Boost Your Roost Finalists – Time to Vote!

By Kate Riley July 30, 2012

Good morning everyone, hope you had a nice relaxing weekend!  Today is the day the Boost Your Roost finalists have been announced and now is the time to vote!  It was an extremely difficult selection process and all of the bloggers involved had to choose just one.  I settled on the Williams family and I’m hoping they win a kitchen remodel!

Dawn and Alex Williams of Florida live in a 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,100 square foot bungalow.  Dawn is a special education teacher and with their busy schedule they’ve run out the energy and funds to deal with their crumbling kitchen in dire need of remodel.

Their home has no insulation, and their entire kitchen runs on one electrical circuit (crazy I know!) which means they must plan which appliance to use at which time to avoid tripping the breaker.

The particle board cupboards are falling apart and they have no pantry to store any food for their growing family.  Dawn doesn’t feel comfortable inviting friends or family over because of their poorly functioning kitchen.


 Can’t you see a complete kitchen remodel here?  New floors, cabinets, countertops, appliances – $20,000 would completely transform this space.  The Williams family needs your vote!

Head on over to the Boost Your Roost contest to read more of Dawn’s story (plus all six finalists’ stories).  Vote once a day until August 13th!




  1. Thank you so much for selecting us, Kate! We are excited to be a part of the competition and hope we can generate enough votes to win. I like that you mentioned our lack of insulation. Just to give you an idea of how dire the situation is- we pay well over $300 a month to cool our 1105 sq. ft. house in the summer. And by cool, I mean keep it at 80 degrees! We just added more attic insulation, and that helps, but wall insulation and new windows in the kitchen would be fantastic! Can you imagine the sauna that is my kitchen when I try to cook in the summer?

    Thank you!
    Dawn Williams

  2. Good luck, Williams Family and all the finalists for the contest! This is an amazing opportunity and we are all so blessed to have been selected.
    Warm Regards,
    Tara Roy

    • Not sure Sarah, I can try to find out but it doesn’t change their need, hope you’ll vote for them!

  3. Hi, Kate – I went to vote, but wasn’t sure it registered. Do I need to sign up for the site in order to cast my vote? Thanks, Kim

  4. Dawn & Alex – you have my vote! Best of luck to you and your kiddies for a lovely new kitchen remodel!

  5. Sarah,

    This house was my husband’s bachelor pad that he purchsed at the height of the housing market. We were not together at the time, and I have asked him that same question about an inspection. He did not get an inspection, and his was one of the Freddie Mac sub-prime loans that got pushed through. If we had been together at the time, it never would have happened, but he was young and desperate to buy his first place. The previous owners did a lot of shoddy DIY work, so every project opens a can of worms (like the live, dangling electrcal wires we found when we renovated our bathroom). I wrote a lot about the aesthetics of the kitchen because I can provide photos of that, but my main concern is really the electrical work because we have fabric covered wires, non-grounded three prong outlets, and a reliance on extension cords because we don’t have enough outlets. It’s not just ugly, it’s not safe.


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