Canvas Print Giveaway

By Kate Riley February 10, 2012

Hello hello and happy weekend everyone!  I just spent the morning grabbing all sorts of tile samples all over town for the dun dun dun… hall bath remodel!  I’m so excited to start! I’ll share some of my thoughts and plans on that project next week.

Meanwhile I have a fun giveaway for all of you this weekend who are looking for art for your walls, UPrinting is offering one of you your choice of any size stretched canvas print up to 24” x 36”. 

uprinting collage canvas prints

Eligibility to win the stretched canvas of choice from UPrinting:

1) Name what image you’d have enlarged and stretched on canvas.  Your kids, your pet, your wedding photo?  Just name it to be entered to win.

2) For a second chance to win link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

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One lucky winner, US only, free shipping, a $122 value, giveaway ends Monday February 13, 2012 at 8 p.m PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

The winner of the Decorative Pillow giveaway announced here, was it you?  If so, you received an email from me! 


Winner:  #55 Angela Bazarra, congrats, you got an email from me!




  1. We just got family pictures done. We were been married 11 years on 11/11/11. I would finally put up a giant picture of just me and my husband.

  2. I have a pile of vacation photos that are screaming to be put on canvas and showcased on the wall.

  3. a picture of my daughter the first day she was born in the hospital. it will go up in her nursery. just so i won’t forget just how small she was.

  4. I would get either a wedding photo or a scenery photo. We currently live in a tiny apartment with white walls as my husband finishes seminary. We can’t paint, so any bit of color I can add to the walls helps!

  5. I’ve been wanting to do one of these from a recent family portrait! I always get pics of the 3 kids, but never get in the pic- after finally losing some weight, I finally braved the other side of the lens. Why do we moms do things like this to ourselves? :)

  6. A picture from our honeymoon in Nantucket. We have some wonderful scenic pictures that would be perfect for our nautical-inspired living room!

  7. A photo of my kids..they are 16 and 20 and so we have fewer photos of them than when they were little. Count me in please!

  8. I’d definitely put one of DH’s and my wedding pictures on the canvas — probably the closeup of our first look.

  9. I’d definitely print a wedding picture! I just got all of our wedding pictures and we’ve almost been married two years! One on canvas would be so pretty. :)

  10. I got married this past November and our photographer was pretty horrible, so we only have one photo where my husband and I both look decent; I would love to have it enlarged on canvas in our bedroom!

  11. Years ago my sister took a picture of our family in a meadow in the Swiss alps. I would love to have this picture on canvas!

  12. Years ago my sister took a picture of our family in a meadow in the Swiss alps. I would love to have this picture on canvas!

  13. Hmm, probably a picture of my kids and me together, I have lots of framed prints of just the kids but not many of me in the picture with them. I think a family shot of us three would be perfect for a large canvas. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  14. I would love to have a wedding picture done, I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but just haven’t had the extra money to do so! Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  15. Ooooh I would love, love, love an enlargement of our only daughter in her wedding gown (2009) at the end of the hall above the new mirrored accent cabinet I received for Christmas-OMG -> divine indeed!!
    Thank you ever so very much.

  16. A wedding photo for sure – it’s been 13 years and I still haven’t hung a picture:)

  17. I would probably get a picture of the beach done on canvas. We’ve got some great ones from last summer and they’d be a wonderful reminder during our long rainy winters!

  18. I would print a great picture I have of my kids playing on a beach with the ocean in the background.

  19. I have a very tiny painting that I use for my charity fundraising (Nothing Less, Cure ALS). I would love to have it enlarged to be more prominant in my home as a reminder to have hope for a cure (I have ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

  20. I would put up a picture of my best friend and I! They are like family to me, and I’d love to see their smiling faces on my living room wall!

  21. I would have to say I would get a canvas photo of my family and I when a photographer came to our house to take a family photo. The picture is of my husband and I with our daughter, Tessa, who was 2 weeks old at the time. :) A beautiful memory!

