Vintage Glasses + Flea Market Finds!

By Kate Riley March 23, 2012

Hi everyone, thanks so much to all of you who linked up to the Spring Craft Link Party yesterday, I’m enjoying all that creativity you shared! There’s over 300 links to fantastic projects, be sure to check them out!  Today I’d like to give a shout out to one of my favorite stylists Mr. Matthew Mead and thank him for allowing me to be a (small) part of his latest publication Flea Market Finds.

Matthew asked me to contribute to the publication with my most favorite vintage find so I chose to share about my mid century Empoli colored champagne glasses!  Read the whole story of why they’re so important to me on page 7.

favorite finds section

You’ll see a few other favorite bloggers featured too, hey there’s Kim and Marian! Turn the page for even more peeks at favorite finds by other stylists and bloggers too.

My Matt and I snagged those champagne glasses on a visit to a shop in the West Village in NYC called The End of History.  We were so inspired by all the imported colored glass we discovered that we bought ourselves those glasses ten years ago – they’re one of my most favorite things on earth.  I popped into the shop again on my trip to NYC last spring, and it never disappoints.  Take a tour of the shop with Apartment Therapy here.   

Back to Flea Market Finds – I’ve read the entire publication front to back and I think it’s some of Matthew’s very best work.  Article after article of projects to inspire you to create with vintage and flea market finds.  Inside the 150+ pages (no ads!) are new uses for paint, old maps, fabric transfer, milk glass, fern fronds, textile dyes, gilding, the list goes on and I love it all!

flea market finds matthew mead

Flea Market Finds will be available for shipment next week, but you can preorder your own copy here.  As a special treat this weekend, I’m giving away three copies – that’s right I’ll ship it right to you if you win this weekend’s giveaway!  My gift to you!

Eligibility to win one of three copies of Flea Market Finds by Matthew Mead:

1) Leave a comment on this post answering this question:  What’s your next spring project?  Is it planting some seeds, painting a fence, or sprucing your patio?  Share your next spring project to be eligible to win.

Three winners, US and Canada only, chosen at random.  Giveaway ends Sunday March 25th at 8 p.m. PST.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

I’m off to spruce up the porch and add new annuals to my planters, I’m feeling the need to have a little dirt in my fingernails. 

Have a great weekend all!




  1. My next Spring Project is to go through our office and bedrooms and purge items we don’t need anymore-so we can bring new items in!

  2. My next spring project is some spring cleaning in the house and patio garden!

  3. I’d love to spruce up the front of my house. And get my back patio set up. But I’m working on projects for my sister’s wedding next weekend! Yay! :)

  4. My next spring project is buying a new house!! We close April 26th, and I’ve been looking for a few things that really inspire a vision for how I’d like to decorate each room. I just picked up some awesome Kenyan elephant bookends and a Chinese lantern that are serving as the start to my living room! I’ll definitely be hitting the flea market for more ideas, so would be awesome!!

  5. Unfortunately, my next spring project involves weeds. Hoping to get to some new, spring pillows after that though.

  6. My next spring project is going to be planting a garden with my grandparents! They plant a full one every summer, and this time I get to participate. I’m really excited!

  7. My next spring project is learning to recover some old furniture, collected from CL, thrift shops, etc. I have a rocking chair, a couple of old sofas, and an arm chair to tackle. Should be fun!

  8. Our next project is finishing our house! We are in the midst of framing & I’m also scouring flea markets for ideas for the new place. Love your glasses!

  9. My next spring project is going to be wrapping a canvas with some AWESOME fabric I just purchased and hanging it in the living room. Freshening up for SPRING! :-)

  10. I will be sprucing up my roof deck! I am planning on making some planters out of cinder blocks, and also doing a DIY wood pallet planter both filled with succulents!

  11. My spring time project is ripping up my back yard leveling the dirt and trying to grow some grass. This is a project that started last fall and now it’s spring it to start on the grass and then onto painint flower pots and planting roses = )

  12. my next spring project is Spring cleaning, organizing the kitchen and getting rid of dishes and appliances that we don’t use anymore. Also getting some matching dishware for our kitchen. yay!

  13. I would love to win this book! My spring project is going to be working on a little laminate end table that I’ve had for a while. It is a cheap piece of furniture, but I want to buy some cute knobs for the door and the drawer and I want to paint a it a really bright color so it will stand out in the hallway! Thanks to your blog, I have instructions on how to paint laminate furniture, so it shouldn’t be that hard. Thanks for the giveaway, your blog is loaded with inspiration!

  14. My next spring project is refinishing a vintange secretary desk I scored for a great price ($110) at a local shop/barn.

  15. Sewing slipcovers for the dog-toenail scratched cushions on my leather sofa… before Easter (eek!)

  16. We are overhauling our entire backyard- by ourselves! Got a landscape artist to give us a plan but we are doing all the grunt work! Day one of clearing down- many more to go before we start putting in some beautiful plants, new patio furniture and fire pit!

  17. My next spring project is to find an aged dresser drawer, repaint and refurbish in order to put a new cabinet in my home. I already have the brick-red paint!

  18. What isn’t my next Spring project – I need to organise some closets, start and finish some DIY decor stuff I’ve been plotting for over a year, maybe organise my kitchen cupboards, paint my bedroom . . .
    Gee – I need a nap just thinking about it all!

  19. I have a laundry list of spring projects including finding new window treatments for our living room, finding a pendant to go over the dining table, painting hand-me-down furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and a few sewing projects. I am paralyzed with indecision on what to tackle first!

