Coco-Nut! + Cake for a Cause

By Kate Riley January 16, 2012

Aw, what’s cuter than a kitten to brighten your Monday morning?  Hey kids, this is the big news around here, guess who is the newest family member in our house?  

CocoNut the kitten


Yep, there’s a new 8 week old critter in our house, we found Coco on Craigslist and she has the best stripes in town!  Plus she’s already showing signs she’s a good mouser…

good mouser tabby cat


I never shared on the blog, but we had to put both our 17 year old cat and 14 year old dog down last year, very very sad.  *sniffle*  The house has felt a little empty for many months and the kids have been begging for a kitty so we brought home this gray tabby on Saturday, she’s so cute!

purring kitten


I’ve barely seen my children all weekend, they’ve been up in the bathroom where she’s living for now, doting on her every “need”. 

coco and girl

Look at that kitten’s face, poor thing.  What is the caption in this photo, what is she saying?  “Somebody save me from this bondage”  or  “Gee I’m not really a fan of pastel pink” or “Was that the crack of a can of kitty pâté?”  Likely all of the above. :)   

As you can see from the grin on her face, my girl is bursting with the pride of new motherhood and she’s inviting all her friends to come look at her new baby.  I confess, it’s really nice having Coco around the house…


In other news, the powder room makeover is done!  I went with the darker color on the walls (oooohhh drama!).  And we’re in the midst of Operation Office Organization too, I’ll shoot some pictures and post them soon! 


Finally, I wanted to share this wonderful cause with you, I just love this idea. One of my sponsors Love Feast Table is raising money for Feed My Starving Children. For every Coffee Cake sold from their shop through the end of January, $3 is donated to Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that ships meals to over 70 countries around the world. The all natural nut free coffee cake currently comes in 4 flavors Signature, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip, and Triple Berry, you can buy them in the Love Feast Shop.

coffee cake for a cause

They also are sending a traveling cookbook around the country to many bloggers including Pioneer Woman, where each blogger cooks a recipe, signs the book and sends it off to the next blogger. The signed cookbook will be auctioned off to raise money for the Feed the Starving Children cause, you can follow its journey here.


Did y’all watch the Golden Globes last night? What did you think of the fashion?  Lots of belted gowns and bold red lips!  I can’t wait to read all the fashion columns today, who did you think was the best dressed lady and gent? 



  1. Oh she is the cutest little kitten…love those pretty stripes. The shot of her wrapped up in a blanket–so cute. :) Glad she’s there to lift everyone’s spirits–losing a pet is rough! Our older Pomeranian passed away last summer, and the girls took it pretty hard. Enjoy her. :)

  2. Lovely cat, but just a small thing… kittens really shouldnt be separated from their mothers until they are 12 weeks old. 8 weeks is way to little time for them. (Of course, if they have been abandoned, there is not choice, but if possible, never separate them that early!)

    • Hi Eve, we were worried about that too, but we talked to our vet and he said she should be fine, we didn’t want that kitten to end up at the shelter, I think the owners were very anxious to get the kittens out of the house, sad but true *sigh* no worries, she’s gettting A LOT of love and seems to be very happy!!!

  3. Cute kitty! I used to have one just like that as a child.

    My favorite dresses were Claire Danes, Nicole Kidman and Sophia Vergara. Sometimes the red carpet dresses are a little boring and safe, but I thought the dresses last night were very interesting! I did a blog about what I think Claire Dane’s dress would look like if it were a dining room:”

  4. We put both our cats down two years ago, and although we do have a three year old dog, my older daughter is desperate for a cat! When we renovated, we didn’t figure for a place any longer for a kitty “box”. I would love to consider venturing in again, if I could just figure out where to go with a “box”! Congrats on your new family member! Take care, Laura

  5. Oh my..I have a belief that EVERY little girl should have a kitten..well for that matter, I am not a little girl and I would LOVE to have one..The Coco-nut is adorable..ENJOY!!
    Kudos to the cake squad..what a generous thing for them to do !!

  6. Hi there !
    We wont see the Golden Globes here in UK yet… maybe over on a sky channel soon tho. Ohh but Clare Danes usually looks gorgeous!
    Your kitty is ADORABLE. Im cat lover too and those grey stripes and cute face are too die for. Have fun with kitty… mischievious right?
    lovely blog post…
    Jennie. x

  7. Ahhh! I LOVE the fashion columns the day after an awards show. Those backless gowns last night were to die for!

    Also, your new kitty is adorable! There’s nothing to replace a lost pet, but having a new animal around is always sure to bring smiles. Congrats!