  22. I’d love a photo of our recent trip to Kenya! It was our big pre-pregnancy adventure :)

  23. dh and I recently adopted 22 month old identical twins from China. To say our lives have changed is a gross understatement. They are Wonderful, Amazing, Incredible, and the greatest blessing ever in our lives. I would take the photo of the moment they were placed in our arms, mascara running down my face and all, print it on that canvas, and hang it proudly in our family room for all to see!

  24. Oh, I would love this fabulous photo of my partner and I in the woods as a canvas!

  25. We finally got pictures of all our girls together! It only took until the twins were 1 to happen, would love to have it on canvas!

  26. I would love to put an amazing photo of my 2 yr old daughter in a yellow sun dress on that canvas.

  27. I recently enlarged ans stretched a photo of my brother in law at his swearing in ceremony to get commissioned into the army. His wife ( my sister) is pinning on his eplates. His smile is priceless. He loved the photo on canvas!

  28. I would post a picture of the Gulf of Mexico. It was taken during a family vacation last year.

  29. I would love to get some travel momentos printed as a canvas – it has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time and this would be a great chance!

  30. I have a great pic of our dogs on the beach on our last vacation. I think I would have to make it sepia and canvas it! And I have the perfect spot for it too!

  31. We just got our family pics done and my favorite was the one of my husband and i kissing while holding 2 of our kids while the other 3 looked on in disgust…love it!

  32. I would love to have a picture of our girls when they were little from the little machine at Chucke Cheese. Wonder if it would work?

  33. I have so many pictures I’d love to display, I can’t choose! Either one of my sweet puppy, a family photograph, or one of my recent trip to Spain. I just can’t decide! This is a wonderful giveaway!

  34. My wedding photo. After seven years of marriage, we still don’t have photo of us to hang on our walls.

  35. I have a really cute picture of my kids from our family vacation to Orlando. It would look great in black and white on our family room wall. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. I would get a photo of some great old rusty trucks in a field in Oregon we took on vacation a few years ago to put in my office.

  37. Our latest family picture- we used it for our Christmas cards & received so many compliments.

  38. My husband took a great picture of a snowy field in Germany that I’d love to get enlarged.

  39. Recently I’ve realized how void of pictures of our life this house is. Loads of art, but nothing that says who lives here. A picture from our wedding–given it was four and a half years ago, you’d think I’d have noticed earlier–would be the perfect place to begin making our house feel more like our home.

  40. I would probably pick a picture of my nephews for my sister. Or purchase a photo from one of my favorite photographer friends to hang in my room. It would be a tough decision!

  41. I have this amazing photo of a sunflower with a bee on it that I took this past summer…I would love to have it on canvas to hang in the dining room table (matches the yellow theme!)

  42. Oh goodness, I don’t know how I would pick! Probably a wedding picture, though there are several pictures of our puppy that would be canvas worthy. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  43. I would love a canvas of our family for a future gallery wall project.


  44. I’d love a canvas of my baby or one of our family. That would be awfully exciting! Thanks for the opportunity.

  45. Ooooo! Would love to win this since we’re still trying ti decorate our house on a budget! Definitely would do a wedding print!

  46. We are having our family pics taken in a few weeks, so I would def get a nice canvas of the 4 of us!!

  47. I would get some updated photos taken of me and my husband! Perfect for a canvas print.

  48. Hmmm, is it horrible that I actually have a print (not a photo) that I’d like to do? I’ve had it saved for months now, just haven’t actually done it yet!

    We’re redoing our bath too! Ours is a total gut – we’re moving one and a half walls! Luckily, my father is flying in on Monday to help put everything back together!

  49. I’ve been wanting a canvas portrait of our family…I have just the picture from our most recent trip to the beach :)

  50. I think I’d do a pic of my girls when they were little. They’re growing up so quickly!

  51. Well, that’s easy — my beautiful children, of course! They are 5 and 3, and a million kinds of cute!

  52. I would use a picture of my mom’s horse… She is so pretty and would look great in the dining room!

  53. I have been desperately wanting to enlarge a picture of my 12 year old on a boat in Alaska. After three days u can see the exhaustion on his face, but also the pure joy.