  20. Ok, I need to transplant the tomatoes that have sprung up out of my compost, move the strawberries AWAY from the dogs favorite digging spot, plant green peppers, finish the GORGEOUS antique silver box into a jewelry holder and color block my old shoes. Every crafty day is just another day in paradise.

  21. It’s spring break here in Calgary next week and my husband and I are turning the guest room into a baby’s room for our newest addition. We’ll be doing panelled walls on the bottom, lavender on top, coral crib (already done, that was the last project) all inspired by an amazing Amy Butler fabric I found…we’ll be referring to your panelled wall project while we’re at it – thanks!

  22. I’m going to be completely overhauling my spare bedroom to turn into my sewing studio. You’ve been a huge inspiration for the new style – lots of Linen White paint and DIY/thrifty accents! I’m still at the “haul everything out of the room to donate/refurbish so I can rip out the old carpet and paint the walls” stage, but I’ve been so excited!

  23. I have a few vases and bottles to paint and put some pretty flowers in to dress up my bedroom! Also looking for some fluffy white sheets for the bed to bring in more light. Green has got to go.

  24. My next spring project is to do some major work on our back yard. We are hoping to create a dining area with a pergola and maybe a bocce ball court off to the side.

  25. Our next spring project is sprucing up our guest bedroom! We have some friends coming in soon so I would like their space to be fresh and inviting!!

  26. It will soon be time in VA to fill all my pots with flowers, and plant some tomatoes and jalapeños!

  27. This publication looks right up my alley! I’ve ordered it myself, but I’d love to be able to gift a copy to my sister. My next spring project: decluttering the house. AND planting vegetable seeds, recovering the dining room chairs, putting up new coat hooks in the entryway, building raised garden beds, repainting a dresser for my daughter, replacing the bathroom door in the hall, new curtains in the dining room, installing new outdoor lights, setting up an art display area for my kids……. Okay, so maybe these are spring AND summer projects. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  28. This weekend my favorite gardenshop/nursery is having their annual spring pansy sale – I’ll be getting MANY happy, colorful-faced flowers for my planters!

  29. My spring project will only occur if the kitchen gets done! But, I would like to swap out the bricks that border a flower bed (and that are falling down and mismatched) with actual landscape rocks!

  30. I will be painting my kitchen and dining area shades of gray then painting a credenza that I got at a surplus auction a neat blue color to fit into that new, freshly painted dining area to give it a pop of color! (Your project page is the inspiration for the Credenza that I have had for 5+ years now and have hated until I saw what you did with yours!)

  31. It’s so hard for me to think about Spring when we still have yucky weather here in Seattle. I’m dying to spray paint and have tons of projects just waiting in the wings for the paint. Maybe the weather will be nice this weekend!

  32. My next spring project is to build a a bar table for my balcony! My friend has one on his – it’s basically a standing bar that latches on the balcony rail. Can’t wait to build it/stencil it!

  33. Our patio needs some updating and some flowery prettiness. We have been having fantastic weather in Wisconsin (80 degrees in March, seriously?!) so Spring Fever is in full effect. Book looks amazing…hope I’m one of the lucky winners!

  34. My next spring project is painting my daughter’s bedroom this weekend. I can’t wait to freshen it up with some lavender paint!

  35. We moved into our first home in December, so we are taken by surprise everytime something new starts popping up in our yard! We’re excited to get out there and turn it into something we love!

  36. I have already cleared out the old nursery/junk room, and the next feat is getting it transformed into an office space. First thing to do is to sew some curtains and then paint over the baby colors!

  37. Currently fabric shopping to transform 2 garage sale wicker tables into benches for the end of my bed. Found the perfect one…ordered it…just got e-mail it is now “out of stock”…ARGH!!
    Would love to get my master bedroom makeover done before spring is over!

  38. We still have snow here in Alberta so our next project is inside. It’s hanging the suspended ceiling in the basement (how fun….).

  39. This weekend is a trip to the flea market for us. I am hoping to find some nightstands that could use a make-over. If we have no luck, I already have a backup plan, apothecary jar terrariums.

  40. My very next project is to paint my daughter’s bedroom – as soon as Sunday, possibly. Not terribly springish, but a much overdue project none the less. We’re going with a bright lime/chartreuse-y green (above white beadboard walls mind you), so there’s a little spring in there I guess. Next we’re headed outside to rescreen our porch and start a pretty much whole yard makeover. Definately a project that will take a while.

    Are you still making over your bathroom? I’ve been dying to see the end result since you put feet on your vanity and selected tile. Did I miss it?

  41. My to-do list is a mile long. It includes building a closet organizer for my closet, installing crown moulding and baseboards in the guest room, building a raised flower bed, and building a fence for the yard so my poor dog can enjoy being outside without worrying about him running into the street. And that’s only for April!

  42. I’m on the hunt for the perfect fabric to use on a drum shade for my dinning room. While I search for that I have furniture to paint and recover. My list of projects just gets longer, YEAH!

  43. Cleaning up the strawberry beds and getting the garden ready to plant is on the top of my list.

  44. I love your blog and I would love to win! I’m ready to work on my yard, get ready to plant my garden and spring clean to make room for more great finds this summer!! thanks, kathy [email protected]

  45. My project is to work in my back yard and place a cute hideaway with a bench and pretty blooming flowers.

  46. I’m really, really, really hoping to get the garden in this weekend. It’s a steep order. I still have to find where in the world I can buy soil without paying for it by the bag! Wish me luck.

