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By Kate Riley February 1, 2013

Hello all, thanks so much for the great comments this week, and for those of you who took the survey, some things I knew, some things I didn’t but I’m so so grateful for your feedback! Here’s a peek at some things that caught my eye this week.

Have you picked up the February issue of BH&G? This dining room is perfection in my eyes, the rustic beams and table, the natural light, the striped rug, and blue mismatched chairs. So inviting, I love it!

turquoise chairs bhg


The Homies are back – those “best blog” nominations over at Apartment Therapy, where readers vote every year. If you’re inclined you can vote for the CG blog in the DIY & Home Projects category.  :)



Ladies on the go, these little emergency kits from See Jane Work are good to have in your handbag or glove compartment, I bought the coral one myself.

emergency kits



More articles I enjoyed this week:

Trend predictions: the comments are my favorite.

Happy 100th Grand Central!  (love the pictures)

I cannot I cannot I cannot accept this as truth. But I’ll try.

The power of motherhood and a handwritten letter.

30 Rock one liners and guest stars.

Nine secrets of motivated people.

Work a desk job?  Stretch it out with these yoga poses.


We’re tiling the bathroom backsplash tomorrow and watching the 49ers (hopefully) win the Superbowl on Sunday, hope you all have a great weekend! 

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    • I know right Gina and Kris?! How will I ever break the habit, it feels weird to do one space!

  1. I, too, am very upset to find out that two spaces are no longer required after a period! It just isn’t right! (Did I mention that I have a difficult time with changes?!)

  2. I can’t handle the one space rule. See? Can’t do it. Who makes these rules and why don’t they ever alert the public? I love my two spaces.
    Go Ravens (sorry :) )

  3. Oh my gosh, I cannot stop with the two spaces after a period!!! Ugh, anyone who has ever actually used a typewriter should not be forced to change…we are too old to learn something new : )

  4. Don’t worry, everyone. We are all being auto-corrected now – our second spaces are deleted. Facebook auto-corrects the spaces, and appently here too. :(

  5. Oh my gosh I just read the article about the two spaces- that’s crazy!! This is why I should stop helping my 7 year old with his homework- everything I’m telling him is probably wrong. I suddenly feel so insecure.

  6. Thank you for sharing the article about period spacing! I majored in English many years ago and am embarrassed I didn’t know about this sooner. Thanks for the heads up!

    • I was trained on two spaces and find it SO DIFFICULT to only use one. It will be a painful transition and I’ll have to retrain my right hand thumb to click that space bar once, argh!

  7. Ha! Funny that we are all a-twitter about the single space after the period. Yes, this will take some adjusting, and re-training of the fingers. I enjoyed the fact that the author referenced Grammar Girl – love that website!

  8. I’d love to have a dining room like that in our farmhouse…
    nice rustic table and the mismatched chairs are so cool and laidback,
    just the kind I’d like for weekends.

  9. I, too, have never heard that two spaces were out. My world just turned upside down. Thanks for keeping the blogging world up to date. It changes everything. And I thought I was Grammar Girl.

  10. I totally agree – two spaces after a period. It is about making the text easier to read. I love change but this isn’t a change I will embrace. Thank you for the heads up though!

  11. Nooooo! No double spacing after periods? . I graduated with an Executive Secretarial degree, and my teacher must be freaking out! This will be a hard habit to break. I actually do a lot of proofing in my job, and this makes me cringe.

  12. I am confused for the opposite reason of your readers: I have never heard of double spacing after a period. I am almost 40 years old and grew up in rural South Carolina. Those demographics alone should have caused me to fall behind the times! Thanks for sharing such an interesting link.

  13. Go Niners!! From an SF girl living in Indy :o)

    My 6 grader is the one who informed me about the single space after a period rule. He has to type all his papers in MLA format and that is the standard there as well. The math algorithms have all changed too. Our school sends home parent guides to teach us on the methods so we don’t confuse our kids. Love it!

  14. I just wanted to point out that in APA style…for research you have to put 2 spaces after the period! Interesting….apparently they are behind the times of modern day typing :) Thanks for the great articles! and can’t wait to see the backsplash!

  15. The one space thing is a tough one for me too and I was shocked when I learned about it- almost as shocked as when I discovered the rules changed for when you use “an” or “a”. It turns out that it depends on how the word sounds, rather than what it actually starts with. I was always taught that you use it before words that start with vowels and sometimes with an h (a h?). At 35 years old, it seems like things shouldn’t have changed that much since I was in school!

  16. I will never, ever, EVER be able to not double click the space bar after a period. Period.

  17. The letter from a mother was so touching. Glad you shared that. As for the double spacing I am shocked. That is second nature for me. Sometime even when it the period of the last sentence, I still double space after it. LOL

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