Spring Porch + Curly Willow Wreath

By Kate Riley March 26, 2012

Hey everyone, thanks for all the thoughtful comments on the purpose filled home post, I’ve read every one, I really appreciate your fantastic insight!  I finally got that patch of sun I was waiting for all weekend long, so I was able to get my hands dirty with some new plantings for the front porch. 

I replaced the dying Italian cypress with these pretty blue Potato Bush topiary trees and some ‘Glamorama’ pansies.  Out of storage came the outdoor medallion pillows I’ve had for two summer seasons (found at a local garden department).  The striped ones are these Esther pillows found on sale at Joss & Main.

potato plant tree in urn

blue potato bush

glamorama pansies


Other porch plantings include Stock, Azalea, trailing Calibrachoa, and blue Senetti.  The peacock blue and bright green pots are from last year’s summer outdoor table.

left side of spring porch

spring porch right side

stock in blue green pot

spring front porch urns


I made a quick wreath for the front door – I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, I didn’t want anything too bulky, but I remembered a friend of mine has a huge curly willow tree so she clipped some branches at my request and I made a natural wreath out of them with some supplies on hand.  Cheap and easy! 

curly willow wreath supplies


First take an ordinary wire hanger and make it round like I did with these fresh rosemary wreaths.  Then using floral wire, twist a few of the larger branches around the wire form and secure them with floral wire – leave a little room to fit a few more branches inside then clip away any excess wire. 

use floral wire


Weave smaller branches in and out of the larger branches secured with floral wire to form an organic shape.

weave branches


Leave all the tendrils flowing and natural . . .

loose and natural curly willow wreath


. . . or embellish with ribbon and tuck in some faux Easter eggs to welcome spring.

curly willow spring wreath

Whimsical, natural, perfect! 

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  1. Beautiful wreath! I was going to buy one this spring but maybe I’ll try my hand at making one, thanks to you! I also love those pillows.

  2. Everything looks so pretty. I had a lightbulb moments too of spraying my worn plastic pots white like the one with the beautiful topiary and pansies. So nice.

  3. So pretty! I can’t believe you got all those flowers for $40! What a great deal!

  4. That wreath is so pretty!!! Makes me want a willow tree AND a wreath! How creative you are, darling!

  5. How pretty! Are the potato bushes pretty shade tolerant? I have 2 urns I’ve been wanting to fill with topiaries or standards to flank my North-facing french doors and something with color would be a bonus. The “North-facing” part of the equation is holding me up. Pretty much zero direct sunlight. Love your blog, btw! I’m your neighbor over in Vacaville :0).

    • Hi Kaylyn, we have those Potato Bushes in our front (northeast facing) and back (west facing) garages. They like a little sun but not too much – our porch does get morning sunlight so I *hope* they’re happy there.

  6. love your beautiful porch!!!! sweet wreath, too!! What color is your front door painted? so pretty.

  7. beautiful, as usual!!! love the porch and the wreath,, what color is your front door painted? thanks.

    • Yes Kathy that 3M hook has lasted me a few years, amazing! As long as the wreath is not too heavy it holds!

  8. Fabulous! My favourite colours – purple and green. I see that you have repainted the urns white – looks much nicer than the grey.

  9. Ahhh I love your porch colors. Very springy!! Your urn with the blue potato bush topiary is awesome. I always love pots and urns that have contrasting color in them.

  10. Gorgeous! You have inspired me to get out there and spruce up my front porch. The trim around your front door and side lights is so grand. Have you thought of painting them white?

  11. I love when your super great posts have lots of links to older posts! Like the paint post a while back. You have sooo many great posts I don’t normally find while looking around your blog. I am so excited to try the willow wreath, Simple inexpensive and beautiful. Really enjoyed seeing some of your past wreaths following the links AND the garden ideas party. Do you do this every year? So cool. Pretty please do one this year!

    Love everything about your front porch. Beautiful girl!

  12. It all looks like it came right out of a magazine. Just perfect.

    Does your porch get a lot of sun? Mine faces North and due to an overhang, doesn’t get much sun at all. Therefore, no pretty flowers for my porch. Hanging ferns do well, tho.

  13. How neat. I love the wreath. Here in Canada the snow is just beginning to melt. I can’t wait to get my front door decorated!

  14. Love this!!! I’m always green with envy when it comes to your front porch. It looks so classy yet inviting! I love everything you did – the plantings, the colors, the PILLOWS and the wreath!! All adorable!!

  15. What great photos … Kate sometimes when I read ur posts I feel like I am flipping through a gorgeous magazine!!!!! :) I have been reading and not commenting so aiming to change that! With the door wreath, I LOVE the added touch of the eggs to it.

  16. Kate I love the blue Potato Bush topiary. They look similar to Petunia’s which I love. I wonder if these grow in New York too. I would love these on my front stoop. I love purple. Great combination. :) Love the wreath too. Now I want to dig in the dirt and have pretty flowers on my front stoop. Hopefully our weather will become a little more consistant, but today we have winter coats on. The other day it was 70. Thanks for bringing your Spring to my screen. I’ll just look at your pretties until I have my own pretties. ;)

  17. Your porch looks gorgeous! I just want to come grab a seat and read a book there. It’s very inviting! And love the wreath.

    -Erin Spain

  18. Oh wow. Just wow! Makes me want to do something with my porch. We have so much to do inside, though, the porch is going to have to wait a while …

  19. A lovely post to brighten up this rainy day we’re having today! Your porch looks beautiful, Kate. Such a nice touch of spring and gorgeous colors together. I’m praying for a dry day so I can get out into the garden. I got a little done last week!

  20. Kate…this is so beautiful! I really love how you spray painted the big urn white, that really shows off the pansies. Mine is painted black, and it does’t show the plants as well. This looks really nice, I would almost think I was looking at a porch in South Carolina!!! Everything looks great as always!
    Much love

  21. It must smell wonderful with the stock and gardenias in those pots!

    It looks absolutely wonderful! My front door is in shade; a challenge for certain. I had forgotten that gardenia does well in the shade in hot areas. Hmmm. . . . I may have to look into that!

  22. Hi there,
    Quick question, I love the natural looking carpet on your front porch. Ours is similar, with urns on other side of the door. What happens to the rug when the pots drain their water? Is the rug new? Anyway, it looks great!

  23. I love curly willow – it is so interesting with its twist and intricate branches. You’re so creative and I just adore the idea of the eggs and ribbon for a change up. I have to get some curly willow and get this made. Thanks for sharing.

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