  54. I have a favorite photo of my Mom taken on my wedding day. My Mom is no longer with us and I cherish that special photo and the wonderful memories of that day. Thank you for the opportunity on your giveaway.

  55. A most awesome picture of my big fat pregnant belly! Surprisingly, the picture doesn’t look bad and I’d hang it in the nursery.

  56. Yay, this is right up my alley. We have zero photos hung, and I would love a canvas of the photo of our hands intertwined at our wedding ceremony. No faces, just hands. I love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I just got this amazing image from someone on Flickr who emailed it to me for free after I offered to buy it (!!!) and it is of an old hotel that says “Hotel Woodson” (our last name) and I’m dying to have it blown up and put in our guest room!

  58. Hello. I would use a picture of a super cool motel sign in Wyoming. I took it when my husband and I were on a cross country road trip for our honeymoon. We stayed there one night and it was straight out of the seventies…we loved it!

  59. Oh! I have a pic of my 2 girls that I have been dying to get blown up! It’s of them at the beach and i love it. I would like on facbeook if I knew how! haha. I hope I win this one:)

  60. I would make a canvas print of a family picture we had taken for my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

  61. We just had a baby boy in January so I would love to have his picture on a canvas to hang in our living room!!

  62. I have a great photo of my hubs and my college age daughter. He would love that for Father’s Day!

  63. I would either get a canvas of our two puppies or of one of our wedding pictures. We have very little wall art and I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while!

  64. Engagement or wedding photo! Just moved into a new house with a lot of blank walls so this would be perfect :)

  65. I would love to have a canvas made of one of my pictures I took in Rome. The hard part would be deciding which one. I love angels and found them everywhere; in the architecture and scuptures there. One of my favorite picturese was of a weather vane with angel wings on top of a church!

  66. I have been hoping to do this but finances have been tight as we are starting our own business from home. I dream of having a canvas print of our most Sweet, romantic wedding photo to put in our bedroom. Here’s to hoping I win! Thanks for the chance :)

  67. We love canvas prints and would LOVE to update ours over the fireplace with a more recent photo of our kids. They grow SO fast!

  68. We have this great B&W photo of our family’s feet, hanging off the back of my dad’s old truck. That’s what I would have put on canvas for our living room!

  69. my dog (my baby) shaking herself after swimming in a nearby lake. her ears and fur are flying in all directions. i’m in the process of redoing my entry, and i can already see this canvas on the wall. fingers crossed!

  70. I have a shot of my granddaughters (7 and 5) holding baby alligators when they came to visit. It’s darling. And so are they.

  71. Oooh, ooh! I have my hand raised high in the air.
    I have been wanting to have a canvas of our family portrait at the beach.
    Title? Let’s see… “Pensacola Bliss”.

  72. I would choose a black and white photo of myself with my two children and two grandchildren. All of us sitting together with a beautiful background.

  73. I think I would do a family picture on the canvas, but one of just my daughter alone would be cute, too.

  74. My wedding photo since we have not made any albums or ordered any prints yet. We will be celebrating our third anniversary this year.

  75. I’d love to have a print of my son’s senior picture. Maybe I’ll miss him less when he’s off to college..? Probably not! But it would still be lovely to see his smiling (canvas) face. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  76. I would get a print of a picture of my kids
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  77. Such a great give away! I would use a picture of our dog, Chloe. She’s an 8 pound Morky and since we can’t have kids of our own, she’s the center of our crazy world! :)

  78. Oh, I feel certain I would choose a picture of my son, I just have no idea which one! (I teased my 6-yo that I’d get one made showing his baby butt in the tub, lol!)

  79. I would love to have a print of my wedding…it seems that now that we have kids, the wedding pics get lost. I have the perfect spot to put it to be reminded everyday. :)

  80. Don’t hold me to it, but at this writing, it would be our 9 rescued cats! Each one is so unique that it would be a fun and beautiful piece of art!!