  8. Your new kitty is simply precious! What joy she must bring to your home. I’m sure your children are bubbling with happiness. Enjoy her!
    I thought many gowns last evening at the GG were incredible. I especially loved Stacey Kiebler’s stunning red gown and Sophia Vegarra blue classic dress. :-) Susie

  9. Such a cute kitty! We have a cat as well (about 10 yrs old but we’ve had him for 3) and he’s such a character. Unfortunately one of his character flaws is that he prefers our ottoman to his scratching post! But we love him anyway. :)

    Emma Stone rocked it, and although many would disagree I actually thought Madonna looked beautiful (although she’s clearly had a lot of Botox!). My fave blog didn’t even mention Nicole Kidman – when I saw her present, I didn’t even realize who she was at first! She looked sooo uncomfortable in that weird dress.

  10. Such a sweet kitty…after my mom died we had to put down her THREE cats (they were all very very sick) and then we had to put down TWO of my cats (not at the same time, but still)…it was awful. We now only have ONE cat, and he’s in perfect health (thank goodness). Enjoy your sweet little catty! Love your blog!

  11. Tabbies are my favorite :) We waited a year after we lost our cat (my first cat, who found me at the park and followed me home; I was so very heartbroken to lose him) before adopting a new one. The house just doesn’t feel the same without one. Kittens are crazy though! Especially when they don’t have a playmate! I really wanted an older cat but you know, she looked just like Icarus so I couldn’t say no. She used to chew on my hair at night. Thankfully she’s outgrown that.

  12. Awww…sweet how happy your daughter is with the new kitten. We just got a miniature poodle and named her Coco too :).

  13. This post is too cute. I thought sure it was going to be about a coconut cake which was coincidental as I had just written – not posted yet – a post about that very same thing. Instead I saw this cute kitty cat. What a sweetie!

  14. Aawwwwwww! What a cute kitty! So happy for you!
    I’d love to have a cute little cat in my place, but my bf is not really for it. :(
    Sad, but I can’t do much ;) may it be.. but just for home peace, right?

    Much love & give a hug to the cutie kitty for me :) Xoo

    – Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  15. Kitty is very cute! I thought the Jolie-Pitts looked beautiful, loved her dress and red lipstick and George Clooney too. His skin looked amazing. But my favorite was Jane Fonda! She looked amazing, her dress was gorgeous and what a great figure.

  16. I’m a huge fan of your blog, and hate to bring this up – but I think it’s a good chance to educate your readers on pet overpopulation. I hope that Coco is a rescue and not being unnecessarily bred by the craigslist person.

  17. What a cutie! I think she is saying “Yes, and now what?” My favorite at the Globes was Charlie Sexton (playing along side Dylan.) What a talent & what an awesome surprise to see them.

  18. Yay for kitties named Coco! I have a 7 year old orange guy named Coco as well. He is very wild but also very loving and fiercely protective of my two kids.

  19. What a wonderful new addition to your family! She is a cutie, Kate. Cats and dogs bring so much joy and unconditional love to a household. I am sure your kids are having a ball with her.

  20. She’s gorgeous! I’m sorry for your loss last year. A similar thing happened to us 2 years ago. Our 18 year old cat had to be put down and only 2 months later the 16 year old cat passed away. It was so sad. We now have to new kitties that are also a bit spoiled!

  21. So cute! I wish we could have cats, but sadly, I am terribly allergic. We have our own Coco though – a maltese/poodle mix that we, too, got on Craigslist! Happy kitty-parenting!

  22. Looks much like my kitty when he was just a little guy. The M on the forehead is a characteristic of the Main Coon which is what we believe ours is. 15 lbs and growing. We had him at 5 weeks from an animal control guy (a friend) who found them at 2 weeks.

  23. Oh, Coco is such a cutie!!! Congratulations on the new family member. We went through the same thing last year — our 11 year old cat died in January, and 6 weeks later we had to put my 13-year old dog down. It was awful; I feel for you guys (especially the kids) because I remember how bad it was/is. We still had one cat left, and she was none too pleased when we brought home a black lab puppy just before Christmas.

  24. I would love to hear how you handle cat scratching on furniture. My cat seems to think anything upholstered is a scratching post and he’s got his own scratching disc.

  25. I just discovered your blog and love it! We used to have a tabby named Coconut, what a coincidence! Love the kitty! Every home should have one.

  26. What a cute kitty! Though I’m partial to dogs, Coco is adorable and her eyes are very expressive.

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