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By Kate Riley January 26, 2012

I’ve written before about my hometown of Petaluma in Sonoma County, California.  It’s a really wonderful place to live, filled with antique shops, close to the coast and San Francisco, and we’re in the Wine Country too. A few days ago I was interviewed for an article in the local paper, and woke up this morning to see the feature!

kate riley argus courier

Greetings to my fellow Petalumans who are reading this today!  You can learn more about me here and browse the Project Gallery and Style Files for plenty of inspiration. Perhaps I’ll see you around town (I’m the gal with the paint in her hair). Thanks so much Lynn (and the Argus Courier) for the great article!



  1. I am your #2 fan!! (#1 should be your hubby or kids)
    Follow u everywhere, wish I was as alented as u r
    Now I found one more reason: U R from Petaluma!! I lived in Kentfield CA before and love petaluma
    Now living in Michigan snow snow snow

  2. That is awesome! How wonderful to make an appearance in a local paper – I bet you will have a lot of new fans from it! Your blog is awesome. I too love to use what I can to make the cheap look chic!

  3. Congratulations Kate!! What a great article and I agree Petaluma is a wonderfully charming town. Love to visit and go antiquing there!! Kathysue

  4. Wow! Do you get to hang out with Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made? Both of your blogs are on my favorites…gotta check every day… list. Congrats on getting in your local paper!

  5. Congrats! That is wonderful to be profiled in that way! I live up in Roseville above Sacramento…we travel your way a couple times a year. Planning a trip in the Spring to discover Petaluma for ourselves as we always run out of time….it will be a daycation blog post for sure on my corner of the web. Plus my daughter is dying to take us to some of the creameries she has discovered near there…cheese and antiques…sounds like a perfect day!

  6. Yay to my fellow Petaluman!! I am going to have to go out and buy the Press Demo today. Of course I read your blog on a daily basis and not the paper, shame on me ;)

  7. Congratulations! It looks like a really cool article, the way it’s laid out on the page.

    And what a great shot of you & kitty!

  8. How fun that you are from Petaluma- I am from Windsor! I LOVE the area and that is so fun you got to be in the Petaluma paper!

  9. Congratulations!!! I lived in Petaluma for 10 years (hubby was in the Coast Guard) and I absolutly loved it there, miss it every day! So happy for you that for talent has been recognized, love your blog and all your fabulous projects!

  10. Ahh Petaluma! We’d travel through there every summer on our way to Lawson’s Landing! Then we’d plan an afternoon in Petaluma going to garage sales and having lunch! Wonderful memories..wonderful town!
    We’ve since moved to Utah…no ocean, no ocean mist…just snow in the winter and extreme heat in the summer!
    Love you blog! :)

  11. Congrats on the article! You are surely Petaluma’s hometown hero! I visited Petaluma several years ago with some girlfriends to go antiquing!! I fell in love with your town then and hope to return someday – so cute!

  12. Is there a link to this article that I’m missing? If not, please post a link Kate. I’d like to read it.


  13. Congratulations on your article-that’s awesome! Any advice on how to “get noticed” by newspapers, magazines etc?

    Thanks for putting out an authentic blog full of terrific ideas and inspiration!

  14. Yay~!~! Love to see a fellow Petaluman recognized for such great talent! Congrats Kate!! Hopefully you’ll be featured many more times. Now it’s off to pick up my copy – Cheers!!

  15. An article like this, about my business at the time, introduced me to my husband of 14 years! Publicity is always a great thing! Congrat’s!

  16. Hi Karen! Unfortunately it’s not available online, boo! I’ll try to snag a hard copy and add it to the post…. thanks so much!

  17. Yby5, hey there! The newspaper found me, so I haven’t a list of tips for notice by a newspaper (but you can always send them a press release or contact their editors directly) but my friend Heather who works as a field editor for Country Living magazine recently wrote this helpful article on how to get noticed/featured in a magazine:
    Check it out!

  18. Congratulations! What an honor to be written up in the paper, and a great pic too! I was in the paper once…A pic of me and my girl scout troop when I was 6. That totally counts, right?! I bet your newest furry friend is for her feature too. ;)

  19. Congrats!! We don’t get the Petaluma paper, too bad I can’t check it out online. I was featured in the PD last summer for my 4th of July decorations and it was so fun and cool to see your self in the paper!! And Petaluma is my fave town for antique shopping, I could live at Summer Home ;-)

  20. Congratulations!! You must thrilled! I follow your blog from the UK, and I’m soooo inspired by all of your projects. I too would love to read the article, so if you are able to add it to the post, that would be fantastic!!

  21. Hi Kate! I love your blog and your creativity. I am so happy to see you getting well deserved recognition! Congratulations! You deserve it. It’s not just your amazing ideas, it’s YOU. Your authenticity comes through in every post, and that’s why I’m a huge fan.

  22. Hi Kate, I recently came across your blog and signed up immediately! Love your creativity and fabulous ideas. And what a surprise to learn that you are in Petaluma right over the hill from me in Sonoma. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  23. What a wonderful way to end your week! It’s great that you are getting recognition, although Im a relatively *new* follower I’m now an avid fan… you’ve made me start looking at things in a different way. Upcycling and decorating.
    jennie. xx

  24. This is awesome Kate..you so deserve this..your kitten is adorable..I always have kitty company when I’m at my desk…lol

  25. How did I not realize you were from Petaluma?? My boyfriend’s dad lives there and we go visit about once a month! Love that town!!

  26. Thanks for your reply in your “Home Town” post. Hopefully, our local paper will do a feature on us too :) Thanks again!

  27. I just found your website while searching for an option now that Picnik is ending ;-( I went to high school in Petaluma…Casa Grande..so it’s great to see someone from there doing so well! Love your blog!!

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