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By Kate Riley November 6, 2012

Hey everyone, how are you doing in this fine Election Day?  Always exciting to see what happens right?  

In need of some down time, I settled in for a few hours of relaxation yesterday evening with some really fantastic books published by uber talented bloggers and wanted to give them a much deserved shout out today. 

A huge congratulations to John and Sherry of Young House Love on the release of their much anticipated book:  Young House Love: 243 ways to Paint, Craft, Update, and Show your House Some Love

yhl book


Their personalities pop right off the pages and they are their charming selves inside the book just like they are on the blog. The book is filled with so many easy and inspiring ideas for sprucing up your place, you won’t know where to start! 

driftwood mirror project

This is clearly a labor of love by these two who carried us through their book journey.  I was excited to be a teensy tiny part, you’ll find a dresser project I did a few years ago inside the pages too (thanks J&S for including me, proud to be #78!) 

dresser project

Interestingly enough, John and Sherry published a post this morning with a lot of behind the scenes details on the projects you see on the pages, it’s a great read alongside their book, be sure to put in on your Christmas list or grab it at your local bookstore and right here online!  


I also was wowed by The Handbuilt Home by Ana White, the carpenter superstar behind the inspiring blog and now published author! 

handbuilt home book


Ana’s talents with woodworking have always impressed me and the projects inside the pages are incredibly useful to everyone.  Ana has always done an incredible job breaking down the process of building furniture with wood so that it’s doable by anyone who’s willing to put in the work.  The pieces are stunning and the tutorials superb! 

console table project


I’m loving this versatile and practical sewing table project for myself since I plan to do a lot more of that in the future!

sewing table project

Congratulations Ana!  I’ll be turning to your tips and tutorials over and over again in the future!


Another round of applause to the lovely Miss Mustard Seed, Marian Parsons for her beautiful book Inspired You!  I know she poured her heart and soul into this text and it shows! 

inspired you book

Marian’s enthusiasm for decorating and breathing life into old things and making them new is lovingly shared inside the pages.  She tells the personal story of the transformation of her lovely home, and shares how she became a small business owner and furniture restorer. 

inspired you inside page


Inside are many tutorials for sprucing up your spaces including lessons on curtain making, ideas for organizing your spaces with found objects, and tips on shopping second hand at flea markets, antique stores, thrift stores, and yard sales. 

inspired you pages 2

You’ll also find many of Marian’s best furniture transformations and her insight on how to do it yourself with information on everything from furniture stripping to distressing techniques. 

Marian encourages us all to find our personal style and and make our homes reflect it.  Congratulations Marian on a beautiful book!  You can purchase Inspired You here.


The online sources once more for these inspiring books!

Young House Love

Ana White

Miss Mustard Seed


I’m so impressed, thrilled, and totally amazed at the talent of these authors and I just love seeing how the hard work of these deserving creative people became beautiful publications.  All three are a welcome addition to my bookshelf and will be favorites for years to come. 

Bravo to you John, Sherry, Ana, and Marian !!




  1. so cute, I love this post! It feels so nice to hold in your hands a little bit of each of these bloggers. Each of these books will make excellent holiday gifts! xoxoxo, b

  2. I may have to buy The Handbuilt Home just for that sewing table. I really need one, the only place I have to sew is the dining room table, so I keep putting it off. I know if I start a project like that my neighbor who is far more handy than I am will come over and help. :-)

  3. I pre-ordered and received the first two books and they are wonderful. I am so proud of them. Now I’m going to have to buy Miss Mustard Seed’s as well. I love how everybody is super supportive of each other in blogland. It does my heart good! If you write a book, I will be sure and buy it. You have such an eye and always done with such class.

  4. I just got an email from Amazon last night saying that my YHL book has shipped…I’m so excited!!
    Are you writing a book? I would SO pre-order that too! ;) Get on it Sister…we’d love to have a book full of your impeccable style.

  5. Cindy is right, you should totally do a book!
    I am meeting John and Sherry tonight in Boston at their book signing… cannot wait to devour their book and pick up Ana White’s!

    • Aw thank you ! Maybe someday, books are a ton of work! My plate is pretty full right now.
      Very excited for these blog friends who did it, so so impressed!

  6. You sound like me last night! My YHL book came in the mail and I hunkered down with some ice cream. The other two sound great too! I definitely agree with everyone else – I would love to read your book!

  7. I have all three books already and I love them. Sponge Design is another good book too by a blogger!

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