Favorite Gray Paint Colors

By Kate Riley October 30, 2012

I’ve been asked a few times to recommend a “perfect gray paint” to readers and I have difficulty doing so only because there are so so many of them, and it in truth it really comes down to the style of your home, your taste, which direction your room faces in your home, its amount natural light, how paint samples look on your wall, and undertones, always undertones!

I’m contemplating repainting the small studio above our garage so I am also in search of the “perfect gray” for that space.  Gray is the de rigueur neutral right now but rightfully so because it’s a perfect backdrop for the multiple palettes you can assemble with your layers of furniture, fabrics, and accessories.  Today, I rounded up my favorites (both swatches and real paint samples) to share with you.

In my eye, gray paints fall into three different families:  1)  ‘Cement Grays’ which to me are the truest gray with little to no undertones – I can think of no other analogy than the sidewalk!  Then there are 2) ‘Warmer Grays’ which lean a little closer to taupe and can have subtle red or brown undertones, and then there are 3)  Blue/Green Grays, with blue and green undertones which I’ve used time and again in my living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, etc.

Here’s a peek at eight favorite “Cement Grays” – ones where I see little to no color in the undertones in the swatches and samples.

cement gray paint colors

1.  ‘Nimbus Cloud’ by Martha Stewart;  2.  ‘Dolphin Fin’ by Behr; 3.  ‘Stonington Gray’ by Benjamin Moore; 4.  ‘Argos’ by Sherwin Williams;  5.  ‘Passive’ by Sherwin Williams; ‘Silverplate’ by Sherwin Williams; 6.  ‘Notre Dame’ by Valspar; 7.  ‘Granite Dust’ by Valspar.

And then there are the Warmer Grays – getting a little closer to taupe, with brown or yellow even subtle red undertones, so they’re a bit warmer then the cement hues.

Warmer Gray paint colors

1.  ‘Granite Boulder’ by Behr;  2.  ‘Mindful Gray’ by Sherwin Williams;  3.  ‘Bedford Gray’ by Martha Stewart;  4.  ‘Horizon Gray’ by Benjamin Moore;  5.  ‘Woodlawn Colonial Gray’ by Valspar;  6.  ‘Rope’ by Eddie Bauer for Valspar

Personally, I’m drawn to a gray with a blue or green undertone, they work with my “casual with hints of coastal plus modern meets traditional and really i just love gray blues” style.  Here are five favorites:

Blue Green Gray Paint Colors


1.  ‘Chicken Wire’ by True Value; 2.  ‘Jade Frost’ by Glidden; 3.  ‘Comfort Gray’ by Sherwin Williams; 4.  ‘Silvermist’ by Sherwin Williams; and 5.  ‘Tranquility’ by Benjamin Moore Affinity Collection.

I don’t ever recommend grabbing a gallon of paint based on someone else’s recommendation or just a tiny swatch.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to grab a few samples of ones you think you’ll like and then test them on your walls  (or on a large piece of paper pinned to your walls).

grab some testers

I  tested four before settling on ‘Jade Frost’ by Glidden for my daughter’s room.  It is far better to spend a few extra dollars on samples and get it right then waste $25+ dollars on a gallon of the wrong gray.

Test the paint swatches on the wall, watch them during the day and into the afternoon and how they change in the light.  Depending on where you live, what kind of natural light you get, and which direction your room faces, all grays look different and pair differently with your trim, flooring, and furnishings.

All of the paint colors I’ve used in the past can be seen in the My Spaces gallery or in this older post on the Paint on my Walls.   Want to see even more great grays on walls?  Visit My Favorite Paint Colors blog for a gallery of fantastic shades used in real homes.

Discovered a great gray paint that you love?

Tell us all about it!



  1. Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It’s perfect and I have it in my kitchen and living room.

  2. I just painted our kitchen Bay Sands by Valspar – which is what I used in our rental house, here:
    http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/powder-room-redo.html (I haven’t photographed my kitchen, yet)

    I used Wickham Gray (BM) in our living room – a soft pale gray – http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/green-to-gray-before-and-after.html

    and Coventry Gray (BM) in my daughter’s dorm room – a truer and strong gray – http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/college-room-reveal.html


  3. Thanks for sharing! I actually tried to paint wall grey…and then couldn’t find the perfect shade. Then a green sample I had caught my eye. But the more I look at the paint color on the walls now, the more I may be going back to grey. I just need to find the right one! I completely agree about the blue and green undertones. Those are my favorites!

