A Troublesome Cat and a Great Vacuum

By Kate Riley June 9, 2012

Hello everyone and happy weekend to you!  We have plans to do some gardening and attend a friend’s wedding, the weather should be perfect!  But first, please allow me to share a recent phenomenon in our household and then tell you how we deal with it.

Our youngest member of the family is Coco the kitten and she is very mischievous and her latest fascination is with toilet paper.  Is this a common thing with cats?  I don’t know, but it never fails when friends come over, she engages in her latest wily maneuver which is a full blown attack on a roll of toilet paper.  We laugh, but I haven’t been able to keep the stuff on the holders or nicely stacked in baskets for weeks for fear of inevitable destruction.

Charmin is like catnip and it sends Coco into a tizzy and it’s typical for her to drag a roll across the house, bat it around like a mouse, and then attack it with frenzied claws.  When caught, she always has this look on her face.

cat and tp


Hold that image in your head while I fill you in on our vacuum situation.  The vacuum we’ve had for ten years is great, but it’s a beast – not a fun one to work with for the sole reason it weighs a ton and hurts my back to lift it.  Since we have a lot of carpet upstairs and several area rugs downstairs, I confess I procrastinate in my vacuuming duties and always ask Matt if he can help me with the chore.  One time it literally ate the edge of an area rug and I’ve been bitter ever since.

Well as luck would have it, one of my lovely sponsors Oreck offered to send me a lightweight household Magnesium vacuum cleaner to try out, and my immediate response was “Um, yes, please”.  Its arrival coincided perfectly with the “Cat versus the Toilet Paper” battles that have been a part of our daily lives for over a month now.

guilty cat


We’ve been using our 7.7 pound Magnesium upright for a few weeks and we really do love it.  For such a lightweight vacuum it packs a lot of power and at two levels, a low setting for area rugs and a higher setting for carpets.  After we begrudgingly clean up the biggie toilet paper sections, the Magnesium grabs the littler pieces under the watchful eye of our rascally cat.

guilty cat 2


oreck magnesiumMy four favorite things about this vacuum

1) It’s so lightweight your kids can use it!  Yes, I’ve convinced mine that “vacuuming is fun!” with this one so they do some of it for me (ha!)

2)  It’s so lightweight I can carry it upstairs with one hand and not suffer any back problems from heavy lifting and that makes me very happy.

3) It works really well on all my downstairs wood floors and is quicker than a broom, and,

4)  its thin profile lets it lay down flat and go anywhere easily especially under furniture or beds.



use under sofa on wood


What I don’t like?  The “on” button is silver plastic and feels insubstantial but so far so good, no issues to date, and I do like the lighter setting for area rugs.  I also think it’s expensive at $499 for just the vacuum and I guess I just have a hard time spending that kind of dough on home cleaning stuff when I’d rather spend it on a pretty chair, but as my husband reminded me the other day, “That’s what good vacuums cost”.  Okay then.

Here’s some great news, Oreck is giving away one Magnesium vacuum to a lucky winner this weekend!

Eligibility to win the Oreck Magnesium vacuum.

1.  Visit Oreck to learn one thing about the Magnesium, then name it in a comment.

2.  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, leave a second comment naming where you shared about this giveaway.

US only, 48 contiguous states.  One winner chosen at random.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.  Giveaway ends Monday June 11, 2012 at 8 p.m. PST.

* Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes, but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.  I received this product for free, all opinions are my own.  If you have any cures for cat addiction to toilet paper syndrome, please share. 



WINNER #954 Bridget



  1. The Oreck Magnesium has high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings which give it maneuverability. Looks like a good vacuum!

  2. I learned that the Oreck is the lightest full powered upright in America.
    Our vacuum has seen better days, would love to have a new one!

  3. What I learned about the Orek is that it is very light weight the lightest Orek yet and lays virtually flat, and feel self propelled. I have an older Orek and would love this new one!!

  4. A lightweight yet powerful vacuum- good for my hardwood floors and my area rugs and my back! I need it in my life!

  5. Ah, it comes with a 7 year limited warranty and 3 year tune-up! That’s nice when my vacuum earlier tonight decided to eat my phone charger cord…

    My cat likes to ‘hunt’ toilet paper as well and likes to take a break to drink from the toilet bowl – yuck :)

  6. The Oreck Magnesium is lightweight Due to its magnesium frame. And I could really use a lighter upright vacuum!

  7. I love that it lays almost flat. Cleaning under sofas and tables would be much easier!!

  8. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types. That would be great for all my wood floors and carpets.

  9. It has a ‘two speed Quickswitch on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels’. This would be great for my wood floors and large area rugs!

  10. 3 yearly tune ups?! Yes, please! I never know how to up-keep my vacuum to keep it going!

  11. Wow…I sincerely love that it lies almost flat to go underneath furniture. That’s probably my biggest pet peeve about other vacuums. Plus, I don’t own a vacuum and my roommate is sadly moving so I’m in need of one (and not just a cheap one, an awesome one like this Oreck!)

  12. Love how it lies virtually flat…now to get to those dust bunnies under my bed! Also hoping to convince my kids that vacuuming IS fun.

  13. I learned that the lightweight vacuum cleaner will go flat, which would be perfect for me! I have cats of my own and they leave lots of furballs under our beds! We have a VERY OLD Oreck and would LOVE a new one!!

  14. Magnesium is the lightest, full-powered upright in America, not to mention it’s just plain amazing. I just replaced the Oreck I inherited from my Aunt. with the first okay one I could grab at the local big box … it’s just not an Oreck … I’d love a new one!

  15. It has two levels..one for carpet and one for floor/tile! I wannnnnt it!

  16. I like that it comes with a handheld vacuum with a HEPA filter and a 20ft. cord. I would love a new vacuum! We have a similar problem with our dog and paper towels – it’s always a joy to come home to shredded bits of paper towels all over the floor and a guilty looking dog lying on the couch!

  17. The Oreck Magnesium has a wide cleaning path and a 30 ft. cord, making it easy to cover a lot of ground. With 30 ft of cord I might be able to vacuum an entire flight of stairs instead of stopping half way to unplug and then plug in at a different outlet. Thanks Oreck!

  18. It comes with the Ultimate Handheld Vac, a lightweight, handheld vacuum- yay, I love vacuums and even smaller vacuums! :)

  19. Wow, it pushes itself as it’s self-propelled. I need this vacuum cleaner!

  20. It lies completely flat! How wonderful would that be! To not have to use the attachment and get on my hands and knees would absolutely make housekeeping enjoyable! Thank you for this opportunity to enter.

  21. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types. I love the idea of this feature!

  22. I have an oreck and seriously need a second one so I’m not dragging it up and down the stairs. Also, I was just in the oreck store this week getting my annual tune up on my current one and I tested this one out with another customer and it does glide very smoothly, almost like a self propelling model!

  23. It has a 2 speed switch to change it from high power for rugs to low power for wood.

  24. Ooh, what a wonderful giveaway! I love that it uses a bag that seals itself. I hate the dirt cups- spend all that time vacuuming and then have the dirt fly up in your face when you try to empty the cup- bleck! This one includes a hand held vac, too- wow!

  25. I’m liking that it lays flat, that is really cool! And that it is so light weight, who knew? As far as kitty, she’ll grow out of it. You could get her soft paws…they’re little plastic tips that go over their claws that keep them from shredding things…they were a great alternative for us from declawing!

  26. Quickswitch! Just what I need for a house that alternate flooring type from room to room.

  27. I love that it comes with a handheld vacuum! Sounds like a great vacuum!

  28. Weighs less than 8lbs! Pretty sure our current vacuum weighs 20+. I also like that it works on hardwoods and carpet. Fingers crossed:-)

  29. It’s lightweight…my current vacuum is so heavy and hard to push around, my back could use a break. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. The Oreck Magnesium vacuum moves smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. I’m in need of an upgrade in a vacuum.

  31. It was named as the best new product of the year by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association!

    I need this vacuum….

  32. I think it’s pretty neat that you can lay it flat to clean under the furniture!! That definitely would make my job a lot easier! LOL

  33. I really like that this is the lightest vacuum in the Oreck line. The lay flat feature is a bonus!

  34. The quickswitch to change to different flooring in a snap! I would love to have this!

  35. It is the lightest full powered upright in America and I would love one!

  36. I love the diagram showing the Orecks direct suction. I’d love to win this with two kids and a two story the vacuum would get some use ;)

  37. “The large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet.”

    Somehow, it makes me feel good to know that I am not the only one who can’t keep toilet paper on the wall holders at my house! My 2 year-old is to blame in my case, and I can keep the roll on the back of the toilet. Hmmm… what if you made it taste bad somehow. Something that wouldn’t be harmful, just yucky.

  38. I learned that, holy cow, it actually is listed for $599 on that web site! Our vacuum is 15 years old and has pieces of broken plastic sticking out of the side. So here’s to hoping!

  39. It has two levels so I could use it on my wood floors and my rugs! Woo hoo!

  40. The vacuum is light because of the magnesium frame. Cats do chill out as they get older. Mine always take a loooong time! Good Luck!

  41. Oh Kate, this would be so timely ours “bit the dust” pardon the pun….love that it’s good on Orientals, also like the fact that the switch is on the back….

