Pedestal Table with Overlays

By Kate Riley February 20, 2012

Hello hello, happy Monday to you! Hope your weekend was swell, we didn’t do much other than little things around the house, but I did finish up an end table project I started a week ago.

I was able to complete this makeover with a product I heard about last year called Overlays. This fretwork product is so smart and I was dying to try it out – it allows you to take an ordinary piece of furniture and personalize it with a patterned design to turn it into a one of a kind.  Hello, speaking my language now.

So I found a little black pedestal end table at Marshalls last year for $49 – a solid wood piece and a classic accent table, but I wanted to jazz it up.  I sent a request to the innovative ladies behind Overlays to customize a Lola pattern for me and within a week I had my custom sized overlay shipped to my door.  With it I was able to take this basic black end table and add that extra detail to make it my own personalized pedestal table.

pedestal table with overlays before and after


It was a quick makeover, first I primed the table with my fave spray primer Zinsser Cover Stain and also primed the overlay with the same.  When it was dry I spray painted the fretwork overlay with a favorite golden spray paint.

primer and paint

Next, I painted the table with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic enamel paint in ‘Oyster Bay’ and when it was dry trimmed my Lola Overlay and used Q-tips and Liquid Nails to attach the trim  to the table (the white is the back, the gold is the front).

qtips and liquid nails


kates overlay pedestal table cg

There are so many patterns to choose from, here are just a few.

overlays on stairs

overlay patterns


Many fit existing IKEA furniture, plus you can customize them with a special order to the dimensions of your piece.  Here are a few more examples of how you can apply fretwork to furniture or mirrors to make it a focal point in your space.

fretwork overlays

I’m a huge fan!

Check out even more examples here.  Good only this week through Sunday February 26th, purchase some for yourself and save 15% by using the code CENTSATIONAL

For a chance to get your hands on some complimentary Overlays, the lovely ladies Danika and Cheryle behind this innovative business are giving away two $75 gift certificates to their shop.

Eligibility to win one of two $75 gift certificates to Overlays:

1.  Leave a comment telling how you’d use your Overlays, on a mirror, a cabinet, a piece of furniture, a wall?

2. For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Twitter or Facebook and leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Two winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Wednesday February 22nd at midnight PST.  By entering this giveaway, you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners:  #244 Becky C. and #451 Tricia N., both received an email from me, congrats!




  1. what a great idea! i would use an overlay for a mirror project for our family room or for an end table. the choices are endless…

  2. I’ve been dying to use this product! I think it would look great on my entry way table.

  3. I love the idea of the overlay inside a window. we have one side window that looks out at a neighbors ugly roof. this would be a great soluntion to let in light, but have more “flair”

  4. I would use it on a dresser in my daughter’s room to add some fun. The overlays are such a great idea!

  5. My guest room Ikea headboards NEED this. I live in DC and have lots of friends/family come to visit during the spring and summer. I am always a little embarrassed about how boring my guest room is so I have been working on jazzing it up. This would be the crowning touch!

  6. I would use o’verlays for my daughters dresser. She has the white malm dresser from Ikea and it leaves a little to be desired. O’verlays would do the trick for sure!

  7. Ooooh! I just aquired an old dresser that I will be repainting and this would be a neat idea to add a little flare! Pick me!

  8. I would use them on the BOOOORING malm dresser my husband insisted on putting in our room!!

  9. I would love to try the overlay on a dresser in our master bedroom. I think it would be perfect! Thanks for sharing such a great product:)

  10. I’d love to use an overlay on dresser drawers, like in the pictures. I have the perfect dresser for it!

  11. Just bought a hutch from craigslist and would love to try the overlays on the cabinet doors to replace the outdated wicker insets!

  12. Beautimous! You took a nice, but plain pedestal table and gave her a new, modern look. Love it! My mom is pushing my old dresser on to us b/c she wants to get rid of it. I think it might be a candidate for overlays on the drawers. It actually belonged to my mom in the 60s, so it has a pretty dated look to it right now.

  13. I would make a pedestal table similar to yours for my new granddaughter’s nursery. I love your table!!

  14. The toilet is always such an eyesore. I would love to try and use the overlays on the toilet tank to spruce it up!

  15. My husband and I are planning on building a console table for our entry way, and I’d love to use one of these for it!

  16. First — I love what you did! That is a great way to change up that table. I am new to overlays so I think I would use it on a piece of furniture or a mirror! I don’t know! I just think this overlay stuff is AWESOME!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I’ve been scouting out my local Home Goods for a pedestal table just like that! And I love the overlays and really want to win. I would use them on an old mirror or perhaps be a total copy cat and use it on my future pedestal table!

  18. My mind went immediately to using Overlay on a window (as in a grille). I think that could look spectacular!

  19. Oh! I’ve been eyeing up purchasing an Overlay for a while now. My son’s dresser could use a makeover, and these would be perfect!

  20. I have a huge mirror that is just screaming to be “Jazzed-Up”…..and flaw that needs to be covered. Or maybe the plain jelly cupboard that has been partially painted for 20 years…..I think I need to finish that project!

  21. oh my i need this product. i have a cabinet that is screaming for a touch of something, and this would be way better than painting it on.


  22. That pedestal table really turned out beautifully. Some of the pieces I’ve seen are a little much for me, but this is really nice.

  23. The pedestal table looks fantastic. I’m not sure what I would use the overlays for, but I would find something that needed a little extra jazz.

  24. Ikea Hemnes Dresser. Nice dresser for the price, but another Ikea Hack. I just painted mine Hacienda Tile from Valspar. Against a charcoal grey wall, it’s awesome. But even now when I look at it, there is something missing. Would an overlay be awesome for the dresser? Holy crap yes!

