Happy Weekend!

By Kate Riley January 4, 2013

Christmas is all cleaned up, packed and put away, and now we’re moving on to a few projects around the house.  We’re assembling some new shelves for my office this weekend and I’m prepping for a big photo shoot at my house too, I’ll be sure to Instagram a few shots of the process going on next week (follow me here.)

Have you toured the HGTV Dream Home for 2013?  This colorful bathroom is my favorite space, what’s yours? 

hgtv dream home 2013


I’d get way too grumpy on a juice cleanse, but I’m drawn to this food lover’s cleanse – a lot of these recipes look both healthy and tasty!

food lovers cleanse


I’m so excited about the return of Downton Abbey this weekend, are you?  I took the quiz Which Downton Abbey Job Is Right for You? and apparently the one for me is the same as my favorite character.  Awesome.  Take it and tell me which job you get!

downton abbey countess


A few other links I enjoyed reading this week:

Tips on Blogging as a Career

The Most Surreal Places You Can Travel

Keep It Pithy: Say More With Less

Flashback: the 25 Best Selling Christmas Presents of All Time

A stunning series of Startrails

6 Tips for Categorizing Clutter & Staying Organized

The Importance of Being Current


Have a great weekend friends, see you all back here on Monday !

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  1. Thank you for the Downton Abbey reminder! You made my day. We’ve all been waiting for the new season. I can’t wait:)!

  2. I’m Isobel Crawley, which is fine by me, but I thought I was more Dowager Countess. I was a little late to the Downton Abbey party, but I’m fully onboard now. What a great show. Thanks for the reminder and the links to the blog posts you read this week. There are several there that I want to check out.

  3. Isobel is another favorite!!!! I’m going to watch the last few episodes of Season 2 again so I’m fully up to speed! xo

  4. I scored Isobel Crawley. She’s not my exact favorite character but she means well. I really like the link for Marcus Design 6 tips to toss, restore, organize. I will be getting that book as soon as possible. Thanks!

  5. Apparently my job-hopping sensibilities and romantic inclinations makes me similar to Lady Edith Crawley. I do identify with her out of all three sisters but I don’t like some of the decisions she makes and she seems to get the ‘short end of the stick’. Now what a Crawley is doing with the metaphorical stick in the first place, I have no idea…

    Downton Abbey tomorrow!

  6. I just LOVE Downton Abbey! Thrilled it is finally time for the new season. Thanks for the link to the quiz. I’ve turned out to be Isobel Crawley. Not who I wanted to be but guess it is a compliment in some way!! lol

    Between Downton Abbey and Nashville, I’m getting my fix on nighttime soap operas!! Love it!

  7. Oh no, Isobel Cowley?! Competent and bossy, says you! I do like that her heart’s in the right place though! Lol, thanks for the link!

  8. Kate, I was appalled to read in the link to MIMI+MEG her slogan of ” the year to get s___ done.” I’m happy to know that your blogging is always done in a wholesome and classy manner.

  9. Lady Edith Crawley for me. Evidently I haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up! Can’t wait to start the new season!

  10. Isobel Crawley
    Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty, because Isobel’s charitable jobs are right for you. Your hands-on work for those who need it the most can get you into trouble, especially when you cross the line from leader to bossypants. But while your values or methods may not make you popular, your heart is in the right place. And you back it up with considerable force of will.
    This does sound like me, it’s crazy!

  11. Thanks for mentioning the Bon Appetite food lovers cleanse. I’ve been thinking about doing one and running thru one of the days, it looks pretty good. I might try it!

  12. Apparently I like my tradition and place. I got Mr. Carson. :) I’ve all ready watched season three so enjoy it!

  13. Kate, I have to say a HUGE thank you for the link love! Honestly, I admire your blog so much & your support means a lot to me.

    I really enjoy cleaning things out in the New Year, I get some new found motivation for it!

    Nancy xo

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