  47. My next spring project is to beautify my front yard, spruce it up, also to repaint a china cabinet that belonged to my Grandmother.

  48. I plan on painting all of my out buildings on the farm ‘barn red’ (white right now). AND mulching everything in sight to keep down the weeds.

  49. My next spring project is to transform a $75 Craigslist buffet into a kitchen island! Already have the granite top (scored for free!) and am just waiting for the rain to stop! Re-finish, re-purpose, revitalize!

  50. I want to be doing my back patio, but I have to finish/start my master bedroom. I’ve had most of the stuff for too long now!!

  51. My next spring project will be redoing an old hall tree that was left by the former renters in the house we are renting. The landlord let us keep it, and it has a perfect place waiting for it in my new home. It just needs a fresh coat of paint.

  52. My next spring project is planting seeds for our veggie garden indoors to begin with & also painting my daughter’s room pink & setting up her new(craigslist) bed.

  53. My next spring project is to clean out the gardens to see which perennials have returned!

  54. My next Spring project is to plant some flowers at the end of my driveway. They are sitting in their pots waiting for me.

  55. This spring’s project involves building a new coop for our new baby chicks that arrive in just 3 weeks!! Our goal is to make the coop a little smaller and possibly even mobile!

  56. My next/current project is finishing painting a consignment store buffet. I started painting the interior, got distracted and now HAVE to finish it because we’re having a huge party in the middle of April and there’s no place in my house to hide a half-painted piece of furniture.

  57. We’re moving in a couple of months so my spring project is purging, purging, purging! And that includes old plants and trees in the yard that haven’t been working so well.

  58. I’m waiting (not patiently) to start my tomatoes & Peppers! Only one more week! I have missed my vegetable garden, and this warm weather is making me want to go-go-go!

  59. My next spring project is to decorate my library. I’m hoping to find 2 armchairs and 2 occassional chairs, as well as a nice ottoman and some lamps. I’m on a budget, so I’m relying on Craiglist finds and used stores.

  60. I just finished tiling my bathroom so next up on the to-do list is to finally put a brand new toilet back in. I started this bathroom project 7 months ago and it’s time I finish it up already!

  61. Southern California girl here, so I’m getting my tomatoes in the ground this weekend!

  62. I’m hoping to start my garden. But I dread pulling weeds first. I might just plant me some wheat grass for Easter first. I better get crackin’ since Easter is coming fast.

  63. painting and ftering 2 apholsixing a curio I found on craigslist and reupholstering 2 accent chairs

  64. I’m repainting and and redecorating the kitchen/den before a big dinner party in May. Also planning to recover the dining room chairs — first time for everything!

  65. We’re working on sprucing up the backyard of our rental on a tight budget because we know we’ll be leaving it in 3.5 years, but would really like to enjoy it while we’re here. It’s a delicate balance, but we’re hoping to improve it!

  66. Ripped down the hideous wallpaper in my kitchen last night, so I’m gonna be painting a kitchen in the next week or so. Also hoping to get some dirt for my garden and throw some lettuce and kale in the ground.

  67. First up is removing weeds (Boo!) and then hopefully a raised bed for a vegetable garden.

  68. My next spring projects…paint my bedroom, finish upholstering a bench for the end of my bed and maybe even clean out the garage!

  69. My next spring project is transforming the back corner of our yard from grass to a shade garden with a hammock, and beginning a deep spring cleaning inside! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  70. Getting the wicker out of dark corner of the garage for a good cleaning & coat of spray paint!

  71. We just moved into a new house so there are a lot of projects on the to-do list, but one of the first is going to be painting an old dresser to put in our bedroom.

  72. I’ve been wanting to re-do our kitchen table for some time now, and have pinned several ideas for it. Right now, however, we are busy painting all the walls again, just to freshen up the place.

  73. My next project is to put in a brick patio in a corner of our backyard. All ready have the brick (FREE!) just gotta do it. It won’t be super perfect, but it’s gonna be nice to have.

  74. We’ve got to get the spring cleaning done this weekend, and I’m hopeful we’ll get the deck furniture out, too!

  75. Congrats on your blurb in Flea Market Finds. I was at Joann Fabrics this morning flipping through the magazine and I stopped and said to myself I know her! OK I don’t really know you but it seems like it since I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Kudos to you! So happy to see you get recognition.

    Now my next project is planting a veggie garden.

  76. Way to go Kate! Next project is spring cleaning my french doors and baker’s rack – revamping my
    plants that are displayed (some are sick and need replacing). Change everything for spring!!! :-)

  77. Moving back to NC from MA. My husband has been in school and I’m looking forward to moving out of student housing. I want to plant a garden and paint a few items I’ve thrifted while living in New England. Thank you for the give-a-way.

  78. My husband and I are planning on redoing our 1970’s craigslist china cabinet this spring!

  79. My next spring project is organizing a yard sale! Here’s hoping for good weather and lots of dollar bills :)

  80. My next project is starting my summer flowers from seeds. I do it every year, but I bought a grow light this year so I am expecting even better and strongers plants. I also have an antique chair, one of my best market finds ever, almost all sanded and waiting for a new finish.

  81. Finding new curtains for my dining room is my top priority this spring. Ive been staring at the drab drapes left by the former owners for waaaaaay too long. Out with the old an in with the fresh, colorful new this spring!!

  82. Planting as many rows of sunflowers as possible in front of the huge South facing window. This is not only the LR window in my apartment but the main window. I live in Southern Arizona… need I say more? LOL!