  25. Those overlays are brilliant. I would use them on a small accent wall or my daughters dresser which is so boring right now.

  26. This is a great product! I would use it on my hallway cabinets, which are in desperate need of a makeover.

  27. Love the greek key pattern!! I would use it to jazz up a plain white mantle that we have. And the prices seem very reasonable too. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I’ve had my eye on Overlays for some time. I’d probably use them on a dresser, though I love the way you customized your table. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I would use these on my kids’ dresser, we are in the process of updating their boy / girl nursery into a big kid room and man, it is hard to find things neutral enough for them!

  30. Awesome! Off the top of my head I can think of a few places; master bedroom dressers, entry mirror, office wall, office mirror, office cabinets, bathroom vanity….These will be fun!

  31. Love these unique ideas! I would use the overlay that is on the third step from the top and place them on two side panels to make a interest creating wine cabinet. I posted a like of the Overlays on Facebook this morning. Hope I win!

  32. I have been dying to do something on the window in my bathroom (it’s one of those slightly opaque styles you can’t see through.) This would be the perfect detail!

  33. I love the simplicity of your pedestal table! I would probably use an overlay on a dresser and always have loved the Greek key design!

  34. Wow! The table looks great! I love what a rich look the Overlays give to a basic piece of furniture. I’m working on a bookcase right now that could really use the benefit of instant architecture that Overlays lend to furniture. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  35. I want to use it on the bathroom mirror to make it nicer (currently it’s one of those without a frame…)

  36. I’ve got an IKEA Malm dresser that could use some character. Thanks, Kate, for this opportunity!

  37. These overlays are beautiful and there seems to be no end to their creative use. Props to the smart ladies who came up with this idea and best wishes for their success! There’s a boring bookcase here, just crying out to be trimmed up with one of those fabulous patterns. Beautiful job on that pedestal table, too!

  38. I’d love to Harperize a Rast dresser. I’m thinking of the dresser Kate made for a friend’s nursery in two shades of light sage green – something like that for the base color and to paint the O’verlays.

  39. Please enter me in this contest. I just refinished a side table and a coffee table. Both pieces are begging for some more detail. Thanks!

  40. So gorgeous!! I would LOVE to use this on some hand me down furniture and give it my own spin!! : ) – Thanks!!

  41. oooooo love that! especially that pattern on the little blue dresser…would love to find a thrift piece and dress it up as a tv stand in our basement renovation!

  42. I actually bought a Rast Ikea Dresser this weekend and am going to paint the dresser white lacquer and then use O’livia overlays and paint them gold. This master piece is going to go in my guest room next to my green and white bamboo Matouk Bedding. I can’t wait to get started!!!!

  43. How much do I love these?! I’d use them to modernize the beadboard in my bathroom and perhaps for a window shutter.

  44. I have had these bookmarked for about 6 months. I just love them! I would love to find some night stands to dress up with these!

  45. I would use them on the Ikea Malm dresser I have in my bedroom! or maybe on my ikea dining room table…

  46. I just found this product myself and I am in LOVE! I see so many uses but I would start with decorating furniture. Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. I’d redo a dresser that’s been sitting in my kids bedroom waiting for the past 8 months. :)

  48. I just discovered O’verlays this weekend. I would love to used them on bedside tables in our master bedroom. Thanks!!

  49. I have the Ikea LAIVA desk and bookshelf unit. These two pieces need some jazzing up. The LOLITA 2″ would be the perfect choice spray painted brushed nickel against the black-brown finish.

  50. I am in love with the overlays!! Would love to use these on a credenza for my living room.

  51. I would use the overlay to redo my daughter’s dresser. We are in the process of taking her room from “girl” to “teenager” and this would be an AWESOME addition to her bland dresser she has had since she was 3. LOVE IT!

  52. I love the overlays! I have this drab little cabinent that has 2 doors on the front and a slide tray that holds my lap top. It is basic black and functions as a end table in my living room. It is in serious need of some jazzing up and the overlays with a new paint job would beautify this piece! Thank you for the opportunity!

  53. I just looked at Overlays last week! We bought Billy bookcases to put in our living room (inspired by your built-ins) and added the doors for some concealed storage. The doors are a little plain and something from Overlays would give it a little zing!

  54. Oh my goodness, i have a console table that I’ve been so lost about what to do with. It was just missing something, this would be perfect! The only issue would be what style id want to use!

  55. I’m in the process of painting half bath cabinets and would definitely put these on the mirror painted to match the cabinets…it would be perfect!

  56. I love these overlays! I would use one on my dining room walls below the chair rail to give the room some added “oomph”. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I love your table, it looks great! I would definitely use these for my night table – it needs some serious personality!!

  58. I would love to use these at my husband’s office! It needs a little something in the kitchen and I think these are it!

  59. This would be a brillaiant addition to the dresser drawers in my master bedroom. Ive never seen anythink like this- I’m in love!

  60. I have a very modern looking dresser that needs some embellishment, so I’d use these for the fronts of the drawers.

  61. I have a dresser that I got when I first moved into an apartment about 10 years ago. It was from an unfinished furniture store, and when I told the salesperson that I wanted to stain it mahogany, he gave me a can of stain. Or so I thought. Dang thing ended up just blah brown, and more like a paint than a stain. I have been wanting to do something to change up the look for quite a while. This would be perfect for it!

  62. I would love to add an overlay to my bland vanity mirror. If I won, though, I’d be tempted to buy an old dresser to re-do with overlays, though!