  81. Doesn’t every fireplace need a huge portrait of the matriarch? Yeah…I think they need to see my lovely mug staring down from above Like in those PBS Masterpeice Classic Series…

  82. As a surprise for my daughter, I’d use a picture of my daughter hugging her favorite actress when they met in our hometown . It was part of her Make A Wish dream come true. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  83. I have a pic of my husband and I in a mini cooper that was used as a photo booth at my sis’s wedding! We are kissing and I have been dying to do a canvas wrap on it!

  84. I would love to have a canvas version of a pic of my hubs and kids and I on the beach…it came out so nice, and I’d love it in canvas! Thanks!

  85. What a neat Give Away!! We are painting our walls and will be in need of New Artwork, I would just Love to have a Canvas done with a pic of my Granddaughter!

    Thanks, Nancy

  86. We have a baby on the way, and I would love to use the canvas for a newborn picture!

  87. I would use the giveaway as a gift for one of my friends. She goes to Zambia, South Africa every year (for the past 3 years) on a mission trip at a camp for children who have been orphaned by AIDS. I would love to use one of the pictures of her with her camp girls to print on canvas. It isn’t something she could ever afford to do for herself, but would be very blessed by it. Thank you for the offer!

  88. Thank you for offering such a cool giveaway! I would love a canvas print of the sandy ripples that form in the shallow water of Pelican Lake in northern Minnesota. I would hang it my office at work so I could always be reminded of my favorite zen spot.

  89. I’ve moved away from the coast and would love to have a seascape printedcfrom my hometown!

  90. It would be a hard pick, as I love photography, but I think it would be one of my travel shots of Italy

  91. I would love to use a picture from our honeymoon to Mexico. We had a photographer at our resort take pictures of us on the beach!

  92. I would love to have a canvas print of my daughters together. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. I would love to have a picture of my son with my daughter…Taylor my son, passed away in a tradgic accident where my FIL shot him in the back. It has been 3 1/2 years and I am just coming out of my “coma” and haven’t been able to see pictures of him…it feels as though it were yesterday and way to fresh. Sometimes I want to believe it didn’t happen, but it did and now I am ready to remind myself what a wondrful gift from God he has been to me and all those who knew him. My daughter needs to be reminded of what a wonderful big brother he is as she was only 5 when it happened. Anyway, that is what I would do. I normally do not enter or post anything but I just felt so excited about the thought of my beautiful kids together would be a wonderful reminder of what use to be and can be in the future someday.

  94. I’ve always wanted to scan my kids’ painting/drawing and have them preserved and displayed this way.

  95. I would use my all time favorite Christmas card photo (last year) of my 2 children holding their skis on their shoulders as it lightly snowed ;)

  96. The wife and I just had our first baby. Have a great picture of him trying to stroke the cheek of his stuffed bear that I would love to frame.


  97. It would for sure be a picture of my grandchildren. Nothing better than that for me. I hope I win!

  98. I would have a picture made of the University of Mo campus for my son ( recent MU law school grad) for his new office — because, unlike others, I have no grand kids! ;-)

  99. I would print a wonderful picture I took of my son walking along the beach with golden retriever. The dog isn’t ours but the owners were kind enough to allow my son to play with the dog while they were on the beach.

  100. Baby number 2 is due in the middle of April and a generous professional photographer friend is doing photos for us. Would love, love to have a big photo of the two kiddos together :-).

  101. My 60 year old “significant other” surfing Maalea…the biggest wave of the day in Hawaii…what a show for the 20-something’s!!

  102. Hmm, maybe one of my husband’s photos of scenery out west. He’s had lots of opportunities to travel through work, and takes great pictures.

  103. A recent photo of my husband and his 2 sons after another completed construction project for Dad!

  104. I have an amazing shot of my senior and her basketball teammates. It was taken by a precious Mother at the Botanical Gardens. Just beautiful. I am linking to the picture :0

  105. I have a fall photo of my two girls and two dogs that I’ve been wanting to get on canvas. Thanks!

  106. I would love to enlarge one of our kids before they leave for college! (okay, they’re only 13,13 and 11) but it’s going fast!