    Thanks for the chance…..

    Your Coco is so cute, I will have to ask my sister about the toilet paper….she has two cats…

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  42. Love the warranty and the fact that it goes flat to vacuum under furniture. I need something like this for my hardwood floors!

  43. Wow. I would love to win this-we just moved to a three story house and I need a lighter, more efficient vacuum! I’i e that it comes with a handheld unit too. BTW, you cat pictures were hilarious!!!

  44. You and I must have the same heavy vacuum. I love that the magnesium goes flat under furniture!

  45. I like that it comes with a handheld vac and a bunch of great attachments. Makes cleaning so much easier!

  46. We so desperately need a new vacuum cleaner but can’t afford. This would be so awesome. I live that it is bagless and folds flat…no more moving furniture.

  47. I like to see that it lays flat for easy cleaning under furniture. Those are always the toughest spots to get to :)

  48. This seems like an impressive vacuum. I love that it is so light at only 7.7 lbs. I am about to close on my first house (so excited!) and will have the joy of having three stories to vacuum instead of just one. It would be nice to have such a light vacuum instead of lugging around my current one.

  49. It lays flat to go under furniture!! Wahooo! I so want this :)

  50. We just moved and are in desperate need of a new vacuum! I am totally impressed that this vacuum also comes with a 20 foot power cord on the handheld vacuum part. Awesome!

  51. I love how its so high powered it feels like it propels itself!

    I linked this to Facebook

  52. I learned that it is the lightest Oreck upright ever! Oh I feel exactly the same way you do about lugging our vacuum all overt e house so I do not vacuum nearly as much as I should.

  53. Wow, with four kids and two dogs I could use this vacuum!!! So what I have learned:
    A-the lightest Oreck yet
    B-it can lay flat
    C-it can do carpet and wood floors

  54. I learned, “The direct suction and rollerbrush rotating at 7,000 revolutions per minute draw dirt right into the bag.” I hope that means that the cat litter that those furry footed felines of mine track around on the wood floors will be sucked up by the Oreck and not flung into my ankles like its cheesy counterpart – which I own. I so need to get a good handle on my floors and rugs. My fingers are crossed to win!

  55. It lays flat under furniture. That’s very cool and great for getting those pesky dust bunnies

  56. I think it’s fascinating about the magnesium frame! I have never heard of or seen that before – very cool.

  57. It lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. Sweet! please please please!

  58. Love Oreck products. My grandparents have one that’s over twenty years old. The magnesium vacuum seems great for hardwoods and carpet alike, plus five additional cleaning tools. Awesome!

  59. i’m all about the versatility. low pile, high pile – it seems like the oreck can be used for virtually any application!

  60. I love that it folds flat and that it’s light enough to carry up the stairs!

  61. Having a 20ft cord is perfect!!! I hate stopping to plug and unplug!!!

  62. I like the QuickSwitch for easily changing for different floor types. I get tired of bending over to do that now! LOL.


  63. It gets its name from its magnesium frame, plus it comes with a handheld vac! That’s awesome because I got so frustrated with my handheld that I trashed it!

  64. I have a troublesome dog. I like the hand held unit. because, the troublesome dog likes to make muddy tracks on my carpet covered stairs……

  65. Totally down with the Quickswitch so I can go from my rugs and carpets to the hard wood floors and tile. Fabulous!

  66. It’s even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs. Oh, I could so use a new vacuum.

  67. Ooo—it lays flat to go under furniture. I like! Our vacuum bit the dust (literally) this week. I have been using it as an excuse to not vacuum. This will not work out so well for me in the long run. Great giveaway!

  68. Hello – I found out it is lightweight because of a smaller motor (one reason) – which sounds good to me!

  69. I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned it, but this is the very reason I put our toilet paper on “backwards”, with the pull sheet on the backside of the roll, instead of the front!

    That little kitty is so darn cute!

  70. I love that it is lightweight and that it goes under furniture. I have had an Oreck and I loved it!

  71. It even comes with a handheld vac! This would be MUCH appreciated since our 6 year old vac is on it’s last limb.

  72. I learned that Magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel

  73. Hey and how do you manage to keep your upholstery sooo perfect with the kitty??
    I have a cat pretty similar to yours and she destroys toilet paper and any other kind of tissue/paper. Also, she ruined my sofa’s upholster (she has a rally going on over there in which she runs vertically aound the sofa using her claws to maintain herself… go figure) and my boxspring is totally damaged as well as she likes having her own “studio” inside of it (and wakeing me up at 3 am… not so funny).
    I do really wonder: How do you manage to keep yours out of all this, or is it just that mine that is too spoiled?
    I love her so much that I can’t help to forgive her every time :) (I know I sound like the crazy cat lady… haha).

    About the contest, I live in Argentina, so I guess this one doesn’t apply to me :( Nice to see what’s new though.

    Have a great weekend! LV

  74. 102 mph airflow…wow! I don’t know what the average is for a vacuum, but that sounds great! I love that it will lay flat, too, I hate vacuuming because I always have to move all the furniture around to make sure I get under stuff.

  75. It uses direct suction. Gotta love a sucky vacuum (cheesy, yes.. but I couldn’t resist). Speaking of animals tearing up stuff, my golden likes to tear up paper towels, napkins, and even pieces of paper. thank goodness she hasn’t discovered the toilet paper!! I love the look they give when you catch them in the act. Here is my dog, Reese trying to give the “i’m innocent” face. https://path.com/p/2PChlS

  76. First of all, LOL about the cat. With a face that cute, you can’t be mad!

    I so need a new vacuum. I have 2 cats!

    I really like the “direct suction”, that really makes sense. Also, I could use that Hepa Filter!

  77. Crazy that it has 102 mph of airflow! I don’t know what the typical vacuum airflow is but that sounds like a lot!

  78. This vacuum would be a dream come true! I have been meaning to start saving for an “expensive” vacuum, since all the cheapers ones only last me about a year, and with it being light weight as they claim, my kids could help me vacuum a lot more often.

  79. It’s SO common with kitties to attack toilet paper. Our orange cat is obsessed with it too. But rather than tear it to bits, he likes to drag it. So I’ll wake up in the morning to a completely unwound trail of paper around the house- all the way from the bathroom. It’s funny & so irritating all at once. But he always looks sorry :)

  80. i love that it goes flat. Having to move furniture means it doesn’t get vacuumed near often enough

  81. I love that it lays flat to clean under furniture. No more heavy moving to get a very clean house!

  82. I learned that its magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel, and it’s my birthday in 34 minutes! Maybe birthday magic will win me a new vacuum cleaner! Mine is falling apart and we’ve already had it fixed three times.

  83. The low weight is great to take it up and down stairs. Also the warranty with free tune ups is very appealing – with pets and pet hair issues it seems this will help in keeping it maintained.

  84. Like that it has a low setting for delicate rugs. And that kitty is so darn cute :)

  85. LOVE that it lays flat for getting under furniture!!

  86. I like the idea of the Saniseal system to lock the bag in place. My bagless system, which I desperately wanted to try, makes a horrid mess when I empty it. Never again!

  87. It has an inner hepa bag and 3 yearly tune ups, sounds amazing!!! I almost wish I did own a persian rug to give this vacuum a whirl. almost forgot, my dog loves to shred toilet paper too, what gives?

  88. ooooh. I need a new vacuum! My kitties don’t love TP, but I have children who do their fair share of mess-making!

  89. Love that it lays flat and has high and low settings for carpet and wood!

  90. Since I have wood, tile, and carpet in my home, I love the Quickswitch that allows easy transition to all the different floor types. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. I absolutely love that it lays flat to go under furniture. Right now I have to move my couch and chairs to clean under them! :p

  92. I like that it can go from wood floors to carpet – simple! and thanks.

  93. I like the fact that it is a lightweight vacuum and has a loe profile to fit under furniture. Just what this mom of teens (and their friends) needs!

  94. Shared the giveaway on facebook. I too have a beast of a vacuum cleaner, would love an upgrade!

  95. Didn’t know that the magnesium frame was stronger than steel! That’s impressive! I would love to win this as our replace-the-useless-vacuum budget is too small for this Oreck. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. Checked out the Oreck website, a (almost) self propelled vacuum cleaner?? Yes, please!

  97. Cats do not like the smell of orange try some orange essence or something similar to deter the pesky kitty.

  98. My kitty does different naughty things but I have heard of this feline TP fetish.
    Sure wish I had a vacuum that was the lightest, full-powered vacuum that lays flat to go under furniture and had power-level settings. My allergies would like the HEPA filter, too. “Sigh”

  99. Ha! I forgot to mention anything about the Magnesium! I like the fact that it is the lightest Oreck ever! I sure hope I win – our old vacuum is OLD and heavy!

  100. Never seem to win these things. But I so need a light weight magnesium framed sucker that does wood flooring as well as carpet!

  101. I really like the fact that it only weighs 7 lbs! As of 2 hrs ago, when my husband accidentally knocked our vacuum down a full flight of stairs, I NEED a new one!!

