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By Kate Riley January 28, 2013

Well friends, I’m so glad to be home after traveling alone for a few days last week.  I missed my man and I missed my kids, but I had a great time at ALT, and like any good conference you come home exhausted with your head full of ideas and I’m still processing them all.   It was a great time, but for two embarrassing incidents – I’ll share some reflections and those regretful moments later this week. 

Mostly, I was happy to spend some time with sis who relocated to Salt Lake City with her husband last year and we had some good times together.  One night we went out to a piano bar downtown (you know those places where two piano players duel back and forth with melodies on grand pianos) and unlike all the people who submitted cool songs, we competed against each other to see who could come up with the most painful song for the piano player to sing to the crowd.  It was a toss up between “We Are the World” and “Against All Odds.”  Yes, we’re weird like that, but our plan backfired and everyone got into the songs – who knew deep down everyone really loves a Phil Collins ballad?   But I digress. 

Anyway, I’m taking the morning to play catch up and I was hoping you’d be so kind as to answer a few questions for me.   I’ve been horribly lame in not posting a survey here on the blog, and so today I’d love if you could take 2 minutes to answer these quick and easy questions.  Fear not, YOUR ANSWERS ARE 100% ANONYMOUS! 

I’m not tracking you or anything weird like that, I just really want to know more about you, what your interests are, and what you like about the blog or want to see featured here. 

So please tell me about you!


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  1. Hi Kate, Just took the survey and I need to apologize bc I wrote ‘Katie’ like three time, how could I!!
    So sorry about that!
    Thank you for everything, just LOVE your blog and is my daily dose of inspiration!

  2. No worries Marcela, I don’t care about such things as typos! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day, it’s so helpful to me!

  3. How funny…as a marketing major, I’ve often wondered why bloggers don’t do more market research. I’m sure your readers are more than happy to take your survey, Kate, I know I am. The information you gather should be very useful. Good luck!

  4. Very good survey questions.
    Glad you are taking input from your readers.
    I love your blog.

  5. Uh, oh…just tried to take the survey and something strange happened (rapid scrolling on my screen) and suddenly it appeared as if my survey was submitted. It was very incomplete and it looks like I can’t go back. Sorry about that! Let me know if there is something I can do to give you a complete response. By the way…the age categories cracked me up…you have a 40-50 category and a 50-60 category. As someone who just turned, ahem…50, I would much rather check the 40-50 age bracket because it seems to me that I really fit in either!

  6. LOL Ami!!! I guess I should have broken that up better – chalk it up to late night typing! I’ll consider you in the 40-50 category! xo

  7. Laughing at Ami’s comment… I just turned 43, and I was a bit chagrined to be grouped in with the folks who are …gasp!… FIFTY. :-)

  8. Figured out a way to resubmit my survey…logged on to my daughter’s computer (shhhh, don’t tell) and took it there. I was super interested in seeing all of your questions. And, to Kristin, what the heck to does “gasp!…FIFTY” mean??? Just you wait…hahaha….

    • I won’t tell Ami!!! I’m cracking up at my age gaffe rounding up all you sassy 40 somethings and 50 somethings together. I hear time and again those are the *best* years – I’m actually looking forward to it after talking to all my wise Aunties and friends older than me, and just based on my gut insticts – we won’t trade our wisdom for youth, right? :) Over 40 Unite! xo

  9. I took the survey and I think it is great you are wanting to improve, but I hope not much changes! I love your blog, thanks for all of the inspiration!

  10. Kate….I love your blog. Definitely one of my favorites. I love your style and your beautiful photos. I fall in the 50-60 age range. Yikes…that sounds so old. I really wanted to check the 40-50. I think that’s more how I feel. It sounds so old when I tell people I’m 56. Age is just a number….right? I wouldn’t change a thing about your blog. Love, love, love it.

  11. Another 50-something here … who FINALLY, now that the kids are almost grown, has time, energy, and money to spruce up the house and so appreciates bloggers like you who help us!

  12. That’s so funny that others felt the same way I did about being in the 40-50 category. I’m 44 so I’m closer to 50 than some, but I don’t think of myself as that old until I see the numbers on paper. You’re right Kate, the 40s have been good to me so far so I shouldn’t complain.

  13. Kate,
    I clicked through and read all of the questions before answering the survey. When I went back to complete it, a message appeared that thanked me for answering it. Is there a way I can complete it for you?