  107. Would love a family photo …would have to look through photos and find just the perfect one !

  108. I would do a winter scene from our cabin. I’d like to have something seasonal to hang over our fireplace that we could change out as the year passes.

  109. I’m having a hard time choosing between a photo I took of fall leaves and a picture of me and my love. Hopefully I will win and have to make this touch choice ;)

  110. Probably a travel photo from our trip to Boston. Something a little abstract maybe, that could fit with any decor.

  111. I would love to print out a photo of our family on a beautiful big canvas. Thanks for the chance.

  112. I would take a really great photo of something geometric and frame it so it looked abstract!

  113. Oh my! There are a few things I’ve been waiting to get printed on canvas… some subway art I designed in Photoshop for my boys’ room, and photos of my family :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. a family photo for my mom’s house – she has been asking for one for years *sheepish grin*

  115. We did a lot of travelling a few years back. I would love to have our favorite family picture in Greece or a picture from Glacier National Park.


  116. My B/G twins are turning two – it would be great to enlarge a photo of the wrecking crew!

  117. I would love to have a photo of my brother and sister and their families printed that I took on a recent trip back home. Its one of my fave photos ever.

  118. Would love to have our family/adult children, grandangels and granddoggies on canvas. They are hundreds of miles away and their eyes smiling at me from a large canvas would make me smile all day. What a nice offer…thanks!

  119. Our family photo! I was just looking at all my canvas art work in my living room thinking that I should get a canvas family photo to match! And surprise, here’s your giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  120. I’d love to have one of my dog. She’s going to be 13 in July, so it would be so special to have this canvas of her.

  121. I have gotten really bad about taking pictures, so I’ll have to take some cute ones of the kids when…if…I win!

  122. What a great giveaway! I would have one of our wedding photos done. Its about time, we are approaching our third anniversary!

  123. I would definitely put a picture of my dachshund, Oscar, on it. He’s very photogenic;)

  124. We need a family picture in the worst way. The only family picture we have was taken when my little guy was only 2 months old. Now he’s TWO years old! Winning the canvas print would be a great reason for an updated family photo.

  125. I have the perfect picture for that. My husband and I have a series of shots from an anniversary trip that was really the best vacation we’ve ever had. Every time I see it, I remember how relaxed and happy we were then!

  126. I would love to do a canvas picture of my children… they are growing so fast! :( Son, 12 years old and daughter, 6 year old!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!! :)

  127. I’d use a picture of my baby girl and our chihuahua. It’s always a tough shot to get since the dog is terrified of the baby…

  128. i would canvas a photograph of my brand new grandson…and then give it to his mama and daddy for their front room…over their fireplace…to take the place of one-eyed willie. honest to peanuts.

  129. I would love to get a print of our family! We have grown from a family of three to four this past year and would love to have a nice picture of all of us!

  130. I would love to have my upcoming wedding photo made into a canvas print, my second choice would be a photo from a cross country road trip!

  131. I would have a shot of our 6-week old twins put on canvas–nothing like a picture of cute babies to make the lack of sleep worth it!

  132. My husband and I have ZERO wedding pictures up at our house! I would definitely do a wedding one!

  133. I would have a photo of my newest great granddaughter printed on the canvas. I have one of her in a tutu that is so precious and would love to have it on the wall. Thanks.

  134. I’d definitely use a picture of our kids from a vacation to Sedona, AZ at the Tuzigoot Monument.

  135. Our most recent family photo…there is something special about this one. I would love to have it grace our walls:o)

  136. We got married last spring and have not put any photo’s up yet! GASP! However, I have plans for a gallery wall and this would be PERFEFCT!!! :)

  137. We just purchased a new home and have a great place for a large canvas in our new stairwell… A picture of myself, my husband, and our two beautiful girls would be great there!

  138. Please…Pick me, pick me!! Two weddings (daughter and son) last summer and Sooooo many pictures to canvas!

  139. I would love to suprise my nephew Alex (18 months) with a picture of his dad to put in his bedroom. He lives in the US and his dad works abroad and will be back only in November this year. It would be lovely to have something to see his dad everyday. Love your blog and thank you for doing this!

