Glitter Spider Webs + Spooky Shelves

By Kate Riley September 27, 2012

I like to spookify a section of our house every year while the kids are at school, they love the surprise when they come home.  One year I painted a ghost on the mirror above the mantel, and another year I made glowing eyes Halloween art.

This year I decided that while they were away, big black spiders would invade the family room bookcases, and bring some feathered friends.  Since I painted the built ins white this year, they were the perfect candidate for some black and white Halloween fun.

spooky spiderwebs centsational girl


The glittery spider webs were a DIY project and I used craft supplies from Martha Stewart’s collection to create them.

 diy glitter spider webs


To make them, all you need is wax paper, craft glue, and some black glitter, scissors to trim the wax paper, and a Xacto knife to cut them out in the end (not shown).

glitter web supplies


Sketch the web design with a marker or freehand it like I did with craft glue.  Scatter glitter on top to form the glittery web and allow to dry for 24 hours.

make web with glue top with glitter


Once the webs have dried, trim between the webbing carefully with a Xacto knife or craft cutter on top of a cutting board.

trim webs with xacto knife


I used these inexpensive foam mounting dots to adhere the webs to the bookshelves, but if your shelves are not white, clear glue dots should work too.

foam mounting dots


I learned the thinner your line of glue the more delicate the web is but it can get unstable if too thin, so keep your glue line thicker for a sturdier web that can span 12-16 inches.

web close up


Here they are on display, creeeeeeepy !

black glitter spider web

corner glittery spider web

glittery spider web centsational girl


The spiders crept into the niche too and made themselves at home on the family photo.

spiders and spider webs on photo centsational girl



We’ve been invaded!

diy glitter webs on bookshelf


Linking up to Sarah’s Fall Decor party today as we finish up the Autumn Link Parties…

2012 fall link parties

… be sure to hop over and get inspired!



  1. Very Nice! I like this and am thinking you could do a similar thing with Parchment Paper and silicone caulking (from like a little tube) and the glitter and it would be flexible, you could pull it off the parchment. Wondering if that would work, if the glitter would stick enough….

  2. Where did you get the tree I love it! This makes me wish I had a white bookshelf somewhere, great ideas!!

  3. I love it! Wondering…do you have a place where your kids decorate? I try to have “adult” type decorations, but they always get taken over by my son and I’ve just let the dream of beautiful holiday decorations go….especially at Halloween! Just wondering if you have any great ideas of how to balance this!

    • Hi Laura, I involve the kids in decorating during the holidays, letting them sprinkle in their own additions here and there, and I usually allocate certain zones, shelves, or tabletops for them to decorate. I also throw a cookie decorating party for their friends to attend, sometimes having a “crafty” event is what they look forward too. It’s tricky to find the balance but when you involve the children, I think they value the seasonal decor more.

  4. You could also use fabric puffy paint on plastic and it should peel right off. I would make it think though, so it is sturdy.

    • Great idea about puffy paint Tori, I’m thinking ‘glow in the dark’ oooooh spooky, and worth a try!

  5. I love this! I have two white bookcases framing a tv in my living room and I’ve been thinking of doing a purple, orange, black, and white color scheme for fall in there. It’ll be perfect because the Ravens are black and purple and the Orioles are orange and black. And both teams are playing well!!!!

  6. Love the way this looks. The spider webs are just great and I love the white pumpkins on the shelf they really pop with all the black.


  7. I love the idea of surprising the kids when they get home from school. I have all boys and they aren’t interested at all in helping me decorate, but they love the decorations. Martha Stewart has some great stuff out for Halloween. I better get up to Michael’s soon before they sell out.

  8. I recently found your blog and I just love it. We just moved into a new house and I looked through your Rugs in the Casa post for inspiration and ending up buying one of the rugs you recommended. Next project: redo our deck based on your balcony space. Keep the posts coming – they are great!

    • Hi Kristine! During the process of making them, yep, glitter is everywhere, but once you shake them off and cut them out, no mess!

  9. You have the patience of Jobe! Hope I’m getting my biblical characters correct! They turned out beautifully!!

  10. I love this idea. Very simple and displayed beautifuly. Going to try making the webs. Looks very easy to do.

  11. I am a 4th grade teacher, so I have had much experience with parents. You are one of the best! I love your creative projects that make your house a home. Your kids are very lucky to have a mom like you!

    • That’s so kind Christina, thank you! And thanks for being a teacher and helping to grow young minds, we need good ones like you.

  12. I just made these but put them on a ziploc bag and they peeled right off. Completely eliminated the need to cut them out. S.C.O.R.E! So cute and so easy! Thanks for sharing.

    • Great idea with the Ziplock Rachel, big time saver! Are they stiff enough to display vertically?

  13. Yes…they are staying up nicely. I noticed mine are thicker, so maybe that helps them to stay up. I also stuck one on a mirror and it adheres very well as is.

  14. Those are SO beautifully spooky Kate! I love it! Your blog is so much fun. Reading it before I get to work on my blog is always my little treat at the end of a long day. :)

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