  63. I just recently re did my master bathroom, and framed the mirror, but it is rather plain looking. I would LOVE to put some overlay on it to make it more unique! Thanks for sharing!

  64. Inspired idea! I’d incorporate them in my new grandson’s nursery. Thanks for the give away…..

  65. Create 2 matching mirrors for beside the bed! I thought for sure it’d have to buy each individual piece somewhere and stick it all on. This is a dream!

  66. Oooo….this is SO cute! Love the color of the table and the overlay you chose. I could use some fretwork on a plain dresser or even to highlight one kitchen cabinet!

  67. I would totally copy this post and add it to a pedestal table. I have been searching for the right table already!

  68. Looks beautiful! I love this product and the service is great. We had a cheap oak gas fireplace with a cheesy wooden appliqué on it that I thought was a lost cause. I painted the fireplace white, pulled off the appliqué and replaced it with a custom sized Ov’rlay and it looks fantastic. It looks like a whole new fireplace and completely changes the look of the room.

  69. My daughter’s IKEA Hemnes dresser would be so cute with some overlays! What a great idea to make your piece extra special.

  70. I woud totally use them on new built in bookcases, for the new window seat. It would almost be as cute as your table.

  71. What a beautiful way to customize a boring piece of furniture. I really need two side table in my master bedroom and have stalled trying to find affordable interesting pieces. I see so many possibilities with Overlays!

  72. This is so incredibly brilliant that I just can’t stand it. Gorgeous, Kate! I think you crashed their website, because I can’t get it to load. I’m definitely going to be checking it out later, though. Incredible idea!

  73. I’ve been eyeing these since they were introduced. I love that you a) ordered a custom design and b) used it on something besides an Ikea product. I think I would use them to co-ordinate a few craigslist finds into beside tables for our bedroom. Thanks!

  74. Oh how I would love to win!!! We are currently trying to turn an antique buffet into an Entertainment Center and I think this would be the perfect finishing touch:)

  75. Amazing, Kate…. it looks seriously fabulous.

    I would use the Overlay to redo a piece of furniture… but I can’t decide what, maybe a dresser or a set of nightstands.

  76. I love the O’livia ones and would love to use it to jazz up our two Malm dressers. It looks really cool on the mirrors too.

  77. I have a dresser that could definitely use a little sprucing up with one of those overlays! LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea:)

  78. I’d use the Gigi ones to doll up my Ikea bedside tables. It’s such an easy and pretty solution! And I love the Gigi pattern.

  79. I think I would add it to some open shelving to add some pop! Never heard of this before your post- thank you so much for introducing me to it!

  80. Your accent table looks amazing! I have a similar table that could use a makeover so I would probably do something along the same lines you have. Great idea!!

  81. So darling! I would so love to use one on a mirror to give it a little sophistication and specialness!

  82. Ohhh I’d love to win this giveaway! The IKEA dresser I’ve had since college which is now in my guest room is in serious need of a makeover–and this would be perfect!!

  83. I can think of about a bazillion things I’d want to do with this. Maybe #1 would be to dress up my bedroom dresser.

  84. Brilliant! I have a blah old ikea dresser in the guest room that I would love to spice up! How fun!

  85. First off I love you makeover! Your photos are to die for. I appreciate them so much more now that I am a blogger. Your photos always look like a Better Homes & Garden set. I think I might make over a dresser sitting in the basement.

  86. Wow! The possibilities are endless, especially since sizes can be custom ordered. How about a beautification project for an ugly door? Or, adding it to a plain jane frame? etc., etc., etc…………Kudos to Danika and Cheryle. Thanks for a great product.

  87. I love these. I found these a while back and can’t wait to get my hands on some. I am planning to use them on my bedroom dresser. I love how you used them on your table great job as always. Lesley

  88. I would put it on the fronts of my dresser. Right now it’s just too modern in the unfriendly way, but I got it used and it’s the perfect size.

  89. Oh, how I love Overlays! Where to use? where Can’t you use is the question. I have an old tired bathroom vanity that I’d love to update. I also have a Malm that would look so much better Overlayed! I hope I get lucky! Also, I am now following on Facebook!

  90. Oh, and I am posting this on my facebook. And I promise not to be jealous if one of my friends on fb links up and wins. Spread the love, right ?

  91. I would use the caci on the front of a dresser and paint it blue or red. Very cool site! Thanks.

    ALSO.. your photography rocks. Can you do a blog day on taking perfect pictures of your home? I find this one of the most difficult subject matters. Is it my camera.. or me?

  92. I would love to win the gift certificate. I have many projects lined up. I can definitely use in 2 of my projects in mind.
    Let me check my luck :)

  93. Beautiful product. I would use it to make a three part mirrored screen for a dark corner in my Living Room. It would reflect the available light, but not be too “loud”. I really hope I win!
    P.S. The table is “centsational”!

  94. I would put them on the wall as a headboard in our small bedroom. The hard part would be deciding which pattern!

  95. I would use them on my daughters existing bedroom furniture – they are so in need of a make over to help spice things up a bit!! How exciting! Susan

  96. These are amazing…oh, the possibilities! I’d use mine to customize the cheapest big mirrors I can find. I have a wall in dire need of mirrors but can’t afford the big, beautiful ones I drool over. I can totally see making my dream come true with these!

  97. I would love to use these as chair rail for a while. It would look awesome as the frame for my builder grade mirrors.

  98. Just heard about “overlays” website not too long ago and love seeing all the different applications! I don’t think I have a piece of furniture on hand to apply one of these too, but would have no problem finding something…would love a fun sideboard!

  99. Love them! I would add them to the risers of my basement steps as soon as I finish ripping up the carpet and painting them. It would be beautiful!

