Sunday Reading + Sponsor Spotlight

By Kate Riley August 26, 2012

Hi everyone, happy weekend to you!  Have you been relaxing or getting busy with some projects around the house?  We started soccer season again so we’re now back in the swing of taking kids to their games – Matt is coaching too so Saturdays are crazy busy but fun!   I did manage to finish up a little storage project I’ve been putting off, I’ll share that tomorrow.  Meanwhile, there are some new articles over at BH&G, click on the buttons to read the posts just in case you’ve missed them!

faux bois style dressers outside the bedroom

organizing the small stuff

memo board

dressers as vanities

still hot industrial


Also, I’d like to share with you a great source for stylish home decor and one of my sponsors: Shop Ten 25.  The online boutique is filled with many fabulous accessories for your home, hop on over and take a look around, you’re sure to find a unique find that may be just perfect for you!

shop ten 25 style picks


Enjoy the rest of your day!




  1. I LOVE dressers outside the bedroom! As a university student, I used one to hold my television with DVD’s and other goods in the drawers.

    Many years ago, my childhood neighbours, who were movers, gave my parents a beautiful large antique dresser, dark wood with a swiveling mirror. It was always kept in “my room” and when we bought our first home, it finally came to live with me. We now use it as our bar! The top drawer holds all the cocktail recipes, straws, coasters and other supplies, the middle drawer holds all the liqueurs and spirits, laying down resting in plastic organizers (in case they leak). the bottom drawer has all the mix and extra napkins, etc. On top sits our ice bucket, Martini shaker and a host of changing accessories. I love it so much, and I see this trend just continuing to grow.

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