Moody Monday: Mad Men Inspired Office

By Kate Riley June 11, 2012

Well last night was the last episode of Season 5 of Mad Men!  *spoiler alert, don’t read the text if you’re not caught up!* and even though the final episode was underwhelming, the two before it were fantastic!  Don is so great to watch, and Joan finally gained partnership (nevermind the means, ugh!) and poor Lane, his storyline was totally unexpected!   Again, we’re left hanging, wondering what will happen to our favorite characters and wanting more more more! 

Matt and I have been watching MM since it began and it’s a Sunday night ritual to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch it together.  There’s always something to discuss after the latest episode, but I always go back and skim through it again days later just to peek at the set design, I love all that 1960s style! 

All this Mad Men fever got me in the mood to do an office with Florence Knoll style chairs and a desk reminiscent of Milo Baughman, plus some midcentury Blenko glass!  I love all the muted neutrals, rich wood tones, and warm brass of the period, but in this space I added a little of Joan.  I used the colors of the period but took a cue from Joan’s wardrobe to bring in some colorful accessories to this Mad Men inspired office space. 

mad men office

To see the high resolution non-animated version of the space and all the sources…

click here

Now, for all of you fellow MM fans, what do you think, will Peggy come back to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?  Will it become SCDC?  Or SCDH?  Will Don and Megan stay happy or will Don return to his philandering ways?  Will Pete leave Trudy?  What did you think of Season 5?  Dish !



  1. Ooh, I love this post. Fantastic office! Especially the addition of the shoes and bag :) I’ve watched MM from the beginning, too, and I’m not sure what to think. Don’s been such a good guy this season and that can’t last forever, right? I think Megan may have sealed her fate by being so needy all of a sudden. This last episode was a little underwhelming, considering the one before, but sometimes I feel I need to watch twice to catch the suble nuances. So glad Peggy was in this last one because I was so disappointed when she left. Can’t wait for next season!

  2. I still need to watch the last episode, but I hope Peggy comes back. I also wonder if Joan and Don will have some romance next season. And I like Ken so I hope he is around more too.

  3. Perfect Mad Men inspired office. I love that you’ve included a bottle of scotch. It was great seeing Don and Peggy together again. I do hope she comes back. Maybe they will make her a partner. They do need a female’s point of view. I just love that show… the clothes, the decor and the characters.

  4. We’re left hanging?
    Nice word choice. lol

    Yeah, I used the same word to describe it in my post last night: underwhelming. I guess we’ll see what they think of for next season. Awesome post!

  5. I think you should have a disclaimer at the top of this post. I’m a couple weeks behind in MM and totally did not expect to have spoilers on your site. I’m disappointed now that I know a couple of tidbits but won’t find out all what happens until next Sunday. :(

  6. I seriously hope that Pete and Trudy stay together. I think she is so good for him. He annoys me so much that I don’t think I could stand it if he becomes a total womanizer. I don’t think Peggy is going to come back, but I do think she’s going to continue to be a small part of the show – maybe she’ll push Don a little now that they are competition?

  7. I love love LOVE those chairs!!!
    I like Trudy and Pete, although he doesn’t deserve her. Don going back to cheating would be so predictable, I hope they don’t do that. Maybe Megan should hit it big and Don would have to be in her shadow for a while :D

  8. I too thought the finale was disappointing.

    I think Don will go back to his old ways.

    I also got the feeling that Don now thinks Megan is all set and will embrace her independence even more.

  9. My husband and I laughed out loud when Pete walked into the hotel room and said, “I’m pathetic.” Our thoughts exactly. We love to hate Pete. Great actor, interesting character. He never wins the stupid fights he picks. Can’t wait to see what happens with everyone next season.

    Love the office! I want those chairs in a mustard yellow or blue color.

  10. I love your Mad Men inspired office. The bookcase is my favorite piece.

    Now, about the finale — I kept hearing (well, reading on twitter) that people were disappointed and that it was underwhelming but truthfully, I enjoyed every minute of it. As Michele said above, there is so much nuance in the show and even today, I keep going back in my head, thinking about different parts of the episode and what it means for the future of the show. I think that’s the mark of a good piece of art — that it stays with you long after you’ve seen, read, or heard it. And lord knows, I’ll be rewatching and analyzing this season during the hiatus (hopefully it’s not 14 months this time around).

    Some of my favorite moments:
    – Don’s amused and truly happy smile at seeing Peggy at the movies. (I ship them so much – as bffs though, nothing more.)
    – Roger: “What is Regina?” and “Stop being demure, you’re already on the bed.”
    – Don walking away from “the fairytale.”
    – The shot of the partners standing against the windows.
    – Don’s mouth on the brink of a smirk at the very end.

    Anywho, thanks for sharing your MM love too :).

    Catalina @ City and Burbs

    • Sooooo agree with you Catalina on those nuanced scenes, we loved the ones of Don walking away from the set too, and watching him watch her on film in black and white, fantastic filming and editing! I do love the friendship between Don and Peggy now, more equals than mentor to apprentice now right? And so so excited for the new space, can you imagine the cool interior design we may see next Season? Psyched !!!

  11. Love the office, definitely MM style.

    I normally hate Pete’s character but in that episode I really felt bad for him. He’d never leave his wife, that’s just not what ‘his people’ (as he has referred to in the past) do.

    I love Roger with Megan’s mom (Juliette Binoche), he seems so happy!

    You could tell Don felt so guilty about the insurance money from Lane’s death. I think he loves his wife but it’s more a child-parent relationship. i think what her mom said to him about artist’s temperament without the talent hit home for him.

  12. LOVE MM! I hope Peggy comes back. Love Joan! I’m not a Megan Draper fan, so I think a little drama in that relationship would be good! Can’t wait til next season!

  13. I haven’t been watching Mad Men (although I keep planning too) but I always love the decor I see photos of. Such an elegant era! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  14. Most thought provoking part was when Peggy asks Don in the movie theater how he felt about her leaving and moving up and his replay was “I just didn’t think it would be without me”. Also enjoyed the You Only Live Twice song to end the season (Don Draper has certainly lived 2 lives).

  15. I am a HUGE LOVER of MAD MEN!!! Its so great to find someone else who is as crazy about it as me. You are not going to believe this…I haven’t been able to watch the last season because we can’t get that channel. So we have had to buy all the seasons and watch them The last one of course isn’t out yet! When you typed spoiler alert turn away….I JUST COULDN’T… I know shame on me:) It won’t matter I will be so glued to this last season when it comes out also with a drink in my hand. Thanks for sharing all the scope.
    A fellow lover of MM,
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  16. I’m a huge Mad Men fan. I was so excited by the last episode when Don and Megan were in their bedroom and in the background is their long dresser. It’s from the same line as my vintage china cabinet and is very distinctive looking. I’ve had a couple chairs also appear in various episodes along with other things like dishes, drapes and lamps. I love finding my vintage mid century modern pieces showing up in the show! I’d love to have Roger’s office. Swoon!

  17. Okay – haven’t watched the finale yet but this season was kinda just so-so for me. I miss the old Don – is that bad? I do the same thing – I go back and watch it over just to gawk at the decor and the fashion – oh my gosh – the fashion! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Janie Bryant’s book, The Fashion File. It sits on my desk and I never tire of flipping through it. Anywho- love this office you put together. We picked up 2 of those chairs a few years ago from an old office that was going out of business. They’re in my 60’s-design-loving man’s home office. I plan to make some changes in there this year and I’ll be taking some inspiration from you for sure!

  18. Hello! I have to admit that I’ve never watched MM (*gasp!*). What I do love is how you created that digital office space…how’d you do it?

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