Embroidered Holiday Gift Tags

By Kate Riley November 13, 2012

I love a cool gift tag and I was feeling crafty last week, so while I was picking up some supplies at the craft store, I thought up a fun way to embellish basic cardstock with embroidery thread for attaching to gifts this holiday season. 

holiday embroidered gift tags


Embroidery thread and cardstock cost very little and together they can create a fun decoration for a bottle of wine . . .


. . . or as a unique gift tag for a favorite person.

christmas tree embroidered gift tag


Create an embroidered gift tag with inexpensive craft store supplies which include cardstock, ribbon or twine, colorful thread, and embroidery needles.  Add the sparkly border with craft glue and glitter.

embroidered tag supplies


It’s a simple DIY project that adds a handmade touch and each takes just a few minutes.  Print up the templates and stitch up a few tags while you catch up on your favorite show or Christmas movie.

To make the tree use the templates (seen below, download here) and then connect the dots with a doubled up strand of red thread. 

candy cane templates

connect dots

When you’re finished stitching the candy cane pattern, knot the back so the thread stays in place.



Add a glittery border with craft glue run along the edge and glitter sprinkled on top.




To make the tree pattern, print out the template on this page and then criss cross your thread.  Don’t worry about precision, random is better!

tree templates


tree chris cross


Some red thread tied in knots at the points adds a little color.

christmas tree embroidered gift tag


To create the border on the maple leaf, stitch around the leaf template (found here) in this pattern.  Begin by 1.  bringing the thread up at the first point and down at the second point, 2.  up at the third point,  3.  down at the second point, and 4.  up at the fourth point, down at the third point, etc.  

happy thanksgiving maple leaf

happy thanksgiving tag steps


Continue in that pattern until you’ve completed the border all the way around.

continue stitching around


Add the optional glittery border if you wish and attach with twine as a gift on Thanksgiving.



embroidered holiday tags


All of the templates to recreate can be found right here!




  1. Sooooo cute!!! We are going to give these a try. My 8 year old daughter loves stitching, perfect project for her. PS: Hi from So Cal & Happy (early) Holidays! Julie & Lola

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