    I would love your opinion! Here is the link to the green room that was originally going to go grey. http://wp.me/p2Mhyz-pU Thanks for all your tips!

  4. Just love grey walls….a perfect backdrop. Enjoy all of these you’ve featured, but also have used Sherwin William’s Popular gray with beautiful results. Thanks for the post and inspiration!

  5. I love Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. My living room nd dining room are painted that color and I LOVE it!

  6. Very helpful post. You’re so right, Kate about spending a few bucks to get samples rather than waste $25 or more with the wrong color. Or worse, repainting the entire room the right color. Or, even worse, perhaps, gritting your teeth every time you enter the room because the color is “off.”

  7. Cotton Grey by Behr is my choice. I sampled about a dozen before I found “the one”. It is a true grey.

  8. Revere pewter is definitely the gray of the moment, and deserves it’s reputation.

  9. Grays are so hard! We painted a majority of our open floor plan home Porpoise by Behr and currently have patches on the wall for a new direction in grays. The Porpoise just has too much purple/blue for our taste and is a little darker than we originally had thought it would be. Beautiful color though if you like those warmer blue/purple grays.

    We’re headed to the store to see if they will lighten up wheat bread for us…the hunt continues!

  10. For our revamped guest room, we went with Lowe’s “Night Frost” by Olympic but had it color-matched at Home Depot. We LOVE it. It has blue undertones yet it’s still light and airy when paired with white trim. I’m planning on putting it in my room, as well!

  11. We painted our kitchen Mindful Gray (Sherwin Williams) and love, love, love it. I’m painting my master bedroom the same color. It was the fourth color we tried, and it is perfect.

    We tried Stonington Gray as one of our samples, and it definitely had blue and even lavender undertones once it was up.

  12. I totally agree with you regarding the purchase of the sample paints first. I just bought a $2.95 sample from Lowe’s of SW Storm Cloud for my laundry room & it’s way too purple-blueish for me. I went back to my standard favorite which is Valspar Granite Dust. I have this in my dining room as well and it is a nice subtle gray. Thanks for the post! Karen

  13. I took forever to find the perfect greige for my walls and went through about 15 test cans. I had heard that the perfect color was Revere Pewter by BM. But when I put it on a sample board it just wasn’t quite right in my room. Ultimately I compared it with Abalone (SW) and I fell in love. Abalone is very close, but has a different undertone that worked in my house. I am very surprised at just how this color changes in the light and adjacent to other colors in my house. So you are so right…samples will save you hundreds on gallons of paint.

    BTW, I also noticed when I thought I was saving money by going to a Home Improvement store for my “cheaper” paint…the color was not quite the same as SW.

  14. I love Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams…it’s in my piano room and everyone has complimented me on how relaxing the room is. My dining room (which is adjacent to the piano room) is painted with “Light French Gray” by Sherwin Williams. It doesn’t have an undertone, but is a lovely light shade of gray that allowed me to be free with colors in my dining room.

  15. I painted my entry and upstairs hallway with Valspar’s Seagull Gray. I LOVE it! In fact, I’d like to paint the entire house that color.

    Right now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect charcoal gray for my kitchen table and island stools. So far, everything seems too light, too blue, etc. I don’t know why gray is so tough.

  16. LOVE this post, Kate! I will be referring to it often! Thank you so much for the blog love at the end too, totally not expecting that! :) I think the Martha Stewart collection has some great grays – one of my favorites is Flagstone.

  17. I’ve gone through a lot of greys and by far my favorite is Urban Sunrise by Valspar. It has blue undertones which works perfectly for our coastal style home. In the process of having it lightened just a smidge for the entire downstairs!

  18. I’ve used Behr’s Dophin Fin- a few times actually, and while it’s not warm enough to look taupe at all, it definitely does have a little bit of a brown undertone. Just wanted to let anyone know who’s thinking about using it. It’s a warmer grey rather than a cooler one. We’ve loved it!

