Let’s Go For A Dip

By Kate Riley April 13, 2012

We see a lot of trends in design and they come and go, some I embrace, some I shun, but there’s one I’m loving lately and that’s the paint dip trend.  Popping up all over the web are DIY projects and home decor where various pieces from furniture to kitchen utensils have been dipped in paint and *confession time* I’m really loving it.  Why?  Well, first of all I love color blocking.  And I love anything two tone done well, it makes the piece more interesting IMHO.  And I also love paint.  Have I mentioned?

The best reason is, what could be more simple than a DIY project that involves some painter’s tape and the use of your paint color of choice to spruce up something ordinary.  Am I right? 

paint dipped furniture houseandhome

House and Home via Poppytalk

For me the attraction is the asymmetrical nature of it all.  Never picking a halfway point, but rather choosing a more mischievous place to tape off your wood before you paint is really the key to the look.

ikea hack the sweet beast

IKEA hack via The Sweet Beast


Retailers are on to this trend too, just look at this uber popular dipped side table over at West Elm which is sadly no longer available.  

dipped side table west elm


Here are two similar dipped stool projects to inspire:

paint dipped stools

Dipped Stool via HGTV; Dipped Stool via Annixen


There’s plenty of clever dipped decor out there as well, like these paint dipped chopsticks from Poppytalk.

paint dipped chopsticks poppytalk

And these kitchen utensils from House of Earnest.

dipped utensils house of earnest


Here are some pretty dipped decorative bottles by Hi Sugarplum and also dipped baby food jars turned vases by Oh Happy Day.

paint dipped vases


Of course Martha showed us how to make paint dipped baskets too. 

dipped baskets martha


This trend is a cousin of the ombre phenomenon and also the enthusiasm for using colored dye to dip textiles or clothing, and for crafting various home decor from window panels to pillows,  

Personally, I’m loving the paint dip trend in home accessories, here are a few favorites.

paint dipped decor

1. Dipped Spice Cellars, Leif; 2. Windsor Love Seat, Anthropologie; 3. Dipped Seaside Vase, West Elm; 4. Dipped Knife Block, Terrain; 5.  Dip Dyed Bread Board, Terrain.  

Are you tempted to dabble in the paint dip trend?  Do you prefer the more subtle gradation from ombre techniques or are you thinking of a DIY project that involves dipping with fabric dye?   Spill it, I would love to know. 




  1. I love this trend of dipping things to make them more interesting… I’ve even seen paint dipped necklaces made out of wood spheres… easy but pretty cool!

  2. Yes, I do love it. Already jumped on that bandwagon after seeing Martha’s dipped baskets. I decided to do this with a set of baskets in my bathroom & a couple in the kitchen. Loved them!

    And ever since I’d seen those west elm stools, I’ve been contemplating stripping just the bottom of the legs of my stools and painting the top 2/3s white.

    clearly, I’m taken with the look.

  3. I’m with you on this one. Love the trend. I’ve done it a few times and have been very pleased each time. I hadn’t thought about the chopsticks – that is a hoot and a cool idea. A handful of them dipped in a vase would be great decor piece. Have a super weekend Kate!

  4. I am loving this trend far more than most trends I have seen. It’s more of a “touch” of style than an in your face trend. I hope this one stays! I love it, and it makes me want to go paint something!

  5. ok, I’m lovin’ the dipped vases. Such a cute idea. I would have never known they were baby food jars. I think I like the trend. It’s fun and inspiring. So do tell, what are you going to dip? Come on you know you want to spill the beans. ;)

  6. I have to admit, I’m not much of a fan of the ombre trend, but I’m LOVING this one! I may need to incorporate something “dipped” into Kate’s “big girl room” that I’ll be starting on soon!

  7. I’ve loved those color dipped bottles ever since I saw them! I’m going to do this as soon as I gather enough bed vases.

  8. Tipped chair and table legs tickle me because they look (to me) like they’re wearing socks. So cute.

  9. I’m officially inspired. A painted desk project has been brewing in my head for some time and I was looking for ways to add a little pop to a white desk. “Dipping it” in turquoise paint would be absolutely perfect! Thanks :).

  10. I am absolutely obsessed with everything dipped. From kitchen ware, to furniture, to utensils I just LOVE IT. Such a simple and easy way to make anything look just a little bit more interesting.

  11. I am uber tempted! I think I like the harder lines rather than the gradation…both are very striking though. Just trying to imagine how I would dip a big piece…huge vat of paint? hehe.

    Love the vases… they would be so sweet as center pieces at a wedding…wish I had thought of it for mine!

  12. I love this idea since the first time I saw it. I always forget to incorporate it in when I do a project. Maybe one day soon, even if it is just a jar or utensils. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. I love this trend! Haven’t dip-dyed anything yet, but maybe this summer when I have some more free time I will attempt some color blocking projects.

  14. I really like that dipped basket style. It also seems like it has a functional basis, in that it might help the basket bottom hold-up longer by adding a protective coat.

    And yes, I can’t believe how fast these trends burn through the blogesphere! Seriously, from gold-leaf, to paint dipped, to chevron prints – it’s enough to make me stroke my fake mustache in wonder ;-)

  15. Great minds think alike…I was just completing my post on dipped items, including the coasters I’m making myself today, when I found a pin someone had pinned (the stools picture above) and it led me to this post…
    I’m loving all the dipped items as of now. I have the coral console table as part of it too. You have some great finds!!! I’ll save my post for another day =)

  16. I like it. Maybe because I’m too lazy to paint the whole thing? Except for that ombré bench which I pinned a few months ago for inspiration for my own black porch bench.

    Happy dipping,
    Laura @cookiecrumbsandsawdust.blogspot

  17. I too have noticed lots of dipped painted projects and although they intrigue me I haven’t quite been in the mood to jump on it. I guess because I can’t think of anything I would really like to to see “dipped.” I recently painted some vases with craft paint on the inside and so far that interests me more. Maybe I’ll hop along with the trend is gone. haha.

  18. Umm, no. This just looks messy and unfinished, and the dipped vases remind me of a Vacation Bible School project from when I was 6.

  19. This technique ticks all the boxes. Easy to do (fumble proof!) and yet still dramatic. Even I could do this and not mess it up. Thank you for the cool inspiration!

    The other thing this post has taught me is that I may be suffering from slight OCD. Because, man, do I ever want to straighten that throw rug under the pale orange IKEA hack table!

  20. Just thought I’d mention that I literally just got off the phone with West Elm in Toronto and they are shipping me a Dipped Side Table now. The website says Not Available, but call the stores and they still have some! Portland has the white one, Toronto only had red.

    Love Holly

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