Touches of Brass & Gold

By Kate Riley January 18, 2013

Hey y’all – I’m so glad it’s Friday – and a three day weekend!  Thanks for all the comments and pins on the new bookcases this week – many of you wrote to me asking where I found all the gold and brass accessories for the shelves.  Truth is I find them all over, some of them are many years old, some are newer.  I keep my eyes open for objects that are unique looking, shapely, functional, and ones I know I’ll love for years to come. 

Etsy and antique stores are fabulous sources for old brass objects, and a lot of retailers are now selling accessories in golden shades since these warmer metals are again in vogue.  If you’re on the hunt for accessories to bring a golden touch to your bookcase, wall, or tabletop, here are a few of my favorites found online.

gold accents for the home


From top left: gold leaf ampersandheart tree print / gilded dog print / golden glazed vase / starburst bowl / metal stand / wire sphere / scallop brass bookends / hammered brass bowl / gold leaf trim bowl / paper mache bowl / gift box / gold urchin / gourd vase / hammered pillar candle / crackle pot / monogram letter / geometric frame


Of course I love a great DIY project too!  If you’re feeling crafty, there are many ways to get the golden look, try Liquid Leaf paint (like on this urn) or gold leaf sheets from a craft store (like with this desk chair); gold markers, spray paint (great for faking a brass look!), and Rub n’ Buff too.  Even more ideas below!

diy gilded and gold leaf projects

tray / vase / chair / canvas / bookends / étagère


Have you embraced touches of gold and brass around your home too?




  1. I don’t have much gold or brass around my home, but I love to wear it and most of my home inspiration pictures contain it so I guess I need to really start trying to incorporate it more!

  2. I have more than embraced the brass and gold trend–probably too much. I own three of the things on your first list and have done the painted animal and etagere too. I might paint the etagere oil rubbed brass so that the brass accents pop a bit more.

  3. I have always loved gold, so I am glad my house is back in style! :) Your office is beautiful!! I saw some cute Greek key file folders in navy, pink, and green at Wal.Mart today on a $1 stand near the cards in case you’re in need.

  4. Wanting to add some touches of brass to my home and mix with mostly silver toned accents. It can be tricky. Thank you!

  5. Am loving the gold trend lately and have found myself putting touches of it all around the house. A shot here and there looks so luxe. That starburst bowl above from C&B is gorgeous!

  6. I never thought I would embrace gold and brass again after being a hardcore silver girl, but I am allll about it right now. I am in the midst of decorating my dining room/office and all you see is gold and brass. I have this awesome new brass lamp, gold vases, a cool brass plant hanger, and so much more. I’m loving it!

  7. I’m loving the gold and brass these days too! Thanks for sharing these awesome finds. And I LOVE your new bookcase project – it looks amazing. It’s inspiring me to take a second look at my collection of white Ikea bookcases… :)

  8. I have been noticing the golds lately. I guess it depends on what it is. I still don’t like the gold hardware on my cabinets. That gold canvas on the wall is really pretty. Love the elephant too.

  9. I am definitely loving brass and gold these days, and have been noticing them all over again, it’s nice to see that it never went completely out of style.

  10. Are. You. Kiddin. Me? Brass is back? Okay, when you’ve lived long enough to remodel a house with all new “modern” brass accents, only to find out after the kids have grown up and you finally have time to remodel (again) that all that brass is soooo last century, then …, as soon as you get rid of all that brass, it’s…BACK!? This. This is why you should just do what you want. Avocado? Harvest Gold? Oh yeah,baby. Wait two decades, and you — YOU — will be the next Martha..or Kate. Kate will understand. It’s all going to be o k .

  11. I just can’t do it. I can’t. I find brass very aesthetically displeasing…the dull finish, the yellowish/brownish coloring. It reminds me of a tuba. Gold I like in small doses for decorating. I find it warmer than brass with more depth. I guess I prefer silvers, bronzes and coppers. But, I’m glad you’ve found something you love!

  12. Virginia Mom is soooo right. I’m 66 years old and have lived through it all. I even had a friend years ago who had turquoise appliances and kitchen sink. It went with the orange shag carpet. She couldn’t wait to re-do. Now look what colors are everywhere…turquoise and orange. I’ve learned a great lesson … put what you love in your home. It will look fine and you’re the one who has to like it and live with it.
    Want a laugh? Last year I picked up a trendy magazine at the doctor’s office. The article said,
    “WHITE…THE NEW STANLESS” Wow…glad I still have my pretty, clean, no fingerprints, white appliances.

    • Ha, San Angelo Texas, I love it! Stay true to your personal style, we hear it over and over, but it’s so true! I do think it’s fun to dabble in trends, but only if they do appeal to you, and in small doses.

  13. Thanks for the laugh Virginia Mom! Remember the last few years when spray painting brass was in vogue? The lesson here is go with your gut and forget trends. I predict today’s gray and yellow trend is going to be the 70s avocado green and gold.

  14. I’ve been going a little crazy with the shiny gold spray paint, myself. It’s fun to be able to add a new color or finish to a few items around the home.

  15. LOVE it! I’ve putting small gold touches in our home but I’ve been dyyyying to do it with something bigger…but I’m so nervous!!! Since you’re a first time gold leaf-er too, it gives me hope. Wish me luck!

  16. i’m loving the gold/brass. i have a tasteful amount. actually mixing gold/brass pieces with chrome/silver. feels a tad lux.

  17. Most definitely!!! I love brass better than gold, I guess a bit too shiny for me, but either way, they make great accents anywhere for sure.

  18. I used to be hardcore anti-gold/brass, but now in my old age (29) I’m definitely using it more than ever. I really love old Indian brass figures and vases, especially ones with cutwork. I love the soft, aged gold color it has. It’s creating a problem because I’ve bought so much brushed nickel lighting, but I really want to use more brushed brass hardware like the handles on your bookcase (those were so gorgeous). How would you go about combining the two?

    It also feels like silver hardware will start to go out of style soon, I’m seeing more and more brushed brass and it looks really…modern to me somehow. While a lot of the brushed nickel stuff I see looks dated, maybe because it’s so ubiquitous.

  19. I think I’m turning into a magpie. I LOVE gold accessories and anything with a bit of sparkle at the moment. It’s such an unexpected look and makes such a statement. The gold ampersand is wonderful – it’d be perfect on my bookcase.

  20. I am addicted to gold and brass. I am trying to add little touches of it around my house. I just spray painted my own set of elephant bookends, but now I am wishing I would have painted them brass instead of white! Next time.

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