  100. I have the World’s Ugliest Mirror Tiles in my (ugh) paneled family room. The tiles have been stuck there so long they will take the finish off the paneling if we remove them. I think covering them with an overlay would make them look a little more…intentional. :)

  101. I have been eying O’verlays for quite some time — would love love love to apply to rather plain armoire!

  102. I pulled an old mirror out of our attic yesterday. I’m now ready to redo it and use it in our powder room. This is a great idea!

  103. I love O’verlays and Danika’s blog is really great too! I have a coffee table in need of a makeover.

  104. First of all, I LOVE your table!!! And secondly, I am so excited to learn about these!! I know exactly what I’d use them on if I could- I’m wanting to mirror kitchen cabinet doors and I’d put these over the mirrors. However, that’s a project for when I own a house again, so for now, if I win this giveaway, I’ll stick them over a mirror I’ve got in my dining room instead.

  105. I love how these glam up a basic piece – dresser, table, planter box. Now my eyes are open for spots to put these overlays. Great post!

  106. the table looks great! I have the same one in dark brown and have thought for many months it just needs a little “something”. Fun giveaway!

  107. I have a plain gray dresser that has been begging for some special attention! I think some fretwork is just the answer Ive been looking for! Thanks for introducing this great product!

  108. I need to re-do my guest bedroom and overlays would be perfect for either the dresser or bedside tables. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Your table came out great, Kate.

  109. I’ve already had my eyes on these to use in place of crown molding in a room. Thought they would look nicer then just a wall stencil. Love these!

  110. I’d love to use O’verlays on a pair of dressers in my bedroom! In their previous life, they were dorm furniture — the ubiquitous modular/stacking kind that nearly every college dormitory is furnished with. A local college donated some of their excess stock to the thrift store down the block from me, and I scored them for half-price (only $60 for the pair!) The honey-blond wood is ugly, as I’m sure you can imagine, but they are SO solid and well-made (dovetail joints and all!) I can’t wait to refinish them when I start my bedroom makeover this spring! Hooray for giving old, unwanted furniture a new lease on life!

  111. Very cute table! I have a pretty long wish O’verlay wish list, but I think priority #1 is to hang some parallel to the old popcorn ceiling in my rented gift shoppe space with pretty fabric or paper showing through the fretwork, to pretty it up in a temporary way. The winners will be lucky ducks, whoever they are!!

  112. The table looks beautiful!! I can envision the overlays now on a dresser I have that is sorely in need of some updating. It is a nice piece of furniture, but it definitely needs a fresh look, and this product would certainly help!

  113. I want to redo old Ikea dressers I bought and use them as nightstands in our master bedroom.

  114. I’ve been trying for some time to think of something creative to do with my daughters sliding mirrored closet doors. Its not in the budget to replace them yet, so I’m thinking the overlays in the Anne style, with custom sizing, might be just the thing. Kate, any other ideas on sliding mirrored doors?

  115. Thanks for introducing the product.I have an empty wall in need of attention.Would love to use it as an artwork.

  116. I’d love to try the Overlays on either a wall or on a piece of furniture that I’m planning on refinishing (a secretary style desk). Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Amazing!! I would love to use these on a Rast Nighstand from Ikea for our baby-boy-to-be’s nursery.

  118. Thanks for sharing this, Kate. It will be perfect for the front of a storage chest I have in the family room !

  119. What a great makeover for a plain pedestal table. I’ve seen other ideas for using the Overlays, but yours was the best so far.

    I’d luv to add some spice to a drop leaf table using this product.

    Wonderful prezzie!

  120. I would use them to add a bit of fun to my daughter’s boring white ikea dresser and my basic bookshelves.

  121. On the Ikea Malm dressers…already obsessed with buying one of those dressers so I can order some of these Overlays!

  122. This is awesome!! I would LOVE to do this to the ikea dresser that’s in my daughters room!!

  123. the table looks great!! I would love to try these on a mirror. I have a yucky builder grade frameless mirror that I think would be neat to use these on!

  124. Oohhh, too many things to do with the overlays! I like the mirror a lot! My daughter’s room is in a need of a makeover too so I could see myself using them on her dresser to spruce that up and maybe on her headboard too.

  125. Your table looks Ahhh-Mazing :)
    If I were to win this lovely give-away, I would use the overlays on my little ladybug’s room makeover…she’ll be two this summer and as we start trying for baby #2, we want to give our buggy a big girl room makeover!

  126. I just bought the godmorgon bathroom vanity from ikea. I’m not sure I love the finish as much as I thought I would so I’m thinking of painting it. Overlays on the front would take it to a new level. Hmmmmm….. lol..

  127. Your table looks awesome! I would love to use the overlays to create a dressy buffet in my kitchen.

  128. I would use Overlays on an old inherited dresser to dress it up, save me from needing to buy a new one and saving it from going to Goodwill!

  129. Love Overlays! I might use it inside a folding screen frame. The lattice effect would be sublime.

  130. What a great product! Thanks for introducing this to me! I would make up some great mirrors for my ensuite!

  131. Ooo, I know exactly what I would use it for. I have a blah boring mirror in my kitchen. I would love to fancy it up with some of these!

  132. Your table looks great! I’ve never seen Overlays before but I’d love to win so I could try them out for myself. I have a very plain bookcase that would look great all spiffed up on the sides!

  133. I saw these overlays several months ago and have been thinking about them ever since. I would like to redo 2 bedside tables.

  134. I would love to use them to makeover a small boring dresser I was given several years ago.

  135. Overlays – Love this idea! I am on the hunt for a dresser or buffet to paint for the living room (to put behind the couch) and I would use the circles that overlap to class it up!