  19. Silver Lake by Benjamin Moore…heavy on the blue undertone. Looks amazing with white trim.

  20. I spent months searching for the gray/greige paint of my dreams, and then I found Ben Moore’s Abalone. Not too cool or too warm/yellowish. Seems to go with pretty much everything. Highly recommend getting a sample to try. Revere Pewter is also nice, but a little on the green side. Light Pewter seems more neutral to me. Sherwin-Williams/Duron also has some nice grays/greiges: Popular Gray, Anew Gray and Versatile Gray are really nice, so is Agreeable Gray. More on the cooler gray side are Ben Moore’s Shadow Gray, Feather Gray and Nickel, and Sherwin-Williams Proper Gray. Can you tell I have been immersed in 50 Shades of Gray? And not the raunchy kind!

  21. We just went through this in picking the paint for our basement. This is my first time going grey, and I really wanted the cement grey without any undertones. Despite sampling, the colour we chose (BM Misty Gray) was way too light once it was on the walls. We returned to the store and had them retint the bucket and then mixed in another gallon of a darker grey ourselves (we were worried we wouldn’t have enough paint in the end and knew we’d never be able to get an exact match if we came up short), and now we’re happy with the colour, which is somewhere between BM Bunny and Thundercloud. The saga of our Franken-colour is on my blog at https://homeon129acres.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/shades-of-grey/. Thanks for sharing your picks, Kate. Maybe next time I decide to go grey I’ll have better luck on the first try!

  22. Great roundup! I always have trouble picking gray paint colors (well all paint colors haha) so this will be a great reference :)

    I recently painted our powder room Valspar’s Hazy Stratus. It’s a bit of a chameleon gray meaning sometimes it has brown undertones, sometimes green, and sometimes it looks like a true cement gray. It’s very pretty though!

  23. We tried at least 12 different grays for our dining room, which faces south but only has one small window, and almost all of them looked purple in our room. We decided to try some warmer, beige grays and ended up going with Northern Cliffs by Benjamin Moore. It’s a beautiful, warm taupey gray much like Revere Pewter and we absolutely love it. We also liked Benjamin Moore’s Silver Fox a lot, but ultimately the Northern Cliffs won us over.

  24. I just painted my bedroom “Dolphin Fin” by Behr. I am absolutely in love with the color. It’s a beautiful, delicate neutral gray, and it has no detectable undertones. A+ in my book!

  25. I almost went with Revere Pewter by Ben Moore, which is a gorgeous color. I wanted something a little warmer for my interior walls. I ended up with Grant Beige by Ben Moore which reads as a “greige” on my walls. Soft warm gray taupe I guess. Looks fab with all of my wainscotting in Linen White.

  26. Behr’s Elephant Ear Grey looked great in my daughter’s room with black and silver accents. I thought it would be too dark when she picked it out, but it turned out so prettty I used it in another bedroom with yellow and white.

  27. What a coincidence. I’m painting cabinets as we speak (please let this be the last coat!!!) with the Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Grey. It definitely has a bit of a greenish undertone in some lights, so now I’m trying to figure out what color to do the walls.

  28. I actually just finished painting my upstairs last weekend, this week is the downstairs. The upstairs gray has a blue/green undertone, because I am using it in a room with a teal accent wall (Pelican Gray from Valspar) and downstairs I wanted a stronger gray to go with 112 year old pine floors (Fashion Gray from Behr).

  29. Silver Sateen from Behr is a really good gray as well. It is a specialty color for their new Behr Ultra paint and I used it on my entire house. We bought a foreclosure and needed to stick to a budget and pick a neutral color that would go with our new white kitchen and wood floors. The quality is amazing I covered 5 walls of bright pink and burgundy red walls with no second coat needed. Amazing.

  30. Great Post Kate! We just painted our Dining Room Revere Pewter, its a great color and goes with everthing! We also painted our Masterbedroom Ellie Gray by Sherwin Williams and Masterbath BM Stonington Gray. We couldn’t be happier! Come to think of it most or our house is some sort of shade of gray!

  31. Love your
    “casual with hints of coastal plus modern meets traditional and really i just love gray blues style”.

    I think mine would be: casual with hints of coastal plus modern meets industrial and cottage and really I just love white (and gray) style.

    Isn’t it crazy that those paint companies are pretty much global conglomerates and yet I can’t have paint colors matched. Still loving this insight in all matters gray.

