Tropical Summer Sangria

By Kate Riley June 1, 2012

Happy happy weekend everyone!  We had some friends over last night and I whipped up a batch of tropical summertime sangria.  I’ve been craving pineapple lately so I had to include it in the medley with some diced fresh nectarines and mango too!  It’s easy to make and guaranteed to please, and I say it totally counts for a daily serving of fruit.

tropical summer sangria


This is super easy to make, grab yourself two bottles of pinot grigio, a ripe pineapple, a can of peach nectar, a ripe mango, and a few fresh nectarines (or peaches) and you’re in business.  Many sangria recipes have brandy or other liqueur in them, but I like it to taste lighter so I skip it, but you’re welcome to add a dash to your liking.

tropical sangria ingredients


Slice and dice the pineapple, peel the nectarines and the mango and dice them too.  Reserve a few slices of pineapple for garnish then make happy faces because you’re about to have sangria.  Sangria by definition means happiness, didn’t you know?  At least in my world…  :)

smiling sangria ingredients


Pour the chilled wine and nectar over a few scoops of crushed ice and the diced fruit into a big jar or large pitcher.  Add a few pieces of fresh mint if you like.   Makes enough for 10-12 glasses.

pour into jar


Garnish with pineapple wedges and serve within an hour of preparation to you and your friends for a sip of paradise in your own backyard.

tropical summer sangria with garnish

Have a great weekend, enjoy!



  1. Yummm! This looks so good, and easy to make ~ thanks for sharing!! Love your tablecloth & the orchid. ;)

  2. I have never had a sangria…but I keep seeing it everywhere, I must try it. Seeing the pineapple is making my mouth water…I think I am craving it too.

  3. OK, I’ve never had a white wine sangria and I don’t care for the red wine sangria so this is something I am definitely going to serve at an upcoming family function as the “signature” cocktail. How fantastic! And I didn’t know that sangria means happiness!

  4. It looks stunning and very delicious! I’m always use to the ordinary red one, but this looks very exciting, have to try. Have a wondeful weekend.

  5. Sangria is the versatile beverage for any occasion, especially perfect and yummy for summer coming out of a big glass decanter. Gulp, gulp…… yummmm.


  6. The sangria looks so pretty and sounds DELISH. Very tropical and summery. I think I might try this, substituting San Peligrino for the vino, as I do not drink the hard stuff :).

  7. I just did a post on Red Sangria yesterday! This one sounds yummy…I may have to make two kinds for my party! As always…your photos are amazing and so inviting. Llove your drink despenser and table cloth – perfect for a summer soiree!

  8. This looks so refreshing for the warm days approaching. I am so making this!!!!

  9. Yum I can almost taste the sweet fruity drink now! I really need to get myself one of those decanters they look so elegant Im sure Id get a lot of use out of it to :)

  10. Yum, that looks delicious! :) Sangria was our hurricane drink of choice when I lived in FL. The year I lived there we had five hurricanes, and we always “hunkered down” with a giant cooler of homemade sangria :) Good memories!

  11. This sounds delicious!! The only white wine I drink is Moscato, which is a sweet wine anyway, so I am definitely going to try this with my Moscato, I can’t wait, yummy!!

  12. We’re having an impromptu dinner this weekend at our house and I’m going to try this and your recent fish tacos recipe! We tried your wild mushroom bisque last winter (’10) and loved it so I’m sure this is going to be awesome too!

  13. I also count sangria as a serving of fruit! My favorite party drink and I am always looking for new ideas for flavors. Made something similar the other night and added passion fruit puree to the mix. Perfect for a hot summer night.

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