  136. What a great idea! I’ve got an Aneboda armoire thingy from IKEA that has long plastic panels in each of the two front doors. I was planning to stencil them, but I’d love to put an O’verlay in the panels instead. I think it would look wonderful!

  137. Your little table looks great! I love the gold with the grey! I have the perfect dresser that is need of a serious re-do. These would be the perfect thing to make it look updated and special!

  138. That table was decent before, but now it is fabulous! I definitely would use the Overlays for my 2 lamps in my living room…they are simple and need a bit of excitement! So excited to try them out!

  139. Thank you so much for this idea! There are so many things I can do this to in my house to add just a little more pizzazz! Thanks!

  140. Oh. My. Goodness! Kate, I love what you designed using the Overlays. Perfect combination to make that simple table something special.

    And, I’m so excited b/c just last night I was frantically scouring the internet for something special for a china cabinet makeover I have been planning and I think Overlays will work fabulously.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  141. These would be fun to use on walls or on a canvas to put on the wall even! I’m sure I can find some furniture to spruce up in a house full of hand me downs!

  142. 1 – I would use the overlays to makeover my dresser. I have an year old Malm dresser that is in desperate need of a makeover. I’d also like to makeover my fish tank stand. It is a big eyesore in my living room and something like these overlays could really make it a design win instead of a design fail.

  143. I’ve been wanting to try Overlays for months! I have a dresser that needs to be painted desperately and adding an Overlay would give it the punch it needs!

  144. They are so cool! I have a desk that really needs a facelift and this seems like just the thing.

  145. I would use it on a cornice in my office AND also create a border around the room at chair height (like a wallpaper border) !! LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘EM!

  146. I think I’d start small, using them on a mirror, but then try out a small round table similar to the one you posted about! So unique and full of detail :)

  147. Oh I love your table !!!

    I think I would try one on a chest we have !!!


    Kathy :)

  148. I would use the overlays to make over a dresser I’m using as a media stand right now. It would add the perfect pizazz!

  149. I’m working on two bedside tables that I converted from an old desktop hutch. I’ve painted them and was thinking of painting a geometric pattern on the drawers–these overlays would be even better!

  150. I’ve been looking at ideas to refinish my daughter’s dresser, that we’ve had since she was a baby, to re-use in a guest room. Overlays would be a perfect solution!

  151. i’ve been DYING to try overlays since october. i recently bought some super cheap $8 mirrors from target for my dinning room and hope to use overlays to jazz them up.

  152. This is EXACTLY what i’m looking for to jazz up my filing cabinet i’m doing a redo on! I’ve linked this up to my Facebook.

  153. I’ve got two pedestal tables in ugly oak just begging for a redo….I would love to win….jlk

  154. we recently rescued a coffee table from the curb – an overlay is exactly what it needs!

  155. Fun! I think I would do the inside of the bathroom door and or maybe the vanity! Thanks for the chance – what a cool product!

  156. I’d use it on a dresser I’ve been wanting to refinish and I think it would be great to create a piece of art with one of the patterns.

  157. I am going to use an overlay instead of the vent covers. I cannot wait to get rid of the plain jane return air covers. :)

  158. I’m in the middle of refinishing a chest of drawers, and one of those lovely overlays would look fabulous on the drawer fronts!

  159. Your table looks stunning, Kate! Really beautifully done. I would love to try these overlays on two night stands I just picked up for our master bedroom. It would add a little pizazz!

  160. I am re-doing my daughter’s room and this would be wonderful on her (otherwise a little plain!) dresser. Love this idea!!

  161. I love the use of it on the IKEA Rast dresser and also the picture frames – that’s such a unique way to use them! Love it!

  162. I tweeted about the giveaway from @ceperk! I love the idea to use them in a picture frame – what a pretty entry way piece of art :)

  163. I’d love to use the overlays to redo a dresser that I’ve been meaning to give a makeover.

  164. Wow this looks like an amazing product!!! I would love to use it on a tall dresser I have in our entry way!

  165. WOW, I have a fantastic dresser I would love to use this on, its from the 60s and has ornate feet but plain drawers, these would be fabulous on it!

  166. I am smitten. Figuring out several projects to use these on. But first, I think I would get an overlay to frame the plate glass mirror in my upstairs bathroom.
    How awesome would that look?

  167. Wow these are so cool! I would love putting some on mirrors, or just on the wall as stand alone art…maybe in a set above the bed as a mock headboard of sorts.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  168. I am working on an antique cabinet right now – just put a coat of primer on tonight! This cabinet has 4 panels down each side and 3 panels in the front – I had planned to do a chevron pattern – BUT these overlays would be a perfect answer! I so need them to make this cabinet a standout in my dining room!!

  169. Linked to my FB so all my DIY friends can have the opportunity to use this product!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  170. Your table is beautiful!! I would definitely do this on a mirror or some sort of art design. LOVE.

  171. I would have never known about this! Thank you so much for sharing, what a really fantastic product. I love the finished product. Just gorgeous.

  172. We just bought the BESTA media console from IKEA this last weekend. I would love to buy three of their Gigi square overlays that would fit perfectly over the plain wood. I have been looking at vinyl as a way to spruce up the stark contemporary piece, but these overlays would be perfect!

  173. Was so thinking of using these overlays on a lingerie chest
    that needs some revitalization! would so love this.

  174. I am planning on using o’verlays on my kitchen cabinets! I painted them white but they lacked something; I think an overlay will really make them look cool and unique.