  102. I like the feature of the Quickswitch, which allows you to switch power levels between floor types: carpet vs. hardwood

  103. It has a cord clip so I won’t trip over the stupid thing all the time! I also love that it’s so lightweight – I have a bad back, so that would be awesome!

  104. Hmmm….the lightest full powered vacuum. The one I have is bulky and awkward. I’d love it!

  105. First….only YOU would color coordinate your cat with your living room! Nice job on that. I love the fact that it feels self-propelled cuz I need all the help I can get and my heavy, bulky, but sucks grreat Kenmore feels like a Volkswagon!

  106. It only weighs a little over 7 pounds. That would be nice since I have to vacuum up dog hair everyday and I hate lugging out the big heavy vacuum.

  107. 7.7 lbs is pretty light for a vacuum. It would definitely make the trips up and down the stairs a lot easier.

  108. The vacuum bags with HEPA filters are great! I have allergies and my own naughty kitty so that’s important.

  109. I could sure use a new vacuum. I’ve been using one of those heavy vacuums too and I would love to have one as lightweight as the Oreck!

  110. Your kitty is sooo cute! Mine have done the same thing! I love the idea of this light weight vacuum cleaner that weighs a little over seven pounds! Thanks for a chance to win this amazing vacuum cleaner!

  111. Love that the Magnesium includes a handheld too. I am in the market for a new vacuum as we sold our house with a whole house vacuum system and are moving to a new one soon.

  112. It lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. I have issues with my cat too, but its with plastic and paper bags. She loves to play in them, attack them, and rip them to pieces. Having the Oreck Magnesium, which “lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture” would make cleaning up after my cat easier.

  114. Just shared on facebook! I hope I win. I have an Oreck and I love it! I would love to try out the Magnesium.

  115. You had me at “Hepa Filter”! What a giveaway, what a vacuum!!! I am coveting this gorgeous machine and what’s even sadder is…..I need it desperately! I inherited my mother-in-law’s vacuum 12 years ago. Yes, it is on its last leg. I am Facebooking and Twittering.

  116. Ooh, a vac that weighs under 8 lb! Way better than my 50 pound behemoth that I inherited from my in-laws.

  117. i love that it is light weight and you can use it on all floor types! what a dream! thanks for the giveaway… i really hope i win!!! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  118. I love that it lays flat and is soo lightweight! I hope I can win it because I really need a new vacuum.

  119. and i dont even own a vaccuum yet! Oh the woes of communal living… but now that the BF and I are moving into our own place, a vaccuum would be the bestest housewarming gift eva!

  120. I like that it has the different settings – low for rugs and high for carpets. Also, for a small, lightweight vacuum it seems to have most, if not all of the features of the heavyweights.

    I don’t have a cat with a love for t-p, but I do have 3 little poodles who think toilet paper is the best treat ever. My quiet, easy going guy managed to unravel a whole roll of the stuff this afternoon. I wondered where he was and why he was being oh so quiet. Yep, the wonders of Charmin – Mr. Whipple would be proud.

  121. posted about your crazy awesome giveaway on fb!! thanks! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  122. I love that it’s lightweight…..I have upstairs too. I also have a lot of hardwood floors it would work GREAT on!

  123. i love that this vacuum is lightweight and lays flat! so much easier to maneuver!

  124. Love that it comes with a hand-held vac–this would come in handy. We are a busy, full household–including a dog and cat–and a lightweight, easy to use, adaptable vacuum would be welcomed! thanks for the wonderful give-a-way.

  125. I like that it DOES have a bag! I’m not very happy with my bagless – I hate trying to empty it!

  126. I love the direct suction path of the Magnesium! The other illustration is that of my old, archaic vacuum. I do hope I win as I also suffer from back pains.

  127. I personally love the snap-click feature for the cord! Those things can be a nightmare for proficient vacuuming. and the fact that it comes with a handheld with the 5 attachments is great for stairs and small cleanups! What a great win this will be for one lucky winner! Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. “weighs 7.7 pounds” That sounds like a dream! I haul my current clunky vacuum up and down to vacuum three stories in my home weekly, and it’s not fun!

  129. Love that it will lay flat! This would be great for cleaning under beds etc.

  130. I was going to mention the 7,000 RPMs on the roller but then I saw the 7 year warranty and 3 tuneups/yr included in the price. Seriously….this must be one heck of a vacuum for Oreck to back it like that!!! With a dog (who BTW, also loves to do that same thing with toilet paper) and 2 teens I have never had a vacuum last half that long. Even WITH yearly tuneups. The fact that it is lightweight is just icing on the cake for me. I just want a vacuum with SUCTION that lasts.

  131. Okay so the Magnesium is actually made with a magnesium frame. My cat does the same thing but with paper towels. All I can do is hide them from him in the cupboards because if left out anywhere he will get them and attack and tear them to bits!

  132. I am really happy the Oreck Magnesium vacuum has a bag, I detest emptying bagless vacuum cleaners and will Never buy another. I have a Miele and I bought it because it’s so quiet, I would be interested to see how this compares.

  133. I didn’t know that vacuums have such a indirect suction method. I real like that it has direct flow suction, less chance of it getting plugged up.

  134. The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. It’s even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs.

  135. Looks like with the 5 specialized cleaning attachments I won’t have any trouble cleaning up after the messes that my 3 wonderfully wacky cats leave for me!

  136. Holy cow….it’s less than 8lbs..perfect for my 3 story house.

  137. Love that this is only 7.7 lbs. I so need this for the messes my little ones leave around!

  138. The switch to go between speeds is called the “Quickswitch” – how fun!

  139. I think the settings for rugs and carpets would be fantastic! I would love to win the Oreck!
    Growing up we had a bulldog who loved a good roll of toilet paper. Sometimes we would leave a roll out on purpose! Have you tried a squirt bottle when you catch the cat shredding the roll?

  140. I love that it’s so lightweight & easy to move around!

  141. Lightweight is key! Dragging my current vacuum to my basement playroom or upstairs up the bedrooms is a workout on its own!!

  142. I am blown away by how lightweight this vacuum is. 7.5 lbs. But I’m fascinated by the fan that breaks up the bits sucked up. I’m a little concerned that it isn’t self propelled. Any problem with that?

  143. It has so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. What a great lightweight vacuum.
    Thanks for this great giveaway.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  144. The Magnesium also has handheld attachment I could use on stairs.

  145. I learned that it is the lightest vacuum around and has a hand held attachment which is great.

  146. I like that it lays flat to get under furniture and that the switch to change it from rugs to floors is on the back and easy to reach. I would love to win it, thanks for the chance!

  147. Awww, how could you get mad at a face like that? Boy, little mischevious Coco sure is cute! As for the vacuum, a 30 ft cord sounds great (i could reach my whole house!) and it’s lightweight to boot. Perfect!

  148. The capability of laying flat to get under pieces of furniture means no more dust bunnies! Yay!

  149. It’s the lightest vacuum cleaner they’ve made, and boy I could use something easy to maneuver around my kids and my dog.

  150. I love the 20 ft power cord. It would be helpful to plug in the vacuum and be able to clean an entire level without stopping!

  151. 7 year limited warranty and 3 yearly tune-ups! I’ve never heard of a free tune ups for vacuums, even better!

  152. I like that the Oreck Magnesium lays down nearly flat for cleaning under furniture. I also like that it uses bags for dirt collection. Unlike most of the world, I don’t like dust cup collectors!

  153. I’m all for a vacuum that makes cleaning easier=thank you ever so very much :-)

  154. It is gentle enough for oriental rugs. I would so love to win this, we just bought a 2-story house and the beast that I’m using for our apt. is too heavy to go up and down stairs.

  155. The lightest full powered upright in America…that sounds good to me. I’m tired of lugging my heavy vac all over!

  156. I can’t believe it only weighs 7.7 lbs! That would be perfect for someone with their house on the market and 39 weeks pregnant!

    What an exciting giveaway :-)

  157. My kitty did this too! Either had to hide the TP or close the bathroom door. It is addictive and oh so fun for them! I would love the Oreck for its ability to go flat under furniture!!!

  158. The two speed Quickswitch would be great to move between all my hardfloors and rugs!

  159. I love that it can lie almost totally flat to get under the furniture!

  160. Love that it is only 7lbs and can be carried up stairs! I have the same problem with our vacuum- it’s too heavy! Our downstairs gets vacuumed often, but not the upstairs.

  161. I love that it is only 7.7 pounds (not considering the cord.) Super light for carrying it wherever I need it.

  162. I just recently purchased a new vacuum and it took me weeks to decide because the one that I narrowed my selection down to was a Dyson and it was expensive. Let me tell you – I don’t regret it for even a second! This thing starts sucking the little pieces of dog hair 4 inches before you even get to them. LOL

    As far as cats go my cat Baby use to do that when she was little. If you forgot the bathroom door open and left for work ….oh boy. Be grateful she isn’t snooping in the bathroom trash . There comes a point when you really don’t want her shredding what’s in there….. word of warning.

  163. I love that the Oreck Magnesium lays flat to get under furniture (and, I’m guessing, under cabinet bases).

  164. It comes with a 7 year warranty as well as 3 yearly tune ups!? A company that trusts their product so much must have full confidence in their product. It helps me trust the product too.