  140. I’d Love to canvas a pictures of my two girls! I have the sweetest picture in mind.

  141. a photo of my parents and older sister from about 22 years ago. Time hasn’t been kind to it, and I’ve been meaning to have it digitally saved! :)

  142. The dog just turned five.. and he thinks he is a showpony!

    He’ll model for the camera anyday, anytime, LOL

    Would love to win this and have Boomer on canvas :)

  143. We have plans for family photos soon, so I’m sure a big canvas of the family is in our future.

  144. I would love to have one of our wedding photos on canvas – we don’t have any wedding photos displayed in our homes because we couldn’t afford prints.

  145. Omgosh…without a doubt a photo of Pie, my calico kitty! She’s the love of my life!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  146. I got a great pic of my girls last summer on our vacation that I would LOVE to put on a canvas! Thanks for the chance!

  147. Have been wanting to do a canvas print in our family room, what a great giveaway!! I would do a family picture. Thanks!!

  148. I have a picture of a peacock I took last year that I keep meaning to print out. It would look great on a canvas. Also…. always would do one of the kids. Timeless and priceless. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  149. I would love to have a picture of one of my favorite vacation places…northern MN when the fall leaves are changing colors.

  150. Looking to have this done for a picture of my two dogs. I don’t think my two adult kids appreciate their mom hanging their photo’s any longer..oh, such a sad day it is…BUT my dogs would love a place of honor!

  151. I have a beautiful photo of my two girls that I would love to have made into a canvas! Thanks for the chance!

  152. Oh, I have the perfect spot for a large canvas of my kids. In the photo they are by the pool in Florida. -their favorite place ever. It would be so great to see their happy faces and a warm background.
    Lisa (-from Wisconsin)

  153. A picture of my wife and I. We just had a third kid and need a reminder some days of why e started this journey in the first place :)

  154. Probably a wedding print for our bedroom. But I’m not sure. the husband has very strong opinions about decor and I would def want his input.

  155. My husband and I are getting a rare photo done with a photographer on Monday morning that I hope to put on a canvas and add to my new gallery wall. This will make the dimension of the wall much more interesting. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  156. Oh, I have so many pictures that I would like to have printed but I think I would have to say that I would pick one from our wedding as I only have 2 pictures form our wedding printed!

  157. I would definitely get a photo of our family for our home. We don’t have a large family photo of the 4 of us hanging anywhere and we need one badly. :)

  158. I would love a family canvas photo as we are sorely lacking in any family photos around the house

  159. I have a picture of my daughter that I would love to get on canvas and give to my mom who has been really wanting one!

  160. For 30 years I dreamed of attending the annual Balloon Fiesta in NM. This past October, my wonderful husband took me. I would LOVE a LARGE canvas of one of the photos as a remembrance of this wonderful dream come true.

  161. I would have our last family photo (July 2009) put on this canvas….my oldest son, Philip had just turned 21. He passed away unexpectedly 2 months later. Of course, this family photo is my #1 prized possession. To have it enlarged on canvas where I could hang it in a prominent place, would mean the world to me.

    I also put the link to this giveaway on my FB page:

  162. An advertisement from 1870 of my gggrandfather’s shipping business from the newspaper.

  163. I always admired these photos on canvas,Grace and Teddy our pets would be displayed.Thank You for the offer

  164. I would love to win the canvas,Grace and Teddy would be displayed -thank you for the offer

  165. I’ve taken some neat pics of the kids by an old barn and they turned out great.
    Thanks for the chance.

  166. a picture of my two children together with the twins my brother is in the process of adopting…I will soon have a niece and nephew!

  167. I would get a picture of my husband & I with our son on his first birthday. Such a fun and great memory for us

  168. I would have a picture to go on the wall above my kitchen table. I have been thinking a city scape.

  169. a gorgeous photo my dear friend took of a nearby train bridge – i’ve been wanting it on canvas for months!