  14. Hi Sherry, I don’t know how to do that! I’m using a new service and I think once you click through you can’t go back. :( Is there another computer you can access? Although it may be “one per IP address” … I’ll find out!

  15. I took the survey. I too love just about everything you do and I wonder how many 60+ age responses you’re going to get! You should have two age categories: biological age and mental age. I think we all feel and think younger than we really are!

    • Yep Felicia, too true, I am 39 but don’t feel a day over 25! I asked my Dad who is 67 how old he feels and he says 32 – isn’t that great? Age IS a state of mind. :)

  16. I was pleasantly corresponded to your survey because I found it great idea to know better each other. In the last question that you ask to write something about Centsational Girl, I didn’t know where I could write also which is my country, my name or my blog URL because after I click next page it was just over! Doesn’t matter, I enjoyed it anyway!!!

  17. Your DIY and decorating ideas are accessible and affordable! My favorite part of your blog.
    I can’t spend five thousand dollars on a sofa!

  18. Ladies, don’t stress so much about your ages! At 66, I’m still doing everything I did at 21 but with way more love (wonderful children and grandchildren), memories (amazing trips, good times), and knowledge (never stop learning!) in my life. Basically I am a 21-year-old with 45 years of experience! Age is just a state of mind. :)

  19. Shirley I love your post!
    Just finished the survey but not sure if my last comment part went through or not.
    Great idea to do the survey. Some of us have very limited budgets and need all the help we can get on easy decorating ideas. I often tell my daughter about what is on your blog, hopefully she is peeking at it too now. I also want to do a blog of some kind so badly but I am just afraid since I am not so computor knowlegable.

  20. p.s. I am 49, but most people would guess I am in late 30s early 40s,, they can never believe me when I say I have 3 grandkids 8 and under….and my oldest is 31 . so I am saying “50 aint that old” lol…

  21. p.p.s. Sorry, but I also wanted to add, you shouldve had a catagory under hobbies for antiquing, shopping etc. Because If I have a free day, that is what I love to do with friends. We have tons of once a month sales here where people refurbish furniture etc and then have their sale same time every month.

  22. Lol, that’s so funny! I just turned 40 so I was a little depressed when I saw the group I was now in 40-50, gasp! Too funny. Glad I wasn’t the only one who felt too young to be in that group.

  23. I like Shirley’s post (above). I’m 66 and try to do everything I ever did in spite of having both hips replaced 2 years ago and looking forward to having them both revised this year. Physically, it’s hard to get down on the floor and get up again, but I do it anyway. I’m currently painting my living room, dining room and hallways. I certainly do appreciate my family more now and love my grandchildren to the moon and back!

  24. I did the survey Kate and would be honored if you quoted me. Your posts are always wonderful.

  25. I took took the survey an loved it! It’s not too … “prying” is the word I think I want. (As in nailing who we are down to the last degrading detail, like some surveys do. Some get way too analytical.) But the questions were fantastic and very ‘to the point’. Comfortable!
    I absolutely LOVE your site!!!!! It’s truly inspiring and motivational. I love the re-purposing projects and techniques. As for the age? You’re as old as you feel. I was always told that I was born 30! I’m 35 now but still feel 30. I’m kinda hoping I’ll be 90 but still feel 30. I absolutely LOVE your site!!!!!

  26. I took your survey too. I’m the one who did not answer the income question (TMI) and described myself as “thinker, artist, and unconventional.” I forgot to add my name but would have for you! Interesting to see how many people have issues with age–an outstanding observation in the comments. I find that most of the blogs I read are written by women much younger than I. Where are the “old ladies of design” and why aren’t we blogging? I’ve never thought of myself as too old OR too young. Smile.

  27. Took the survey…it was fun…I agree with the “other Shirley”…age is just a number…My hubby and I were just talking the other day about how we feel…we feel like we are still those teenagers back in high school…but with much more “wonderful life experiences”…

  28. I just took your survey. I hope it will be helpful. You are welcome to quote me if you so choose. Thanks again for all the happiness you bring to my day and your wholesome, intriguing narrative.

  29. Just left my survey and comments. I meant to leave my name & email address, but exited before I thought to do it. I don’t mind your using my comments if you want to.

  30. One of the things I really like about this site are reading the comments, I feel like we’re friends sitting around a table, having coffee and chatting, everyone giving their opinions and thoughts, some witty and thought provoking and some sweet. Kate, I think you must have the best job in the world.

