I don’t remember seeing moss for sale.

  3. Oh, these terrariums are great!
    I just love succulents and I’m still thinking about how and where I put them in my apartment… This is a great inspiration!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  4. Terrariums are a fun project no matter what age you are – my grandmother used to make them with me when I was a kid. They’re especially great for urban dwellers as they bring a little piece of the outdoors in & don’t require a lot of care.

  5. My husband and I used succulents as our table centerpieces at our wedding! Succulents are great plants, so easy to take care of and they come in such interesting shapes. I love these terrarium projects, what a great way to bring some life into the house without adding too much extra work each day for watering!

  6. I love plants and flowers but I prefer to see them in their natural environment. This weekend we visited my parents in law in their cottage and the children enjoyed the green and the flowering almond trees. I am not the most diligent person about the plants that’s why I prefer not to prison them in my house. I really like the people that have plants in their home and they really care about them. I love your post….!

  7. I love the look of succulents, but for some reason have never been a big fan of terrariums. Until now! I love the vessels you used! I think you’ve won me over. Off to build a terrarium…

  8. So beautiful! Not just the terrariums but the photos themselves – you do an incredible job keeping your blog beautiful yet uncluttered. I’m inspired to fill a glass ‘something’ with plants today…

  9. Super jealous, I literally JUST did a post about my love for terrariums and my plans to have one in the very near future. Yours are gorgeous so happy to hear you made one last year that is still alive too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’ve been thinking about adding plants to my home (I currently have none!) and terrariums are on my wish list because they’re so whimsical and nostalgic. There’s just something quite magical about a terrarium – perhaps because it looks like a miniature world! Love your apothecary glass as well – very cool!

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