  165. I like that it’s only 7.7 pounds and easy to maneuver under furniture.

  166. My 10 yr. old Oreck has always be reliable, but needs a younger companion. Aging (both humans and machines) seems to be a universal given. So my aging back would love a new younger Oreck.

  167. I love that it is so light and can be carried up and down stairs so easily.

  168. I love the fact that I can go from vacuuming my hardwood floors in the hallway right into the carpeted bedrooms simply by flipping the switch. The ability to lay flat is also a big plus!

  169. My current vacuum is elderly and doesn’t lie flat so that is the feature that I would like most!

  170. The Oreck weighs under 8 lbs.! The one I use weighs a ton. I’d love to have a lighter weight vacuum!
    I think someone else mentioned this, but you might want to have a spray bottle filled with water handy and when you catch your kitten with the toilet paper you can give him a spritz with it. That might make the little stinker think twice before doing it again. We once had a puppy who, while we weren’t home, destroyed a WHOLE huge package of toilet paper I’d set on the steps to be carried upstairs. Our entire living rom was covered in TP!

  171. I love how lightweight it is! Lugging heavy vacuums up and down stairs is never fun.

  172. It has a two speed quick-switch for different types of floors–sounds very handy.

  173. LOVE that it has a bag! I’ve had two without a bag and I can’t stand cleaning the canisters out!

  174. The Oreck Magnesium is the lightest, full-powered upright in America.

  175. The Direct Suction design looks pretty interesting. It makes sense to me and I’m wondering if it’ll be the new “trend” in vacuum design.

  176. Love the Oreck vacuums. Had one for years and gave it to my parents who needed a lightweight and powerful vacuum. Cool design on the Magnesium that incorporates all of Oreck’s great features: cleanability, reachability under furniture, durability, reliability and because it’s lightweight yet powerful-kidability!

  177. Easy maneuverability and the ability to lay almost compleatly flat to go under beds and couches would make me attack the dust bunnies more often!

  178. Definitely like that the handheld portion has the HEPA filter which is important around these parts (asthma house!).

  179. I learned that there is a hand held companion that I would love for upholstery. How does it do with pet hair on your wood floors? This is a constant issue in my home.

  180. Looks like Oreck has done it again!

    My mom just bought a Magnesium because she liked the idea of different speeds for different flooring and, of course, I had to try it out.
    I really was surprised at the power! The Magnesium really did feel like it was self-propelled.
    It did a great job on carpet and hardwood flooring and it is so very lightweight!

  181. Adorable kitty with a less than adorable playful little habit!

    The light weight of the Oreck would be a selling point, along with the feature of the motor lower in the vacumn to provide greater suction. Having three floors around here to vacumn, I would love to win the Oreck!

  182. I love the idea that it it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.

  183. HEPA filter — my allergies thank you! Having an Oreck would be a dream come true.

  184. As a senior citizen, I love the idea of a lightweight easy to maneuver vacuum! this would improve the quality of my life SO much.

    Good luck with that frisky kitty!

  185. Lays virtually flat to go under beds and furniture! There’s nothing worse than vacuuming everything clean, only to have dust bunnies from under the bed roll out as soon as you’re done :o)

  186. Visited site and now know all there is to know about the Oreck Advantage: Direct Suction.

    Coco, caught, is too cute! I’ve heard that sealing pebbles in a can and rolling it toward “cat caught” will discourage behavior. Idea is to have them associate “scary can” with bad behavior–also, that you don’t want cat to associate punishment with you. Odd thing: One of our cats finds smell of Rosemary aversive. If I put sprigs of Rosemary on a chair, she will not go near it!

  187. I like the lay flat feature and HEPA filter on a lightweight machine that is easy to maneuver – Yes, please!

  188. So many things I loooove about this vacuum. It lays flat to get under things, has A handheld companion. I too have mischievous cats and they sure do make alot of messes.

  189. I’m due for a new vacuum, I really like that it lies flat to get under ther the furniture. Thanks!

  190. I’ve been wanting to try one of these. I love the idea of the HEPA filter and a lightweight vacuum sounds like a dream!

  191. The thing that sticks out for me is that it is the lightest Oreck upright ever– and we just finished off a suite in our basement, so I’ve been looking for a vacuum that would be easy to carry up and down the stairs! Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. I love that it lays flat! I am far too lazy to move furniture! And as much as I like to pretend I’m strong and independent, I’m actually a weakling, so lightweight means I wouldn’t have to huff and puff after getting the vacuum up the stairs.

  193. Your pics are hilarious! Would love to win that vaccum.learned on website about 7.7 lb wesounds icu is great but also found cost is $599 (not $499). If I win would give fb on whether it’s worth it’s weight( in gold that’s 1/3 of an oz ; )

  194. It includes a separate hand held vacuum for those cheerios under the kitchen table!

  195. I love the light weight maneuverability and lay-flat feature to get under the couch.

  196. Magnesium is the lightest, full-powered upright in America — very excited that it’s only 7.7 lbs and has a 30ft cord and 2 speeds.

  197. Linked to Facebook ( typos in previous comment 7.7 lbs sounds great and fb in previous comment meant feedback)

  198. HEPA FILTER!!! I have two cats and two of my best friends have terrible cat allergies – maybe if I had a Magnesium they could come over.

  199. The Magnesium will work on all floor types…including hardwoods and tile. I have laminates and tile so it will work! And the going flat to get under furniture? Brilliant.

    We don’t even OWN a vacuum. Our’s broke right before we moved (it was our 2nd $50 cheapie) and I figured, I can sweep. But my God, I am tired of sweeping all the blasted time with these 3 boys and now a puppy! What was I thinking?!?

  200. I like the fact that the Magnesium takes the dirt in a direct path to a Hepa filter…..less chance of particles getting back into the air. Really a plus that you can use it on hard surfaces.

  201. I like that this Oreck comes with a handheld vacuum. And yes, I think this is normal for cats. Mine liked to play with toilet paper as a kitten too!

  202. The Mag has great versatility, is light weight and easy to use. What a combination!

  203. I love the handheld one too. One would live upstairs and one downstairs.

  204. Love the direct path suction so you know it’s working hard and getting all the hidden dirt! Also, LOVE that it lays flat. It would be a HAPPY day if I won this gem!!

  205. The Oreck Magnesium is “even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs.” This is big news, because I think my current vacuum sucked up an entire rug several fibers at a time.

  206. The “Quickswitch” on the handle would make going from our carpeted to hardwood floors a snap!

  207. The cord is 30 ft long – which is nice so you don’t have to keep moving the plug. Maybe it is time for a fun new cat toy as a new distraction from the toilet paper or a cardboard box. Mine loves to climb into a box and shred his way out. Cats are funny creatures!

  208. The long cord, ligtweight and the ability to vac under furniture! Yay, this looks really fun! Thanks for the chance!

  209. I miss my cats. We have had to say goodbye to both of our 18 year old Siamese over the last year.
    They can get into mischief, but the curiosity is part of what makes them so wonderful.

  210. I love how light it is- and it’s not bagless! That’s a lot better on those with allergies

  211. I learned that it really is lightweight…only 7.7 pounds! That’s like newborn babe light! If I had this vacuum I think the upstairs hallway would get vacuumed much more often.

  212. 7,000 RPM is great, esp. if it truly feels self propelled. With acres of carpet, I need it.

  213. Love the lightweight and direct suction. Looks like it did a good job for your tp mess!

  214. I love the idea of easily carrying it up and down the stairs….I have 3 floors because of the basement! Also I really need the higher setting on the new shag like carpet in our home! LOVE the way it looks too!

  215. It’s two speed Quickswitch makes it easy to clean all floor types. This would be awesome because my house has tile, hardwoods, area rugs, and wall to wall carpeting.

  216. The Magnesium is lighter than my current Oreck vacuum, has different power levels for carpet or hardwood flooring. It also comes with a handheld vacuum! Bonus!

  217. I love the fact that is light and that it has a handheld vacuum too.The cat is so cute :)

  218. Great giveaway – thanks! I love that it is built to work on both carpet and tile/hardwood – no more needing two separate tools for the same job! It was also pretty cool to learn how easy and quick bag changes are.

  219. I love the fact that…it almost lays flat for cleaning under furniture, the hepa filter and NO bags!!!

  220. The two speed quickswitch is great to transition from carpet to tile! Cute story.

  221. centsationalgirl.com/2012/06/a-trou…

    Here is a link to my tweet. Thanks!

  222. It can lay almost flat to the ground in order to fit under those hard to reach spaces…beds, couches, chairs, etc. Love Oreck. My mom has one, but I’ve never been able to shell out the cash for one.

    P.S. the toilet paper obsession is a common one among cats. They usually outgrow it, but it’s best to keep it out of reach until then. If your cat likes to shred things, perhaps get her a corrugated cardboard scratcher like this: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11147462&SR=sr3_8794596_go&lmdn=Furniture+%26amp%3B+Scratchers&gclid=CLKuvMOfwbACFSWFQAodsEgOpA

    It stills does make some mess, but it’s more contained, and you can put it where it’s easier to clean up.

  223. I learned that it Weighs about 7.7 pounds* (approximate weight without cord). I would LOVE to win this!! Thanks for sharing.