  31. I love Shirley’s post above…”Basically I am a 21-year-old with 45 years of experience! Age is just a state of mind. ” Well said. I too am 66 years young. Married 47 years to an angel who is the love of my life. I live to make our life together happy, healthy and beautiful. He notices and appreciates all I do. What could be better. Want to know what keeps our marriage so happy? Keep yourself looking nice. Keep your home looking just as nice. (Blogs like centsationalgirl help) Cook his favorite food now and then. NEVER NAG. ALWAYS THANK HIM FOR ALL THE THINGS HE DOES. NEVER EVER SAY A BAD WORD ABOUT HIM TO ANY ONE. Life is good!

    • I love it Jane (and the Shirleys!) you all have a great attitude toward life and marriage!

  32. Thank you for always providing your readers with wonderful inspiration and encouragement when it comes to decorating our homes. I love how you help us take what we might see in a magazine or on pinterest and make it a reality in our own home. Your blog is always interesting and inspiring :)

  33. Done! Hope it helps. (PS: not that it really probably matters but technically I am unmarried but I am in a relationship headed to marriage. haha!)

  34. Great survey Kate! I hope the answers are helpful but your blog is pretty much perfect as is. I just turned 59, so I got in that category by the skin of my teeth! Lol

  35. Thanks for the survey Kate. I agree, your blog is perfect. It was great to be asked for some feedback… which allowed me to be specific about how fabulous you are without seeming like a random stalker. lol

  36. Just finished up on your survey and Ahhhhh… I didn’t notice that 40-50/50-60 range issue. I hoped I picked the right one. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the 40 to 60 teeter-totter sucks. :)
    Everyone is right. This is a great blog! Thanks for providing the survey. It was a good excuse to shift gears from stalker mode to participant.

  37. What a great idea!! I just stated a blog one week ago. This has helped me too! I just dove into the blog world blindly, lots of things to do and learn. I love your blog, I have been following you for awhile. I hope my blog can be as good as yours one day. Keep up the great work! Here is my blog address I would love any input you may have!

  38. I am 67. You help me to keep going. Life has been hard for me and you help me to be positive and think of new things to do. Thank you so much…


  39. Love the blog and just finished the survey (even left my name and what city !LOL) Thanks for starting and maintaining the blog. Love the different ideas !

  40. Ya’ know busy girl…if all number of bloggers who are signed-onto you answer…your going to be overwhelmed by all our compliments. LOL…. and who could be more deserving.
    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario Canada.

  41. Having just taken the survey, I, too, had to pause at the age categories. Having JUST turned 60, I’m still finding it hard to believe I’m there. Agree with Shirley that I’m as busy as ever with a professional job, my home, family, friends, travel, and enjoying every moment. Age is an attitude of mind, as is much of my approach to DIY and anything creative – trying is more than half the fun! Thanks for your great blog and your inspiring photos, and financially realistic ideas for us “ordinary” folks.

  42. I just love to visit and get Ideas for my crafting and home decor. Some times I think I would like to have a web sight and try to sell stuff. Then I think no that would make my fun time turn into work. ha. Thanks you for sharing. Jackie

  43. Thanks so much for the survey, Kate. I couldn’t agree more about the age thing. Like Diane, I just turned the big “60” too. But I still feel like a 19-year-old. Well, in my mind anyway. Sometimes the bod reminds me I’m…40? Ha! We are as young as we think and feel…just hopefully a lot wiser!

    Thanks again for your beautiful blog, Kate! Looking forward to much more in the future.

  44. I love your Projects and have frequently re-read your posts before tackling my own projects. You were the first to introduce me to Rub n Buff, which I have used for everything from hardware on furniture to art porojects. I’m planning to gold leaf a chair in the near future and will be re-reading that post soon. My home decore in the public rooms of my house is French with Red, Gold and Green. I live in Portland OR and crave color since 9months a year it is gray outside my windows. My private rooms run the gambit from pastels to brights depending on who spends time in those rooms. (I have a daughter who loves pink and one who hates it with a passion) I look forward to reading your tutorials. Keep up the great work!

  45. The age question bothers me because I have to check 60+. Please don’t think I am an old geezer. I love new items for my home, current music (especially Maroon 5, Adele, and Carrie Underwood), and stylish clothes. I don’t like admitting that I’m over 60. I work really hard at staying 25, at least in my head. Love your blog.

  46. Good idea to post the survey. I hope you receive valuable information to make your already excellent blog even better!

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