  83. I am making a pallet garden and a copper bird bath(made from a vintage copper dish and a table leg).

  84. I’m going to pick up some free pallets and turn them into flower boxes for the front porch.

  85. Re-doing our porch to be more modern and up-to-date – maybe incorporating some artwork and definitely some color. For sure replacing our boring bronze house numbers with something more eye-catching – maybe bright red. Anything to take my mind off the upcoming re-siding of our poor dry-rotted front facade.

  86. Hey Kate, way to go! Love to see your words and thoyghts EVERYWHERE! My next project is absolutely necessary and I don’t know if I call it fun but it will give me a chance to be in the quiet and just listen to the birds! My poor yard is in bad need of a good weeding so thats what I will be doing over the next couple of weeks. That is, if the rain and snow stay away!

  87. Congratulations on your feature in the magazine Kate! Those glasses look beautiful. My spring project is working in the garden and sprucing everything up! It needs lots of attention at the moment and freshening up with colorful spring flowers. I also want to get the veggies and herbs planted. Enjoy your weekend.

  88. My next spring project will be to build a trellis for my bougainvilleas that will someday fill the brick wall/entrance to my courtyard.

  89. My next spring project is planting annual flowers in my flower beds and creating a rock path in my side yard.

  90. First thing on the to-do list for spring: weed the front flower bed (wow, I never knew so many weeds grew in over the winter!) and plant some pretty flowers. We’re also planning on trying a small vegetable garden for the first time this year… hopefully we’ll get at least ONE zucchini. :)

  91. My next spring project is planning a little raised garden. Too early to begin the planting here though.

  92. The next project is to plant some greens and veggies, with some pretty flowers thrown in to make me smile!

  93. My next project is building a fence around the tomato garden to keep out the deer. Hopefully we will actually have some tomatoes left to eat this year :)

  94. We’ll be picking out a fence style soon! I’d like to say we’re DIYing the install, but we have a pretty big property line, so this one we’re leaving to the pros.

  95. Our spring plan includes figuring out some way to make and hang wooden planters from our porch railing, and then planting things inside!

  96. We are redoing my daughter’s room!!! building a loft bed that does not look like a loft bed but more like upstairs? and painting everything in her room white! Closet doors bye bye…it will be fun! the 3 year old princess requested to have green in her room so we are thinking about white walls, green and blue fabrics…

  97. Sanding and painting a flea market find nightstand for my daughter, to replace the icky three legged round table. Then painting my coffee table in the family room following the instrucitons you posted for a kitchen table. Wish me luck!

  98. After a new coat of paint, I’m going to hang a collection of vintage floral prints on the wall in our spare bedroom!

  99. Giving the laundry/mud room a facelift since it will work hard on all the dirty kids’ clothes that come with spring!

  100. I am going to paint a vintage dresser that has been sitting in my garage all winter!

  101. We are painting our spare bath from the ugliest dark yellow to a nice grey blue and it should be gorgeous!

  102. I’m making Easter dresses for my little girls (2) and my friends’ little girls (2). They are going to look so darn cute!

  103. I need to redo our old family room coffee table for our new basement hangout – lots of sanding and painting involved!

  104. I am decluttering, organizing and cleaning this spring!! Hopefully, my house will be in much better order by summer.

  105. I am trying to shape up our back yard but how to get rid of all the weeds is a big problem!!

  106. I got a desk for free that last got stained probably 20 years ago (when it was made, it has a sign on the back and date, made in ’83) and I’m currently sanding it and painting it in a custom shade of blackish bluish (?) grey and adding some cup pulls in oil rubbed bronze.

  107. We’re prepping our house for sale, so it’s a little bit of everything these days!

  108. We just moved into our first house – so the whole place is our Spring project. Thanks!

  109. Our next project is landscaping the front yard of our newly purchased home – I’d be working on it now if it wasn’t raining!

  110. We spent the winter renovating our basement. I know it is an inside job but it will be a place for me to now put on the finishing touches on those rainy spring days.

  111. My next spring project is working on the nursery for our upcoming family addition!

  112. I want to repaint our bathroom, have never liked the color I originally picked- it was more of a “I give up, let’s get it painted already!” color pick. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway- if I win, will you autograph your pic for me? ;)

  113. I have spring fever BAD – craving new, live, vibrant anything. So, the dilemma is…where do I start? Today I will begin focusing on the front porch…cleaning windows/doors, sprucing up planters, hanging plants, just making it look fresh and inviting.

  114. Painting our kitchen. Just wanting for some nice warm days to open all the windows and get started! Thanks so much for this terrific giveaway!

  115. Found you on Pinterest and I might be in love with you. Don’t tell my husband! My next project will be repurposing things in my house for new design ideas! Love turning old stuff into new!

  116. I am sprucing up my sunroom. Painting a rattan table, chair and couch I got at a yard sale last summer, a whitewash. And recovering the cushions in a tropical print.

  117. Creating parterre herb garden with four pots & a vintage bird bath in our backyard…our HOA is the inspiration! Apparently bird baths are not aesthetically pleasing in front yards :-/

  118. I’m re-doing my sun porch. Out with the uncomfortable wicker, in with a daybed and lots of comfy pillows. Searching for a few modern chairs (Overstock maybe) and have painted the super bright room a dark gray. Love the contrast. Flea market mirrors on the wall look great.

  119. My front porch. I have two sets of furniture. Last year I recovered the cushions on the chair and glider, the other set is wicker. I purchase 6 matching hanging plants and plant two large containers and six small one for the steps. Then I love to sit on the front porch in the summer.