  224. Improved Saniseal bag disposal system – I’m ready to go back to a bag I think…… With all the pet dander and dust the hepa filter is a must as well.

    Hide the rolls ……. And offer her other toys…… She’ll move on to new adventures. Good Coco!

  225. It has a Hepa disposable inner bag that looks simple to replace and will be beneficial to those with allergies.

  226. I love that’s it’s so light-weight – so I can carry it upstairs with no problem AND that it “lays virtually flat”. I need this!!!!

  227. I really need this vacuum! The Quickswitch to change between floor types sounds like a very useful feature.

  228. Love me an Oreck! Lightweight and the cool “dirty air” system…yes please!

  229. I love that it weights under 8 lbs and the lightest Oreck they’ve made! We’re moving the end of the month so this would come in so handy!

  230. Since it is lightweight and self propelled on most surfaces…all my children can vaccum…

  231. I shared the fact that Oreck Magnesium is LIGHTWEIGHT on Facebook. I love that Oreck states it also has maneuverability in small spaces since I live in a teeny tiny apartment. :) Would LOVE to win this awesome free gift!!

  232. I love so many things about this vacuum! It’s hard to say just one! As the owner of a residential cleaning franchise, I have a pretty good idea of what makes a great vac, and this one hits all the checks…hepa filter, lightweight, long cord, lies flat…I would love to try one out, but the main reason I’m commenting is to let you know this is the CUTEST post I’ve read by far!

    I love animals and the face on your cutie pie is memorable!! Why is it when they do stuff like that we not only can’t get angry, but it makes us laugh whether we admit it or not?

    As for a solution, she will probably grow out of it, but it seems the obvious solution would be to store your toilet paper in such a way so she can’t get to it. I’m not sure which (if any) of the following will solve your problem, but here is how we store ours:.

    In our house in NY, we store our toilet paper two ways. In the master bath, we put most of it in a linen closet that is in the bathroom. The ’emergency’ extra is on the toilet top under a pretty tissue holder. Pretty good idea, right?! In the other baths, we have one of the toilet holders that you put on the inside door of your vanity. We have had this for years and I love it.

    The other thing you may want to consider, as others have mentioned, is using some kind of spray or natural repellent so she no longer WANTS to play with it.

    Having said that, if it was me, the photo ops alone would be worth the inconvenience. :). Thanks for starting my day with a smile!


  233. Our cats could be TWINS!!! Our’s is named Avocado, by my then 4 yr. old son. :)
    We had the same issue with the toilet paper. We would use a little squirt bottle of water to give him a scare if we caught him in the act. After a couple times he quit messing with the paper….it got to the point if he was doing anything we disproved of all we had to do was make the sound of the squirt bottle with our mouth and he would stop! Yes, sometimes I accidently make this sound at my kids then I come to my senses!!!

  234. Ooops, I forgot to add to my post that in our weekend home we store the paper in the vanity and the extras in a floor paper holder that holds about four extra. I think it would be hard for a kitten to get to them.

  235. I think it’s interesting that it’s light enough to be strapped on the shoulder to carry up stairs. No solutions to the cat toilet paper problem other than to keep extras under the sink. Ours doesn’t rip up the toilet paper quite so much as yours, but just carries it around and leaves some bite marks. Maybe when she gets older, she will be less playful!

  236. I like that it lays almost flat so that it can go under furniture! And the HEPA filter, and that it weighs less than 8 pounds!

  237. This Oreck only weighs 7.7 pounds! My current vacuum is almost 3 times that, which must be the reason my shoulder and neck hurt after I use it. I must win this Oreck Magnesium so I can dumb this pain in the neck!

  238. I love that this vacuum lays virtually flat to clean under furniture – no more dust bunnies under the bed:)

  239. Lightweight sounds great for up and down stairs! Thanks for the chance to win.

  240. I like the fact that it has 30 ft of cord; I hate having to continually find a new plug to finish up because the cord is too short! We’re returning to the States in 3 weeks and we need a new vacuum- this would be fantastic to win!

  241. A light weight vacuum that will pick up really well, lays flat! And is easy to maneuver I thick carpet? Sounds like something to start saving for! Thanks Kate, for letting us in your house.

  242. Love that it’s sooooo light and goes under everything without a problem!!!!!!

  243. 7.7 lbs…the weight would be fantastic btw what a fantastic give-away!!!!

  244. I love that the low setting is perfect for hardwood floors and for Persian rugs. We’re moving out of our home with an all-house vacuum, and I’d love to use the Magnesium in our new home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. I am so excited about how light the vacuum cleaner is. 7.7 lbs!!! Love this giveaway!

  246. I like the idea of a 2speed quickswitch for all floor types on the oreck magnesium vacuum.

  247. Hi Kate! This is so off the subject, but where did you get the lumbar pillow on your couch? I must have it for our living room! Thank you!!!

  248. I have a hard time believing that it actually lays flat to clean under furniture. Underneath our couch is disgusting….we could use this feature. I like that it feels like it is self propelled too! If my kids can really use it….even better!!!

  249. I have painful spinal problems so the light weight is the most important feature to me. I’ve used an Oreck in the past and it was a great machine.

  250. I love that it is lightweight, only 7.7 lbs! This would be great for my floors instead of sweeping! Love this give-away.

  251. I like that it will get under the furniture – and it is lightweight. I would love this vacuum!!

  252. I love how it’s light weight, lays flat, and comes with a hand held! My parents have had an Oreck for years and convinced both my brother and sister to buy one. I’m the last hold out, and sure would love to win this!

  253. I think even I could lift this vacuum between floors since it is 7.7 lbs. Awesome! We’re moving into a new home that has a mix of wood and carpet and this vacuum would work perfectly! Thanks for sharing this information and for offering this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  254. I love the simplicity of air flow inside the machine–less chance of things getting stuck! Mine just broke, so this would be fabulous!

  255. Only one thing…..?? could name several. the price was $599.99…..:-( even more than you quoted. Thanks for offering this giveaway .. you might have saved this ole woman’s back!

  256. I would give almost anything for a vacuum with such a low profile! I love that it lays flat to go under furniture.

  257. I like how light-weight this vacuum is…our current vacuum is a beast!

  258. My Mom could really use this! They have a fully-carpeted house, and a dog…so…lots of hair! She’s never had a good quality vacuum, and with the powerful cleaning this vacuum offers, this would be great for her!

  259. I love how lightweight it is. We have an old hand me down from my in-laws and sometimes it barely does the job.

  260. It is the lightest, full powered upright in America according to the Oreck website! I would absolutely loooooove a new vacuum that my kids could also use. The one we currently have is so heavy and difficult to maneuver.

  261. I like that the Magnesium vacuum has a 30 ft. cord. I hate having to move the cord every few minutes — a longer cord means I can hit more of the house without having to unplug the cord and move it so often.

  262. Love that it lays virtually flat to get under furniture…especially when you have hardwood floors and dust hides there!

  263. The fact that the Magnesium lies virtually flat would be a feature that would make my cleaning chores that much easier. Being able to clean under furniture without moving is another perk for my aging back.
    Thank you and Oreck for such a great giveaway.

    Your little kitty is so stinking cute….buy her some cheap toilet paper and enjoy her naughtiness – I’m NO help at all, am I?

  264. I love that it lays flat to get under furniture. I great how it can change between floor types as well.

  265. i like that the bag helps the dirt to get where it’s going faster. we have a bag less right now, and i looked at the arrow system the dirt has to follow in that. no wonder a whole lot of dust is blowing around my vacuum. i sincerely hope i win, as i’ve been asking my husband to get me a new vacuum for a while now.

  266. A lightweight vacuum that can lie flat, with a HEPA inner filter??!! With two cats, that would be perfect – I’m sold!!!

    Coco is so cute! I’ve heard that cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so maybe it would help to keep some citrus air freshener or potpourri near the toilet paper. Hopefully, she’ll grow out of it!

    Thanks for the chance at this cool giveaway!

  267. The “under 8 pounds” is a very big deal to me, and the fact that it lies almost flat to get under things is icing on the cake. I’d love to win this, because I’ve been looking for a new vacuum and need one badly! chiros1956 at yahoo dot come

  268. I love that the lightweight vac still has a HEPA filter (which is important in my house of allergy sufferers and is also the recommended way to clean dust in older houses with potential lead paint risks)!

  269. I love that it can be used on different floor types and that it’s only 7.7 pounds! Thanks for the giveaway.

  270. HEPA filter – great for our family of allergy prone people. Also like that it comes with a hand held mini vac, great for upholstery is my guess. Hoping to win, feels like our vacuum is falling apart.

  271. Shared give away to friends via email (I don’t have Facebook or Twitter). Who wouldn’t want a new vaccuum?!

  272. The vacuum comes with a 7 year warranty and 3 yearly tune-ups. Looks like a nice machine. I do enjoy your blog.

  273. Includes the Ultimate Handheld Vac! Yippie!! I have a very old Oreck that I have always loved but has definitely seen better days and now I am totally drooling over yours!

  274. Love this vacuum! I love how lightweight it is and need that desperately because I had a spinal fusion that left me with chronic pain and need it to be very easy to lift. My floors are always a mess and I need something that can get everywhere easily! Thanks for the chance!