  170. Definitely one of our wedding photos – Glacier point in Yosemite right before a thunder/hail storm!

  171. A photo of our family cabin. It is beautiful I have won a couple of photography contests with it.

  172. I have a photo of my 14 grandchildren that we took at the beach this last Oct. We came from 4 different states.

  173. In celebration of our first wedding anniversary (which happens to be…TODAY) I would love to enlarge my favorite wedding photo!

  174. There is a photo of my husband helping my son jump off of a stool that is very special to my husband. I would love to have it on canvas and give it to him on Father’s Day.

  175. I would choose our “first look” picture from our wedding. It wasn’t one of my favorites at first, so I didn’t get a copy of it, but now, thinking back about that day, it was such an exciting moment for us and it would be great to hang it in our bedroom to remember it by everyday!

  176. I have a beautiful picture of our home during the Fall. We live in the mountains and it is so beautiful. I would love that framed.

  177. I would have the picture of my boyfriend and I at our first Redskins game together done. It is a really good picture of us and one of my favorite memories from our first year together.

  178. A family photo to hang in my grandmothers hospital room. She loves photos and the large size would be perfect for her room :)

  179. I’ve been wanting to have a canvas print for the longest time. It would be our family portrait. :)

  180. My nieced created a pop-art style picture of my daughter which I absolutely love. I’d get that printed on canvas if I were the lucky winner.

  181. I’ve been wanting to put one of my pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge onto canvas. : )

  182. My picture choice is of my son holding my grandson – backs to the camera – looking out into the trees.

  183. our family pic, since we’ll be taking some in the next month or so! thanks for this chance to win!

  184. Hands down a photo from our newborn photography session (which I am already planning in my head, and I’m only 32 weeks pregnant, haha!)

  185. Our first baby is due to arrive in less than a month – I would make a print of one of his/her newborn photos. :)

  186. i would print a picture of my kids. Baby #3 just joined the gang and I’m excited to hang my 3 kids on the wall!

  187. My oldest daughter graduates from High school this year, so maybe one of her senior pictures!

  188. We took a family picture last November, and I’d love to see it enlarged on a canvas and hanging on my wall!

  189. The boyfriend & I have some professional shots of us from last year — with our new city as the backdrop — that we’d like to hang in our new house. :)

  190. I’ve been wanting a canvas print lately so I’d love to win! I’d probably go with one of the first pictures of me & my fiance on Bourbon St, a family picture from Xmas 2010, which is one of the last family pictures I have before my mom passed away.

  191. I have a picture of my 2 kids running down the beach that I think would look great on canvas.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. I would definitely blow up a wedding photo. I was just talking about doing that this week!

  193. I know exactly what I’d do…a photo I took last week of a pier in Mexico lined with boats. I’d put it over my bed.

  194. My grandparents will soon be moving out of the house that my mom and all her siblings grew up in… my husband and I were already thinking of mounting a photo of the house on canvas. Winning this giveaway would be perfect! ;)

  195. I have a gorgeous wedding photo I’ve always dreamed of enlarging and making it a focal point in the living room

  196. My son jus graduated from college and is moving 16 hours away from us. I’d love to have a canvas of my four sons together to love every day

  197. My three ‘young adult’ children who got together on their own and took a pic together for my 50th Birthday present :-)

  198. U woulg love a canvas of our whole family for a focal point for the gallery wall on our stairs! Thanks!

  199. This is great timing! I have a stretched canvas photo from our most recent vacation and my mom just told me she wants one exactly like it, so if I won this one I would give it to her.

  200. I have a great picture I took in the fashion distict in NYC, I would love to have it on canvas for my daughter’s room.

  201. I’m taking my husband on a trip to Southern Africa for our 1 yr ann. This will be his first trip, and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite spots with him. I’m sure we’ll have some fabulous pics…and I’d love to have one on a canvas to help us remember :)

  202. I have a picture of my twin daughters that I absolutely love that would look beautiful in canvas on my wall.

  203. I’ve been wanting to blow up a picture of our wedding last year. It’d be perfect to commemorate our upcoming one year anniversary! :)

  204. I would love to have one of my boys. Also, I have some wine country travel pics that would be beautiful too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  205. Hi Kate, what a wonderful giveaway! I’d either put an extended family portrait (first time we’d done this, so fun!) or one of upcoming baby #1! I can’t think of a better way to give our new house more of that “home” feel!