  175. Oh wow! Now I need to find a piece of furniture to redo and put an overlay on. Those are so cool!

  176. Hi, I have a great old chest that is getting painted black. It’s got a curved front with drawers and brass handles. Hopefully it will be getting a new look with some DeeDee O’verlays!
    Danika is working with me to help with the right size and shape for my chest to get just the right fit!!
    Thanks, Danika!
    It would be great to win some O’verlays for even more projects! How exciting!!

  177. Wow, I actully saw a similar mirror like that…it will be great ifI can do it myself with an existing mirror. LOVE it!

  178. The WHERE is easy! I am in the middle of making a Murphy Bed and haven’t posted any pics as I don’t like the decorating look! I need this to help :)

  179. I’m so going to buy some of these to make my out of the box bathroom vanity unique. Thank you for sharing this amazing idea!

  180. I have a very plain blanket chest that I think would be dynamite w/ a little overlay action!

  181. These are so lovely! I saw them a few months ago and I am dying to try them out. I just purchased a used vanity that these would be perfect to use on.

  182. These are so cool! I would probably do a mirror I have, although I love your little table. Hmmm….

  183. Overlays: The mind reels with possibilities for this fabulous-where-have-you-been all my life, creation…”product” is just too boring a word for this innovation :-)

  184. I have a white dresser I would love to try this with. What a great idea. Your table looks so pretty.

  185. Hello. I would use them on the cabinet front of a slider table I just bought from a thrift store. My kitchen is tiny, so my table is in my livingroom and the cabinet hides it when not in use. It needs a little love. :)

  186. Well look at you! How fancy! Love this idea.

    Thanks to you and your blog, which I have (stalked) read for about a year, I decided to start my own. Let’s just say I am even more obsessed with you now and admire you more than ever. This stuff is hard! Thank you for the inspiration:)

  187. LOVE these-so many possibilities! Im going to use them to create a posh nursery-these will help tie together the second hand furniture I’m refinishing/painting ;) Thank you!!

  188. your table looks wonderful. I love the color you chose – plus the overlay is what makes this piece look outstanding!! Such talent. Thanks for turning me on to these overlays – I am going to check them out.

  189. I’ll never look at anything the same again. Now I look at everything to see how I can change it with overlays. Awesome idea!

  190. WOW- those are lovely! I would use it to spice up a credenza I have that needs some pizazz. I might get one any way!

  191. OMG! You have created a monster. Can’t wait to try this on a piece I have had for a while.

  192. So many awesome things could be done with these overlays, but I would have to say, I LOVE your table and would love to do the same thing to my round end table.

  193. I am building a new house…the possibilities are endless. I love it on a table and on a mirror.

  194. I’m totally planning on using these on my MALM desser from Ikea!! Would love the GC! Thanks!

  195. I’d love to put some Overlays on my daughters dresser to jazz it up. We are redoing her bedroom in purple, so maybe a navy blue would be fun w/ overlays accent.

  196. Oh these are lovely with so many possibilities. Thanks for the chance. Maybe I’d use them on the edge of my dining table or by something new to try it on.

  197. I have the perfect cabinet in my foyer that needs a little more pizazz! These overlays would definitely do the trick!

  198. The overlay adds a beautiful detail to your table. I would love to try it on the front of a chest of drawers!

  199. I’m in need of some bedside tables. Maybe I’ll find some thrift store beauties to embellish!

  200. I’ve been planning on embellishing the dresser in our guest room with wood trim moulding, but this would be soooo much cooler… I’m in love!

  201. I have a small dresser in one of my guest rooms that is in desperate need of jazzing up…the overlay would be just the ticket!

  202. I could jazz up my entry mirror with some and I have a dresser in my daughter’s room that can use updating.

  203. My husband is a pretty good beginning woodworker and has promised to build me a media cabinet for the tv. I would love to use some of these overlays on a simple cabinet to really make a unique piece for the living room!

  204. The table looks great and the Overlays may just be the answer I’ve been looking for. I’m redoing my bedroom in pale lavender with silver and crystal accents. Not only do I have two cabinets and a book case that need to be primed, painted, and blinged a bit, but I’ve been contemplating a way to add interest to the ceiling. I’m thinking the Harpers by the foot sprayed silver would be perfect for the ceiling and MUCH easier than taping and painting a border (my other idea). The large Grace squares might be perfect to transform the cabinets and the 7×14 Gracie panels could be just the trick for the cheap Target bookcase. I’d need a huge amount of the Harper to make a border on the ceiling, but I’m thinking it would look incredibly cool – especially if I use Pearl-Ex mixed with clear glaze in pale jewel colors behind each square. It would look like my room was wearing a rhinestone necklace!

  205. I would love to use overlay to create a one of a kind desk and dresser. I would mirror the front of my dresser drawers and layer the overlay on top of that to create a really glamourous dresser. And also add the overlay to my mod ikea desk to make more feminine and fun

  206. I would love to use overlay to create a one of a kind desk and dresser. I would mirror the front of my dresser drawers and layer the overlay on top of that to create a really glamourous dresser. And also add the overlay to my mod ikea desk to make more feminine and fun

  207. I would do something fun in my sewing room !
    Thank for all the great ideas .

  208. We have a Maln dresser that could use a good coat of paint and new accessories. Such a smart idea!

  209. amazing! i would use the overlays on a wall under a nice chair-rail molding to add an interesting dimension! thank you for the resource!

  210. Wow, the table looks fabulous! I have so many things I could use these on but I would probably pick a dresser in my bedroom! I’m in the process of redoing my room and this would be the perfect look!