  275. magnesium is the most light weight vaccum in America. That sounds like a dream with two flights of stairs in my house.

  276. Does the little handheld vac come with it?! I’m so sick of my broom, I swear I sweep up four sheep a day when my dog starts shedding!!

  277. Includes a handheld vac AND sports a HEPA filter. I WANT TO WIN!!! : )

  278. The Magnesium has 102mph air flow. This vacuum sounds wonderful — mine is like driving a truck! Would love a lightweight one. And I love the Coco photos! Naughty girl!

  279. Lightweight is the key. Lugging my heavy canister vac up and downstairs is the worst part of vacuuming so as a result the upstairs doesn’t get done as often as it should.

    Oh, and it’s not just cats who play with TP, my yellow lab goes for a roll every time we have a new visitor to the house. I think it’s her attempt to get them to play with her if she shows how “cute” she is by ripping the TP to shreds.

  280. I learned that the large rear wheels have cylindrical wheel bearings. I love me some cylindrical wheel bearings!

  281. With my bad back and a second story, the lightweight concept is great. Like the HEPA filtration and the long cord also.

  282. It lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. (It would be great to win because our current vacuum is on the fritz.)

  283. I love the Magnesium because of its two-speed functions for both floors and carpet. You’re so lucky to have one!

  284. Love that it goes through high-pile carpet easily because of its high performance rear wheels. Who even knew a vacuum could have high performance wheels?

  285. I know it has a HEPA filter and that is a must for me with so many allergies!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!! i honestly need this!!!

  286. Love that it is so lightweight. Great for carrying it upstairs!!

  287. I like that it has the QuickSwitch so you can easily move from room to room!

  288. I like that it is lightweight and works well on hardwood floors and tile. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  289. Two speed and self-propelled! How nice! I am totally in need of a new vacuum for multi-surfaces! And the HEPA filter is a must!!

  290. My mom used to keep a vacuum upstairs and a vacuum downstairs to avoid the lugging a vacuum problem. It worked out pretty well. Plus, two people could vacuum the house at once!

    Oh, yes, something about the vacuum: I like that there’s a switch for lower floors. Our vacuum “auto adjusts,” so it doesn’t do so hot with hardwood because the fan keeps blowing. And, omg, I like the portable handheld vacuum! Super cute and way useful.

  291. I would love a vacuum that “lays virtually flat” so I can get it clean under my sofa!

  292. The hands down thing I like about this is the 7 year warranty and 3 yearly tune-up! If I am gonna spend that much money, I want to know it will LAST! And with this in place, I’d be more inclined to buy it!

  293. Bye Bye Bad Back!!
    It’s soooo lightweight that you can carry it on one finger.
    As a person who had two back fractures this is a god send.
    Do you know how difficult it is to vacuum after back fractures???
    Could certainly do with this excellent vacuum cleaner.

  294. I love that the cord is 20 feet long. My electrician didn’t put an outlet in my stairs – so I always have to use an extension chord to vacuum my stairs. What a pain!!

  295. What a great giveaway! The lightest vacuum in America sounds perfect for my 3 level home!

  296. It’s lightweight and works on hardwood floors which I could really use with my shedding golden retriever puppy :)

  297. I didn’t know that Oreck now had a vacuum with a HEPA filter. I usually buy Miele Vacuums for the Hepa feature. I like the warranties. My Mieles usually last seven years or so, but it helps to have a free 3 year tune-up. A good vacuum is invaluable. It makes the work easier. Ann

  298. I love that this vacuum works on all floor types and is lightweight. I currently own an Oreck and am ready for an upgrade. Please enter me!

  299. Oh, would love the lightweight feature…my Dyson just bit the dust after two years ;( and its time to think replacement, how easy this would be!! :)

  300. The Oreck Magnesium Vacuum is safe for all types of floors. The on/off button has two levels which the high is for carpet and the low is for hardwood and tile floor. So hoping for this vaccuum, I have and German Shepherd, a poodle and a 3 year old, I desperately need a strong vaccuum!

  301. I have the same problem you do! My husband bought us a Royal brand vacuum that looks like it is from the 1950s and it weighs about 500 pounds. It also kills my back after I vacuum a room or two. No problem for him (he is strong) but for me, it does a number on my back.

    I would really love to win this Oreck! It is GENTLE ENOUGH FOR FINE ORIENTAL AND PERSIAN RUGS. I need a new vacuum and we cannot spend $500 on a new one.

    Please pick me! =)

    Amy W in Colorado

  302. This was hilarious. Thanks for the tip! I have dogs that like to tear through my trash cans, so I can relate:)

  303. so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled! That feature definitely makes it more kid friendly – I wonder if my teenagers would agree…

  304. The Oreck Magnesium is the lightest full powered upright vacuum cleaner! That is what I need along with a flat head for under furniture. THANKS, Mary Beth

  305. Wow, what a great giveaway. I’d love to win an Oreck Vacuum. The two speed Quickswitch feature would be great for me as I have area rugs and hardwood throughout my home. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  306. Maneuverability–as you get older, that’s important! Really would love to win this. Sorry, but I don’t have any suggestions on the cat/tp problem except to keep the bathroom doors shut. :)

    [email protected]

  307. love that it’s lightweight and also digging the 7 year warranty on the magnesium…. awesome since I’ve yet to have a vacuum cleaner make it past year 2!

  308. 102 mph of airflow delivers powerful cleaning <— would be awesome for my shag carpet… I have the same problem as you, my two kittens Chet and Freckles enjoy tearing up my toilet paper all the time! These two cats will be like this forever as a characteristic of their breed, manx cats are known for a playful nature their entire lives. Oh man this vacuum would save lives in this sense!

  309. I like the direct suction feature. I had no idea that other vacuums’ suction system follows such circuitous routes. These seems like a great vacuum, but I’d definitely have to save my pennies for a long time to be able to afford one!

  310. The two-speed Quickswitch would be very handy for my downstairs, with a mixture of carpet and hardwoods.

  311. I like the 30′ cord length and the fact it lays virtually flat for getting under all the furniture!

  312. Boy could I use that Magnesium vaccum! Looks so great and lightweight. And Oreck is always a winner of a brand. I hate to be the voice of bad news, but once a toilet paper shredder, always a toilet paper shredder. I have one cat already that loves to do that. We either have to keep the bathroom doors shut at all times or put the toilet paper in a cabinet and get it out each time we need to use it. We just got a kitten that looks very much like yours and she is already showing signs of being a shredder too. Great! So, I could really, really use the vaccum. Many thanks to you and Oreck for such a great prize and chance to win!

  313. I love that it lays flat to get under beds-I could chase down those elusive dust bunnies on my hardwood floors and get after all the hair from my rescue lab!! My vacuum is about 30 years old-I could use something that does not throw the dust back in the air!!!

  314. Light weight vacuum is what I need in a 3 story house. Awesome!

  315. I love the long cords on the Oreck’s, the fact that it goes flat & can fit under my sofa & it’s so light.
    Thank CG!!!

  316. i like that it includes a handheld vac. good for stairs! i have bad luck with vaccuums and on their website they have it priced at $599.99!!!! YIKES!!!! i have a hard time shelling out that kind of $$$$ for a vaccuum. so hopefully i will be lucky :o)

  317. I love how it is self-propelled, light, and works on carpet, area rug, and hardwoods!

  318. Hmmm…. The /centsational girl link says the price is $599— Yikes. I have two naughty cats, so I look first for hepa filters. Coco is a cutie…

  319. I really like that its so lightweight (just over 7 lbs) and wouldn’t aggravate my back so much (my Dyson weighs a ton!). Since it handles multiple flooring option with the Quickswitch it would be handy, I have wall to wall, rugs & hardwood to contend with. Thank you for entering me – fingers crossed!

  320. 102mph of airflow?! Does it come with a checkered flag, too? :) Happy weekend!

  321. 7 year warranty and goes under furniture easily?!? I need this vacuum in my life!

  322. Wow! Would love to win this vacuum. Lightweight, versatile, long power cord, great airflow (102mph), awesome warranty…. what more can I say. Love it. Wanted an Oreck for years maybe today is my lucky day!

  323. I think the quick switch speed to move over different floor types. That would be perfect for us with both hardwood and carpet. Plus I love that it’s lightweight!

    Our vacuum is on its death bed so this is perfect timing!

  324. I love that it adjusts to carpets and flooring, and has a long warranty of 7 years! My favorite feature is the “lightweightedness”. My old back just can’t stand the punishment that my current vacuum gives me! I would love to win this! Or be able to buy it!

  325. I think the 7 year warranty is important, especially because it’s a pricey investment.

  326. lightweight, 7 year warranty & hepa filter, what more could a girl ask for! I have to say, the price is a little steep though (yikes)!

  327. Looks great…I learned it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture…goodbye dust bunnies!

  328. Our one year old vacuum just unexpectedly died this week (won’t turn on!) so with two dogs I’ve been vacuum shopping! This vacuum looks awesome! I love the cylindrical wheel bearings for greater maneuverability! Would love to have this vacuum!