  120. My Spring project is staging my house to put on the market & sell so we can follow our dreams of moving to Colorado! Just a small project! ;)

  121. Wow great giveaway! I plan on trying my hand at growing a tomato plant (easy for some but i am not exactly a green thumb sooo…we’ll see how that turns out) and cleaning out the garage for a yard sale.

  122. My next spring project is finish the front balcony and expanding my potager …

  123. Updating a little girl’s bedroom into a “big girl” room…refinishing a dresser, bookcase & bed!

  124. Just unearthed the back of a large wooden fence by trimming up some hedges…what to do with the back of this fence??

  125. Starting a long delayed project in the master bath…shopping for countertop and sink faucets.

  126. Definitely painting outside this year..a pergola, a gate, a fence amongst the many gardening prijects

  127. I will be planting some vegetables for the first time and more flowers! I will be painting kitchen, updating cabinets and adding a chalkboard wall! We are also finally painting our bedroom after three years of living here and decorating too! A pallet wall will be put in the family room and I will be updating items found at garage sales and thrift stores for around home and for friends/family!

  128. Spruce up the yard, paint the open living space (with vaulted ceiling, how am I going to do that???), and sew up some nice springy tops.

  129. We need to repaint the outside doors, front porch & deck, among other things.

  130. Since it’s going to be raining all weekend, I think I’ll be working on some curtains for our living and dining room today!

  131. I have several projects that I would like to start (and hopefully finish) this spring.
    The most important, and first on my list, is a new front door for my home. My current front door is blah beige and the green paint on the casing is chipped and peeling. I want a front door that says “welcome friends” instead of “please donate to the disaster relief fund”.

  132. We have enlarged our deck, so I would love to work on some container gardens to brighten it up.

  133. I am recovering a chair in hand-emberoidered fabric. I’m in the process of embroidering the fabric for the ottoman now.

  134. We are in the process of painting out kitchen cabinets white! Next up: replacing all of our carpet with hardwood! So excited!!

  135. I’ma paint the front door…and some planters, when I finish all my other half done projects. Morgan is ready to brain me right now…

  136. I want to paint my foyer, hallway and banister. Recarpet the front stairs in a print and then create a gallery wall of family photos, favorite quotes, vintage letters, found objects and framed nature. Think I can get it done by the end of spring??

  137. I’m planting some xeric plants – plants that need little water, which is crucial here in the high desert – and can’t wait to see the surprising color when they bloom. Who knew I could move to NM and still have gorgeous blooms in my front yard? My daughter and I also are going to reupholster a footstool we found on Craigslist. Gwen – :D – yeah, I get that – this footstool will be coming off our own half-done project list.

  138. Work on our garden and spruce up our backyard for some summer entertainment!

  139. I plan on repainting the basement and trimming down some overgrown ornamental grass that is outside.

  140. The plan is to plant spinach seeds in my little garden and re-do my mother’s bathroom with my hubby’s help.

  141. This weekend I’ll be making new curtains for the kitchen. I chose a lovely fabric with shades of green and blue, but now I’m thinking I should add a fun, quirky trim. Pom-poms, maybe?

  142. Cleaning out perennial flower beds and overgrown ivy from backyard natural areas; planting annuals in containers for deck.

  143. Finishing my kitchen remodel; i.e., bumpers for cabinets/drawers, seal marble backsplash 2 more times, fix undercounter light, install new knobs/pulls, get floor refinished, load cabinets & reorganize, hang 3 new lights, decorate with accessories, STAND BACK & ENJOY THE VIEW, MAKE A GREAT MEAL ON NEW INDUCTION COOKTOP.

  144. DIY an old stereo cabinet into a buffet with mirrors where the old fabric was! So excited! Oh & paint it some dramatic color like turquoise or green!

  145. My “plan” is to make a stacked herb garden from clay pots of varying sizes. I have some old spoons I found at a lake in the dirt and I would love to have the names of the herbs on them, so that was the inspiration. I’m excited to get it all started and put together.

  146. Waiting for good weather to plant flowers and veggies on front deck and raised beds on terrace. Very windy and cold from snow on the mountains here in Oregon. I long for Spring.

  147. YEA! Next Spring project is blowing out eggs, silk tie dying some and decopage flowers onto some. Doing this with my 2 grown daughters over Spring Break. Happy Spring!

  148. Just painted my front door from turquoise to green. So fresh for spring. I had black but hubby thought it always made the door look open.
    Now, I’m cleaning today.
    Note to self: Don’t use swiffer duster on sprayed ceilings! I have most of it in my eyes!

  149. My spring projects are all about the garden…feeding the roses, getting warm weather veggies in the raised bed, repotting…it goes on and on.

  150. Spring projects for me are sprucing up the front porch with new hanging baskets of annuals and creating a raised bed herb farm.

  151. My spring project will be to plant flowers everywhere. In containers, in beds, in the ground, in baskets, flowers everywhere.

  152. My spring project is going to be painting n glazing my kitchen cabinets. Im a newbie to this paint “re-do” decor but im an addict and i cannot wait to tackle this new project

  153. We are going to redo some landscaping and finish putting in a bathroom upstairs.

  154. My next spring project is going to be a surprise for my hubs. He HATES the paint color in our bathroom, so while he’s traveling in April, I’m not just going to repaint the room, but I’m going to add some board and batten as well. Hope he likes it!