  211. Love! I have a dresser that I scored at a Goodwill and an overlay would be exactly what it needs!

  212. Your table looks amazing! I would use them on the ikea lack tables I have yet to put together =)

  213. I would love to put this on my plain jane ikea dressers. they have a clear drawer front, and these would look amazing to dress this up!

  214. I love the look of this fretwork. I am in the process of redoing a small, but main, bathroom with very drab, and unimpressive vanity. My plan was to paint vainty, but with this fretwork I could change it into something quite impressive.

  215. You are such an inspiration! I would definately use these on a entry table and would use it to bring color into my room. I LOVE these!

  216. I would love to put something like this on an old dresser turned TV stand! I think it would look great!

  217. I am thinking that I would use this on a mirror that needs some help…the concept is brilliant!

  218. I have a bar I’m making over – I’d love to add some of the circular overlays to the front of it. Then they’d match my rad 50’s lucite chairs (with circle cutouts) a little better!

  219. I would put a strip of overlays bordering the walls in the nursery I decorated for my sons room. All along the top! It would add such a pop and amazing detail! I would also use the credit to purchase overlays to put on my boring cb2 fresca console I have in my entryway. It needs some jazzing up! Please pick me!!! xox

  220. Wow, a great way to add detail! I think I’d like to jazz up the breakfast area, creating a chair rail effect. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  221. I love the table! My daughter is getting ready to buy her first home and we are trying to figure out a headboard for her bed. We have been thinking about building something out of wood but she wants something different from what anyone else has. This is PERFECT!!! The designs we could make by applying this to plain wood are limitless and would be one of a kind. We would probably paint them silver to go with her linens!!! Thank you for bringing this product to our attention.

  222. Love these so much. I’m planning to use them on an orange mirror from Ikea (painted orange so they look like part of the architectural design of the mirror.)

  223. OH WOW! Love this. I would use this on my two nightstands in my master bedroom. I was going to paint a fretwork design on them in a metallic but this is so much better!

  224. I love this! I have a blanket chest that I’ve owned for about 20 years and it sits in my front entry. Every 5 years or so I change the fabric on the seat and paint the chest. I would love to have the overlays for that chest!

  225. I would love to get my hands on these. I would put the overlay on the head board of a four poster bed I have. I want to paint the bed silver and paint the overlay gold and place it on the head board.

  226. You are amazing! You continue to provide such wonderful resources. I’m a novice furniture refinished/painter and these overlays are amazing! Your $49 table looks more like $499! I could see them used on a headboard or a boring dresser, or a million other places! Thanks!

  227. I am so stoked about these overlays! I have coveted them and even pinned them on my Pinterest Board. I just bought a new home that I take possession of on the 27th of this month and I want to use the overlays to update my bathroom vanities. I have also thought about building wooden cornices for my two LR windows and using the overlays on them. I would be thrilled to win one of the giveaways!

  228. My daughter has two of the same side tables! Love the overlay to dress it up. I have a mirror that needs to be updated…an overlay would be perfect.

  229. Love this idea! I would use it to save a dresser that is in real need of a makeover (think rust, grime and stains from a childhood nursery). Pick me pick me :)

  230. I have bookmarked and saved the Overlays website for quite some time now. We’re planning a whole wall of Ikea Pax closets in our master bedroom and these overlays are going to transform boring Ikea into fabulous. They’d also look great on the Rast hack I am planning for a side table. Or maybe for our new baby’s nursery. That padoga would be amazing!

  231. I would love to put the cheryle overlay on my big white closet that ive had since I moved here from italy!! (15 years now?) Its an awesome condition and sturdy as hell but needs some updating! I might just take advantage of this great 15% off too!! In fact…I might wana Overlay my whole house, first the closet…then the fridge!

  232. I have so many ideas – like my builder bathroom mirrors to jazz them up or I am making my daughters headboard or those crazy eyebrow windows in my office that need some sunlight filtered – (the first thoughts to pop in my head)!

  233. I would use O’verlays on two pieces of furniture….a desk and a dresser!….i LOVE this idea!!!!!

  234. These are amazing and a great fix for a HUGE blank wall I’ve been hunting to add some pop to!

  235. Would love to use these on a dresser I haven’t brought in from the garage yet!!! LOVE!

  236. Looks so easy and beautiful!!! I have a dresser from my son when he was a baby that I would use the overlay on. Its just sitting in the basement waiting to be redone into a pretty bedside chest!!!

  237. Thank you for offering a discount and giveaway! This product is so neat. I’d love to try it on a furniture makeover!

  238. Oh! I just put a plan little dresser in the atic…going to pull it out right now!

  239. I have the SAME tables, but in WHITE. By chance do you still have the measurements so I can just call them and place my own order? i LOVE how yours turned out and my pair needs some OOMPH too :D

  240. I would use Overlays for our dresser drawers! Thanks so much, Anna, mattandanna at live dot com

  241. I want to use Overlays on the wall. I would frame a large area behind my sofa, then paint it an accent color, and put the overlay over top, to resemble of piece of artwork.

  242. I might use them in my kitchen where the backsplash would be. Thanks for the opportunity!

  243. I already have used these! On a head board and a closet door and I want more! Would love to jazz up my hall mirror.

  244. I love these! They are amazing. I would definately use them on an older piece of furnture in our breakfast room, maybe a hutch of some sort or I love the idea of a headboard being decorated in these!!!

  245. I would love, love to have some O’verlays!! I am finishing a ’60s Bassett dresser and it would look fantastic with one of those babies!!

    Thanks so much!

  246. i will spruce up my bathroom cabinets with these o’verlays! it’ll be an instant makeover.