  32. Thank you for this – Grey is one of my favorite colors! My mom and I distinguish grey and gray – grEy are the blueish undertones and grAy are the more reddish/brown undertones – LOL

  33. I’m another BM “Revere Pewter” lover, I see blue-green undertones in it. We went through 4-5 samples before finding it, now the majority of our house is painted in it. It looks wonderful with almost everything!

  34. I’ve found a great (and cheap!) gray in The Colorplace’s Persian Seed Pearl. It’s cheeeeap, so make sure to at least get the satin or semi finish! We painted our entire two-story living room this color and it looks great. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  35. Man, I love me some grays! We painted our main floor (open living, dining, and kitchen) the Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray and are thinking of going dark “cement” gray in our master bedroom. I loved seeing one of my picks in there and am definitely going to have to find your cement gray choices for our bedroom. Thanks!

  36. I’m sure others have commented on the same, but I’ve used BM Revere Pewter in several rooms and just LOVE it! Some other faves I’ve used in my own home are BM Coventry Gray, BM Silver Fox (a warm gray), and BM Ashley Gray (which is definitely more of a taupe than a a gray but still falls into the gray spectrum). Great post! Thanks for the recommendations. ~Kerri

  37. i’m looking at benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter right now for painting all the mail public spaces in my house (except the dining). It’s got more great in it… more earthy I think.

    • Wow ‘Revere Pewter’ is popular, so great to see it recommended so many times, thanks everyone!

  38. I like the gray’s you have chosen. So many times gray can come out looking too blue.
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. This is a great post with lots of good recommendations on grays. We did find it to be a “tricky” color when we used it in one of our bathrooms. We went through at least 15 different samples to get the right one for our room. We loved Chelsea by the Sea (an Ace color)….it had some blue/lavender undertones in our room. A very pretty gray!

  40. I think I’ve tried most of these at one time in my home, lol. My favorite is SW Mindful Gray. It seems to look good in any light.

  41. I painted my place CIL “Touch of Grey” its a great pale grey! I also find the easiest way to see how a grey will look (taupey, blue, true grey etc) is to look at the darkest colour on the swatch sheet. it is easier to see the colour undertones in a deeper colour

  42. I love grey paint. I’ve used Nimbus Cloud in my master bedroom, master bath and 3 walls in my guest room. It’s wonderful. I used Porpoise by Behr in guest bath and it’s my favorite light grey I’ve tried. Dark greys I’ve tried are Falcon by Behr for an accent wall. I used Charcoal smoke by Valspar to paint a microfiber chair and as homemade chalkboard paint. It worked and looked great for both projects. I also color matched a light grey but I dont know what color it was. I used it on furniture and office walls. It looked bad on the furniture in the living room lighting but fantastic in the office.

  43. Thanks for the post and enjoying the comments to boot. I’m living
    in paint sample insanity! I’m going to try a few from above! I did mix
    BM Stonington Gray and Wickham Gray (50/50) for my living room
    as a final contender. Tend to lean towards grays w/ blue undertones. What a process!!

  44. We just painted our basement bathroom Revere Pewter by benjamin moore after going through 5 samples. Love it!

  45. We had Dolphin Fin in my first son’s nursery and it was the calmest, most lovely space. Hoping to use it again in our new home somewhere. Thanks for the reminder :)

  46. I love this topic! We are buying a new house and have lots of painting to do. My favorite true “cement” gray is Dover gray from Olympic one paints at lowes. Not a fancy brand but excellent coverage. For a light blue gray I like “steel city” also from Olympic (bathroom) and a favorite (used in our past two homes) is “cannon gray ” (also from Olympic)…it’s a deep, moody blue gray. We had is in master BR and then in theater room…worked equally well!!

  47. Grey is my favorite!! Pinning this for sure – we’re moving into our first house soon and I can’t wait to finally be able to PAINT!

  48. I have used a bunch of those colors on various projects before and love them! One of my all time faves is Martha Stewart’s Driftwood Gray, I love how it changes depending on the lighting in our kitchen.

  49. Just curious…in repainting our house, we have been using the Benjamin Moore Aura line. I like the washability and depth of the colors. At $55/gallon (contractor price), do you think it’s worth the extra money?