  329. this sounds like a great vacumn. Just over 7 lbs., a 30 ft. long cord and it can be set to be virtually flat which would be great for under the furniture. I currently use a cannister vac for under the beds and under the night tables, etc…….which means using two vacs when I clean and then have to put away two vacs! At first I was disappointed that it has a disposable dirt/dust container but then I realized if you have a plastic dirt/dust container you will not get a flat vac. It is Saturday and I will be vacumning with the old Hoover upright and cannister……..

  330. “large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability” haha – is it a car? my old vacuum must have the low-performance rear wheels b/c it has not withstood the test of time (and 3 kids and 2 dogs)

  331. What a wonderful giveaway! I love that it’s so lightweight. I can’t believe something so powerful weighs under 8 lbs.

  332. I would love to win this Orek Magnesium vac because Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power levels: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile. AND it folds down flat to get under furniture. No more dog hair. YEA!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  333. It has a HEPA inner bag filter. Sounds like a great cleaning tool to have.

  334. Oreck, you had me at at “light” and “full-powered.” I would love to have this vacuum. The cheaper brands just can’t do what an Oreck can do.

  335. It lays nearly flat for storage! What an amazing element to have in a small home with limited storage. The 7 year warranty isn’t too shabby either!

  336. Lays almost flat to go under furniture. Love, love that. It’s so hard to get under furniture sometimes and I rarely have someone around to help me with shifting/moving.

  337. Having both hardwood and rugs in my house I love the idea of the quick switch that allows the vacuum to go between effortlessly.

  338. It’s good for Persian rugs AND comes with an Ultimate Handheld Vac!! Holy Moly – I NEED this thing! Lightweight, easy to change to high and low piles!

    I don’t have that kind of dough for a vacuum, but would be eternally grateful if I won it! Thank you Oreck for providing and you for “advertising” about it!

    I’m sorry but you’re on you own with the Kat Problem. Hide the rolls and have a Katnip toy? Kinda like a kid, take away the bad choice and replace w/ good choice. Or he will just have to grow out of it….

  339. direct suction path, makes sense it would suck better.

    Alas, not help for the kitty. My mother’s cat LOVES the foamy ear plugs on the string. You might try those.

  340. The Quickswitch on the back adjusts power levels–perfect for our hardwood floors with Persian rugs upstairs and our low-pile carpet in the basement. I would LOVE to have a lighter vacuum that works well so I can stop lugging our own heavy beast up and down the stairs!

  341. Wow! The Oreck Magnesium includes the Ultimate Handheld Vac. Will do wonders for our office space.

  342. 30 foot cord! Yes! I don’t enjoy having to unplug and replug several times during vacuuming — it adds up when you vacuum daily due to pet hair all over.

  343. I learned that it has a switch on the back of the vacuum: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.

  344. I learned about the HEPA filter- great with a gal with allergies, like myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. This sounds ideal for cocker spaniels dustbunnies that get in those hard to reach places under the couch. I like that is is lightweight and looks like it almost folds flat to reach under the couch.

  346. Have been using Oreck Vacuum’s for over 10 years and have upgraded twice in that time span. The work wonderful even if there are four pets in the house! The new model is much different then the traditional style. The new style, wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability and make it easy to get into tight spaces!

  347. Lightweight AND powerful. Too cool. So slap me for thinking the name – Magnesium – reminds me of another product that takes the hurt out: Milk of Magn…. well, you get the picture!

  348. HEPA filter… I was sold there! I too own a great vacuum (a Dyson) but it also weighs a TON! And the head of the Dyson is so awkward that I can not use it on my carpeted stairs. Grrrrrr…… This looks like a great option!

  349. The manuverability in this house would be such a treat. The lightweight would be perfect for more “mature” users and the hepa filter for a household like mine with fur babies.would be awesome. I’ve always wanted an Oreck, maybe dreams do come true

  350. The flat profile is one of my favorite features–I miss that so much in my current vacuum.
    The superlight weight is also great. Thanks for running this giveaway.

  351. I love that it’s the lightest, full-powered upright in America! Woot for great vacuums. Pick Me!

  352. I learned that this lightest (yay!) vaccum has direct suction while bagless vacuums do not (who knew?) and that Saniseal keeps the HEPA-filtered contents sealed inside for easy bag changes! Wow–Go Oreck Magnesium!

  353. Maneuverability, light-weight, super long cord and hepa filter…what more could one want. I’ve fallen down my stairs twice trying to vacuum them and destroyed my favorite vintage floating vacuum cleaner (Hoover’s Constellation 444, dubbed ” The Hoovercraft”). so this would be great! Hope I win! Teresa

  354. It has cylindrical wheels to help its turning on carpet, and it comes with a handheld vac! Sounds amazing and I need a new vacumm as ours just broke!!

  355. I love that it’s low profile, it would fit perfectly under my kitchen cabinets!

  356. I would love to not have to switch out heads or vacuums from the wood floors to the rugs!

  357. 30′ cord! I could do my entire condo without unplugging and replugging it!

    My cat outgrew the toilet paper attack mode. However it took a couple years! We just learned to keep a roll on the back of the lid. We did occasionally give her a roll to play with as it was fun to watch her attack and shred it to pieces. She’s 17 now and spends a great deal of the time napping and sitting on our laps. I miss the playful kitten. She still will occasionally run through the house and attack the dog’s tail. Makes us smile!

  358. Lightweight – up and down stairs in one hand. Would this ever solve my cat fur on the stairs problem – and a lot of other places too. You don’t know dust bunnies until you have two cats doing spring shedding. This vacuum sounds perfect for a senior woman who still likes a clean house and has trouble maneuvering the heavyweight vacuum she currently has. Hepa a way plus.

    As to kittens. They do outgrow the TP phase. Hide the loose rolls for the time being and put the TP on the roller with the paper rolling off the back or sweetie pie will discover another household beastie to kill, kill, kill.

    I once came home to a very dead sheepskin duster. Try vacuuming that up.

  359. I love the HEPA filter feature! And the long cord is amazing! Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I desperetly need a new vacuum.

  360. I learned it’s the lightest upright in the US. I also love that it has a super long cord. Don’t want to have to keep plugging and unplugging. Great giveaway.

  361. I have owned and “enjoyed” an Oreck Electric Broom for many years. An Oreck Magnesium Vacuum would be a very welcome addition to my home.

  362. I LOVE that it lays flat! Not having to move all of my furniture to clean underneath would be fantastic!!

  363. It is the lightest Oreck upright ever! From all that I read, it sounds like a great vacuum cleaner, and I desperately need a new!

  364. You had me at the lightest, full-powered upright in America!
    Re your kitten / t.p. problem: Would it help to step on a roll before you put it on the holder? The flattened cardboard will not roll as easily, thus cutting way down on the fun! Also, don’t let the end of the paper hang temptingly down. P.S. This should also work for any small children in the house. :)

  365. I really like that the vacuum has a hardwood setting and can also be used on oriental rugs… of course lightweight is awesome, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  366. I love the fact that it is light-weight! I could so, so use this!, thanks for the chance to win! Pick me

  367. This vacuum lays virtually flat! It also has large rear wheels. Hope to win! Would love it!

  368. The HEPA filter is certainly a plus and because it is lightweight it is very appealing. Thanks for a great giveaway. Happy week-end.

  369. Besides the ability to lay flat to get under furniture, I like that the large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability… a definite plus in our cramped little condo.

  370. I love that it is light weight, lays flat and has a 2 speed quickswitch on the back :)

  371. I visited the Oreck website and see that the Magnesium uses Saniseal bags. I used to have Oreck vacuums. Always loved that they were lightweight. Thanks for the chance to win.

  372. I learned that it has a Quickswitch in the back to easily change speeds for floor type – this is important in my house. We have wood and area rugs – I definitely need a versatile vacuum for our home and have been looking at this particular model. Glad to hear a good review!

  373. HEPA bag included! This looks great for our family…we also have a furball kitty that loves toilet paper!

  374. I love that the Magnesium lays virtually flat to go under furniture. That would certainly help to keep from damaging furniture!

    About the kitty and the toilet paper, I have two kitties Lily & Violet that used to do the same thing when little to a much lesser degree than Coco. They eventually grew out of that bad habit. Now, if I could just keep them off the kitchen counter!

  375. I visited the website and learned that Magnesium is lightweight and gentle enough for oriental and persian rugs. I love that it has a handheld vacuum as well! We have FOUR wonderful weimaraners and replace vacuum cleaners often due to my contant use and their shedding. I would LOVE to win this vacuum!

  376. Two cats and a dog who tracks in loads of dirt make vacuuming a regular chore in our house. The Magnesium would make it oh so much easier than tugging around a reluctant canister!

  377. I like that it lays nearly flat for easy cleaning underneath things – like the bed, the couch, the chair in the living room ….. Very nice feature.

  378. I like that it only weighs 7.7 lbs. I, too, hate lugging the vacuum around. Such a pain!

  379. I could use the versatility of this vacuum cleaner. We live in a city apartment with tile, wood, and carpet and need something that can clean everywhere. The 7-year warranty would come in handy as well if it doesn’t work for our needs.