  247. Wow Kate..These are so cool..I can’t believe how inexpensive they are..I love what you did with the table!

  248. I have a bookshelf that’s in some dire need of a makeover – This could be the perfect solution!

  249. I want to add these to an entry table and possibly over a mirror. I love them! So happy I saw this on Pinterest!

  250. Oh my gosh, I feel like I’ve been searching for something like this for a long time—but just couldn’t quite find something I LOVED! And now I’ve found it!

    The possibilities are really endless…but I would start with using the overlays on some full-length mirrors to flank our bed in the master bedroom (white frame, and white overlay).

    THEN…a similar (coordinating option on the closet doors in our master bedroom as well.

    Love love love this!

  251. Oh, I would use those overlays on a chest of drawers that need a re-do. Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. I have a similar pedestal table that I purchased 10 years ago from Kmart (Martha Stewart collection). I still use that table to this day and thought about painting it. This post definitely inspires me to do so. The overlay gives it an elegant touch. I would surely use it on my pedestal table. Did you have to sand it before priming?

  253. I would put my gorgeous overlays on an old antique wood dresser I bought at a thrift store to use in my dining room. It would really make that piece so beautiful because it has very straight lines, nothing fancy. But I like fancy!

  254. I’d love to use Overlays on a vanity I recently redid. It’s waiting for that special touch, which I think this just might be it!

  255. This is perfect! I have an light wood colored Ikea dresser that I can’t stain darker to match my other furniture because of the texture. Now that I found these I’m totally going to paint it dark purple (to match my room accents) and put a while overlay on the drawers. That is, when I can afford them or if I win! haha. Thanks for the giveaway!

  256. This is a terrific idea! Love the table, and love the idea of using overlays. I’d like to try them on cabinet to “prettify” the panels on the doors, possibly cutting out the panels entirely and replacing them with the overlays. Really cool stuff!

  257. I have a set of the pagoda’s for a mid century chest that I just primed. I also want to put some on my stair risers & over my door frame in my living room. Plus want to put the Olivia on my bathroom cabinet doors. Love them!

  258. I would do one of those mirrors with a cool fretwork overlay. I love the example you show on your post.

  259. I recently purchased a 70’s record player, stereo cabinet I’m tyring into a sideboard that is in desperate need of overlays!

  260. I would LOVE to use Overlays on my New Year’s Resolution to try to give a makeover to a piece of furniture by myself! I think I can make an office desk look really good with Overlays!

  261. I’ll have a custom Lola made to wrap around my round coffee table. I was going to just paint it white until I saw these…now it’s getting the white, the overlay and a tassel pull for the drawer. Thanks so much for this post!

  262. I would use the overlays on some furniture (dresser) that I am getting ready to paint! <3

  263. I’m about to install a “stock” barn door and these overlays could definitely jazz it up! Fabulous product.

  264. I’m dying to try these O’verlays on my Ikea dresser that we are using as a buffet. It would really add a lot to the boring piece! My fingers are crossed…..I’d buy them, but spending $100 on making the piece better, makes me just want to go buy a new buffet! The gift certificate would be very helpful!! :D

  265. I’d love to try these on my nightstands! I’ve been admiring them for a long time!! Thanks!

  266. Definitely my nightstands. I bought them second hand, and I have been trying to find a way to spruce them up. This is perfect! Thanks!

  267. I’m in the process of remodeling my guest room and rather than toss out my significant other’s childhood dresser, I’d like to give it a little makeover and this would be PERFECT!

  268. I know exactly what I would use the overlays for – to update a dresser in my daughter’s room.

  269. I LOVE these things!! I would most definitely put these on the MALM dresser I just purchased for my daughters room — spray paint them HOT pink to go with the decor of her room! I discovered these about 3 mths ago and I am dying to try!

  270. LOVE overlays!!!!!! I think it’s such an incredible idea!!! I’m dying to use them as a cornice for my bedroom…but of course I’d have to have something customer designed…hehe…hope to win that gift card!!!!!

  271. I have two dressers that I am dying to redo. Overlays would be a great way to spice things up! Now, how do I decide which one…..?

  272. YES PLEASE!! We need to redo our fireplace surround, and this is PERFECT!! It would be so classy and original looking :)

  273. I would probably use them to jazz up our future end tables. Or maybe our existing nightstands? I would definitely find a place for them somewhere!

  274. I’m so happy. My two favorite blog peeps got together to create one amazing table. I just love it. We are hoping to do a large scale custom Overlay for a ceiling in a study very soon!

  275. I Love Overlays! I was thinking about using them as a frame for my huge bathroom mirror. I think painted a pretty silver would really dress up the edges of the mirror.

  276. I think I’ll probably use it on some furniture pieces. My master bedroom is in desperate need of some pretty dressers!

  277. I recently purchased a dresser at my local thrift store that I’m revamping to use as a bar/ drink serving area in my kitchen. Overlays would add that extra oomph to make it a real focal point!

  278. I already have it planned out in my head! Two Ikea Rast dressers painted white with O’verlays painted gold used as a TV stand.

  279. I have an oval table similar to yours that I will be refinishing in the spring, I would love to use the Overlays on it. I am envious when I hear you refinishing furniture now, here on the east coast of Canada we have snow and cold! Thanks for giving us Canadians a chance to enter the contest…good luck to me :o)

  280. Kate, I love this table and the color is perfect! Should something be primed that is already painted but going to be repainted? I am going to try this!

  281. Hi Kate, A little late on this post, but I’m new in these woods! :) I really love the SW Oyster Bay on this table. In the picture it looks like a cool blue gray. On the SW website it looks quite green gray. I want to paint my butcher block island, and I will get a sample before I move forward, but just wondering about the truer color? Hoping you captured the truer color….?

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