    Thanks for your giveaway. LOVE your blog.

  206. I might choose a picture I took of the old movie theater sign in my hometown. Art deco neon lights – CAPITOL – in green and orange. Very cool and retro.

  207. Hello!

    I would choose a picture of my boyfriend and I kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! Oh la la!

  208. I would enlarge a collage of my youngest son. I have one of my oldest and haven’t had the extra money to do one of my oldest.

  209. My grandmother, my mom would love it for mothers day since Gram passed away last year.

  210. I would love to have a canvas of my whole family. All 5 of us. lol I have plans to take a photo of us this week since we have not had a family picture in 4 years. :D

  211. Since we have a hint of an African Savannah theme in our living room, I’d probably enlarge one of our safari pics from South Africa.

  212. I’d choose one of my photos of a Nordic silver birch forest to hang in our bedroom so we can see it from bed.

  213. I have a terrific photo of the Eiffel Tower we took while in Paris which I have turned into a black and white photographic line drawing. I would love it printed onto canvas. Thanks for the wonderful offer. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  214. I’d love a canvas of one of our wedding photos. We’ve hardly had any printed, so a big focus piece would be lovely!

  215. I have been waiting for a great deal to get one of my wedding photos put on a canvas. Free is a good deal!

  216. HOPE HOPE HOPE I GOT THIS IN IN TIME!!!! I would have my daughter’s senior pic enlarged! This is her last year of high schoo( big sigh!!! ). Thanks for the giveaway….crossed fingers!

  217. My 1 yr old. i am embarrassed to admit that i still don’t have any pics of him up…

  218. I would love to canvas one of my wedding photos from my beach wedding last year – thanks for offering this giveaway!

  219. I want to take a picture of some big, fluffy cumulus clouds and enlarge them. Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  220. I have a one-year old Mini Goldendoodle and although I take tons of pictures of her, there is not one framed picture in our house! We recently had a big snowstorn, and I got some great pictures of her playing in the snow. Love to blow one up on canvas! Thanks for the chance!

  221. I would get a print of my kiddos blown up for my photo collage wall that I am in the process of putting together…..

  222. I have this picture of a building that I LOVE and really want to put on canvas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  223. My husband has recently taken up photography with a passion! We would probably take a family photo and get it on canvas!

  224. Would love one of a wedding photo – we only have one small one framed, and are coming up on our 4th anniversary!

  225. I wanna get a canvas of one of our wedding pictures to hang in my living room! (along with the new furniture we got!!)

  226. I would absolutely enlarge a portrait of my daughter. It would be amazing to have it in time for her 2 year birthday party.

  227. A family photo for our picture wall. It would make a great focal point. Thanks.

  228. I would pick a picture of me, my husband and son. It’s a great photo and it’s taken in the neighborhood where we live now. Since we’re moving soon, it would be great to have the picture printed to remember not only the moment, but the place!

  229. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, we went away to VT for the weekend, I would blow up a picture from our weekend to always remind us of our first year celebration always.

  230. I would LOVE to have a picture of my boys, a funny one where they all have silly expressions!

  231. I’m newly married and just got my wedding pjotos back. I NEED to have one printed large scale on canvas. It would really make our home.

  232. I blew up a photo of tingle trees from Western Australia last year. This year it would probably be a wedding photo. :)

  233. I have the perfect one of my three kids!! I have been wanting one of these for over our dresser in the Master! Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  234. I would snap up a fantastic family portrait to enlarge and put above the mantle.

  235. I have the most perfect picture of my cat sitting on the bed looking out the window that I would LOVE to have enlarged! It’s on my desk at work and it’s my absolute favorite to take a short break :)

  236. A photo of my two-year-old wearing his ten-year-old brother’s rock star Halloween costume!

  237. I would display this canvas at our wedding! It is coming quickly – October 20, 2012. I would love to display a photo of us for all of our friends and family to see.

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