  50. My favorite gray hands down is “Hopsack” by Ralph Lauren. It’s actually in the green family according to their swatch book, but it is definitely more of a perfect taupe-y gray. Since Home Depot doesn’t carry RL paints anymore, I just have it mixed with their Behr premium paint. I put several different swatches on the wall in my cousin’s house and he picked it for all of his living areas!

  51. Make sure to check out the grey paint at night time. I used a Farrow and Ball paint and the color turned lavender at night. Horrible for my neutral color scheme!

  52. Nice grays! I never thought I’d really like gray because back in the day, it was referred to as a “Grandma color” now I use it so much and my clients love it. You can dress it up or let it be classy all on it’s own :-)

  53. My entire house is painted Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete. It is mixed at 90%. I loved the original color but it was a teeny bit too dark. Our contractor brought me samples of it at 25%, 50%, 75% and 90%. Finally 90% was perfect. Definitely recommend the sample sizes!

  54. Love, love, love grey. Painted the dining room MSL Sharkey Grey and made a valance using a Robert Allen Ikat in blue and green tones. Looks great! Now I need to pick another grey for the master… leaning toward Revere Pewter!

  55. I have used 2 of your grey recommendations and loved the result, but hands down the bet grey I have found is Sleek Grey by Valspar. It’s the kind of color that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a really inviting spa. Modern, crisp but incredibly soothing.

  56. Such gorgeous greys — I may need to pick up a few samples this week! A personal favorite grey color is Benjamin Moore’s (oddly named) ‘Hazy Skies.’ A neutral dove-grey with a slight green-blue undertone, it absolutely pops with white molding and trim. Great for nautical nod. Very restful and clean.

  57. So helpful! Thanks for sharing! I just painted a dresser with a gray that turned out way more blue than I expected. This is a perfect jumping off point for my next project, considering how much I love gray!

  58. I get a lot of compliments on our dining room’s color. It’s called “silver service” in the no-VOC line from Olympic (Lowe’s). It is a rich, warm gray and has a lavender cast to it that looks especially sharp with our glossy-white trim and cottage-style ceiling.

  59. I recently used Sherwin Williams Jogging Path in my son’s room. I intended to use BM Revere Pewter, but the SW was on sale 40% off that week, and the swatches looked very similar. I’ve been very happy with it!

  60. Nice roundup! And you’re absolutely right about testing. I had to compromise my steely blue-grey wish with my husband’s warm beige preference and ended up with a bunch of ‘warm greys’ to test. After painting 8 different color swatches on 5 different walls (it’s a big combo area of living/dining/kitchen) we finally settled on Sherwin William’s ‘Pediment.’ It’s grey enought to keep me happy and warm enough to keep hubby happy.

    It truely does look slightly different on every wall, so it’s important to paint enough swatches so you know for sure you like every shade the color will take.

  61. I just put SW Argos on my living room walls and SW Passive on my living room and dining room ceilings. LOVE! I do not see them as “cement” though. Shades of greige read more “cement” to me.

  62. I just painted our lower level foyer, dining room, family room and living room SW Mindful Gray, it is so lovely. It goes really well with natural tones of light and dark wood. We also painted our kitchen SW Mink which is a greyish brown color and it is stunning as well. This is the first time I have used greys in my home and I don’t know why I waited!

  63. I’ve been trying many gray samples and still can’t decide. I’m trying to get a gray and brown color scheme going. My walls are currently dark brown (inherited) and my carpet is a light brown and I can’t figure out whether to go with a warm “Greige” or a cool blue/gray color? I’m actually trying to lighten the room, any suggestions, anyone?

  64. That’s it, Kate! You’ve inspired me (yet again) to finally take photos of our first floor “powder room”. Earlier this year, I had a talented artist friend paint a Mural using only 5 complementary colors, all based around my desire to have one gray room in my house. The results are stunning and worthy of a blog post, if only I had a blog :). The two grays we used are Benjamin Moore’s Stone Harbor and Barren Plain.

    Another favorite gray is of course Paris Gray by Annie Sloan. I just put the finishing touches on transforming an old oak dresser in my youngest son’s room. Again, the results are stunning. Pictures of that, too, once we are up and running. We live in Monmouth Co NJ about 10 miles from the coast and will be without power for another week or so. Thank God our home and all my family are fine but the devastation in our beautiful state is hard to believe.