  155. My spring project, which will take five minutes, is so awesome! I bought a can of Fusion Spray Paint by Krylon ($4). I had two sun-beaten, plastic adirondeck chairs out in the yard. They were green, but practically white from the sun. So I sprayed them in literally minutes and now they look BRAND NEW. With the left over, I sprayed some plastic flower pots that were in similar shape. So exciting and easy! Try it – you will be hooked on spray paint!

  156. Already have the seeds started inside, ready to get them in the ground! We’ve enjoyed a mild winter, so we are chomping at the bit to get started. The BIG summer project is to build a screened in porch over our deck we finished last fall. I can hardly wait.

  157. my next spring project is a revamp of my closet. it’s so small and i live in a rental so my options are somewhat limited but i am working to be real creative and use the height of it to hopefully get more use out of it.

  158. My project is painting! I have shutters and an old 1946 Bendix radio to paint. :-) Can’t wait!!

  159. I’m in the process of sprucing up our screened in porch with new fun vibrant cushions. I love Spring! It seems to get me motivated to get projects going!

  160. What isn’t on the list is probably a better question! Putting down grass seed, cutting down a lilac stand, moving a shed, putting up a fence, putting up new gutters, water proofing the foundation of the house, planting… I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  161. We are staining our fence and redoing our flower beds! We kind of let things go last spring/summer because we had an infant in the house. But this year, we are going to get things done outside and increase this home’s curb appeal!

  162. I am planning to give a new look to my front porch. I want a comfy place to sit and a little color to brighten my days. Flower beds are already getting some attention.

  163. Definitely yard work – specifically pruning. With the heat wave, spring came early!

  164. Hoping to create a little glen in the wooded trail by the cabin. Right now it’s full of leaves and fallen trees/branches. There’s a culvert at the top, so sometimes a little waterfall is also present.

  165. Love your blog. I’m new to the blogging world but long in the DIY world and am loving all the great ideas I get from you and others. My next spring project is to attempt to reupholster some great chairs I found at my favorite consignment store.

  166. I am planning to paint the lower half of my daughter’s room in magnetic and chalkboard paint. She has been asking for a big bulletin board to hang her ever expanding collection of drawings, letters to the tooth fairy, lists of why girls are better than boys, her future restaurant menus, etc. I am not thrilled at the prospect of thumbtacks around the house so magnetic and chalk it is. Since the lower half of her room seems to collect handprints and footprints (?) along with said artwork hung with blue painters tape, why not make it all functional? She has also asked for it t be framed in purple so part of the project will involve cutting molding to create the frame and then choosing the shade of purple that will please a 7 year old and her mother at the same time. Suggestions anyone? Wish me luck!

  167. I have so many projects planned that I don’t know which one to do next, but it will probably
    be planting some new shrubs and perennials in the garden beds, that project can’t wait for later!

  168. We just moved so I’ve got a hundred “next” projects! We need to do the planters in the front and back yard, get the koi pond up and running. Yay! Also we doubled our square footage so I need lots of furniture. And not a lot of money to buy it so I am really excited to find old things and turn them into something that fits my space and style!

  169. So many things I want to do, but first is paint a mirror I have had in the basement for some time.

  170. So many projects, and not enough time! I WILL complete our office remodel, buut not before I do some landscaping/gardening projects before the Texas heat becomes to high for man or beast to be outdoors working.

  171. My main project this Spring is to refinish a swing that my Dad made for me about 30 years ago. This will be the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve done it and it’s always a pleasant project with lots of memories.

  172. Next up: spray painting an old patio set teal and painting the front door navy blue!

  173. Does purging your belongings count? We move this September and I’m getting rid of what I don’t use or love.

  174. I plan on making a kids area-1st thing is to paint a large board with chalk paint and attach it to the side of the house.

  175. Hi Kate,

    Now that it’s warm enough to open windows, my next project is to “transform” my kitchen cabinets from orangey-oak to white, a la your guest suite.

  176. It’s not particularly exciting, but my next project is painting the door from the garage into my cute mudroom :) The mudroom is cute, the door? Not so much!

  177. Sounds like a book I would love to read – and drool – over. Today I am re-covering and re-painting an ottoman for our deck.

  178. My next spring project will be applying chalkboard paint to pots for a small herb garden; and also painting & distressing a new side table for the patio.

  179. I’ve already planted my container garden. My next spring project is going to be to paint the walls in my powder room, so I can decorate a large shelf with vintage hangers, I found at consignment!

  180. Can’t wait to read this book! This spring I am attempting to totally renovate the outside landscaping — YIKES — on our new home.

  181. This mag looks great! My next project is tearing out the carpet and refinishing the wood floors in my upstairs hallway. Along with that, I am painting, replacing the light fixtures and updating the trim. Whew!

  182. I’m in the middle of finishing roman shades for the bedroom, and next I have my sights on making some for the living room. It’s 6 windows total – so I have my work cut out for me! I posted a little in-progress sneak peek at the ones in the bedroom today. :) It’s definitely been a learn-as-you-go situation!

  183. My next project is to double the size of my veggie garden from last year and build a chicken wire fence around it to keep the animals out. :0)

  184. I need to clean out the garden, we are having an unbelievably early spring. My job is to plant some cat grass for my fur friends and to plant lots of basil, parsley and cilantro for me!

  185. my next project is updating a bunch of end tables, bed frames and dressers with paint! Can;t wait to get started

  186. Too many projects! A tiny beach house with a tiny bedroom that barely fits the bed . . . lots of saved finds that my husband hates having lying around taking up space . . .HELP!