  380. I love that the Oreck Magnesium comes with a handheld vac and that it is so lightweight!
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  381. Ooh! The two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to move smoothly across different floor types with the appropriate power level for each!

  382. What I’ve learned? I’ve learned that it is $599 on the website! I do like the idea of it being “ultra light” in weight as I have stairs too.

  383. Thank you so much for offering the chance to win this great new Oreck vaccum. I have an older Oreck but the new Oreck Magnesium is only 7.7 pounds with lots of improved features. Thanks again for this chance to win and also for your excellent blog…….

  384. Too funny about your kitten’s addiction to TP! My cats have finally decided to leave it alone, but I can still remember seeing the “snow” all over the house.

    Wow, luv that the new Oreck works so well. They are generally lighter than other vacuums and that definitely means less stress on backs. I also like the fact that the lower profile allows one to clean under funiture easily and the Hepa filter rocks for pet filled homes too!

    Great giveaway.

  385. Been there w/ the cat and the toilet paper thing. I’ve heard that you should put aluminum foil over the toilet paper because cats usually hate that. I tried it and my crazy cat LOVED it even more. She’d take the foil off, play w/ that and then tear up the tp!!! Love that vacuum. The price is high but I love the fact that it can go flat. I’m always banging into my furniture. I also love the fact that it’s only 7.7 lbs! That could definitely save my back going up and down the stairs.

  386. I need a new vacuum so bad! And I love that this lays flat to clean under furniture and has a handheld vac!

  387. Nice vacuum. But what I really want to know about is the rug! I have been waiting for several months to order a desperately needed sofa, all because I haven’t found a rug that I want to make the keystone of my living room. I really like yours, and it would work great with the upholstery that I like best.

  388. I think the handiest feature for me is that it lays flat for cleaning under furniture! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  389. I love that the vacuum is lightweight and designed to lay flat to reach under furniture!

  390. I love that it’s so light and that you have had success on both carpet and hard wood floors. I’m tired of replacing my vacuum every year or so ..

  391. I really like that it can clean under furniture and 102 mph cleaning power.

  392. Completely outside of the topic but may I ask where the fabulous carpet was found? Desperately trying to find large area carpets that I don’t have to go into debt for!!! Any suggestions are appreciated!
    Love it! The cat is beautiful too!

  393. I learned that the Oreck Magnesium is very light-weight, it only weighs 7.7 lbs. I might even vacuum more often with such a light machine!

  394. It says on the website that the Magnesium has so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. Wow!!

  395. I leant it has two settings: high for carpets and low for hardwoods and tile.

  396. With 102 mph airflow it will pick up the toilet paper my dog tears up making my bedroom look like a not so pretty winter wonderland! Would love not to have to pick that up piece by little piece at a time! Very impressive. :)

  397. Yup. Cats and toilet paper are a common problem. For our latest batch of Kittens, we made sure to train them early on to leave it alone. You can teach a cat out of it, but it’s harder and they’ll have the occasional relapse.

    I love that that this vacuum is so manuverable. My current one needs some serious arm strength!

  398. I learned it has 360 degree spin. It really can be a pain to get in those nooks and crannys.

  399. I love that it is lightweight – 7.7 lbs – and easy to manuever + is has a 30′ cord. The Oreck I currently have has been a workhorse for years but I would love to replace it with this sleek new Magnesium. Thanks for giving me a chance to enter.

  400. Oh, too funny about the kitty, thankfully mine doesn’t do that; but my three year old unrolled the entire toilet paper roll last week while sitting on the toilet. Took me forever to roll it back up! I would love that new vacuum since it can lay flat. My current expensive name brand one cannot even reach under the cabinet baseboards and I have to pull the attachment out just to get the crumbs up! Thanks for the review and a chance to win it!!

  401. I thought I was crazy for paying $300 for a commercial vac to suck up all the dog hair. Direct Suction … it intrigues me.

  402. The two speed Quickswitch sounds great as we have both hard wood and carpet, so that would make it fast and easy!

  403. I learned it comes with a 7-year limited warranty* and 3 yearly tune-ups

  404. This light weight vac, which works both for hardwoods and carpets (and is gentle enough for fine rugs), would be great for my place and at only 7.7 lbs I might not mind carrying it up and down the stairs!

  405. It’s really great to know that the frame is made of magnesium and is stronger than many types of steel. Taking the vacuum upstairs and downstairs will be easy because of the light weight. We have a split level home.

  406. Light and works both on carpets and hardwood floors. Compact too.

  407. Love the 7.7lbs — I have a tri-level house and am constantly vacuuming stairs and carting the thing around from floor to floor. Also love the Handheld Vac that is included!

  408. It looks like a great vacuum – and I really like the Saniseal system for the bag. I hate messing with a clunky, dirty bag. Thanks for the helpful review!

  409. The low profile of this Oreck Magnesium is perfect for getting under the bed and chest of drawers! But best of all is the light weight – 7.7 lbs!! Maybe my upstairs and downstairs might get vacuumed, too!

  410. Shared this great web-site and the Oreck give-away on Facebook.

  411. Magnesium is stronger than most steel. It also comes with a 7 year warranty! That is awesome in my book.

  412. 7.7 lbs. and it lays flat for easy cleaning under furniture is Awsome !!!
    I am due for a new vacuume and this one fits my needs!

  413. i love that you can store it flat and that it comes with warranty. Great stuff…

  414. It lays almost flat to vacuum under the furniture which I love. I never, ever, ever clean under my furniture because I’ve never had a vacuum that could reach there.

  415. Always wanted an Oreck. Often threatened to steal my mom’s bc it’s so great. Good suction and lightweight. For my thick, high pile carpet, I found this particularly awesome: “Large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet.” and HEPA is ideal for this allergy-prone family.

  416. I read some of the reviews at the Oreck website They said that they love the vacuum because it is so powerful and goes from carpets to floors so easily. A big plus is that it lies flat and is very lightweight. Sounds Perfect!

  417. Ahhh. The necessary evil…vacuums. I like that it lays almost flat for easy under furniture cleaning.

  418. OMG – Coco is a doll! Besides that, I liked the fact that the Magnesium was recognized by Vacuum Dealers Trade Association as the New Product of the Year. That’s pretty cool and shows it’s a well-respected product with the ability to take on Coco’s little TP shred-a-thons in your house and the crazy floor messes in mine! :)

  419. I love that the new Oreck Magnesium is light weight. I too have stairs and have a hard time dragging
    my large vac. The fact that it lies flat to go under beds etc. is a great feature.

  420. I love that this vacuum can also be used on hardwood and tile floors.

  421. The large wheels for better maneuverability on the magnesium! My new house would be so thrilled! :)

  422. I liked that it got good feedback on hardwood and tile floors because that is what I have with the occasion area rug which it would also clean well.

  423. I love that is lays so flat and that you can use it on different types of floors Awesome!

  424. So much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. That’s amazing!

  425. If it can really transition from hardwood floors to carpet and back like the website says it can, then I would SO love one!

  426. This sweeper sounds fabulous! The fact that it is so light weight and can lay (virtually) flat is amazing. Thanks for the chance!

  427. I love, love, love that this vacuum lies flat to go under furniture!

  428. I would love the feature of folding almost flat to get unde furniture etc. See toilet paper experience with your cat. This would be so helpful in many cases. The Oreck Magnesium Vacuum would be a great asset.

  429. The Oreck Magnesium is the lightest full sized vacuum in America! And I would love to have one! :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  430. I love the the vacuum is light…I hate lugging my heavy one around everywhere!

  431. So much power that it feels like it’s self propelled on most surfaces. Wow – that would make cleaning easy!

  432. Lightest, full powered upright! Sounds perfect for this mother of 3 boys and 2 dogs!

  433. Our cat does that with the toilet paper, too. I’m sorry to tell you that habit could last well into adulthood. I love that the Magnesium lies flat for vaccumming under furniture. Also live that it is lightweight as I would have to carry it up and downstairs as well.

  434. I love the idea that it lays flat, enabling the user to get under low furniture. That’s always been an issue.

  435. The Magnesium boasts 102 mph of airflow which is mighty powerful! Would love this for my downstairs!

  436. Kate,
    We had a dog, a puppy, that did that for a few months. Fortunately, she grew bored as she got older. We have an Oreck and love it…especially the fact that it comes with an annual maintenance plan, which costs nothing. I love it.

  437. I like the Quickswitch™ feature that enables you to move smoothly across all floor types. On my current vac, I have to bend down and adjust the floor type near the bottom of the machine.

  438. I look for one or two things when it comes to a vacuum
    #1) It has a bag(donot like bagless) and hepa filter
    #2) MPR
    #4)Cleans wood floor as well as carpet exstreamly good
    #5) has a long cord
    #6) goes under bed, couch and any other low rider:)
    And this Vac seems to have it and then some great job oreck!
    Ok I guess I look for more than one or two things ha ha

  439. I look for one or two things when it comes to a vacuum
    #1) It has a bag(don’t like bagless) and hepa filter
    #2) MPR
    #4)Cleans wood floor as well as carpet extreamly good
    #5) has a long cord
    #6) goes under bed, couch and any other low rider:)
    And this Vac seems to have it and then some great job oreck!
    Ok I guess I look for more than one or two things ha ha