  65. I wanted a warm gray for my home office (warm since my house is on the warmer side of earth tones). I finally found one that worked: Chocolate Froth by Behr. It’s so faint, but noticable against the white trim and parsons desk.

  66. Our entire downstairs is Benjamin Moore’s Museum Piece (made with Sherwin-Williams’ paint). We wanted a “cement” grey and struggled to find one that didn’t go brown, blue or green. This one has proven to be perfect, and we are in love!

  67. I struggled to find a perfect gray for my bedroom and went with Sherwin Williams-Gray Clouds. I LOVE it. I wake up every morning and just sigh and say “Ah…the perfect paint color.”

  68. I’m all ready to paint our bedroom gray so the timing of this post, with all of the beautiful shades and your personal recommendations, was perfect! I feel like I’m color blind when it comes to seeing what the underlying hue of a color is but having you categorize them into the three types and showing examples really made sense to me. (Finally!)

    One question, though: I know the walls will be gray and the furniture will be white and/or a darker shade of gray and the big pop of color comes from the bright red and white wedding quilt my mom made for us. (It is definitely a bright pop of color over a large surface area!) If I’m using a bright red as my accent color, does it make a difference if I use a Cement gray, Warm gray, or Blue gray on the walls??

  69. We painted our kitchen, upstairs hallway and foyer Dolphin Fin about six years ago and have never regretted it. I love the color, it’s the perfect neutral IMO. The trim is white — I want to say the color is Snowbound? Something like that.

  70. Thank you so much because you inspired me to keep looking after 14 samples of gray were put on the wall. I thought I had one picked (Eternity by Benjamin Moore) but after checking out your choices for “cement grays,” I had my husband grab a sample of the Passive by Sherwin Williams and it truly is “the one.” You’ve made me…us so happy and our living and dining room thank you too. Just to finish repairing the wall and up it goes!

  71. Elephant Skin by Behr is the best grey I’ve found so far. LOVE IT! I’ve used it in multiple rooms in our house! I am also considering trying the Dolphin Fin by Behr…

  72. I’m glad to see you mention the Martha Stewart Nimbus Grey! I’ve picked it for my craft room after going through a lot of photos of grey rooms in pinterest and realizing most of my favourites were painted in that colour. Of course I swatched it on the walls too, and it’s a winner for my sometimes-bright-sometimes gloomy southeast facing little room.

    To me it has a definite blue undertone, but that might be because the current wall colour is a yellowy-red beige that is slightly more yellow than a brown grocery bag. It’s as bad as you think. Next to that, even a neutral grey might look blue-ish.

  73. To Jessica R, a blue-grey will make the reds of the quilt pop even more, and will look blue-er next to the red. A neutral/cement grey will provide a good contrast without looking particularly blue next to the red, and a warm grey might look more beige next to the bright red. It depends what effect you would like. Personally I would go with cement or blue grey because I love the contrast of a cooler colour with a good red.

    The quilt sounds amazing! Lucky you to have such a wonderful wedding gift from your Mom!

  74. Too funny, our master bedroom is Granite Boulder by Behr and our living room/hallway is Dolphin Fin by Behr. I picked them for exactly the reasons you described! I wanted greys that had little to no undertones to them so I could be sure they wouldn’t look green, purple, etc. I’ve got a few pictures of how they turned out on my blog. I’m always sure to google my paint colors before I paint to see how the colors look in “real” homes.

  75. I just painted my living area and foyer and hallways that are 2 story high in Grant Beige by benjamin moore. Dont let the name fool you. This is a linen gray color that I love so much that I also painted my garage last week. I painted my kids bathroom in Feather Gray by Benjamin Moore. This is a pretty gray with a bluer undertone that looks good with lots of white trim in white Dove also by ben moore.

  76. Revere Pewter fan as well! In my kitchen, breakfast nook, foyer…love it with Linen White from Benjamin Moore.
    Adore your blog! Right up my alley!!!

  77. I just found this blog and the many posts…too late for me! i selected sherwin william’s krypton…gray with blue undertones…well, it looks almost like carolina blue with our oak wood floors…HELP! how can i make the blue look more like the gray I loved on the little card??!!

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