  187. My next project will be stenciling my BR walls and then over glazing, all in white. I think it will really lighten things up in there.

  188. My next project is painting my daughters’ dressers for their bedroom. We have to decide on a color scheme!

  189. My spring project is to add a fresh coat of paint to my walls downstairs and plant some new inspiring flowers and a bradford pear tree in the front yard!

  190. I’d love to win. ONE of my spring projects is making new curtains for my living room and dining room. (And maybe some pillows out of the left over material).l

  191. My “spring project” is to make a waterfall and a patio…we stopped at a granite countertop store, and have unlimited “pieces” of scrap granite….we are going to make a faux flagstone patio by turning the pieces of shiny countertops over and exposing the rougher granite side….and fill the cracks with the sandy cement stuff that you water and it hardens. LOTS of work, but it will be so pretty when it’s done, and at a very low cost!

  192. My next spring project is to re-do our patio. I’ve been shopping for an outdoor rug and new chairs, but haven’t purchased anything yet. Still looking online and in stores!

  193. I will be readying and planting my herb and vegetable patch. Can’t wait to dig in the dirt after my morning coffee in our community garden patch.

  194. Kate
    I’m eager to work in the garden and plant some nasturtium seeds as well as do some trimming and clean up. The past two weekends had rain and cool weather deterring me but next weekend I’ll be in the garden.’

  195. i have a few spring projects. one is finishing up doing some Easter projects to give a way and too i have some gardening to do, then some painting to get done by may. so i will be busy this next month.

  196. So many projects, so little time… :) I did just get a new planter, so I think I’m in the club of getting my nails dirty and planting some succulents to spruce up the entry. So ready for Spring!!!

  197. Well first assembling the new trampoline for the kiddos, then spray painting my “mid-century” freebie kitchen chairs white since I can finally do it outside if the rain stays away!

  198. After putting up a new “elbow wall” privacy screen, on my front patio this year…. it is due to be painted. The re-spray painted swing chair is going to be decked-out in bright cheery new mattress and cushion covers, as are the two side chairs.
    Spring has sprung the grass is ris…. I wonder where my paintbrush is ?? LOL

  199. Re-doing some landscaping that we recently had to tear up. So thankful for our unsually beautiful weather!

  200. A pretty easy one – spray painting some iron chairs pimento red! Striped yellow new seat covers put on with a stapler. Easy fix, bright colors, makes me happy.

  201. Spring project -I made a colorful quilt for my king-size bed so to do it justice we’re replacing the carpet & painting the walls!!

  202. Our patio set is getting a makeover, with new paint and new cushions. Hope no black widow spiders decide to get in on the action!

  203. My first project is to spruce up the front of my studio, dig out the weeds, plant flower seeds and place an old rocker with fresh potted purple petunias in the seat by the front entrance. Then on to more landscaping.

  204. My first project this Spring is to pack up the house so we can remodel from top to bottom.

  205. The first project is to repaint our front room and dining room gray. We’re adding bright white crown molding, and repurposing some old dining chairs with blue and gray damask. I landed on this site looking for good examples of repurposed furniture, because I have a side table I got for free that I want to paint royal blue to go in the dining room!

  206. I am going to freshen up by back patio by painting some of the wooden chairs, plant the large moss-covered plants that sat empty last year and stain the deck

  207. My next spring project is a vegetable garden for the kids. We had one in the back yard a few years ago but as the kids got older they needed more room to run and kick/throw balls without worrying about smashing the veggies. We have a nice sunny spot in the sideyard that should work. I haven’t decided the specifics yet though.

  208. That book looks amazing! Aside from spring cleaning, my first project is to revamp an 80’s laminate nightstand that has seen some better days. It will be my first furniture painting project!

  209. I plan to make my backyard patio an oasis with new furniture, firepit and plants.

  210. Taking a huge armoir that I “garbage picked” a few years ago and taking it outside to build some new doors and try some new fance paint techniques! Yay spring!!!

  211. My spring project is to finish up some furniture pieces and finally get them into an antique store so I can sell them!! Yay!!

  212. We have lots of spring projects as I’m getting our house ready for company when my son graduates from HS in June! Painting the downstairs, mini-makeover in the kitchen, spiffing-up our screened porch, updating some lighting in the master bedroom, mini-family room makeover. Whew…lots more than I realized…but I’m excited about all the updates! :)

  213. Spring project: Get the backyard ready for my son’s HS graduation party! Planting, cleaning, purging. It will take the entire spring to get ‘er done.

  214. Definitely painting my boys bathroom! It’s currently painted a psychedelic orange! Gives us a headache!

  215. My next project is planting my Sweet William seeds, just as soon as it stops raining. I’m not far from you Kate, in Salinas, we’re getting lots of rain this weekend.

  216. Yay for perfect weather for projecting in my driveway! Today’s spring projects: sanded, primed, & started painting a thrift store find… spray painted a garden stool in shiny silver… and discovered baby artichokes in my garden.
    If we get the forecasted rain tomorrow, I will move to paper and craft protects: cutting paper butterflies for my spring gallery wall, finishing the lavender balls, and cutting the stencil for a fun tabletop.

  217. I am going to design and set up a crafting room with lots of shelving and cubby holes for yarn. I have been collecting shelving and storage units from resale shops. This will be a spring project for a big stash.

  218. I have a long list of projcts I want to complete this Spring. However, new window treatments for all my living spaces (dining room, breakfast nook and family room) tops my list of things I want to complete before Easter.

  219. I would really love to win this Flea Market! I think Mr. Mead is so inspiring and I have always enjoyed his work. I have already sown my seeds (with the help pf my 4 & 6 yr. old boys!) and am patiently waiting for them to grow big enough to transplant. I guess this means my next spring project is weeding the flowerbeds!

  220. Hi. This book looks great! My next spring project is to paint a vintage luggage rack a shade of creamy, coastal aqua. I am toying with the idea of replacing the antique yellow ribbon “slats” with green webbing for a really fresh look. Thanks!

  221. Where to start…I’ve got lots of projects on the list, outside I will be re-doing the flower bed in front of the house. Inside we are working on my son’s big boy room, followed by updating the nursery for the baby boy on the way!!! Lots to do!

  222. Hi Kate. This book will be a purchase when it comes out (unless of course I win it here… ;) ) Today I’m finishing up some chairs (hint: Apple green spray paint and white/yellow chevron fabric… Love) and going to try my hand at making DIY mercury glass vases. Thanks for sharing this book with us!

  223. I just started working on covering my worktable in my craft building. It’s gonna take awhile, but it will be worth it in the end! Then, it’s getting the porch cleaned up and decorated :)

  224. My first spring project is to plant some beautiful flowers at the base of our driveway so it’s the first thing I see when I come home and the last when I leave!

  225. Our seeds are already germinating (yay!) so our next spring project is going to be painting some furniture we scored at Goodwill and ReStore (a banged-up round oak kitchen table and a Scan-Design wall unit). :)

  226. Time to do a little sewing and repurposing. Making a ner Dog Bed out of a canvas stripe shower curtain that I found new at Goodwill for $3. My pal will be Happy!

  227. My next spring project is going to waxing the hutch I painted using chalk paint. It’s the first time I have ever refinished furniture, and I’m both excited and worried about it!

  228. My next spring project is to create a herb garden for my apartment. I have deep window sills in our old century home apartment and I m planning on the herb garden to sit between the inner window and the screen. Can’t wait for fresh herbs!

  229. Actually, I have two, and inside one and an outside one. I am cleaning out closets and drawers, inside (a huge project) and I am cutting back, or down, a lot of overgrown landscaping in the front of our house and putting mulch down.

  230. my next spring project is painting my kitchen cabinets…..also, if it’s a girl, it’ll be doing the nursery!!

  231. Well…I found this chandelier in the trash…talented hubby fixed the wiring…semi-talented me is going to spray paint red…crystals have been ordered (e-bay) and it will hang…in our boathouse. GO Spring! franki [email protected]

  232. Oh my, I have so many spring projects, not sure what I am going to be able to get to first! Hopefully it will be my daughters. Edeoom while she is visiting her grandparents for spring break!!

  233. Well I just found out this week that I am getting a parcel at the community garden in my city after waiting on the list for about 8 months. That is my first spring craft, to get my garden planted and learn about composting from the kitchen. Very excited.

  234. My next Spring project isn’t outside! My son just got his own room and wants me to paint a mural on his wall-whoo boy. Wait, it gets better, he wants the door to the mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings on it.
    A garden would be soooo much easier.

  235. My spring project is cheering on my son while he builds me a chicken coop! I have wanted chickens for years, and finally my dream is coming true! Thanks for this giveaway!

  236. We are painting, ok well we are having some painting done…it’s too much to tackle by myself! But, we are making the sheetrock repairs before the painter comes, so it’s still a project! I will be redoing my master next! And finishing our playroom built-ins! And…holy cow, I gotta get busy!!!

  237. We will be planting lots of new plants.New windows going inyo sunroom so painting and new decorating projects. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  238. My fiance and I are going to turn our plain, ugly concrete slab of a front porch into a warm and comfortable enclosed porch/sun room! This is my most exciting project to date and I have found TONS of inspiration from your blog and Pinterest. :)

  239. My spring project is to paint my foyer and install board and batten. I am so excited! :)

  240. I’m on the hunt for some new plants this spring. And i need to do some spring cleaning!

  241. After rearranging the under-deck patio, and maybe hanging curtains at the corners, I need to sort and priortize my refinishing projects before it gets too hot and hunid.

  242. So many…it’s a little overwhelming. Spring clean, upcyle flea market finds, prepare vegetable garden,….experience/do something new

  243. My next Spring project is to finish up the curtains for the master bedroom! And a few new pillows too. After our major remodel and all new paint in the house, I’m having fun with a few new curtains and pillows all through the house. Thanks for the opportunity to win the magazine!

  244. My Spring project is completion of the nursery for Baby #3. Four short weekends remain until delivery day. Help me, Mr. Mead!

  245. I plan to decorate my front porch for spring/summer with lots of plants and flowers and recycled furniture and other cool finds.

  246. We just bought a house and we’re in the process of renovating. Our spring projects are: redoing the hallway bath, stripping wallpaper (the worst thing in the world…), putting hardwood down in the whole house, and painting.

  247. My Spring projects all revolve arount paint. I have a great vintage 5 drawer chest to paint for my son’s room. We’ll do that together! Then I have three vintage pato chair that are crying out for bright beach colors in blues and greens. And, my son and I will finally get to his good old fashion go cart (shades of the Our Gang Comedy). I love paint!!!!

  248. My plans for Spring is to get my garden started, I like to plant lots of vegiesand tomatoes. thanks

  249. I have this flowerbed area in my backyard that I am going to do a makeover on. I used to make fairy gardens. Think I will turn it into something like that. I need something fun to do!

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